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This Morning


I woke early in the morning with the sun beating down hot on my naked body. It had been so hot last night in Spain that I could lie next to you clothed.

I checked the clock and saw we had over two hours before we had to get to the market in the village. I turned onto my side and watched you sleeping. My eyes devoured the hard curves of your back down to your tight ass which was hidden by the thin, cotton sheet. It took all my strength not to run my finger up and down your spine to wake you. Instead I moved gently towards you, mindful of not waking you up. Well, not yet anyway. I took my face close to your ear and began whispering.

"I want your hands on my breasts, kneading, squeezing, pinching my nipples so hard I have to control my scream. I want you to throw me on my back, force my legs apart and nuzzle your stubbly chin into my soft, wet cunt and flick my clit with your tongue and tongue my gaping hole. I want you to force your fist into my pussy and wiggle your fingers inside me making me scream and beg for you to let me come. I want your throbbing, hard cock in my tight ass while your fingers work my cunt and clit."

As I moved through my list I got louder and louder, and began what I was resisting. Very gently at first, I ran one finger up and down your spine and across the top of your ass, then I moved onto pulling my nails up and down your hard back. The harder I pulled, the more you stirred until your eyes were open and you were staring.

Your eyes connected to me and you bore into my soul, and I knew you had heard what I had said. A thick, knowing smile spread across your face. It would be begin.

Before I had realised what was happening, your weight was bearing down on top on me. You were using your hands to pin my arms down and your legs had spread mine wide about, and I could feel your hardness, through the sheet, pressed up against my hip. When I took stock of the situation, I felt a flood gate open in my pussy and I knew I had to have you.

I began rubbing myself off against your leg and the friction of the sheet, against my intimate area and your thigh, threatened to push me over the edge too early.

You nuzzled your head into my neck and kissed me tenderly in time with my grinding. I could feel your heart beating hard and quickly and my breath quickening with each kiss. You were squeezing and releasing my arms which you also did in time with my grinding hips.

"Stop," you said as you bit my neck hard. I move my head to look at you, confusion spread across my face. "Not too quickly." I nodded dumbly and stopped my grinding. You released my arms and knelt back between my legs. I'd have bruises there tomorrow.

My pussy was desperate for attention and I was sure my juices were free flowing onto the sheets below. I propped myself up to get a proper look at you.

Your short, blonde hair was sticking up at interesting angles, your angular jaw was awash with day-old stubble, but it was your eyes that caught me. It always took me by surprise at the intense aqua colour they shone in the sun. They captivated me and I was sure they could almost get me off without you having to touch me.

You caught me staring and laughed. Even your laugh had the power to pull at my clit. I broke eye contact, embarrassed and my obvious lust, and followed your body down, past your muscular shoulders to your strong, powerful chest. One of my most favourite things was to run my fingers through the blonde hair on your chest and I couldn't stop myself doing it now. I circled my hands across, making sure I gently tugged at your nipples, making you gasp and giggle at the look of pleasure in my eyes.

I slowly moved my hands down your toned abs until I reached the tell tale sign that I was heading to heaven. With each movement of my hand lower following that trail, your breathing increased in labour and my pussy became more and more in need of being touched.

I took one hand and began to touch my wetness and play with myself, giving you a hint of what I needed. But you weren't concentrating because my other hand moved to your swollen shaft and was slowly pumping up and down. I looked up and met your eyes as I moved my head slower to your purple, veined dick.

I opened my mouth and took your head in but I didn't close my lips. I quickly retracted. "Come on Baby," you say as I did it again.

"I want you to need your cock in my mouth. When you do, I'll suck your cock dry, Baby!" I laugh and gently tug your throbbing cock.

You groan and try to thrust your hard prick into my mouth but I push you back too hard, and you fall backwards onto your ass. I smiled my most wicked smile as you manoeuvre yourself into a comfortable lying down position. I crawled my way up your legs until I reach your dick and I take you all the way into my mouth. I flick out my tongue and begin to lick your balls as I bob up and down.

I alternate between shallow and deep thrusts, going fast then slow as I try and eek out your release. I want your come in my mouth, but I need it in my pussy. I can feel your breath quicken and I know it's nearly time.

I stop and begin to move onto my back. You follow my movements. I lie back and close my eyes, as I feel your hot breath on my pussy lips. You know that I love you licking me down there, and you like to tease me until I beg. You run your hands slowly up and down the inside of my thighs but never touch my cunt.

Again, I feel my juices flow again and I know I'm dripping wet, ready for you. Even though you've not touched me yet, I can feel myself close to the edge with the anticipation of things to come.

Your right hand leaves my thigh and you place it over my soaked gash. Firmly, but slowly, you began rubbing my whole pussy, applying particular pressure to where my clit is hiding and tingling. You know this drives me crazy and that made your dick twitch with longing.

I push my hips and cunt into your hand and begin humping while I pull at my nipples and knead my tits. Sometimes I fantasise about you having at least 4 hands, each one doing something different.

I feel myself getting closer and closer, then you suddenly remove your hand and replace it with your mouth. You part my lips with your tongue and you run it up and down my cunt, circling my clit and moving in and out of my gaping hole.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good," I whisper as I grind against your mouth, forcing your tongue deeper into my cunt. I look down and you're staring at me, watching my every expression waiting for signs that I need to be fucked. I smile and throw my head back into the bed. I love that you know my body so well.

You leave my gash and suck hard on my clit. I scream and grab your head and push you into me. Three fingers find me and push deep inside and begin fucking. I match them with my hips and lose myself in the rhythm.

I feel my orgasm building with every thrust. "Now, please do it now." I say and you obey. You stop and move your body over me, placing your cock at my ready entrance. I open my legs wider then circle your hips with them. My hands run up and down your sides and over your chest then down to your cock.

I start to guide you in but you know best. With a powerful thrust you push yourself into me fully. We both moan and we know it won't be long. I feel my cunt adjusting to having your full length inside me and I begin rocking my hips up and down your shaft. I clench and release my pussy like I'm milking you of your salty liquid.

We bump together, getting faster and faster, as our orgasms approach. I run one hand up and down your back and the other up and down your front. I look up at you and lift my head slightly off the bed. I open my lips slightly and take them to yours. As our lips touch I can feel my pussy spasm and your thrusts become more desperate.

Your tongue pushes my lips apart, and I acquiesce willingly. Our tongues entwine as we hungrily kiss, as if it were our last chance before the world ended.

The bed starts creaking and banging against the wall as our fucking nears the end. I run my hands down your back for the final time, and squeeze my fingers and nails into your ass and pull you deeper into me.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh. FUCK." You kiss me again as I feel my orgasm explode across my body, starting in my cunt. Waves and waves of tingly pleasure vibrate around my body as my pussy releases and contracts around your cock. You feel my orgasm around your member but it doesn't stop your thrusting.

You pump hard and fast as I moan and continue to pull you deep into me. You look me dead in the eye and I lean up to kiss you once more. You groan into my mouth as you spill your hot, salty seed deep into my pussy. Your thrusts slow and I use my cunt to milk every last drop out of you.

You don't withdraw but rest your body on top of mine. I wrap you in my arms and gently stroke your back. You nuzzle and gently bite and kiss my neck, and I lick a strip of sweat of your shoulder. The fruits of our endeavour. I keep up my milking until you pull your dick out of me and kneel back into the bed.

It's not as hard as before but still retains some of its girth. Our comes have made it slick and shiny and irresistible. I position myself in front of it, and use my right hand to grab it and bring you to me. I slowly lick your cock clean of our juices and then take your head into my mouth to make sure you are totally spent. You gasp and run your hands through my hair.

When I'm satisfied you're done, I stop and kneel up in front of you. You bring your mouth to me and we fall back onto the bed. We lie on our sides and I bring one leg up and let it fall over your hip and wrap around your ass and leg.

"I love you," you say as we fall lie in each others arms, thinking of what we'll do the next time we fuck.

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