tagFetishThis Pig Visits the Bath House

This Pig Visits the Bath House


This is a story about a fictional visit to a gay bath house to spend the evening as an extreme raunch pig. This story contains descriptions of gay piss and shit (scat) play. If this isn't your thing, turn back now.


The cab driver looked in his review mirror and asked, "are you sure this is where you want to be dropped off?" We had driven into an industrial area of the city full of old buildings and warehouses. It was after 11pm and we were out in front of a rundown single story building. No sign, only a number. A single lightbulb over the door lit the area.

"Yeah, this is the place," I replied. Although I have never been here before I was certain we had arrived at destinations of my darkest fantasies. This happens to be a bath house with a certain reputation. The clientele runs from leather tops to extreme pigs. I had read, and reread online postings about this hell hole. And I couldn't wait to go inside.

"You're the boss. $7.50 for the ride," he says giving me a "you're crazy" look in the mirror. I hand him $15 for his troubles and make my way to the door. Although it was a mild night I shivered as I opened the door and step into a small lobby.

The attendant behind the desk is wearing a leather vest and thong. After taking my money, he hands me the key to my room and a towel. "What color do you want?" It's obvious I don't understand. "You know, are you a top? Bottom? The color tells others what you're into." He's holding a box full of bandannas of all sorts of colors.

Although I don't know the color codes, I'm sure which one I want. "Brown," I reply. That solicits a raised eyebrow as he ties the bandana onto my arm. I'm buzzed through the locked door.

I can't help but feel that I've stepped into a cheesy gay porn flick. Electronic music is playing. A few guys are sitting on a couch talking. Others are walking around. All are either naked or have their towels around their waist. I find my way to the corridor that leads to my room. There are about 12 rooms in this hallway. I hear the sounds of sex coming from more than one of them. Just before I reach my door I pass an open door. Inside is a guy spread out on his bed stroking a half-hard cock. Yeah, this is going to be an interesting night.

I enter my room and quickly strip. My cock is already at half mast. I remind myself to take it easy and build up to what I hope is an encounter that matches my fantasy. You see, I've come here in search of some cock, but more importantly, I've decided I wanted to be dominated. In fact, I want to be totally abused and be a human toilet. Thus my choice of the brown bandanna. The attraction to this bath house is the basement. Downstairs are old locker rooms from it previous life. The old grimy showers now serve a different kind of showers.

I knew from all my readings (accompanied by some heavy duty jacking off) that there was a small maze with glory holes. I figured I'd start the night off with an appetizer first. It took a little while to find the entrance. The maze was dimly lit by the black lights. Cheap plywood walls were painted black to enhance the mood. Every few feet a new corridor would open and dead end at a glory hole. The first one I passed already had a guy on his knees working over a cock. After watching for a minute or two I ventured on, finding a spot for me. I sat on a low bench and began to play with my half hard dick. The glory hole was right at face level. I could see other men walking down the maze hallway on the other side.

After a couple of minutes a guy turns and walks up to the hole. His towel is being lifted by his erection. Reaching under the towel he begins to stroke his cock. Putting my fingers through the wall I'm rewarded with his hard shaft in my hand. I give his dick some tugs and watch a nice drop of precum form at the tip. Gripping his balls I coax his shaft through the hole and into my eager mouth.

I pull down on his balls and run my tongue along the bottom of his shaft several times. "Suck it pig," comes from the other side. I slide his cock into my mouth as deep as it can go. Without warning he begins to drill his cock into my face. For a moment I was taken back, but I wanted to be abused, so I braced myself for a good face fucking. He pounds his cock hard hitting the back of my throat every time. He pulls out and commands, "clean those balls pig."

His low hanging ball sack is now on my side of the wall. I begin by giving each of his balls a good once over with my tongue. I open my mouth wider and slurp his hairy balls into my mouth. Reaching up I grab his cock and begin stroking him hard. "Oh yeah pig, work that cock." I can feel his balls tightening up. I try to take my mouth off his balls so I can sallow his cum, but he has other plans. "Don't move pig. I want to cum on your face and head." Sounds like a plan to me! I suck down on his balls harder and give his dick some hard yanks. "Fuck yeah pig." His cock has swollen in my fingers and his ballsack has gotten tight. I know it's coming soon. He mutters "Fuckkkkkk," and explodes cum. Since I'm down low sucking his balls the majority of his cum land on the top of my head and face. I quickly move my mouth to milk the last few drops of warm cum from his dick. "Good little pig," is all I hear as he leaves.

Tonight I wanted to be an absolute pig. So I left his cum in my hair and on my face as I left the maze. Between the brown bandanna and the sticky cum, I was getting a lot of attention. I was exploring more of this pig paradise when I see the door to the basement. It's was one of those old doors with the frosted glass in the top half and the words "locker rooms" in old flaky paint. I stood there for a moment, unsure if I should head downstairs. Am I ready for what I've been fantasizing about for so long? I had planned this trip for too long to not finish the play.

Opening the door I see the stairway leading down. It's dark, musty and totally grundgy. Like taking the stairs down to Hell. As I descend faint smells of stale piss and cum begin to reach my nose. There's a single dim bulb on at the bottom. At the landing is the door into the locker room. Inside are two well built men in leather chaps and nothing else. There are a few empty beer bottles scattered around. I hope they have finished these bottles recently. One of them walks up to me, his thick cock pointing at the floor. Spotting my brown bandanna he tells his friend, "looks like we have ourselves a real pig. What do you want pig?"

"Anything you want to feed me sir," I respond.

He pulls my towel off, stating, "you won't be needing this for a while." His buddy pushes me down on the floor. I take his cock into my mouth, working it the best I can. But these guys aren't down here for just a simple blowjob. Grabbing my head he shoves his dick in deep, down the back of my throat. I gag hard, which just turns him on more.

"I think he needs some training," he states. He backs his cock out just a bit and then rams it home again. Gaging again, my stomach does a few flips. This of course encourages him to go harder and deeper. He drives his cock deep and his balls slam against my chin. His long cock is covered with my drool, making it even more slick.

Noticing my rock hard cock, the other guys proclaims, "he likes his training." After a couple more thrust of his long cock, I'm laid out the long bench that runs between a row of lockers.

The first guy straddles the bench over my face. "You're a pig. You know what to do." He lowers his ass over my face so I can rim him. His hole has some dried shit left over from his last dump. I work my tongue in, out and around, making sure to get every little bit of his dried shit cleaned up. Tasting his dried shit is has an instant impact on my cock. Its swells even more dripping precum. He decides to help me out by grinding his hairy ass hard into my face. My nose is buriedo in his shit hole My cock is rock hard at this point. I push my tongue into his shit tube as he bears his weight down on me. At the same time he is pulling and twisting my cock, making it hurt and feel so good at the same time.

We go on for several minutes until his buddy interrupts us. "Fuck dude hurry up, I got to take a wicked piss and don't want to waste it." My top climbs off of me, letting me take a full breath of the stale locker room air.

"I've got something for you pig." I roll off the bench and look at the other man. He's holding his cock, motioning for me to kneel if front of him. I gladly assume the position, waiting for his hot piss. Grabbing the back of my head he aims his piss hose directly at my face. An arch of yellow piss squirts out of his cock and hits my chest. After a few seconds delay the full steam of piss begins. I open my mouth and allow his salty hot urine flow in. I sallow but his piss keeps coming, overflowing out of my mouth and covering my chest and down to my hard cock. Pretty soon a puddle is forming around me. As his piss stream slows down I take his cock directly into my mouth. I eagerly suck the last few drops from the tip of his dick.

The first guy was taking all of this in. "Damn, you are a pig."

I'm kneeling in a puddle of piss, stroking my cock. "You haven't reached my limit yet, sir," I respond.

"We'll see about that. Hope you didn't get that brown rag by accident. Get back on the bench pig, we have unfinished business."

I stand and the cold piss runs off my body. I lay back down on the bench with a pretty good idea what is likely to come next. He straddles the bench again, his ass hovering a foot above my face. I reach up between his legs to find a huge cock growing hard. But my eyes are locked on his sphincter. "Let's see if you're a true pig." I feel his body tense as he bears down. A few seconds later his shit hole opens some, then closes. I can feel my cock pulsate it's so hard. Again his shit hole opens, but this time wider. "You better be fucking ready pig."

His rosebud closes, but not completely. He tenses and pushes and this time his shit breeches the hole. He doesn't move, so I watch as his log snake out and down the few inches to me. I'm now pulling hard on his huge dick. I open my mouth just in time to take in the warm shit. The initial taste is bitter, but somehow this just turns me on more. A day's worth of shit slides from his ass and into my mouth. I can feel the weight of the shit in my mouth. It's warm against my tongue.

As his stands up he asks, "How's that pig?" My head is tilted back a little with my mouth wide opened. Six inches of shit deposited in my mouth. I'm now yanking on my own cock, nearly pulling it off I'm so aroused.

"Here, let me help you with this," my top says. He straddles the bench one more time, but this time his cock is facing me. Using his fingers he points his thick, hard cock towards my shit filled mouth. My eyes open wide as I watch him dip his cock into the shit he deposited only a few seconds ago.

He slowly begins to fuck my mouth. Each stroke pushes his shit deep into my mouth, smearing it all around. He pulls his feces covered cock out of my mouth and slide it around my face. "I hear a shit facial is good for the skin," he laughs. But I can tell he's getting excited as his cock is oozing precum. I reach up and pull his dick back into my mouth. The face fucking is getting real now. He gets into a rhythm. I move my tongue along the underside of his shaft. "Oh yeah, fuck that feels good." I had forgotten about his buddy until I spot him jerking off out of the corner of my eye. Soon he moves in close and unleashes a huge load across my face. Fresh cum mixes with the shit already on my face.

Seeing this must have been the trigger because within a few more strokes down my throat I feel my top's dick swell up. With a final thrust, he plunges his cock deep and explodes deep in my mouth. His hot cum mixing with the shit remaining in my mouth. I suck it to extract the last few drops of his cum.

He stands up and reaches for my cock. I very quickly reach an orgasm I will not soon forget. Gritting my teeth, I moan and empty my balls on his hand and my stomach. My two leather tops walk out of the locker room. As they exist I hear, "oink".

Yes indeed, I was an extreme pig.

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What life is all about

Scat is the best! Thanks from a fellow pig.

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