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This Time Her Daughter



The prelude to this story is Seduction of a Wealthy Snob.

For those of you who don't have time to read that,this provides the background.

Frances Barrington had been a beautiful snob married to a wealthy businessman in a loveless and almost sexless marriage. Her main satisfaction in life had been to flaunt her husband's wealth and influence and to build her own ego by putting other people down. But in her heart she knew her life was unrewarding.

This had changed when Frances and her 18 year old daughter Kathy had enroled in an art class run by Jack Webster a talented post graduate art student. Initially Frances had been true to form, trying to intimidate and humiliate Jack with her perceived importance.

However over a month she changed. She changed because she recognised Jack's talents as an artist and teacher. She changed because she started to laugh at his jokes. She changed because she became jealous of the way Jack was flirting with her 'friend' Mona Jackson. She changed because for the first time in almost 15 years she had felt an irresistable sexual desire.

By the time Frances and Jack met in "The Dog's Bollocks" a student pub Jack realized that Frances was his to do with as he wished. He liked her, and she certainly attracted him physically, but he wanted to get rid of that snobbish superiority.

This story starts two months later, well after Frances had willingly and enthusiastically accepted that Jack had her totally under his control. (Again, if you feel like it, you can read it all in Seduction of a Wealthy Snob, Chap 1)



"You realize my daughter is madly in love with you?" said Frances. "It's getting boring listening to her.

"'Isn't Jack handsome', 'Doesn't Jack know so much about art', 'Isn't Jack such a good painter'."

Frances was reclining on Jack's sofa where she had been for almost all of the last three hours. She was leaning against an arm, totally naked, her legs spread wide with her shaved genitals openly exposed

In her 39 years Frances had never contemplated being so uninhibited, so confident and proud of her sexuality and femininity.

But now here, with Jack, 16 years her junior, who totally dominated her sexually, she wanted for nothing else than to luxuriate in his worshiping gaze. He made her feel like some primitive sex Goddess.

This had been one of Jack's "Worship the body of Frances" evenings. It was justified. Although she was 39 Frances had a body many a 16 year old would envy. Jack marveled in every inch of her. The evening had started with him massaging her all over her body. She had reveled under his delicate touch, her muscles were singing.

She had discovered that almost all of her body, from her forehead to her toes, was an erogenous zone. The massage had brought her to the peak of sexual desire.

Jack had never left her body alone for those three hours. Sometimes he had brought her to orgasm with his fingers titillating her clitoris or G spot, sometimes with his lips and tongue and gentle nibbles.

He had probed her anus with his tongue. God, two months ago she couldn't even think about anal sex without a shudder of disgust. Now her anus was still twitching with delight from his last rampant entry.

"Yes," said Jack, her art tutor turned sex tutor, as he massaged the soles of her feet.

"Kathy is so, so beautiful, just like her mother and such a vibrant, lovely, talented girl. I would dearly love to bed her.

"But two problems. She is an 18 year old virgin and I don't want to her mother to be jealous."

"Jack, would you like to kiss my breasts as I talk?" He did not need a second invitation, as he lay on his back, his head on Frances' lap and sucking her brown aureole with its hardened nipple.

"First me. It would be my fondest dream come true for you to have both of us. But, that's your choice. If you leave me for my daughter, I will be absolutely devastated, but I would be happy for her."

Leaving Frances was not part of Jack's game-plan, but he saw no reason to give her that reassurance. Instead he nibbled her left nipple, enjoying her squirm of pleasure.

"Any decision about her body is up to Kathy. Because I had been a virgin until I married, I always tried to persuade her to be the same. Now I know that was the biggest mistake of my life. You showed me that, my gorgeous Master." She stroked his hair.

"Since you have transformed me into what I used to describe as a sex maniac," she fondled his penis and tickled his testicles, "I have said to her that it's her choice.

"I have seen her with boys and I doubt she will wait much longer. But I don't want her first to be when she is so pissed she doesn't know what she is doing or who she is doing it with.

I would prefer it if it wasn't with some pimply kid who knows nothing about sex, or with some lout who has no concern for her needs and emotions.

"I know you don't like to talk about this, but you are such a giving, generous lover as well as so very, very exciting. I know you get as much delight from my orgasms as your own. Who better for my daughter's first time?

"And one other thing, when our gynecologist examined Kathy a couple of years ago, she removed her hymen to help with her periods.

Jack said nothing and enjoyed the delights of Frances' magnificent mammaries.

"But Master, please," she hesitated as she knew she was treading into dangerous territory. "You won't put her through that Dog's Bollocks will you?"

Jack sat up.

"How much have you told Kathy about us?"

"Absolutely nothing, but two weeks ago she told me she knew we were bonking. I denied it outright but she said she could tell from the way we talked and looked at each other."

"So she knows nothing about the discipline and nothing really about our sex?"

"Not a thing."

"Thanks Frances." He paused for some time thinking. Then he reached his decision and put an end to Frances' nervous wait.

"Next Thursday at 7pm at The Dog's Bollocks." Frances looked in anguish, but said nothing.

"Kathy is to wear that satiny green blouse with buttons all down the front. And that light green mini-skirt, you know, the one that isn't too tight.

"And you Frances, your yellow blouse and the skirt you wore here tonight."

Jack knelt down behind her. One hand gently stroked her buttock, the other reached to fondle a nipple. He parted her legs. Frances pushed her bum higher to help the entry of his cock into her sodden vagina.

She loved this position and groaned in excited anticipation. His cock always went in so deeply and her G spot was always massaged to uncontrollable excitement. She grunted as his cock banged into her cervix, sending a shudder through her body.

Jack grasped her hips with his hands, his loins thrusting hard, flattening her buttocks.

"Oh Master, fuck me, abuse my cunt," Frances hissed as the exquisite pleasure from her G spot made her ignore the pain from her buttock.

As Jack had already ejaculated twice that evening his arousal to orgasm took longer. He varied his rhythm, varied his angle, varied the strength and depths of his thrusts. Each variation seemed more arousing to Frances than the previous.

Her cheek was pressed on the floor. She tried to grit her teeth to hold back her shrieks, but failed.

"Ooooooooohhhhh your fucking cock. Oooooooooooooh my fucking cunt Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuck."

When her orgasm juddered through her she would have collapsed to the floor had Jack not been holding her hips.

But as Francis drove home a sinking feeling came to her stomach. Was she taking a terrible risk with her daughter?


The three of them chatted away together as they waited for an alcove to become free at The Dog's Bollocks, a rowdy student pub. For the first time Frances was glad to see her daughter drink a glass of wine quickly.

Kathy was dressed as requested looking absolutely gorgeous, her eyes bright with excitement. Looking at her Jack felt that the last of her teenage naivety was just about behind her and her development into an elegant women was well advanced.

Jack could see that she was a willing participant, but to what extent he didn't know. When they had arrived Kathy had watched Jack and her mother smile at each other.

"It's alright Mum, as he's bonking you, you are allowed to give him a hug."

And after her mother had done so Kathy had pecked him on the cheek. "Good evening, revered teacher," she giggled.

An alcove came free. Jack sat with his back to the wall, the women side by side opposite with their backs to the entrance. The high side-walls made it a private area.

"My art teacher at school is really pleased with how much my painting is improving because of you," said Kathy.

"Kathy, I've told you often, you are really talented," said Jack patting her hand.

Kathy smiled in acknowledgment. "She asked if you would be available to give some lectures at school. But I told her you were much too busy."

"Kathy," exclaimed Frances. "How could you? You know Jack is almost broke."

"I didn't want him anywhere near those two tramps Samantha Biggs and Jacqui Johnson." Then she realized what she had done.

"I'm sorry Jack that was very selfish of me. I'll tell her tomorrow that you could do it, if you like."

Jack looked at her unhappy face and patted her hand again.

"Don't worry Kathy, I really don't have the time," he paused. "But please, could you tell me how I could get to meet Samantha and Jacqui?" he asked with a broad grin

"No-where, no-how, no-place." she slapped his hand

"I'll talk to their mothers and suggest they enroll in Jack's class at the academy," said Frances with a smirk.

"Mother!" Kathy exclaimed, but then realized a game was being played and gave Frances a hug.

"Doesn't my Mum look so beautiful, particularly now that you have made her so happy."

She took Jack's hand and looked steadily into his face. "I am so grateful to you for what you have done for Mum. You are a marvelous, marvelous man."

"He is," sighed Frances, "and in other ways you can't even imagine."

Kathy was still holding Jack's hand.

"Mum please don't talk like that. I'm so happy for you, you know that. But I'm really jealous of you as well."

Jack put both his hands around Kathy's.

"Jealousy is a terrible sin, beautiful Kathy."

"I'm sorry Jack, I shouldn't be saying this, but . . but ," she hesitated, but the two glasses of wine took over as she looked earnestly into his eyes, " but I do adore you."

"And I adore you Kathy, you are so bright, so much fun and so, so beautiful. He stroked her face. She took his hand and kissed it.

"This is a little difficult to say, but Frances and I think there is a way to stop you feeling jealous."

Kathy pondered. "I don't want you to stop going with Mum because of me."

"Stopping going with Frances is certainly not my intention."

Kathy frowned in concentration, then a wide smile broke across her face.

"You mean you are going to bonk both of us at the same time."

"Like most men I don't have the tackle for both at exactly the same time."

"Don't be silly Jack." She rushed around the table and squeezed herself onto his knee. Open mouthed they kissed and their tongues entwined. Jack's hand went to her breast which made Kathy hug him tighter.

"Not quite so fast young lady," said Frances. "There are one or two things you need to know."


"She's right." Jack gave her breast a squeeze. "It's best if you sat beside Frances."

Kathy pouted, but did as requested.

"Jack is the most marvelous lover. But he has some rules which you will think are strange. I certainly did. Our lovely Jack is a control freak." Frances poked out her tongue at Jack.

"When it concerns sex you must do absolutely as he says and you must never ask him for anything."

Kathy looked wide eyed. "Is that why you call him Master?"


Kathy took Jack's hand and placed it on her breast. "Does that mean I will be your sex slave."

"In a manner of speaking I suppose."

"Does it mean I can call you Master also?"

"If you want to."

"Kathy, my lovely daughter, Jack also has a strange dress code for us. We are never allowed to wear bras whenever we are with him. Even at things like art class. Never at all."

"Jack knows I'm not wearing one now."

"And when the two of you are alone together, or the three of us like now, we are not allowed to wear any knickers."

"You mean I shouldn't be wearing any now?"

"There's the rest room over there, Kathy," said Jack pointing.

"No problems. Sorry, I mean yes Master" said Kathy and walked away, her min-skirt swaying with her hips.

Jack stroked Frances' face. "Somehow I don't think she is going to find very much of this strange," he laughed.

Kathy returned and sat down looking steadily at Jack, but with a slight smile.

"Next," she said.

"Jack needs to be sure you are not wearing a bra."

"He's felt my breasts. He knows."

"He needs to be sure."

Kathy pondered the implications of this, then looked down at her blouse and undid all the buttons. Then she opened it wide. Only then did she look up at Jack.

Her breasts were younger versions of Frances' perfection. Slightly rounder with large pink aureoles. Youthful and firm they pointed proudly at Jack. He leaned forward and gently stroked her left breast.

"Kathy, my beautiful. Your body is exquisite." Kathy smiled in gratitude and pride.

"Just for you you, Jack, anytime you want," she whispered.

"Our skirts need to be like this when we are sitting with Jack."

Frances half stood, protected by the chair back and lifted the back of her skirt before she sat down bare bummed on her seat.

Kathy immediately did the same. "Oh that leather feels nice."

"Hussy," sighed Frances smiling.

"Jack needs to be sure that you aren't wearing any knickers."

Some of Kathy's confidence left her.

"Kathy, please sit right at the front of your chair," whispered Jack stroking her hand.

She did so.

"Now please lean back against the back-rest."

After some hesitation Kathy did so."

"Now lift up the front of your dress, darling daughter."

Tears came into Kathy's eyes.

"Mummy, I'm dirty down there. I don't want to offend Jack."

"Don't be silly Kathy," Frances' voice was harsh. "You have about ten showers a day and our Master decides what offends him. I'm sure it is your disobedience right now."

Frances turned away from Kathy, picked up a menu and discussed it with Jack, both of them ignoring Kathy.

After half a minute they heard a chocking sob.

"Master, I've done as you asked."

Kathy's skirt was above her waist. Her scimpy pubic hair didn't hide her plump, inviting outer labia. Jack could see the shape of her clitoral hood. He marveled at the firm shapeliness of her upper thighs.

He went around the table and kissed Kathy's tear-stained uplifted face.

"Kathy, you are an exotic beauty."

Jack turned to Frances, apparently very angry..

"Frances. What about you? Have you no dress sense? Does your daughter need to show you?"

"Mother!" growled Kathy. "For goodness sake. Think of our family's good name."

Jack enjoyed the way Kathy's breasts bounced as she laughed with them.

Frances' opened her blouse and lifted her skirt. Jack was confronted with two exquisite bodies, four exquisite breasts, two slim flat bellies and four puffy outer pussy lips.

"Mother! Have you been here all evening with no underwear."

"Mmmmm." Frances replied, her eyes closed and totally relaxed.

"Frances," he said. "Do you remember how the other night you asked 'Can Heaven be better than this'?"

Frances nodded.

"The answer to your question is 'No'."

Jack could tell that Kathy wasn't as relaxed as her mother and asked them both to lower their skirts.

He reached out and fondled a breast each of them.

"Ah, my brace of brazen Barringtons' beautiful breasts." Four nipples bounced with giggles.

They chatted away on subjects other than sex. Like her mother had before, Kathy become completely unselfconscious about her naked breasts. Jack did not stare at them all the time and when he did look at her it was not a gawk or leer. It was a gaze of worship.

Occasionally he would lean across and fondle her or her mother's aureole, but in a rather detached way.

He went away to the rest-room.

Frances turned to Kathy.

"Please sweetheart, do what he asks.Not because of the punishment, but because he can take you to a dream world that you could never have imagined."

"I'm a bit nervous that I don't know what to do."

"I didn't know either. But Jack told me, my body told me. You will find that there is a side of you which he will bring out."

"I don't want to talk too much Kathy, but it will help if you understand this. Jack will be totally in charge, but everything he does will be to make you so happy.

"Even if you don't think so at first.. Don't under-estimate this, you will have to fight yourself sometimes to follow his commands."

Kathy's eyes glowed.

"Mum, you are so lovely to share him with me."

They hugged. They kissed.

Kathy suddenly started to laugh.

"If only your friends at book club and my friends at school could see us. In a pub with bare breasts and bare bums."

She looked at her mother.

"Mum you are just so beautiful. No wonder he looks at you the way he does."

"He looks the same way at you. But that's a bit of what I mean. When he first made me do this I was horrified. Now I feel so much in love with my sexuality; the forbidden excitement it makes me want to . . " She faltered. "I can't tell you what it makes me want to do."

When Jack returned Frances said. "May I leave now, Master?"

"Sure Frances, and thanks for your help."

Frances stood went over to Jack so that he could briefly suckle her nipple, then made herself decent, hugged Kathy and left.

Hand in hand Kathy and Jack walked to his apartment. Kathy was so excited she half skipped, her mini-skirt swirling.

They entered. Kathy loved the high ceilings, the wooden floorboards and huge windows. Then she saw his paintings.

"Oh Jack, they are fabulous. May I look at them."

"In a minute. There's a rule of the house. No clothes or jewelry past here." He pointed to the floorboard.

Kathy's mind rebelled, but then she remembered her mother's advice about fighting herself. She stripped completely and was a little surprised when Jack took her garments and earrings with no obvious interest in or reaction to her nudity.

"And no make-up. There's the bathroom."

When Kathy returned he was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine.

"Now you can look at the paintings if you want to."

Kathy wasn't sure that she did want to, but didn't know what else to do. But she loved all his work and wandered around the room.

Jack may have appeared to be interested in his magazine, but he was drinking in her teenage beauty as she walked.

Kathy was mature teenage perfection. Her shoulder length hair bounced as she walked. Her face, uplifted to look at his paintings, shone with enthusiasm. Her wide brown eyes, her chiseled nose, her strong cheek bones, her generous full-lipped mouth and firm chin, her perfect smooth skin which seemed to glow.

She was a gymnast, he knew, and the benefits showed. Not a trace of puppy fat, hints of muscle tone in her arms, her abs and her long, elegantly long legs.

Her firm pink tipped breasts were uplifted and jutting, her buttocks were perfectly rounded and when she faced him there was her skimpy pubic patch. He felt a little nostalgic as this would be the last time he would see that.

His erection was so hard it hurt as it strained against his boxers.

"Could you get me some wine from the fridge."

"Yes Master, may I have some too."

"No, Frances will be angry angry if I get you pissed."

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