tagTransgender & CrossdressersThis Makes Me Happy Ch. 01

This Makes Me Happy Ch. 01


I heard a sharp gasp followed by a soft moan. The rigid thing in my mouth flexed even harder and then cum was pulsing out of it. It was warm on my tongue, thick and creamy. It didn't taste as disgusting or gross as I would've thought; more like snot. I swallowed it and it went down easy - again, like when you have a cold and don't have any tissue to blow your nose so you just snark it back and swallow.

Not bad at all. More of it came out. I heard another moan, a deep inhalation, and raised my eyes to look.

The tummy was flat though now it was heaving up and down shakily. I looked up further across the slender chest and saw the bottom of the chin turning this way and that. More cum spurt out. I drank it down instinctively now, not even thinking about it. I pulled my lips up the length of the still stiff organ, then pushed down again, taking the whole thing into my mouth. It was small - only five inches long and an inch thick - and it fit perfectly. I brought my hand up and gently caressed the shriveled scrotum and was amazed to find that I actually enjoyed how the balls cringed a little and moved inside there. I stroked the insides of the pale thighs with my finger tips while I kept sucking and bobbing my head slowly up and down, and the legs spread wider apart than they already were.

Such soft thighs I thought to myself. Soft and shaved smooth and clean.

Like the rest of him.

Sensing the orgasm was over, I still spent a few moments working my mouth up and down the length of the small shaft, milking out any remaining cum. The sounds of breathing seemed to soften and slow. I looked up again and saw a smiling face beaming down at me over that hairless body. I pushed down again, enjoying the feeling of pressing my lips right down against the equally shaven and smooth crotch, then let the limp cock slip from my lips as I raised my head.

Denni sat up and hugged his knees to his chest, looking so sweet and happy I felt in danger of falling in love with him. I sat up cross-legged facing him and wanted to say something but couldn't think of what. Even the term him didn't match. He (or she) was so feminine, so pretty and delicate looking, the fact that I'd just given him a blowjob seemed at odds with what I was seeing. At odds and not. His cock was so tiny it could very easily have been an enlarged clit for all I knew.

Then Denni crossed his legs in front of him and sat forward, grinning from ear to ear.

"...no one's ever made love to me like that..." he whispered. I smiled back into his large, warm eyes, but then once again had to look at the rest of him. So slender, so pretty. Even being 24 years old didn't change how boyish - no, girlish - he looked. From his long neck to his creamy, shapely shoulders, down his flat front to his narrow but smooth hips, and then to his pretty thighs and knees and calves and ankles. His feet were so soft and pretty, I'd spent long, exquisite moments licking them and kissing them. In fact I'd kissed and licked every part of his body during the wonderfully endless two hours before this moment. And each and every place my lips or tongue or hands had touched had brought out the most endearingly feminine responses; soft, breathy gasps, moans that caused me to look up to make sure a woman hadn't suddenly appeared before me, and squirming, writhing movements that were so completely female in nature I finally gave up trying to discern the difference. Denni was female in every way - in all ways except for that one small organ on his crotch.

But even that! When he'd first undressed for me he instinctively (and quickly) tucked his cock down and back between his thighs. When he slid his g-string down all that showed was a pale and perfect V. His pubic hair was trimmed inward into its own little V - a bikini trim - with smooth pale flesh to each side, and though I knew what he'd done to hide himself, the overall effect was amazing. I was looking at a 5'7" tall, 110 pound, slinky-bodied, flat-chested woman. I went to him then, touching him, kissing his gorgeous face, running my fingers through his long, beautiful hair. It was all his and extended down to the middle of his back when he finally raised his hands behind him and let it out of its ponytail.

And even that, even seeing him freeing his hair; his underarms were smooth and silky looking, and before I could think, I was kissing him there. Delicate against my lips and smelling of flowers. In moments my passion rose to a level where I could not control it and I began kissing him everywhere while he stood and simply gasped and sighed. He stretched luxuriously for me, only amplifying the impression of his femininity, but then I began to realize that it wasn't just an act and he wasn't just playing at being a girl. I kissed his shoulders and neck, kissed his nipples and delighted in the fact that they were so hard already, then went down his sleek front, depositing kisses as I went. I finally knelt before him and kissed his tummy. Even here there was only the slightest difference between male and female. The characteristic tummy contour of a woman was not present, but it didn't matter at that point. I kissed his V heard his gasp, then picked at his cutely trimmed bush with my lips before kissing his hips. I felt him shiver against me and then began kissing his thighs.

It was around this point that I could no longer think or consider Denni as being he. His legs, as smooth and hairless as the rest of his beautiful body (with the exception of that tantalizingly sexy bush), made me forget entirely about this person being anything other than a woman. They were shapely, lean, and smooth in contour. Even down the shins to the ankles. I kissed every inch and by the time I reached his feet, Denni had become totally girl in my thoughts.

Then I crawled around to her back side and kissed her heels and calves. I kissed behind her knees and then up the backs of her thighs. Gone was any evidence of a carefully tucked away cock and balls though! They should have been right there, facing slightly back at me, but Denni had secretly let them loose back to her front when I had gone around to her back side. Then I moved higher.

Her ass was incredible. Soft and pliant but firm underneath. I spread her cheeks and pushed my nose between them, inhaling deeply. Even there she had thoughtfully applied the same pikake fragrance. It drove me wild and before I knew it was I tonguing her sweet ass, enjoying myself in a way I'd never thought possible. She leaned forward slightly, hands on knees, and gave her ass totally to me. Her back arched as she rolled her bottom back toward me and I took full advantage of the position and began to actually tongue-fuck her pretty hole. I heard gasps and sighs above and that only inspired me to explore this wonderful thing further.

When the lust for this one part of her subsided both of us were breathless. I got up on my knees and kissed the small of her back and she visibly shivered all over. I kissed my way up along her spine, slowly standing as I went and finally reached the backs of her velvety shoulders and kissed them until she leaned back against me and seemed to melt against my chest, her head moving to the right, exposing the left side of her neck.

I kissed her there. I kissed her ear, her neck, and her shoulder as I put my arms around her and hugged her to me. She was so warm, so soft, so pretty. I kept realizing it over and over as each moment passed and I explored and enjoyed her more and more - pretty. She was completely pretty and nothing masculine remained in her small body.

My hand slid down her silken front, unconsciously moving to touch her pussy V again, but her hand was instantly - though gently - there before mine reached that area, pushing down softly and then moving away. My fingers reached down and found only the delicate flesh of her V and that arousing little tuft of pubic hair. She was so quick to keep the illusion of having no cock that I hardly noticed.

When I finally finished my initial exploration of this incredibly sweet creature, I picked her easily up in my arms and placed her on the bed. I stood looking down at her for a moment, watching the way she writhed and stretched delightedly against the sheets, then sat beside her and placed a hand on her tummy. She looked at me and smiled, her eyes warm and inviting and I ran my hand down to her belly, then below. She squirmed and spread her legs for me - her left one raising and bending at the knee and I looked and saw nothing to remind me that she was anything but purely female.

Somehow she had flipped her cock sideways and caught it between her left thigh and left calf. There was nothing visible but her bush and the creamy rest of her and I finally gave in and leaned that way. I began to kiss her busy gently, then ran my tongue upward to her navel. She lifted up toward me, gasping as she did. Her body was moving sinuously, arms and legs spreading, closing, feet pointing prettily with toes either clenched or spread, and I wished I were two people; one to make love to her, the other to simply sit back and watch. I kissed and licked further up her flat chest and she reached her arms back behind her head to completely spread herself open for me. I kissed her chest, her nipples, sucked them for quite some time, then tongued her underarms and her sensuously squirming sides. She said nothing to me and seemed only barely able to withhold the sounds that seemed to erupt from her every now and then. It somehow fit her quiet and retiring nature, but even so, the sounds that did come from her mouth and nose were perhaps the most exquisitely provocative I'd ever heard. Soft little open mouthed grunts and Oh's, soft, hissing gasps, deep throated - but still feminine - moans, and whispery, dreamy sighs. I went on kissing and caressing and licking her everywhere, revisiting certain spots in order to hear what further sounds might issue from her, but also to find which areas were her most sensitive.

It turned out that her entire body was her most sensitive! Everywhere I touched or stroked or kissed brought out tense shivers from her, soft moans and gasps; her face, throat, collarbones (which in themselves were adorably prominent), her underarms, shoulders, elbows, fingers and the entire sides and front of her torso. Her left nipple seemed more sensitive than her right and I spent long moment sucking it and licking it and kissing it simply to hear and see her respond. She arched and pushed herself up to me, twisted, shuddered, and with each motion and response my own passion for her increased. But it was with her legs and feet that I found the most delight.

And all because she seemed to take the most delight in what I was doing to her there.

Even with my first exploration of Denni, I'd noticed how sensitive and responsive her legs and ankles and feet were, but as I leaned over her now in the bed, kissing her legs and watching how they raised and tensed and stretched so gracefully, I realized once more that it wasn't simply for show. A deep and underlying yearning was there in those pretty legs, a desire to be touched, and I could not resist answering those almost agonized requests. A leg would lift before me and the foot would point and I would have no option but to kiss it; to kiss its knee and shin and then slide my lips downward to the ankle. And with each brush of my lips the leg would tense and become even more beautiful. The foot would point so sexily that I would have to recourse but to kiss it, and during these moments I discovered how entirely sensitive the insteps - the tops - of her feet were.

I kissed them and Denni squirmed delightedly. I licked them and she gasped behind hands which quickly covered her mouth. Even the slightest of caresses with my fingers on those beautiful insteps caused her to jerk and writhe against the rumpled sheets. And when I began to kiss - and then to suck - her lovely toes, the reaction only seemed to increase. It was at this point where I began to hear actual words fall from Denni's open mouth. They were still mixed with the moans and sighs, but as I made love to her toes she started to pronounce "...oh....god...god, oh my...."

For this alone I remained at her feet for almost an hour without stop, leaving her toes now and then and returning to her insteps or pointing her feet upward and enjoying just her soles or the balls of her feet - and it seemed that her toes had only been the trigger for her breathless words to me. She began to speak my name, to moan it and gasp it, even when I turned her over on her front and worked my way up the backs of her legs. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it. Her legs scissored out widely for me and her back arched to make her ass roll up at me. Again there was no fault in the illusion; she had reached one hand down under her after she'd grabbed the pillow, and with that she had neatly pulled her genitals upward against her abdomen. All that was left was the smooth crease between her thighs; the exact spot where, had she been truly female, the swollen oval of her pussy lips would have been. As it was, with her lifting her ass at me, it really wasn't missed. And this was a request I couldn't resist. I left her creamy thighs and pressed my tongue between her cheeks again, finding her warm, fragrant pucker and pushing down into it. I noticed that her lowered hand instantly shot back up under the pillow to join the other, and she moaned loudly into the pillow as she clenched it to her face. Her cheeks tensed briefly but relaxed, and then I started to ram my tongue in and out of her, feeling her ring steadily relax and open up. She shivered all the while, her outstretched legs pressing firmly into the mattress, lifting her ass even further into the air, and I gently put my hands under her, right where her thighs join her crotch and lifted her up slightly.

There was a moment of tense silence though but it took me a moment to realize it was because my hands were so close to Denni's cock and balls. They were flattened upward against his body, but feeling my fingers so close caused her to freeze in either anticipation or fear. When my hands didn't move any further, I felt her relax. I began to tongue her a little more fervently and she resumed her total enjoyment of it; her hips rolling and pelvis undulating while her breathy gasps and groans were absorbed by the pillow.

I lost track of time after that, such was my delight with what I was doing. I only wanted to hear the wonderful sounds she made and to keep hearing them, but after another while I ended my second tonguing of her lovely ass and started to lick my way up her back.

From this particular angle (among others) there was nothing but pure female to be seen. Her shoulders were pretty in their shape and form, her back was in its own way extremely sexy, and the combination of that, her narrow waist and fabulous bottom gave me nothing but the most perfect of female visions. I kissed her up to the nape of her neck and then stopped and rolled off her. Turning her head, she smiled bashfully at me. And I use the term bashful in its fullest meaning. There was nothing gross or overly acted or brazen or lusty in her large eyes. There was only sweetness and warmth and appreciation - and perhaps surprise - at all I had done so far. But then I realized I hadn't gone far enough - especially not with such a look of contentment and happiness of such a lovely face! I rolled closer to her and pushed her on her side. Her hands shot instantly downward to reposition her genitals, but I ignored that and rolled her onto her back. I leaned up over her and covered her face with kisses, and then put my mouth directly on hers and began to kiss her as I knew I should have before. She responded and in moments our lips were wiping and smearing wetly back and forth against each other, our tongues were touching and playing and pushing and exploring and we were both quickly excited and breathing hard and fast, the passion at a point where nothing mattered anymore but the exact thing which was happening.

I left her mouth and kissed her throat, her shoulders, then moved her arm, the closest one, the right, above her head. I kissed her underarm and she sighed. Her head rolled back on the pillow, her spine curved up to arch her chest upward. I slid my tongue from her underarm to her right nipple and sucked it, and while Denni was gasping and writhing, I ran my right hand down her tummy to her crotch. Her thighs were clamped together, but she didn't expect me to do what I did next. Pushing my fingers between her creamy thighs, I reached down further and found the top of her cock.

"...no!" she sighed. Her body stiffened, her hands were there, trying to cover herself, but I didn't let them in where I was. I reached down further and got my fingers around her cock and pulled it gently upward. I stopped kissing her nipple and looked at her and she was gazing at me with fear painted on her face. Then I nodded and the fear seemed to melt away, and when I nodded, I felt her thighs slowly relax.

The tiny thing in my hand filled and stiffened. It grew in thickness, but not by very much. So far I hadn't seen any sign of it, though I of course knew that Denni had been born male. Finally, simply feeling the thing wasn't enough. I sat slowly up toward it and looked at it.

Like the rest of her, there was no hair on it, neither underneath, nor around its base. Every hair had been deftly shaven or waxed off leaving nothing but delicate and smooth flesh. I spread my fingers and touched the scrotum and here again not a single pubic hair touched my fingers. I gathered the balls up gently with my fingers and pulled them upward toward her front and her thighs finally spread for me. And feeling and knowing this acceptance made me feel good inside. She wasn't afraid of me, afraid of being rejected or worse. I wondered how many times she had been in this position when the discovery had made things stop or change into rejection or a beating or slapping around. She had been upfront with me from the moment she had accepted my offer to join me at my table at the club and had never tried to fool me or claim she was anything other than a male.

But now, even with this small, hairless male-ness in my hand, there was no way she could 'fool' me into thinking she was male. Nothing other than this in my hand spoke of anything but pure female and femininity, and the fact that I was about to do what had come to mind - a thing I'd never done in my life - still did not and could not dissuade me from my understanding of what Denni really was.

Then, with no further ado, I turned and went down on him - her. She bucked and shook in surprise and shock but I lay across her leg and continued to suck her tiny cock up and down. It was so exciting I could barely think, but though there was excitement from doing such a taboo thing (for me), the excitement was to a larger part from the idea that I was giving her - my lover - something she so needed and so deserved. I was going to bring her off finally and not simply touch her and stroke her and caress her. I was going to make her cum. I was determined in this and though the idea of having a penis in my mouth was still foreign, I knew that, somehow, it really wasn't simply that. It wasn't simply an organ that was normally associated with a man. It wasn't simply an organ at all. It was this beautiful woman's point of total orgasm and if it had been her toe or shoulder or earlobe it would've been the same.

Eventually I got around between her legs instead of laying crosswise over them, and Denni lost all her own inhibitions and fears. Her knees came up and bent, her legs spread wide open and she lay there in total absolute, squirming ecstasy while I went on fellating her. Each time I would look up across her flat, heaving chest, see her head tossing back and forth, see how creamy and pale and lovely her skin was and notice the smooth contours of her underarms (if she happened to have her arms over her head at the time) and the way she seemed to lift and arch as she gasped and groaned, I would be reminded of how feminine even this one part of her - the one in my mouth - was. It was her clit and nothing more. I sucked it, licked its underside, its tip and even ran my tongue down to its base and then down to the cringing balls before going up again and with each passing moment, with each gasp and sign, this woman became even more womanly than before.

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