This New Thing


"Everything well with Xander then?" I asked in a conversational tone.

Skylar mumbled out some kind of answer but it was impossible to tell what she was saying. Obviously no one had taught her to not speak with her mouth full. However, since I didn't care much to hear an answer for my question I was hardly concerned with Skylar's inability to speak clearly.

"Good. Glad to hear it," I replied sarcastically, nonetheless.

I was having a hard time keeping up much witty banter after that last remark. Skylar was really working me at this point with her fingers and her tongue and it was driving me to the point of unintelligible speech. Not speaking was a much better option than sounding like a lust drunk fool.

The feeling started in the pit of my gut first. A deep pit of wanting that was clenching at the prospect of release. I gritted my teeth and pushed myself towards that point until I was reeling from it.

I threw my head back and opened my mouth but no noise came out. The way I was shaking from the waist down had me so struck that I didn't even know how to verbalize my pleasure, let alone speak. Skylar really could play me well.

"So," Skylar drawled the word out in a gentle coo when I looked receptive to listening again. "Xander's been held up."

"Uh-huh," I muttered.

"Which means we can keep going..." Skylar trailed off with a suggestive look.

It was another intentional suggestive look too. Where she tucked her chin in and rounded her shoulders. She was attempting to prey on me by appearing weaker.

"Why would I want to keep going? I've already got what I wanted from this."

In truth, I wouldn't be adverse to continuing our activities at all. However, if I acted indifferently I knew I could get Skylar to plead and beg in order to change my mind. Which, as I stated earlier to her, is the best part for me.

"But... But, Aubrey..." Skylar stuttered, actual shock and panic in her eyes. She really wanted to keep playing with me it seemed.

"But what, Sky?" My voice was cold and hard, like iron. It demanded some kind of surrender from her.

"I thought you would want to stay with me," Skylar whispered.

I had to fight back the predatory grin that wanted to engulf my face from her vulnerable display. "No, I don't. But if you ask me nicely I may stay."

Skylar laid her head on my knee and began to run a finger up and down my bare thigh. I stared down at her, waiting patiently. After a few moments of Skylar watching herself aimlessly draw on my skin she turned her eyes up to meet my gaze.

"Don't leave me, Aubrey. Please," Skylar asked in a voice that was impossibly small.

I ran my hands through Skylar's hair. Gently, this time. I liked to watch my fingers slide through the thick, curly locks of her satiny hair. There was something oddly soothing in the action.

"Alright," I said, my eyes fixated on my task. "You've been a good girl tonight, so I'll let you tell me what you want."

Skylar chewed on her lip. "Take me there."

"What do you say?"

"Please. Please take me there," Skylar corrected herself while her eyes pleaded that I take some kind of action. Preferably against her.

As ambiguous as the request sounded, I knew that Skylar wanted something very specific from me when she asked to be taken there. There was a special head-space where Skylar could let go of everything and give me complete control. She could tap into her instincts and let her consciousness float away for a surreal high; like an out of body experience.

For a while now I've suspected that my ability to take Skylar there -- whether it be from our long time bond, mutual trust, respect, whatever -- is the reason that she keeps me around. It made me wonder if I actually had any worth in Skylar's eyes or if I was simply a means to an end. It also made me wonder what Skylar and Xander got up to when they did sleep together. Although, thankfully, those thoughts did not come up very often.

"Get undressed and get on the bed. Lay on your back and open your legs," I growled and tightened my grip in her hair as a punctuation to my command before letting my fingers go lax.

"Yes, ma'am," Skylar said obediently and scurried to accomplish the task I had set her with.

As much as I hated thinking of myself as nothing more than a tool that Skylar used to get what she wanted, I couldn't be mad at her if that's how she did indeed see me. Sometimes I think I used her in a similar way when I needed to exercise my grip of control on reality. When she gave herself to me so freely and openly, it made me feel big and powerful and alive. It was its own high that I sought out when we were together; and just like Skylar, I hadn't yet found someone else that could give that high to me.

So here we were. Skylar, laying on the bed with her legs bent at the knee and spread wide with her arms above her head and me, digging through Skylar's secret stash of playthings. The fact that there was a secret stash made me question Skylar and Xander's personal time again. I held back the bile that wanted to rise at the though and pulled out some restraints from the stash before turning back to Skylar.

Skylar bit her lip and watched me work as I tied up her wrists to the headboard. She didn't speak while I did my thing, she knew far better than that at this point but she watched me intently. There was anxiety and fear swimming in her muddy hues but there was something else as well. Excitement and urgent anticipation. Skylar was terrified of what I was going to do next and yet she wanted nothing more than to find out what I was going to do. She was the perfect enigma.

"Are you afraid?" I asked.

"Yes," Skylar whispered without hesitation.

"You're telling the truth too. That's a good girl." I positioned myself so that I was kneeling between her open legs. Right in her line of sight where she was forced to look at me. "Tell me though, why are you afraid?"

Skylar gave a half-hearted shrug. "Because I'm helpless. You have all the power."

"Hmm, that is true," I said. "But I would never hurt you, would I?"


"What's the worst I've ever done to you?" I asked her, my voice taking on that borderline condescending tone again.

"Discipline me," Skylar answered in a minuscule voice.

"And I don't just punish you for no reason, do I?"


"When do I discipline you?"

"When I'm bad."

"Correct." I nodded. "As long as you listen to me, you have nothing to fear. Isn't that right?"

"Yes," Skylar replied obediently.

I couldn't stop the wolfish grin from spreading across my face. "Good girl."

Skylar's cheeks flushed pink and she smiled at the notion of being a good girl. Things like that were the foundation of why Skylar loved to submit to me. Understanding the desire behind being a sub was a complicated track to follow within Skylar's tangled psyche but from what I had learned throughout the years, it stemmed from three major points.

First there were her self esteem issues. I didn't know all of Skylar's past but I knew enough to see that the bravado and confidence she put out into the world were false. Something -- or things perhaps -- shattered her self esteem and she has never been able to completely restore it since. That low self worth she has for herself makes her feel like she deserves to be subservient, to be punished, to be controlled even.

Which leads into the second facet: affirmation. Somewhere inside of Skylar there was an internal -- and eternal perhaps -- battle raging between the two sides of her self-esteem. There's a piece of her that wants to believe that she's she's worth the time and energy. When I affirm her -- saying things like good girl and praising her for her positive actions -- it makes that piece of her shine. I've never had such problems myself, so I wouldn't know for sure, but by the way Skylar acts I would say those moments of affirmation are quite fulfilling for her.

Lastly, there's the desire that Skylar has to push herself. If you strip away all the deep psychological shit, all that's left is a woman wanting to find her limits and then push them until she finds the boundaries hidden deep inside. That's a scary thing to do alone though and it's especially tough to motivate yourself towards such a frightening goal. Which is where I come in.

My hands traveled down the length of Skylar's thighs and back up again. I watched my fingers dance along her skin and ignored the anxious glances Skylar was throwing me. She had to know that I was calm, I was in control, I had it locked down. This was vital. Eventually she would realize that I did indeed have it and she could let go and shut down.

"Aubrey," Skylar whined.

A hand left her thighs to slap across her left breast. A crack filled the room when our skin collided, quickly followed by a low whimper from Skylar. All the while my face held the same calm as before.

"Don't speak again until I tell you to."

The order was not barked or shouted, it was low and smooth with an air of command behind it. It was not something that was easily defied. However, if anyone would, it would be Skylar.


Skylar couldn't get any other words out before my hand was delivering a hearty slap to her other breast. My eyes met hers in a challenge but Skylar ducked her head and looked away. She had no desire to take me up on that offer.

"Are you done?" I asked. Skylar nodded instead of giving me a verbal affirmation. Smart girl. "Good."

My hands dove down from their place at Skylar's mid-thigh to the junction between them. With careful fingers I stroked the skin of her lips, reveling in the velvety feel of the skin there. Skylar squirmed a little before breathing out loudly and forcing herself to be still.

A small grin tugged at my lips, betraying my look of neutrality. Skylar knew just what I would punish her for and she had gotten good at behaving against her better nature of being an insufferable brat. We had obviously been doing this awhile.

What was really curious though, was that I couldn't tell if I was pleased because Skylar was finally well trained to my whim after all these years or if I was upset that I wouldn't be able to punish her because she was acting good.

My fingers were still gently petting the soft skin of Skylar's pussy lips but now they had become more brazen. Slipping into her slit and gently swiping against her clit. Skylar let out a frustrated cry and tugged at her restraints. I glanced lazily at Skylar's struggle before concentrating between her legs again, where the dew of her arousal was just starting to seep out between her lips.

"You would love it if I made you come right now, wouldn't you?" I waited for an answer but none came. Finally, I looked up to see Skylar's pleading face. "That's right. You can't talk, can you? Well alright, nod your head for yes and shake for no. Do you think you can do that?"

Skylar nodded.

"Good. Now, answer me. You would love to come, wouldn't you?"

She nodded again.

"My hands all over your body. Owning you."

A nod and a whimper.

"What are you going to do for that come?"

Skylar blinked. She knew that ordinarily she could say, 'whatever you want,' or, 'anything,' or something else along those lines. That same thing couldn't be expressed through a nod or shake of the head.

"You must not want it then," I concluded with a shrug.

"I do! Please, Aubrey!" Skylar cried out.

"You want it so bad that you'll break the rules and suffer a consequence, huh?"

I flattened my hand on Skylar's stomach and let it slide up between her breasts. A beat passed where my hand simply rested in that spot before I brought that hand back the way it came, only this time with my nails out and digging into Skylar's skin. Skylar let out a yelp of pain as angry red marks surfaced across her pale complexion.

"I'm feeling generous tonight, so I'll give you what you want," I said while moving off of the bed in order to pad over to the closet and dig through Skylar's stash once more. "But you won't get it until I say so."

After sifting around a bit -- honestly there was no organization to Skylar's box of toys whatsoever -- I finally found what I was looking for. I turned around with the item in hand so Skylar could see what I had. It was a vibrator, the magic wand type that may be confused as a 'massager' by the naive virgins and marketing geniuses of the world.

"Do you want this?" I asked Skylar with a mocking grin. We both knew that she did.

Skylar bit her lip in the affirmative.

"Can you ask me nicely?" Skylar hesitated. She thought I was trapping her again. This was deliciously funny to me. "It's okay, I'm giving you permission to speak. Now say, 'pretty please, can I have it ma'am.'"

"Can I have it, ma'am? Pretty please?" Skylar's voice was full of need as she begged for the toy in my hand.

"Close enough, I suppose," I muttered to myself as I made my way back to the bed.

I wasted no time in fucking around. I knew that we were on a time crunch and that was settling heavily on the back of my mind. Counterproductive to the aura of calm and in control that I was trying to maintain but it was what it was. Instead of stressing about though, my plan was to kick things into high speed a little bit quicker than normal.

After situating myself between Skylar's spread legs again I turned the toy on and placed it right against Skylar's clit. She howled at the sudden intense situation. I grinned at her reaction.

"Oh, fuck!" Skylar huffed out.

With my free hand -- the one not holding the vibe -- I slapped the inside of her thigh. "I didn't give you permission to talk again, did I?"

Skylar shook her head, instantly looking regretful of her actions. What had been done had been done though. She couldn't take it back.

"Here I was going to make it so easy on you, but you had to be a mouthy brat," I sighed and took the vibrator away from her before beginning to fuck with the buttons.

Skylar uttered a low whine and I shot her a look that demanded silence. She bit her lip and furrowed her brows in the most perfect pout but I was not going to be swayed by her charms. No, this was my show.

With the toy fixed on a pulse setting I set it back against Skylar's clit again. Only now I was slowly dragging it across the bundle of nerves. Up, down, side to side, sometimes pressing a little harder, sometimes lighter but constantly keeping Skylar in a state of frustrated anticipation.

She was so frustrated in fact, that she was near tears at how badly she wanted the release I was keeping from her. I met Skylar's eyes and saw the clear desperation written there. It was plain in the way her eyes were impossibly big or how her lip trembled. All of these things, the signs of her utter vulnerability -- which I owned in this moment -- turned me on so fucking much.

"Beg for it," I commanded. "Beg me to let you come."

"Please, let me come," Skylar said automatically.

"I don't know. You don't sound very convincing," I replied and took the vibe away from her pussy.

"Please, Aubrey. Please let me come," Skylar pleaded.

I placed the toy up against her clit again. "Getting closer. I still think you can do better though."

"Please," Skylar whimpered. "Please. Please can I come, ma'am?"

"There's my good girl," I told her and turned the pulse mode off.

It was seconds before Skylar was coming. She bucked her hips up twice and then settled back on the bed with a low moan of relief. Seeing her face like that, all blissed out, brought me almost as much pleasure as that come did for her. Almost, not quite. It was good enough for me though. I felt accomplished for being able to take care of my girl so handily.

I took one more glance at Skylar's come drunk face and chuckled before setting to work undoing her restraints. Even after I got them off Skylar didn't move much. That's how I knew that I had taken her there; when she didn't want to leave.

When Skylar did come back down to earth -- preferably sooner rather than later with the limited time we had -- I knew she would be a bit clingy. I took the preemptive action by bringing Skylar in close to me and guiding her head down on my shoulder. Skylar remained completely silently for a few minutes and then I finally got a reaction out of her in the form of a little sigh.

"Come on back to me, beautiful," I murmured into her hair.

Skylar let out a content little moan and gripped me tight to her side. I could almost convince myself that I might still really love her in moments like this. It was stupid and silly, especially given the circumstances of our relationship, but little things like this did make me wonder.

We laid like that for awhile. Me stroking her hair and skin and whispering sweet nothings in her ear and Skylar purring in pleasure at the royal treatment I was giving her. I really did spoil her. It was hard not to though.

It was the sound of a car coming up the driveway, followed by headlights flooding through the windows moments later, that broke the content peace bubble that Skylar and I had been residing in.

"Fuck. Xander," Skylar muttered and sprung from the bed to get dressed.

I swung my legs off the bed with a sigh and pulled my pants on while Skylar was checking the mirror for marks on her neck and shoulder.

"C'mon, we need to get out there before he comes in." Skylar was practically pushing me out of the bedroom as she spoke, giving me little choice in following her command.

"I'm guessing this means it's too late to jump out a window or something and avoid having to see him?"

Skylar gave me a sympathetic look but said nothing beyond that. Outside a car door slammed. My eyes burned into Skylar's as I listened to the sound of Xander's footfalls approaching the front door.

Caught. Shit, I hated feeling caught. I hated seeing him... after.

I stood stock still, my eyes looking up at the ceiling and my breath shallow, as the doorknob turned and Xander came into view.

"Hey!" Xander exclaimed. "I didn't know you were coming over Aubrey."

"It was only for a minute," I said and lifted my shoulder in a half shrug. The one time I needed a fast lie and my brain was letting me down.

"Aubrey was helping me with something. I can't tell you what, it's a surprise," Skylar jumped in quickly. Apparently she was firing quicker than I today. Although what we were doing earlier would be a hell of a surprise for Xander, so she wasn't lying there.

Xander face lit up at the thought of a potential surprise for him. It struck me how young he looked when his expression was giddy. The guy was just a big kid really.

"And on that, I should probably get going. I'm horrible at keeping secrets and I don't want to give it away," I said and moved towards the door.

"Are you sure?" Xander asked. "Why don't you stay for a drink?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm pretty tired." I caught Skylar's eye for a moment. "It's been a long one today."

"Oh. Okay. You really should come by sometime for dinner or something. It would be nice to catch up." Xander's honest, earnest smile made my gut clench painfully. I was beginning to understand the old saying about guilt eating away at oneself.

I glanced at Skylar again. Her brows were raised and her eyes were apprehensive -- probably about her husband's offer to have her lover over for a casual dinner. My eyes came back to Xander's, not really meeting his but giving the illusion that they were, and I smiled weakly.

"Yeah. That would be nice," I said.

"Great! Well, you two hook up and figure out a time to make it happen then."

I resisted the urge to laugh out loud from the particular words Xander had used. If anything that was probably my cue to leave. God knows it would only get worse if I stayed.

"Will do," Aubrey practically purred.

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