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AN: No, this isn't a trick or a copycat account or anything like that. It's me. I've humbly returned after leaving y'all high and dry because I've honestly missed being a part of this amazing community

Now I could go on about why I disappeared or what I've been doing with my writing lately or even about re-posting my old stories -- which is something we definitely can discuss -- but I would rather turn my focus on what I've brought to the table today.

This story is a little... different, I think. It's a lot more personal to me and I attempted some things that I haven't before. In my opinion, the greatest thing an artist can strive for is stepping out of their comfort zone and still maintaining to find success. In this endeavor, I truly hope I've succeeded for the sake of all you lovely readers.

Happy Reading!


Chapter One

Beck and Call

"It just feels like I really am worthless sometimes. Like, maybe I should kill myself, you know?"

The man spilling out his sob story was Calvin Thomas, a patient of mine for the past two years. He was in his late twenties, overweight and he still lived at home with his parents. He also had no regard for understanding social cues. When he wasn't determined that life was out to get him -- which was quite often -- he made attempts at humor that often came off as awkward and frankly, horribly unfunny.

As an unbiased party here to help Mr. Thomas, it was always hard to force a smile through those occasions. Days like today were easier. Even if it was just as inconsequential to my time.

I tapped a pen silently against my leg as Calvin droned on about his suicidal thoughts. I knew he wasn't going to act out on them and I had lost my patience for the song and dance long ago. After so long in this profession you could always tell who really wanted to end their time on this planet and the ones that just said stupid shit for attention. I had no patience for the latter type.

"But why are you feeling worthless, Calvin? Where do you think the root of that pain lies?"

It was a stock question. Something to keep him talking in order to burn up more time and end the suffering that this appointment was causing my brain. Perhaps it was a bit of a callous thought but Calvin and I both knew that he didn't need to be here any more than I needed to use a wheelchair with my perfectly functioning legs. Translation: he was wasting both of our time.

Calvin looked to the floor. His brows came together to form a look of contemplation while his hand came up to rub the side of his face, as if testing for beard stubble. It was hard to tell if he was actually thinking through my question or if it was a part of the act of pity that he played for himself. Either way, I stayed silent and let my mind drift while Calvin did whatever the fuck Calvin was doing.

In my head, I planned out the rest of my day. Just one more appointment after this. Amanda McCall. Maybe I could go out after, meet up with Hank for a couple of drinks. Wait, shit, he had tickets to see the Sox tonight. Carol might be up for it though...

"I think," Calvin began, dragging me out of my planning, "it all stems from my mother."

Oh, sweet Jesus. Here we go.

I rubbed my forehead and prompted him to tell me all about why he thought such a thing. My real thought process had already checked out however. There was only so many times you could listen to an almost thirty year old man talk about how bad his mother -- the woman that feeds him, clothes him, gives him a roof and an allowance still -- is. Even if the woman forced her son to live in the basement and live off fish heads, which I highly doubted, she wasn't the reason behind Calvin's failure to launch syndrome.

After nearly twenty more minutes of listening to Calvin go on and on about everyone and everything in his life that was responsible for his low self esteem and worth I was finally able to steer the conversation to an end and usher him out the door. When the door closed behind Calvin's pudgy, frowning face I let out the exhausted sigh I had been holding onto for the better part of an hour. Patients like Calvin Thomas made me lose a lot of faith in what I did.

I ran a hand through my hair and let out another sigh, this one softer than before. There was about an hour left to kill before I had to see Miss McCall and not a whole lot on my plate to take care of. Perhaps now was a good time to make that call to Carol.

While I stood in the middle of my office and mulled over the option, my cell rang from my pocket. I looked at the clock above the door -- placed there for my convenience, not my patients -- and saw that it was four thirty. Most of my friends knew that I generally didn't take calls before six on my workdays so that meant that it had to be...

I pulled the phone out of my pocket and looked at the ID. Just as I thought. Skylar.

I considered not answering. My thumb hovered over the hang up button as the phone rang even. The picture of Skylar staring back at me and smiling forced me to pick up her call though.

"Hi, Sky."

"Aubrey! Good to hear your voice, girl!" I heard her exclaim on the other end of the line. "What are you up to?"

"Working," I sad deliberately. "Other than that? Nothing."

"Right now? Oh, that's a shame."

"Why's that?" I asked. I knew why but I wanted to see what she would say regardless.

Skylar giggled at my question. It was a low, coy sound and it was as intentional a bait as my line of questioning had been to Calvin earlier. If anyone was as good as I was at playing on human emotions, it was Skylar.

"I wanted you to come and see me is all. It's been awhile since we've caught up."

"Hmm," I hummed. The sound came out as a rumble from my throat.

I considered my last appointment again. It wasn't too late to tell Lisa to call Miss McCall and tell her that I wouldn't be able to see her today. I could feign the onsets of food poisoning and take the rest of the day off. I had shrimp fried rice earlier, it was totally plausible.

"I suppose I could stop by for a little bit," I conceded.

"Really? That's great!"

God, I hated it when she faked enthusiasm like that. We both knew that she wasn't that fucking chipper. Ever.

"Yeah. I'll see you soon."

I hung up before I had to hear any more fake pleasantries from her. She would be different when I got there. She always was. This precursor shit though, especially over the phone, it was just painful. Better to get right to the root of it all when it came to Skylar.


There were azalea bushes that bordered the front of Skylar's home. Every spring they bloomed into a plethora of beautiful colors. So on this mid-April day I was greeted with a rainbow of azaleas on my way up to Skylar's doorstep. I ran my fingers across the petals of a silky pink bloom before finally turning to the door and knocking.

Skylar wore a sundress and a smile when she opened the door to greet me. My own unconscious grin surfaced at the sight of her. It had been a few weeks since the last time I had seen her.

"Hey, you," Skylar said.

Instantly, I noticed the difference in her demeanor from how she had been acting on the phone. She was more relaxed now. It might have been the home court advantage or maybe now that I was here she didn't have to panic about anything. It was hard to tell. Skylar has always been the most difficult person for me to read.

"Hey there," I said. "How's it going?"

"Oh, not too bad," Skylar said and silently waved me into the house with her hand. She continued to talk as I followed her in, shutting the door behind me as I did. "How are you?"

"You know, same as usual. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. Living the American Dream," I shrugged.

"Is that what the dream was? I'm nowhere near it then. What a shame." Skylar shook her head in mock dismay and we both shared a brief chuckle. "Can I get you some coffee, Aubrey?"

"Sure, sounds great."

I followed Skylar into the kitchen, shamelessly watching her auburn curls bounce off her bare shoulder blades and the way her ass swayed as she walked. Skylar immediately set to making coffee when we entered the kitchen and I silently watched as she did. Eventually I leaned back against one of the counters and dug my hands deep into the pockets of my slacks. I would have rather worn jeans, but since I came straight over from work I didn't even bother changing. Besides, it was probably better anyways. More accessible.

"I'm guessing you called me over because Xander is gone and/or preoccupied for an extended amount of time?" I asked suddenly, surprising both of us.

Skylar shot me a look of inquiry as she handed me a cup of coffee. "Have I become that predictable?"

"After a decade? Yes. You have." I smiled over the brim of my cup causing Skylar to giggle. "But that's alright. It's easier when you're predictable."

"Mmm," Skylar hummed. "I suppose that's fair. Although, I would hope that you've learned to predict more than just my habits."

"Oh? Like what? Specifically?"

Skylar trailed a finger down my arm and looked up at me from under her long lashes. "Like the things I want, for instance. Things only you can give me."

I chuckled. "Straight to it, huh?"

I was surprised by this. More than anything, Skylar liked the build up in our routine. She liked the slow torture of my teasing and taunting. She loved testing me more than anything though, so skipping over the warm-up was peculiar indeed.

"Xander's bound to be back before six, so we only have an hour. Maybe. That might even be cutting it a little short," Skylar said with an air of impatience to her.

"Mm-hmm." I deposited my cup on the counter and turned my body toward Skylar. "Tell me more about these things only I can give you then."

"Aubrey," she said in a voice that was low and full of warning. "Don't drag this out and make me beg."

I grinned. "You love it when I make you beg though, Sky. And you know I love it too, which is what really matters."

Skylar gnawed on her bottom lip and stared at me. Her features had morphed from quiet frustration to a pained contemplative look. I waited patiently to see what she would say next.

After a long moment, Skylar clasped her hands in front of her and spoke in a tone much lower and more subdued than she had previously. "Please, Aubrey? Will you give me what I want?"

"And what is it that you want?"

Skylar licked her lips and looked me up and down. I knew what she wanted already. She knew I knew too. This was my favorite part of the game though. I liked watching Skylar -- the most stubborn, prideful, miss independent that I had ever met -- submit to my whim.

"I want you to claim me. Own me. Leave your mark on me." Skylar shook her head slowly before meeting my eyes. "I don't care what you do as long as you make me yours."

I growled in my throat, a primitive sound that told the truth of my own wanting. I fisted my hand in Skylar's auburn locks and turned her to face the counter before forcing her to bend over it. Skylar instinctively put her hands out to rest her head on the cool marble of the counter and then looked back towards me, just as I was releasing my hand from her hair.

"You already are mine. Apparently you just need a reminder of that," I said, my voice pitched low.

Skylar met my eyes with her big frightened brown ones. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Whatever I want," I told her and turned her head back to the counter.

With anxious fingers, I flipped the skirt of Skylar's dress up. I groaned in my throat when I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties. Better still, I could see the glistening tell of Skylar's arousal already forming.

"No panties, Sky?" I asked in a condescending tone. Before Skylar could even answer I raised a hand brought it down on her bare ass. The slap resounded throughout the silent room.

"I was trying to be good. For you," Skylar said, her voice panicked.

I held back the moan that wanted to bubble past my lips. I loved it when she talked to me like that. I loved the power she gave me.

I rubbed the spot on Skylar's ass that I had just slapped. It was already turning a faint pink. "Oh, I see. You were being good. Because you want to be my good girl?"

"Yes," Skylar whimpered.

"I don't know," I said and slapped Skylar's other cheek. She let out a high pitched cry of surprise at the contact of my hand on her skin. "I think you're just a needy slut. What do you think?"

"I'll be whatever you want me to be," Skylar muttered.

"Of course you will." I slapped both sides of her ass in quick succession. Both strikes were punctuated by a small squeak from Skylar. "But that's not what I asked. I asked what you thought."

Skylar hesitated so I gave her a little incentive to answer my question. Two of my fingers plunged into Skylar's dripping hole which, in her current position, was raised in an inviting stance right in front of me. A low moan escaped from Skylar just before her back bowed, pushing her needy pussy even closer to me.

"Well, Sky? Are you just a needy slut for my touch?" I asked, coaxing her inhibitions away with my voice as well as my fingers now.

"Yes!" Skylar groaned out. "I'm a needy slut. I'm your needy slut."

I grinned and ran a hand up and down Skylar's exposed lower back with a gentle caress. "See? That wasn't so hard."

"No," Skylar said breathlessly and pushed herself back on my fingers.

At this point she was doing more of the work than I was. That was just fine though. It showed who was really in control here even more.

There was a window just above where Skylar's head was currently resting that came to my attention suddenly when I heard the sound of voices close by. The blinds were still drawn over the window but it must have been open in order to hear the neighbors -- or the pedestrians, whatever it was -- so clearly. A wicked idea instantly leaped to my mind.

I leaned down and whispered into Skylar's ear with low pitched voice. "You might want to quiet down a little, Sky. There are people right outside."

"Mmm!" Skylar moaned behind lips that were tightly pressed together.

I pressed on, my hand starting to work faster, in and out of her pussy as the concept of my whispered words got me hotter. "Unless you want them to hear you, of course. Maybe you want everyone to know how much you love feeling my fingers inside you. Maybe you want them to know that you're my slut. Is that it, Sky?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Skylar cried out. Her voice was unrestrained in her admittance and I was sure that anyone that was keen enough to hear her had an idea of what she was exclaiming in the affirmative.

As Skylar was letting the world know how much she agreed, I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers, signaling her orgasm. Most likely only the first in the time we would be spending together. At least if I knew anything about Skylar's appetite and her desire to get what she wanted.

"That's a good girl," I cooed into Skylar's ear as she came around my digits.

Skylar whimpered in response and shifted her head closer to my lips. I kissed her temple and then immediately stood up straight again. I couldn't shower her with too much affection. At least not yet.

"What do you say we get away from your audience and go somewhere more comfortable?" My words were formed as a suggestion but I was already pulling Skylar along with me to the bedroom.

"Whatever will make you happy, baby," Skylar muttered dreamily. I grinned at how adorable she could be sometimes -- but only because she couldn't see me doing it.

I stood Skylar at the end of the bed and took a step back in order to sit down on the edge of the mattress. "Do you want to know what would make me really happy?"

"Hmm?" Skylar hummed. Her eyes were a little glazed over in post orgasmic bliss but she was scanning my face for some kind of tell so I knew she was here still.

"If you showed me how much you appreciate me. Especially when I give you such nice gifts." With those words I shimmied out of my slacks and underwear before meeting Skylar with an expectant gaze.

Her eyes dropped between my legs and simply stared for a beat and then, almost mechanically, she moved to kneel between my legs. Skylar kissed along the insides of my thighs before laying her lips just above my clit and kissing the skin there. She lingered for a moment and then looked up at me with those big doe eyes.

To the untrained observer, this scene would look like a girl unsure of what she's supposed to do next. Perhaps she may even come across as fearful of what to do next. In reality, however, Skylar was giving me back the thing I craved most from this arrangement; the control.

With a grin on my lips I reached out with both hands and tangled my fingers into Skylar's gorgeous, curly red mane before pulling her into me. Skylar moaned in pleasure as she lapped at me greedily. She could be a real brat sometimes but it was only because she liked to be put in her place. She especially liked it when I put her in her place.

"Fuck," I grunted.

After so many years getting tangled up in each other like this Skylar had learned how to play me like a fiddle. She knew the right buttons to push and levers to twist in order to make me explode in minutes. Every kiss, caress, lick and suck placed expertly in order to achieve her goal.

Skylar was a smart girl really. She knew that if she gave me what I wanted that I would be all over her until she was coming again. She really, really knew how to play me. Lucky for her, I loved it.

My musings -- and the enjoyable feeling of Skylar's tongue pressed against my clit -- suddenly halted at the sound of an unfamiliar ringtone. Skylar's phone presumably. I let my fingers go slack in her hair and immediately Skylar went searching for the device. She finally dug it out of the pocket of her dress and answered breathlessly.

"Xander. Hi."

I growled under my breath and crossed my arms. Skylar pouted at my attitude. She leaned forward, pressed a kiss to my knee and then stroked my lower lips with her fingers in a gentle caress. I shivered in desire and hoped that Skylar didn't notice. With the way she was impatiently trying to get off the phone my guess was that she didn't.

"Okay, alright. Yes. Yes. You know I will, Xander."

Phone or no, I was here on my time and she owed me. My eyes narrowed at the side of Skylar's skull that was facing me, willing her to look my way and see the error of her ways by neglecting me. When that failed to work I grabbed her wrist and dug my nails into her flesh.

"Ow!" Skylar exclaimed and whipped her head towards me finally. "No, I'm fine. Just stubbed my toe."

I offered up a cheeky smile to match Skylar's scowl. After a moment of our heated stare down I gripped her wrist again, not hard just a squeeze to remind her what her primary task should be. Skylar bit her lip, most likely understanding that I was already contemplating a punishment for her, before she hurried to put her fingers to use by putting them inside of me.

"Yes, I'll try to be more careful," Skylar said to Xander while staring straight at me.

"You really should be," I murmured low enough for only Skylar to hear.

Skylar shot me a look that told me to grow up and I threw one right back that said make me. Skylar, ever ready for a good challenge, ran a thumb down my clit while her fingers pumped in and out of me. I let out an involuntary moan at the electric jolt that went through me from her actions and Skylar had to press the receiver to the skin of her neck in order to keep the sound from going though the phone.

"Okay then, get back to it. Love you. Bye," Skylar said and tossed the phone aside. "Oh, thank fuck." After that exclamation Skylar buried her face back in my pussy and in no time I had my hands buried back in her hair.

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