tagNonHumanThis Siege of Mine

This Siege of Mine


What the hell are you doing here?

Your mind chews on this question every minute when you are sitting in a muddy circle with other prisoners.

You had joined the city militia to defend against an army of monster-women; fancy way to hit your 18th birthday. Taking up your sword and shield, your worried parents sniffled and hid their tears as you manned the city walls. Priests chanted liturgies as sling rounds rained upon the city, shattering into green mist, weakening everyone that breathed it.

Days passed, and every day you beat back attacking mamono, hordes of squealing young girls with the constitution of mountains trying to ram the gates.

Then a stray ballista round burned the granary. Oops. Quarter rations of barley per day won't feed you.

Then they charged again, finally overwhelming you with sheer strength, fists, claws, and... kisses. You black out...

Your hands are loosely bound in front of you, with a mix of monstergirls, some monsterish and some motherly mamono women gently watching over the group of prisoners. Each are armed with varied armaments, looking over you defenders, bruised but alive, sitting in a circle inside stockades.

Wait... no one is dead. Just bruises, injuries, and some of the badly injured defenders are being treated in tents...Just what happened?

Undisciplined but mighty, mamono women laze around, some aiding the injured and some celebrating with beer plundered from the city stocks. Large fires are lit to warm against the night. All of you, the injured defenders, men from all ages, talk to each other confused.

Then the air of celebration seeps to the vanquished as well. Weakened by the siege, you feel hungry as hell. Suddenly, a large minotaur girl gruffly instructs you lot to spread out. Her bored but cautious look is in contrast by the cheery Holstaurus girls bringing baskets of sandwiches, freshly baked and prepared.

"Here you go, lads. It would be cruel not to feed you after weeks of siege"

Hot food! Not to mention kind words and warm faces. Gratefully you receive yours, a large cheese-and-chicken sandwich (no beef...go figure) The mature Holstaurus smiles at you and even pats your head.

"There's more coming, and more if you be a good boy, alright?"

Some moments of eating and drinking , you feel warm and happy. Now the interesting thing is, some mamono women beckon to the guard and point to some prisoners. Afterwards the minotaur girl walks up to them and demands they follow the "nice lady to be questioned about a few things."

Obviously, none of the lads are refusing. Why not? From the dopey smiles they return with, you can figure out why. The bad thing is, you heard that the Dukesguard, all-female paladins are to be enslaved. This unsettles everyone: everyone has a relative there, so people chatter, until a black robed slaver mamono, a large Red Oni assures it will be indentured servitude, redeemable in cold hard cash or labor and only done locally. None of the former Dukesguard women are to be exported as souvenirs.

Still, you have your bigger sister there. You respectfully approach the black robed mamono. With a worried but hurried voice, you ask her of your big sister in Dukesguard.

"Got three hunnerd' gold pieces for the ransom, lad?" The husky Red Oni asks you gruffly, picking her teeth with a dagger from a meal of whole chicken.

Her body is just the right voluptuous size without looking freakish, clad in tigerskin, the monsterwoman looks at you with disdain.

"N-no, miss... but wait! Can't there anything be done?!" You nearly panic. Seeing big sister on the auction block or doing chores for a monstergirl would not sit well with your family.

Scared and really desperate despite the initial well treatment, you snap.

"Um...TAKE ME INSTEAD!" You shout in panic.

Suddenly the Red Oni bursts into laughter. Her friends follow...you are dying of shame. She leans forward, her red skin and generous bust overshadowing you.

"Alright lad... here is the deal. You just sit there and we'll see if some of the mamono claim you as a husband, we basically do these raids to get husbands and living space for mamono sisters. If so, she will be lodged with your family as a new live-in bride, and your sister is released. If not..." She chuckles.

"We take you away. You may not see your family for a long time...deal? Think on this carefully. You look like a nice guy and the Dukesguard girls aren't going anywhere, just work here to pay for the General's war chest."

"Yeah, we win, we make the rules and take the taxes!" Another Blue Oni nods at her.

You interrupt. "No." You say. "She doesn't deserve this. I'll cover for her."

Both Oni nod at each other respectfully; and as if the heavens sent a message, you hear a shrill voice:

"You! Human boy! With the bandanna!"



Or maybe the message was from hell.

It's a Hinezumi. Damnit. Wait, TWO Hinezumi.

Hinezumi: you heard that name before: mouse-like mamono of the east. Cute women that could pass for humans if their mouse ears and feet could be concealed, were the initial fighters you had faced during the siege.

Two mouse-girls, one larger than the other and both with a cloak of fire, angrily march towards you.

They stomp towards the prisoner stockade, causing some lads to spread in fear. Their faces are a mask of anger with hands glowing with fire. Two eastern women, clad in strange red robes, sandals and metallic staffs, each look ready to fight to your eyes.

Both look related, most likely mother and daughter. You remember the daughter:

You were under her last night, wet and afraid. That's what had exactly happened. She starts shouting at you, in a squeaky voice, her cute face contorted by anger.

"You! Cowardly boy! You poured water on me when we raid wall!" She squeaks in anger. Her cute mousey ears twitch in anger as her fists glow, her cute , lithe body hugging her robese.

You remember...


The mamono planned a night raid to disrupt the defenders...

"Daughter! Zhang Wu Lin! Take this flag and gain much honor for family! Destroy human flag, plant mamono flag on its staff! GO!" Her mother handed the strange, mouse-like girl a flag made from red silk, depicting a dragon from the older times. The girl bowed , her mouse ears twitching with anticipation after she snatched the flag.

"I will bring honor, Mother. Maybe a longnose barbarian boy to tease and toy with."


The Hinezumi, like the others, snuck 60 meters near the castle walls where, several rappels were quietly snuck around the crenellated walls. A few more flicks of finger, and soon, invisible silk bridges were tied between solid stakes and castle wall crenellation blocks. At a whispered command, monstergirls started sneaking quietly as mice towards the ramparts, rappeling silently.

The rappeling went without a hitch. The Hinezumi was first, quietly somersaulting and landing with the flag and slowly waiting for the raiders to assemble. The lizardgirl was the last, quietly landing on the wall with a quiet "clack" of her clawed limbs.

Two score raiders, monstergirls of many races, were dressed in dark black, slowly to sneak, destroy flagstaffs and finally open the gate from the inside...except...

A few footsteps, a little mouse and a guard outside spoiled their plans, ironic that a small rodent suddenly making a miniature pressure on the dainty mouse-like feet of our Hinezumi raider. What's curious about Hinezumi is, they hate mice: not to mention they hate being referred to as "mice." And so, the miniature crawling feeling made our raider go off in a scream that would explode like a fire-powder experiment. (the powder itself still in experimental phase)

Adding to the compromised situation was another young guard lad who had passed his adulthood and volunteered, out of a sense of duty, at night. He always carried a bucket of water to put out fires. Noticing the scream and the mouse-y girl bursting in fire in martial fury, he charged, flinging the bucket at the girl in panic.

You made her ego deflate like a balloon.

The azure, glowing splash put out the fiery spirit of the adorable mouse-girl in an instant, causing her to trip, and plant her hands on the boy's chest in a desperate attempt to regain her balance. Likewise, in panic, the boy held his hands up, only to grasp the bountiful bosom of his tackler.

The orbs were soft, heavenly lumps filling his palms. his assailant, the hinezumi, had a cute face, mouse ears, and a drenched, shocked look. Her face was an expression of shock, almond eyes blinking at him. The mamono behind her stirred, unsure what to do. Their mouths were inches away from each other, mouths half open as if both were frozen and confused, feeling each other's scared breaths tickling their lips.

Were both youths alone, they could perhaps, experiment, lowering their faces to each other and discover the joys of kissing each other's soft, pleasurable, sensitive lips. For one brief second Zhang considered smiling at the boy shyly; perhaps Karma had chosen him to be a potential husband encounter chosen by the Gods. he was young, no younger than 19, with a decent appearance, and azure blue eyes. Culturally Zhang wanted to kick him in the groin and declare her superiority to "long nose dog-ass barbarian" and drag him as a take-home husband to bully and "love" in her own way, but for one brief second, she smiled at him unknowingly.

Sadly, war and duty made both jump to alertness. The Hinezumi drew in a breath and before he could gag her mouth, she uttered the loudest shriek ever. Slapping him hard, the martial mouse monstergirl dashed away and leapt down in vengeful anger.

The raid failed.


Awkward silence. "So?" You question her. "We were at war-"

"SILENCE! NOW YOU LOST!" She squeaks.

"You defeated me! You, cute western barbarian, beat me!" She stomps her foot.


You are confused, with a slowly awakening boner that is more confused than your brain.

"You must restore my honor! You stupid handsome barbarian!" She keeps tongue-lashing you in their strange language of while other men watch, and two Red Oni girls merely scratch their head confusedly, iron clubs at their sides.

"Restore the honor of my daughter!" The larger one growls, crossing her arms. As you The two Onis chuckle, the older one laughing and slapping your shoulder "Guess you got your wish, lad. Kneel and kiss her hand."

You are utterly confused. Raising your palms, you stare at both parties in dumb confusion.

The Blue Oni sighs and rolls her eyes. "Ask her daughter's hand in marriage, so you that ransom your sister out and take her in as a live-in bride."


Wait, what?

"You want big sis home by dawn and not on the servant's stall, do you?" The Red Oni chuckles.

"But isn't asking marriage, like, demanding something?" You ask, still confused. "Isn't that a reward rather than punis-"

The Blue Oni slaps your head, sighing. "Just do as she says. Humans..."

This is going to be awkward. Hesitantly you take a few steps, kneel and approach both Hinezumi. The Blue Oni mumbles behind you. "Idiots can't understand we need men..."

Both of them look at you disdainfully, but you think the daughter's forced grimace hides a twinkle in her eye.

"Excuse me, miss... May I have your daughter's hand in marriage?" You timidly ask the mouse-woman.

"Hmph! Stinky barbarian! Long nose pig! You dare asking to marry my daughter?" Wait, didn't she want you to marry a minute ago? You just sit like an idiot and gawk at the spectacle as she rants angrily.

Her daughter looks at you aloof. Her dainty feet shuffle nervously as she leans towards you. After some minutes of silent scrutiny, she looks away, and extends her hand, palm down, to you.

You kiss her dainty knuckles in loving respect.

Her nose twitches, and you see a blush spread on her face. She lifts her head in aloof avoidance.

"You look like long-nose, dog-ass barbarian pig. But...I suppose I can accept you... out of pity." The small Hinezumi smirks, clearly in denial.

Her mother's eyes gleam. "Done! When I see grandkids?"

The younger Hinezumi's eyes open. "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

The Onis applaud...you hear the prisoners joining in, some raising wine cups.

"I'll get your sister out of her confinement in the barracks." The Blue Oni taps you on the shoulder.

"Congrats, lad. Just sayin', Mist Islanders rarely like your kind." The Red Oni laughs. "Just be ready for mother-in-law nagging for some weeks."

"Anything to get my sister out of your collars" You retort in returned confidence. To your surprise, the Red Oni takes a swig from the wine, her face full with newfound respect. "Noted. I promise the rest will only be discomforted for some time. We'll treat them nicely..." She goes on.

You ignore her and start going home with two weird monstergirls in tow, only planning to stop by the stockade of prisoners to take your sister home. This will be awkward.


You gulp twice, and shiver five times before knocking on the door of your home, a large merchant's house. Your sister, without armor, only in battledress and her paladin insignia on chest, hugs your arm. She was clearly scared, and now is grateful. Your other arm? In a warm furry deathgrip. Your new wife-to-be Hinezumi respectfully stands next to you. Behind you is her mother, still exuding fire and keeping an eye on you.

When the door opens, your worried peasant mother squeals with delight and relief, hugging both your sister and you...weeping...then she stops, and looks at the Hinezumi hugging your arm...

"Who are they, son?" She asks confused.

The mouse-girl steps forward, and bows to your mother "Hello!" She says brightly. "Venered mother, full of happiness!"

"Mother... um we both fell captive in the defense and well... I had to ransom my sister out..." You explain. "This is Zhang Wu Lin. She is..."

"Your new daughter-in-law!" The martial mamono girl exclaims with joy.



Your mother fainted.

"Did I do something wrong?" Zhang whimpers.


It took an hour for the family to sit down, talk and understand the situation over a hastily prepared dinner. When mamono become too numerous, they organize attacks on human settlements. Pillage and enslave becoming unpleasant with human minorities of their own and empathy spreading, they now settle in...by pheromones.

Instead of harshly applying feudal law for conquest, the new mamono invaders decided to be like a family...sort of. Apparently your Duchess begged for lenience so that no one's family gets torn.

Your mother swears to praise her three times before dinner every time.

Your family reunited, their gaze turns to the two Hinezumi respectfully sitting on their chairs. You explain it is mandatory, since you did this to ransom your big sis out. Of course the second sentence is never told, instead you say "you defeated her."

"And now he restores my honor!" Jun exclaims. "But I am faithful daughter to you, second mother. I swear to give you lots of grandchildren!" She perks up, beaming with pride.

"Allfather's mercy...My darling boy, conscripted just when he grew to a man! Now he is married in a few weeks! He married an Eastern monstergirl barbarian. I'm going to die of shame!" Your mother whimpers between servings of soup and noodles, courtesy of Jun's mother who fixed suddenly a massive feast of eastern cuisine using only fermented beans, rice, noodles(an exotic product of wheat) and broth. The only trouble is the strange wooden sticks she brought from her supply office. Just how does one eat a bowl of brothy noodles with two sticks?

"Damnation, woman!" Your father growls, slurping down his food greedily. "Have you ever been in a war between humans? Siege, rape, starvation. This is nothing!" He laughs. His meaty hand taps your new wife-to-be's shoulder, and she chuckles in return. "And he brought a lovely wife and her even lovelier mothe-OWW!"

Wu-Lin's mother laughs heartily as your mother pinches your dad's ear. "You randy old goat! What am I here for! Allfather will strike you down for this!"

"Allfather seems to look the other way today~" Your father's remark goes unanswered. Wu-Lin and her mother chatter with each other in their own language. You simply cannot get your head around a tongue that uses single syllables which change meaning with one intonation of tongue. Then they turn to your parents.

...how to explain that these two lovely ladies are your conquerors?

Luckily, your big sister and Wu-Lin's mother interfere and explain about the change of rules inside the city. Basically, patrolling mamono get respect and a superior social status than humans. They can ask for sex, and expect to be answered in kind(not that male bodies can resist the mamono pheromones). One can give up a son for a boarding school to be married off to mamono families for a hefty stipend, and daughters to be groomed as educated household servants to be given to mamono households for a similar, higher financial aid.

And last one, any human woman who forswears Allfather and allegiance can be sent overseas to be turned into mamono themselves.

These ordnances serve two purposes: the poorest can leave human society for mamono, and make their relatives wealthier. Already the poorest of the city have left human society for greener pastures in a flash.

Your family takes the news casually. They have their kids with them, money to boot and the protection of a mamono bride.

"So, I suppose we...ahem...give you the house next to us for your honeymoon, son?" Your father carefully tastes the strange dessert...dango? "I was planning to set the cottage for your future marriage which...well..."He chuckled at Wu-Lin, who smiled in return. "Has just happened?"

"Thank you, father-in-law!" Wu-Lin exclaims happily. "I won't let you down!"


Your mother prays for your soul as father and daughter-in-law clink glasses of wine and laugh. Wu-Lin's mother, Mai sits in the corner near the fireplace, playing with your little brother, and talking to your big sister. Apparently being captured must have traumatized her...you flinch, remembering slavers with leather collars and cuffs wandering the camp's edge. Still, Mai seems to attempt to console her and it seems to work.

Evening comes, and there is a pleasant surprise. The new Duchess, General of the invaders, the Dark Elf Vierna has sent you a care package of gold coins, a voucher for protection and a cake...yes. A cake.

So you have a small, short celebration. With Wu-Lin hugging you closer by the hour.


Giggling, both of you close the cottage door and lock it. It had been a long, tiring, and adventurous day, so much has changed...and now you are arm in arm with a mouse-eared, adorable mamono wife. Magical fire softly caresses her red-robed body as she smirks in privacy.

"Be grateful, that I chose to spare you and your sister the ignominy of captivity." She shrugs. "You better be lavishing me with jewels and gifts, red-haired barbarian." She looks at you haughtily, then looks at the bedroom your parents had prepared, a large, posh two-person bed, though it was to simply accommodate you. "This will...do...for now." She comments as she glides through your new home with agile and soft steps.

"To lose my honor to such a middling merchant's son...the shame." Her nose is held high as she comments irately...suddenly you lose it and burst into laughter, causing her to blush. She knows her exaggerated criticism is everything but serious, and laughs along.

"It's not because I suddenly love you or anything!" She huffs, trying a final attempt at patronizing you, before finally melting into an anxious pile near the bed. "B-be careful, understand?"

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