tagBDSMThis Isn't Monday Morning!

This Isn't Monday Morning!


Friday night, all's quiet in the house except for the soothing sounds of the water splashing as I reposition myself in the tub. A long soft sigh issues from between my lips as I feel the tension from the long day seep out of my muscles. I can imagine them relaxing one by one. Pulling the plug and letting the water drain, stepping from the tub and into a nice soft bath sheet, dabbing baby powder and inhaling the familiar scent. Padding softly to my bedroom and slipping into a pair of warm flannel jammies...grinning as I look in the mirror. Fresh scrubbed skin, peeking put of pale pink pajama top, painted toenails barely visible from beneath the hem of the matching pants. Not a sexual thought to be had in the reflection staring back at me, even my hair is a sexual repellent, sticking haphazardly out at right angles from my head.

Switching lights off as I walk on bare feet from bedroom to kitchen, pouring a glass of ice water and padding softly to the living room. Throwing a log on the fire, and feeling a delicious tingle as the heat permeates my scrubbed skin. Hand on the remote, finger pushing the power button as I hear the pealing of the door chimes. Frowning as I glance at the time...11pm, who would be out at this time of night without calling first? Puzzled I open the door and see UPS on my step, bathed in the circle of light cast from the solar lanterns. He is mirroring my frown, and without a word I stand aside and let him sweep past me, bringing a chill of cool night air with him.

Familiar with the layout of my house, he slips his sneakers off, and I follow him as he slowly walks to my kitchen, opening the fridge and retrieving a beer. He snaps the top off and I watch amazed as he drains the can without stopping even for a breath. He tosses the empty into the sink, shucks his jacket, hanging it on the back of the chair and pulls another beer from the fridge. Shaking my head, I stare into his eyes, his brows knitted together...there is a tightly veiled danger in his gaze.

Shaking my damp hair, I lean towards him, watching as his body stiffens. Whatever demons are plaguing him, I leave him to them and curl up on my couch, channel surfing for something interesting, wanting the drone of sound to keep company with me and my silent visitor. Long minutes pass before I feel his warm breath on my neck, the smell of beer as he breathes out and I look up. His fingers cup my chin and pinch gently as his lips descend on mine. His hand sliding up under my top, finding a bare nipple, he twists it between his thumb and forefinger, coaxing it to life, it stiffens and tingles. His lips pull from mine and his ragged breathing, whispered words, "I need this."

I place my hands on his forearms, and let him explore. His lips trailing a fiery path from ear lobe to the quickening pulse that beats on the side of my neck. Closing my eyes, I allow myself to enjoy the sensations. His teeth grazing my flesh, he moans and pulls at my taut nipple, making my hips slip forward, my thighs part as one hand pushes hard at the slight indent in my jammies where my puffy pussy lips are swelling. The flannel soaking up the first drops of dewy arousal, the fabric rough as he works it across my clit. The deep cleft made by the pale pink cloth, turning darker as my juices flow faster.

Biting my bottom lip, trapping the groans in my throat, his hand merciless as it grinds at my pussy, bringing my clit to attention. Stiffening, back arching as the orgasm strikes swiftly, rocketing me skyward, the trapped groans gone as my scream rises and releases like a dam bursting deep in my throat and deep in my pussy at the same time. Shuddering, letting my voice ring through the room, as my pussy pours and soaks the crotch, the seam riding over my clit.

Gasping for air my arms falling to my sides as I feel him pull away. He stands in front of me, fully clothed, panting, the desire burning brightly in his eyes. Unsure still if he has come for sex, or just to torment me a little I swallow hard and try to form words, a question, but my mouth issues only a strangled moan, tinged with lust.

His strong hands grip both of mine and pull me to my feet. His lips crushing as he claims my mouth, tongue ravaging and punishing, thrusting deep. My eyes wide with wonderment and need, my hands trying to pull from his so that I can feel his fire warmed skin, scratch my nails over his rippling muscles. He traps both of mine in one of his and holds my throat, loosely, but with firm fingers. Pulled forward away from the couch I am propelled towards the kitchen, full darkness as the light and the heat from the fire are left behind. His hand leaves my neck and once more pinches my already aching nipple. His hand dropping quickly to lower my pants, the elastic waist giving no trouble, he pushes them all the way off with his knee. He grabs the hem of my top and lifts it, revealing my heaving breasts, throbbing nipples and twists it around my arms, effectively preventing me from moving my hands.

My body twists and turns against his, my mind racing .... he has barely uttered a word and I am bound .. a shiver runs along my spine only serving to make me tremble against his hard cock, my bare wet pussy rubbing on his jeans. A guttural sound emanates from his lips and he lifts me onto the counter, shivering as my bare ass connects with the coldness. He reaches and hooks my top over the handle of the upper cupboards, and attacks my nipples. His hands squeezing the full flesh of my breasts, and his mouth biting and chewing, going from nipple to nipple until I am screaming, begging him to stop.

He pauses, releasing my left breast and drops his right hand to my sopping slit, he thumbs the swollen lips apart and pushes three fingers deep inside, curling them and pressing against my spot. My hips roll on the counter, ass sliding forward, my arms suspended above me, shoulders pulled as my breasts bounce from the effort. His mouth continues the torment of my nipple, concentrating on just one, I am quivering with the pain of my chewed breast, quivering with the amazing feel of his fingers as he fucks my pussy hard...in and out, like a machine, hard and fast, fingertips grazing my spot each time.

Abruptly, he releases my nipple, it throbs as the cool air hits it. He pulls his hand from my crotch and stares into my eyes as he pushes his fingers into his mouth and sucks the juices from them. The sounds delicious, I lean forward, tongue extended, wanting to share and I am rewarded with the touch of his lips on mine, his tongue dueling with my own as I savor the sweetness. Back arched as I pull at my arms, wanting to get closer, hungry for more.

I feel my arms released but still held firmly together as he lifts me, and stands me in front of the table. He pushes me forward so that my feet are barely touching the floor and he fastens my twisted sleeves to a table leg. I am stretched across the cold bare wood surface, ass jutting out behind me, wet thighs quivering as he nudges my feet apart.

His large hands encompassing my ass cheeks, I feel my jiggling globes parted and the sound of his spit, jerking forward slightly as it lands on my winking back door. One thumb eases into the crack and presses hard at my sphincter, I wince as I feel my rosebud blossoming open, giving way under the pressure. That wriggling thumb heating me up from the inside out...making me squirm, my mound digging into the table, slippery juices spilling out.

Soft moans spilling from my drooling lips, as I writhe on the table, nipples scraping the hard surface, my ass lifts higher, pressing one tiptoe to the floor....lifting. I scream, loud and long as his other thumb pushes in and wriggles beside the first. The pressure, my ring taut as it is forced open, the table catching my hips, not allowing me to pull forward, those thumbs pulling apart, opening and exposing my most secret passage.

Pain shooting along my nerves endings, inner ring protesting the intrusion, it convulses on his thumbs, making my feet dance...alternating toe to toe until I feel his tongue slipping in between his thumbs, licking at the sensitive inner tissue. My scream forgotten as once again the searing heat suffuses my ass, radiating outwards, encompassing my entire body. My writhings slow, turn provocative and needy, beckoning him to use me.

Still he licks and sucks at my ass, one hand dipping into the deep wet recesses of my cunt, his moans vibrating my puffy pussy lips, making me tremble all over. As his tongue thrusts deep, his fingers urging my orgasm, coaxing it from my flesh. The first tremble, building to an all over shake, my lungs bursting with held breath, teetering on the edge.

Then his tongue pulls out and his fingers drop to pinch my convulsing clit, cock spearing into my constricting mass of cunt muscle, balls slapping my wet skin, the sound rolling in my ears as I scream, releasing all the pent-up tension, my pussy squirting its contents forcefully, it splashes out around his cock. Teeth finding purchase on my neck, tearing at my flesh, prolonging my climax, keeping me high on the crest of the wave as it rolls over me.

His cock, one minute buried in my convulsing cunt, soft walls hugging his shaft, molding to the thick pulsing vein, the next, that same hard rod pushed forcefully into my sore and stretched anus, driving deep, one thumb still buried next to his thick shaft.

Howling, my feet clearing the floor as his body pushes me forward, nipples dragging on the bare wood. His thumb pulls my gaping hole open, it spasms and pulses, dancing on the spearing cock. Fully impaled, he pushes his balls out of the way and forces four fingers into my cunt. So slippery from my orgasmic fluids, they slip in easily, my body protesting the invasion yet responding wildly to it as well.

Quivering under him, moaning as the need to cum again builds, a blinding light flashes in front of me, his thumb tucks into his hand and he twists and turns until his fingers curl inside me, his wrist being strangled by my cunt as I scream. The scream so loud, it assaults my ears as surely as his fist assaults my pussy. His knuckles scraping, pressing into my gspot, my frantic gyrations serving to drag both fist and cock deeper.

Every muscle in my body tightens, quivers as the orgasm rips from me once again. The table actually being moved across the floor, his hand using me and controlling me as effectively as if I were a simple hand puppet. My howls are deep and guttural, the sound of a rutting animal, so base and primitive as his cock shoots its load deep into my bowels, infusing me with his hot injection as it erupts from his swollen cock.

His growl as lost as mine, two bodies at the apex of bliss, locked together, taking pleasure from the other. It seems to go on forever, until I can no longer breathe, until I am motionless under him, until the world seems to have shattered. The only sound left is the beating of two hearts, the pounding of blood rushing through our veins.

Gasping in a breath, his hand pulls from my nether lips, trapped nectar splashing out, his thumb withdrawing as he lets his cock slip from my ass. The mixed evidence dripping all over me....soaking us both.

Without another word, he unties my hands, tossing the shirt to the floor, scoops me up and deposits me in my bed. He climbs in behind me, kisses my neck, hand slipping into my sopping slit, two fingers finding their way inside me. Wet, but sated, warm and safe with his arms around me...we sleep. Sweetest of dreams, deepest of sleep.

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