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This Most Unusual Sister Ch. 01


First of all, a big thank you to AsylumSeeker for editing this story and valuable advice - it made, to my mind, a huge difference in how the story reads.

Secondly, a note to the reader. This story is part of a series of stories revolving around a family of witches, for want of a better word. Their origins and powers will be hinted at throughout the course of the stories, leading to a climax on the sister and brother's 21st birthday. All the stories will have the words 'This Most Unusual' in their title, followed by whoever is the main character in the story, whether that be 'Sister', 'Brother', 'Mother', 'Aunt', 'Best Friend', etc.

Spoiler Alert: This story features erotic smoking, and an eighteen year old girl who wakes up in the middle of the night with a penis instead of a vagina. She and her best friend begin to explore new possibilities.

Finally, another big thank you to AsylumSeeker. If you don't like this story, the fault is mine - if you do like the story, thank AS for adding the polish and shine!


It was the middle of the night. Angela and Gwen were sharing the bed as they had done on countless sleepovers since both were children. The only difference that night was that it was a sleepover on the holiday island of Fuerteventura and Gwen's parents hadn't been able to come that year due to other commitments. Angela and Gwen had the choice of any of the beds in the timeshare apartment. Habit decided that they would share a bed, and practicality determined it would be the largest bed in the apartment.

Angela rolled over onto her front. That's strange, she thought, at the unexpected discomfort she felt between her legs. In her mostly asleep state she simply figured that she was lying on Gwen's hand or something, so Angela shifted in the bed once more.

No, it couldn't be any part of Gwen she was laying on - Gwen was sleeping peacefully a few feet away. Angela rolled over onto her back and the odd feeling followed her. It was like a light weight on her, so she pulled back the sheets to have a look. What she saw there made her leap out of bed.

"What's wrong?" asked Gwen, waking sleepily in response to her friend's sudden movement.

"Oh, my Goddess!" cried Angela, looking between her legs.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Gwen incredulously, coming awake completely at the sight of Angela standing in the moonlight.

Angela couldn't reply. She could do nothing except stare at the thing between her legs. Finally, she looked up at her friend and whispered a plea for help.

"Well, I don't know what help I can be right now," said Gwen. "How about... Hmm, maybe a nice cup of tea will give us time to think about this!"

"T-T-Tea?" stuttered Angela. "Tea, at this time?"

"Do you have any better ideas?" asked Gwen. "It's not like either of us will get back to sleep any time soon! Come on, tea will make you feel better."

Gwen slipped a nightdress over her head and waited for a response. Angela had a deer in the headlights look about her and it took a few minutes for Angela to make up her mind.

"Tea... Okay," she said. Angela pulled a dressing gown on and tied the belt securely around her waist.

"At least I don't have to look at it," she continued. "Ugh, I can still feel it there."

Gwen brewed the tea and brought it into the living room. Angela had sat on the couch with her robe still tightly wrapped around her. She smiled in thanks as Gwen placed the mugs and teapot on the table.

"Okay, so let's try to figure out what this is," said Gwen in that odd way of making a statement into a question.

"It's pretty obvious what it is!" said Angela heatedly

"No, I mean how it got there," replied Gwen in her most soothing voice. "How can something like that happen in only a few hours?"

"I don't know," said Angela, her voice small in the moonlit room. "I really don't."

"Let's try to sneak up on it then, let's think of something else for a while and the answer might pop into our heads!"

"Well, I don't know about you," said Angela, "but how am I supposed to think about anything else? And would you please stop staring!"

"Sorry," said Gwen, who had been looking at the bulge in Angela's dressing gown. "Um, I know - I've got these!"

Gwen stood up and walked over to her bag. It was full of stuff she needed on the long flight out to the Canary Islands and it took her a few seconds to find what she was looking for.

"Cigarettes?" asked Angela.

"Yes, I bought them while I was waiting for you to pick me up at the airport," replied Gwen as she removed the cellophane wrapper. "I thought it would be a nice treat on our eighteenth birthday - I still can't get over our sharing the same birthday! It made me feel all grown-up when I bought them, kind of nice... It got my adrenaline going too!"

"Yes, but..." said Angela. "Cigarettes?"

"Yes," shrugged Gwen. "I've wanted to try one for a while, but there were never any opportunities back home. I'm going to have one even if you aren't."

"I didn't say I didn't want one..." said Angela, reluctant to let a new experience pass her by.

"Shall we, then?" asked Gwen.

Angela nodded in agreement as Gwen opened the box. Her hand trembled slightly as she took out two cigarettes; a little stirring started in her tummy. She handed one to Angela and then placed the other one between her lips.

The little tip felt wonderful sitting between her lips. Sudden doubt entered Gwen's mind; perhaps she would positively loathe smoking! It might be better to just leave the cigarette unlit... But no, not lighting it meant that she would never know how it felt and she had almost obsessed about smoking a cigarette on holiday. Besides, it was almost certain to take their minds away from Angela's predicament!

"Okay," said Gwen. "I've watched how people do this. First they get the cigarette lit - they kind of suck on the tip as they hold the match up to it, and then they blow the smoke out. After that, the actual smoking starts. Suck in some smoke, then inhale, hold it for a few seconds and finally exhale. It should be easy enough!"

Gwen put the cigarette back between her lips and struck a match. The little wooden stick broke in the middle and didn't light, so she tried another one. This one didn't break, but didn't light, either. She tried again and this time the match sputtered into flame.

Angela had struck matches before and hers lit on the first attempt. She held the match up and looked at Gwen, who held her match up and then nodded.

Both girls held the flames to the tips of their cigarettes and sucked on the ends until a deep red glow was coming from the tip. They took the cigarettes away from their mouths and blew out the smoke, wondering what all the fuss was about. That hadn't been so bad; it was quite easy, in fact! Now for the hard part!

Gwen and Angela moved almost in unison, each bringing a lit cigarette up to their mouths. Gwen sucked in some smoke, watching as Angela did likewise, and then inhaled. Certain that she was going to gag, Gwen quickly exhaled, coughing a little at first. It had all happened so quickly - the way the smoke felt cool, that was strange; and the way it felt as it filled her lungs. She experienced a huge head rush as she had inhaled, which left her feeling a little dizzy. At least she didn't feel sick, that was good.

Angela fared a little better, perhaps because she hadn't started with as much smoke in her mouth. She drew it into her lungs and felt a head rush too. It made her a little spacey, but it felt good nonetheless. Gwen coughed as she exhaled. Angela decided to try very hard to be more dignified about it than that!

Angela made a little 'o' with her lips and blew the smoke out. She was a little disappointed that a really cool stream didn't flow out, but at least she wasn't coughing.

"You should try again," said Angela, having completely exhaled all the smoke. "Don't take so big a gulp."

The girls finished their first cigarettes very quickly by not letting any time between puffs escape them. By the end, they both felt that they were quite good at smoking - Gwen had only coughed once, and they had worked their way up from small puffs to full drags, blowing steady streams of gray-blue smoke into the air.

"I don't know about you," said Gwen, "but I'm feeling very wet between the legs!"

It was a real surprise - yes, Gwen had fantasized about smoking, sneaking peeks at other people as they sat at coffeehouses or walked along the sidewalk, but she'd had no idea that it would excite her sexually.

Unfortunately, the mention of between the legs only served to remind Angela of her current situation. She pulled back the hem of the dressing gown and looked directly at the thing.

"Perhaps it's genetic?" offered Gwen. "Hereditary or something..."

"No, I don't think so," replied Angela. "Mom certainly never warned me that anything like this was ever going to happen."

"Okay," said Gwen, actively seeking a plausible answer. "We know that we aren't dreaming - that cigarette was the real thing! Let's call it magic, then!"

"Magic? Don't be silly!"

"Wait a minute, though," said Gwen thoughtfully. "You told me that your Mom has some very old books, yes? Grammars or something, you called them?"

"Grimoires, yes," said Angela. "But I don't see the connection."

"Well, perhaps someone cast a spell on you. There might be a counter-spell in one of those books."

"That's not much use, is it? I'm here for another month before going home!"

"Yes, but they are your Mom's books. Maybe she'd know how to reverse it."

"Maybe... But we don't even know what it is!"

"Ah," pointed out Gwen, "I hate to be the one to mention it, but it looks like a..."

"A penis, yes," finished Angela. "I had got that. Oh, I don't know what to do!"

"Let's assume that it is magic," suggested Gwen. "It's the only explanation I can think of. If it got there magically, it can be taken away magically. We can go and see your Mom in the morning, ask her advice. Until then..."

"What?" asked Angela. "Until then, what?"

"Well, I don't know... how does it feel?"

"I don't know..." Angela responded uncertainly. She reached out to touch it, taking the shaft in her fingers and feeling the soft skin. "It feels real, all right."

"I've never touched one," Gwen admitted.

"Never tell anyone this," Angela pleaded, "but I've touched Andrew's!"

"Your brother's?" exclaimed Gwen. "You've touched your brother's penis?"

"Yes," Angela confessed. "I tease him a lot, about showing off on the nude beaches - especially when he gets hard. We push and shove each other and, at times, I've taken the chance to feel it."

"Really? That's shocking!"

"Perhaps," shrugged Angela. "He feels my breasts way more than I've grabbed his cock!"

"Outrageous!" sputtered Gwen. "Damn, if only I had a brother... I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off him!"

"He's rubbed up against me with it a few times too," said Angela.

"That's not fair - you get to have all the action!"

Looking very thoughtful, Angela offered, "You can touch this, if you like."

"You really wouldn't mind?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. Besides, you've been wanting to touch it since we woke up, haven't you?"

Gwen got up from the couch and knelt. Angela undid her dressing gown and let it fall open before spreading her legs so that Gwen could move closer. Gwen placed her arm across Angela's thigh, almost too scared to move the last few inches and put her fingertips on this most unusual penis.

Gwen looked at Angela, noting the rise and fall of her small breasts as she breathed. They had been friends forever yet what she most wanted to do would almost certainly change that friendship. Oh well, some things could not be helped.

Angela gasped as Gwen's fingers encircled her cock. Angela had decided that if this was going to happen she might as well own the moment and think of it as her penis, as her very own cock. It felt so good as Gwen's warm fingers wrapped around the shaft, pulling the soft, loose skin around...

Angela's cock began to respond to the attention, stretching out as Gwen stroked it. Gwen brought her other hand up to touch Angela's balls that were nuzzled between her legs. Very soon, the cock was pulling at Gwen's fingers, trying to reach for the sky.

"It's getting really big," said Gwen, adjusting her grip on the throbbing penis. She wrapped her whole hand around the shaft and gently pulled up and down, amazed by how hot it felt. Gwen was getting really hot too as she slowly wanked her best friend.

When Gwen leaned closer, Angela felt Gwen's breath on it. She wasn't quite sure that permission to wank her had been implicit in telling Gwen that she could touch it, but Angela wasn't quite sure that she cared - not when it felt this good!

Angela cried out in alarm as Gwen suddenly sucked the tip into her mouth. Gwen's hand continued to move up and down the shaft, pumping a little faster as her head bobbed up and down. Gwen's lips traveled back and forth along the first few inches, going from the tip to just behind the rim as Angela began to move and moan.

Gwen wondered what would happen if Angela ejaculated right now. Could Gwen swallow it or would it make her gag? Should she just let it slip from her mouth to be safe, or should she...

Gwen suddenly stood up. Angela groaned; she had been enjoying that.

"Fuck me."

Angela stared in shock at her friend.

"Do me on the bed," said Gwen as she desperately pulled her nightdress off.

Angela looked up at Gwen, once more jealous of her friend's breasts. They were beautiful, so nice and rounded...

"Okay," agreed Angela, "let's do it!"

They ran into the bedroom, Angela giggling as she felt the hard cock bouncing around as she moved. Gwen laid down on the bed and spread her legs.

Angela knelt between Gwen's legs, suddenly realizing that she didn't know what she was meant to do. A few lectures back at school and some Internet pornography hadn't prepared her for the actual mechanics of sex, but... Well, she decided, it shouldn't be too difficult!

Angela lay down on top of Gwen, resting her elbows on either side of her so that Gwen wouldn't be bearing all of Angela's weight. Her cock felt fantastic as it rubbed against Gwen's body, but it didn't seem to want to go in.

"Here, let me," offered Gwen. "Lift up a little bit..."

Angela lifted her body up and then felt Gwen holding her cock once more. She felt the tip slide around over Gwen's pubic hair before encountering a warm, wet tightness as her friend guided Angela inside.

"Push," whispered Gwen frantically, her innocent young body so eager to be penetrated.

Angela thrust hard with her hips and was suddenly inside Gwen. She gasped as she continued to push, amazed by how wonderful it felt to have her cock surrounded in so intimate a way by her friend's pussy. It felt hot, tight, wet... oh, it felt like heaven!

Gwen held her breath as Angela plunged deeper and deeper. It was really weird, not like using her fingers at all! It felt sore, but that was probably because it was her first time. The discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt at being impaled by Angela's hard cock.

Angela was all the way in by now. She paused to look at Gwen, who looked back at Angela with her eyes clear and filled with joy. Experimentally Angela raised her hips, feeling her cock sliding out from Gwen. Then she lowered them once more, feeling Gwen's pussy welcoming her back inside.

Angela tried it a little faster, going up and then down. Gwen started to move in response. Long, slow, deep strokes followed fast little in-and-outs as both girls tried new rhythms, all the while enthralled by the sensations they were feeling. They stared into each other's eyes, almost afraid to look anywhere else.

Gwen started breathing harder, her face becoming tense as Angela glided along the wondrously juicy walls of her pussy. Suddenly, Gwen gasped and wrapped her arms around Angela's back. She wanted to squeeze her legs tight together but was afraid that doing so might force Angela out. Instead, she wrapped her legs around Angela's before squeezing.

Angela found that she could hardly breathe as Gwen tightly gripped her body. She also discovered that there was a strange yet wonderful pressure building up inside of her loins. Gwen moaned and groaned and buried her face in Angela's neck.

"Fuck me," whispered Gwen as a huge wave of pleasure echoed through her body. It didn't hurt, it didn't throb, it just filled her with heat and pressure as she felt her body pulse and quicken.

Angela cried out and drove her cock deep into Gwen's pussy as she was filled with an uncontrollable urge to bury it as far inside her friend as she could. She felt her hips spasm once, twice, three times - each time accompanied by an amazingly joyous burst of pressure that triggered the eruption of semen from the tip of her cock. It felt like it was opening up... This must be what it feels like to cum!

Gwen's eyes were closed and she was hardly breathing. Angela suddenly realized that Gwen had almost certainly had an orgasm...

Gwen knew that Angela had climaxed, she could feel her friend's cum inside her. It made Angela's cock feel more slippery.

Gwen and Angela held each other until Angela's cock slipped out. Gwen felt a little cum seep out and dribble between her pussy lips to form a little puddle on the bed. She really should move, it was going to be quite messy, but it was too nice to move just yet. Better to just lie here with Angela on top of her.

With any luck, both girls thought in unison, we'd be able to try it again later...

Sooner rather than later, of course, Gwen got uncomfortable and Angela rolled off her. There was something else they could try again, thought Gwen. Right now, in fact!

"I'm going to smoke another cigarette," Gwen said.

Angela smiled and they both stood up.

"We should share one," Angela whispered. "Isn't that what people do after they fuck?"

Gwen smiled happily. She and Angela had been best friends forever, sharing their ups and downs, their joys and heartaches. Now, they had even more experiences to share. Gwen wondered where the next adventure would lead them.

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