This Time


This time when he kissed her there was something different about it. Something more behind the pressure of his lips on hers, one of his broad hands splayed across her lower back, pulling her against him, the other on the back of her neck, controlling her movements. She shuddered when his tongue pressed past her teeth, licking like flames inside her mouth, and she opened her lips further to accept his assault. She didn't know what had brought this on; they were not a new couple, they were not reunited, they hadn't been fighting, they hadn't not been fighting... They had made love this morning, in fact, slow, comfortable, satisfying, and now... His hand fisted in her hair, pulling her head back, hard enough to hurt, controlled enough to reassure, and a sound escaped her throat, something she had never heard before. Moisture flooded her cunt and he seemed to know, laughing harshly against her lips, the hand on her waist slipping between her thighs to cup her through her jeans, thumb pressing against the unforgiving material. Her knees buckled and she stumbled backwards but he caught her waist again, backing her toward the stairs leading up to the bedroom.

"Wha—" She tried to speak but couldn't. Wanted to ask what brought this on, wanted to know, but didn't. They had been together for two years, passionately together, not passively, and despite his massive strength, he had never taken her like this. Mentioned it, maybe, but never tried. And despite her own strength, maybe just a fraction of his, she had never considered letting him. But now... As he backed her up the stairs, her feet finding each step slowly, cautiously, his lips burning against hers, against her jaw, her throat, she felt desire ooze through her, its molten intensity melting away any resistance, any hesitation. She wanted whatever he wanted. She wanted this.

She folded her arms around his neck for support, and finally they reached the top, and his pace lengthened, one hard thigh pushing between hers as he guided her into the bedroom, and when they stood at the base of the bed he pulled away, eyes hot, chest rising and falling rapidly.

"Take it off," he ordered, and he had never ordered her before. "Take it all off."

She hesitated for a split second before her fingers went to the buttons of her blouse, fumbling to separate the fabric, her own heavy breathing echoing his. When she glanced up she saw that he was already naked, his cock jutting out hard and thick and a rush of heat swirled through her belly, soaking her panties.

He muttered something low and indistinct, closing the distance between them, his hands at the top of her jeans, unzipping them, pushing them over her thighs, her knees, guiding her feet out of them. She managed the last button, and was pushing the shirt past her shoulders when suddenly she felt his mouth on her cunt, his lips hot and urgent through the thin fabric of her panties, and she cried out with unexpected urgency, letting him press her back onto the bed, spreading her knees wide. He remained kneeled on the floor, between her splayed legs, and her heart pounded in her chest so loud as to drown out his own rough breathing.

He pressed his lips against her cunt again, his tongue stabbing through the silk covering her shaved mound, and her thighs trembled, opening further, her hips rising up instinctively to meet him. His calloused fingers pressed into the delicate skin on her inner thigh, spreading her wider, but never uncovering her weeping pussy. He licked her through the fabric, hard and hot and wet, and her clit stood at attention, swelling faster and harder than she could ever remember.

She moaned, her head thrashing on the quilt-covered bed, eyes tightly shut against the thrill of sensation twisting through every inch of her being. And when his lips fastened around her jutting clit, pulling it into his mouth, grinding it against his teeth, she bucked frantically, desperately, a cry rising from her throat that she couldn't hold back.

And then he stopped.

Her eyes flew open, shocked, horrified, almost ashamed, and he rose above her, elbows braced on either side of her head, and he lowered his lips to hers. She could taste the faint musky smell of her own drenched pussy on his lips, though she didn't fight it, let him kiss her, her tongue battling with his as one of his hands dropped down to undo the clasp of her bra, push it aside, cover her breast with his hot hand.

She moaned into his mouth and pushed her hips upward, seeking, throbbing, meeting his hard cock but unable to find the push she needed to go over the edge.

"Please," she sobbed into his mouth, but if he heard her he didn't show it, the hand on her breast sliding down to her hip, pinning her to the bed as he began a gentle fucking motion, sliding the fat head of his cock over the silk panties, teasing her clit, sliding through the juices that escaped her cunt.

"I want you to beg," he whispered against her lips, and she would have been terrified of his iron control if not for the note of barely concealed threat in his voice. He had often brought her to the edge before easing off, teasing her time and again before tossing them both off the brink. But he had never made her beg; always he had known what she needed, never asked to hear it.

"I said... please," she got out, her breath escaping in hungry pants, her hips fighting a losing battle against his heavy hand. "Please," she repeated.

She could feel his head shake against her lips, a firm no, and then he dropped lower down her body until his lips fastened around a turgid nipple, sucking it hard into his mouth, no pretense of gentleness or caution, his teeth tight enough to hurt, and she fisted her hands in his hair to pull him away.

"Take it!" he snapped, one thick hand snagging her wrists, pinning them against her chest as he moved his brutal attention to the other nipple, biting down harder than the first, tongue flicking against the reddened peak.

She cried out, an indistinct sound that could have been resistance or acquiescence; it didn't matter. He wasn't going to stop and her sopping pussy wasn't telling him no.

His lips continued southwards, over her flushed stomach, piercing her navel, and she fought again to grind against him, and again he denied her.

"Please," she whispered through swollen lips, weakly lifting her head to see his own head hovering between her thighs. "Please. Whatever you want."

He ripped the flimsy panties off in a shockingly swift move, and her eyebrows raised in response, her pussy gushing, wetness slipping through the cleft of her ass, and she had never been this wet, this hot, this desperate. Even from here she could see the swollen nub of her clit jutting up from her thick folds.

He covered her clit with his mouth, sucked it hard, and she bucked, a split second from climax, until he pulled his face away, studied his handiwork with a smug smirk, and then brought his hand down on her cunt with stunning force.

She shrieked, hips bucking up despite his pressure, and she fought to close her legs but couldn't, his broadly muscled shoulders blocking her efforts.

"No," she panted, watching his hand rise again, and he ignored her, bringing it swiftly back down on her throbbing clit. Another scream escaped, more moisture streaming from her cunt, and she gave up the fight, her head dropping back onto the bed, and she could feel the sweat on her hairline, her upper lip, sheer desperation welling up inside her.

And then he was still. The only sound was their harsh breathing and the steady pounding of her heart, and after a moment she looked up again to see him still between her thighs, one hand out of sight, most likely wrapped around his own pulsing cock.

Their eyes locked, his hot and sure, hers questioning, curious, but unmistakably desperate. His gaze still fastened on hers, he raised a finger to his lips, licked it, and then brought it to the top of her pussy. And then painfully slowly, he traced it down her oozing pink slit, circling her clutching entrance, before continuing its path... to her clenched anus.

Her mouth formed an 'O,' a silent denial as his finger pressed against the tight, virgin hole, and he never took his eyes off of hers as he shoved through her resistance until his finger was buried inside her ass to the first knuckle.

Every muscle in her was quivering, with desperation and embarrassment and heat, and she wanted to look away from the violating look in his eyes, but couldn't.

"Yes," he whispered, lowering his head to flick at her clit, and she flexed around him and he pushed his finger further up her ass, her skin screaming in protest, and this time she couldn't meet his eyes, couldn't believe this was happening, couldn't believe that the one thing on her Absolutely Off Limits list was looking more and more likely. She didn't want to be ass fucked, but she didn't want him to stop. And while there was the slightly uncomfortable feeling of having a finger up her ass -- and the terrifying premonition of his long, thick cock soon taking its place -- there was no denying the drenched mess of her cunt and her absolute response to his control.

"I'm going to fuck your ass," he whispered, sliding his finger back and forth up the dark channel, making her whimper. "Now turn over."

When she made no move to do it herself, he flipped her onto her stomach effortlessly, and pushed a pillow under her hips so her ass was raised and accessible. The pulse in her throat was pounding and she could feel her stomach clenching in anticipation even as she could feel her anus tightening in dread.

"You can take it," he murmured, his teeth nipping into her ass as she felt the cool spread of lubricant on her virgin hole, a thick finger pushing it inside, a second joining it despite her pained whimper, the two scissoring rapidly, stretching her.

Her cheeks burned and she pressed her face into the bed, even as her pussy clenched desperately. Her hips twisted against his invasion of their own volition, and she didn't know if she was saying no or saying please, she just wanted his hands or his lips on her clit, his cock buried inside her, finishing what he had started.

When his fingers pulled away she felt the heat of his strong thighs between hers, his callused hands spreading her ass, the air tingling against her exposed anus. And then his cock was there, searing her virgin flesh as he began the slow but inexorable entrance, pushing past every physical and mental barrier she was able to put up. She twisted her face into the mattress, pain and shame and an undeniable lust making it nearly impossible to remain still for his invasion.

There was a sharp pain as the head finally broke through, and she cried out, and felt one heavy hand massaging her lower back, even as the other held her ass open for his penetration. She knew he was watching every inch of his cock slip into her tight back hole, and her throat tightened convulsively, and she wondered how she would look him in the eye in the morning, knowing he had fucked her ass.

The hand on her back slipped under, stroking her stomach, then lower, whispering over her clit, making her tremble and jerk, and he hissed and thrust forward hard, burying several more inches of his cock up her ass. Her own breath caught on a choked cry, and she felt almost unbearably stretched, violated, and so, so wet.

"Nearly there," he whispered, pressing forward, determined, unrelenting, and she felt the tender tissues part until his flesh smacked against hers and every fat hot inch of his cock was buried inside her asshole.

When the tremors subsided he leaned over her as best he could, stroking her hair, her cheek, lips fluttering over her shoulder.

"Tell me my cock is up your ass," he growled in a low voice, and she turned her head away, breath whooshing through her parted lips, avoiding his penetrating gaze. "Say it," he demanded, and it was like she could feel his cock expanding inside her asshole. But she remained silent, determined, eyes squeezing shut as he pinched her swollen clit at the same moment he pulled almost completely out of her ass. And then he shoved back in.

She screamed then, part pain, part unbelievable desire, and he reared up above her, hands on her hips, muscles bunching as he began to ass fuck her.

"Say it!" he demanded, and she groaned as she took it, hands fisted in the mattress, cunt crying out for attention.

"Touch me," she whispered instead, and, surprised, maybe, he hesitated in his rough thrusts, long enough to say, "Where?"

"My clit," she ordered, eyes still closed, juices trickling down her thighs. "Touch my clit while you fuck my ass."

He groaned then, loud and long, and resumed his fucking, hands still controlling her hips.

"Do it!" she shrieked, one hand slipping between her own thighs to do the job herself. But he stopped her, pulling all the way out of her ass, and turning her again, so she lay on her back, knees bent and legs spread, both holes open for his attention.

"Your ass is so tight," he grunted, staring down at her, and she blushed, looking anywhere but at the fat, shiny cock he was preparing to push back into her ass. "And it's stretched wide now, waiting for my dick."

And then he lowered his head, back to her clit, and she clenched her thighs around his head, not willing to let him to go until her climax washed over her. His tongue pressed inside her pussy, sliding through her copious juices, swirling them around her throbbing clit, pinching it between his teeth. She groaned her encouragement, thrusting her hips into his face, and when she was there, so close, she felt his hands on her knees, spreading her, freeing his tongue.

"No!" she cried, and he stared at her steadily as he rested his cock against her asshole and began to push. Simultaneously his fingers found the sopping entrance to her cunt and two pushed inside, his thumb sweeping over her clit, and he fucked her hard, almost too hard, and her tender flesh screamed in protest. But he didn't slow down, didn't gentle, his free hand gripping beneath her knee as he spread her wider, watched his assault on her reddened ass.

She could see the pulse in his throat, the tightening of his jaw, and knew he was close, knew this time there was no stopping. His thumb pressed harder against her clit, the fingers in her pussy finding that bundle of nerves and rubbing in circles, and as his pounding increased she found herself meeting him thrust for thrust, pleasure and pain melting into one as cries she didn't recognize as her own swirled through the room.

And when she was there, on the brink, as his cock pushed past every futile protest she had ever had, she trembled uncontrollably, trying to keep her eyes on his as they both hovered on the edge.

"Now," he whispered, pulling his cock out of her ass as the same time his hand left her cunt, and before she could cry out her disappointment, he was shoving his thick cock back up her ass and swinging his hand down on her seeking clit.

And she went over.

Sensation after sensation rolled over her, an uncontrollable tensing of every muscle, spasm after spasm washing through her cunt, her ass, clutching his dick, squeezing every inch of semen out of his twitching cock. He growled loudly as he dropped on top of her, a few short thrusts up her ass, ensuring she got every drop, and she shuddered as her muscles slackened, until the only sound was her heart beat.

She didn't know how long they remained there, sweat mingling as his broad chest crushed hers, and she became vaguely aware of his lips on her neck, his tongue in her ear, licking over her lips. She writhed weakly, futilely, and then he chuckled and pulled his dick out of her ass with an embarrassing squelch.

She closed her eyes as the flush rose over her face, avoiding his questioning stare, but he waited her out until she opened her eyes and looked into his brutally handsome face.

"Okay?" he asked finally, and since she couldn't find the words, she nodded, wanting to look away, but not able. "Good," he said, almost smugly satisfied as he rolled to the side.

She tried to roll away herself, planning to head to the bathroom, splash her face with cold water, clean herself, come to terms with what had just happened. But he had other plans, and his thick fingers found their way between her thighs, and as before, his own strength won out, and she let him finger fuck her like that for a moment.

"Give me a second," he said, "And I'll fuck you here."

"I don't think I can take it," she said, her first coherent sentence in what felt like a lifetime.

"You'll take it," he assured her. "You'll take it everywhere. I'll make sure of it."

"I don't think—" she started, but he pushed a fourth finger into her cunt, making her swallow her words.

"You'll take it," he repeated. "Trust me."

And she did.

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