tagFetishThis Year, It's Your Turn

This Year, It's Your Turn


Another year, another Valentines day approaches. What to get my wife this year was the looming question. She has never really been fond of the colour red, so it has always been a challenge to find something fitting for the season. Every year, since we have been together, my wife has always insisted on me not getting her anything specialfor Valentines Day. But a typical , lust crazed husband I am, and my wife has a great body, so why shouldn't I get her something sexy.

After several thoughts on what I might get her this year passed through my mind, I ventured out to the areas best adult store. The clerk inside was helpful in showing me various outfits that would definately peak my wifes interest, not to mention, mine. I had begun to think about things while driving home. This year would be different. I was going to give my wife a surprise gift, one that she was going to help me pick out. I had decided to take her out for a romantic Valentines dinner, then swing by the store, where she would select a few outfits to model for me, then choose the ultimate one as her gift.

The night before Valentines, and I met my wife in the jaccuzi with a glass of wine and a smile. Telling her of my plans for a special evening, I explained all the wheres and hows of what I had planned for the next night. She grinned a devilish grin of her own as she tasted her wine, and did not seem to challenge any of the ideas I was explaining to her.

Finally, valentines day had arrived. As I was getting out of the shower before getting ready for work, I noticed a note taped to the mirror. Towelling off, I read it to say " Darling, your plans for tonight sound absolutely wonderful. However, you must indulge my desires as I have a few plans of my own.See you tonight" signed my loving wife.

All day at work, my mind was constanly distracted as to the possibilites of what may happen later this evening. The day seemed to creep slower as the clock moved on. I raced home to find my wife waiting for me in the living room. Dressed in a pair of skin tight leather pants, heels, and a loose fitting top. her makeup done a little heavier than normal, but still very sexy.

Greeting me with a big hug and a kiss, she explained that I should go down to the bedroom and change, that we had reservations at a very romantic restaraunt.

I went down to our bedroom , and found all my clothes laid out on the bed, with a note on top. Picking it up, I read what it said, " My dearest husband, tonight , I want to give you a special Valentines gift. One that we together will enjoy.This year, I have thought of turning the tables on you . Your suggestion of what we could do tonight has given me an idea. I want you to get dressed in everything that is on the bed, then we will begin our evening.

I stripped down and began to dress in my clothes. I picked up the shirt that was lying on the top of the pile, and was slightly stunned when I saw what was lying on top of the rest of my clothes. There was a pair of my wifes pink panties. They had a small post-it note on them, it read " Yes darling...everything"

I wondered what my wife had planned for me, but without much hesitation, I continued on with getting dressed. I slid her panties up my legs and tucked my semi-hard cock under the waistband, then finished getting dressed. i returned down the hall to find my wife standing there with her hands on her hips and an even bigger grin on her face. She kissed me and asked how i felt. Before I could answer, she told me that tonight we wopuld be doing things her way, and that I was not to put up any fuss.

While heading for dinner, I was told by my wife to stop at the adult novelty store . We entered the store , and my wife asked if they carried any vibrating butt plugs. My eyes must have bulged in my head from the sight the clerk gave me. I stood there in awe as my wife selected one and motioned for me to join her at the counter. She told me to pay for "my new toy ". I did as the clerk packaged it in the bag, my wife explained to her that we really didnt need a bag, that it was goning to be put to use very soon.

The female clerk asked if my wife would prefer to use the change room to "put it in use now".

Taking her up on the offer, my wife directed me to the change room, and helped me. She told me to bend over as she peeled her panties down over my cheeks. I felt her reach down and lube the bud on my ass, then felt the tip of the plug begin to invade my ring. Amazingly, it slid in without much difficulty. After helping me get dressed, my wife thanked the clerk as we left the store.

Back in the car, we continued our drive, my wife telling me to not say a word about what I was wearing.We arrived for dinner and enjoyed a very romantic meal. Many times during which my wife reached under the table and rubbed my panty covered bulge.When the waiter asked if we would be having dessert, my wife winked at him and told him we would be, but not here, at another fun spot.

With that we paid for our meal and left the restaraunt. Almost all of the men in the place had their eyes glued to my wifes leather wrapped ass.My wife directed me to drive to the adult store where I had checked out for an outfit for her earlier in the week. We walked in and were greeted by another female sales clerk. She recognized me and asked if I had come to buy my wife one of the outfits I had looked at earlier on. I was about to respond to her when my wife informed her of her idea.

I almost collapsed when I heard my wife ask to have the clerk show her what I had been looking at before. Not that we would be buying it for my wife, but this Valentines surprise from her was to have the outfit for ME.The clerk spent the next few moments taking my wife around the store , showing her the various outfit I had expressed interest in.

I had to find a place to sit down. As I sat , my wife and the clerk spet a few moments talking far enough away from that I couldnt hear what they were saying. From the look on the clerks face , and the sultry expression on my wifes face, I knew that I was in for a night to remember.

My wife returned to me as the clerk set out to find what the two of them had discussed. She explained to me that she had told the clerk that I was wearing a pair of her panties, and had a butt plug in my ass. She thanked me for the outfits that I had considered getting her,and with time, we might return to this very store and get some of them for her, but tonight was my night. " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY " my wife said.

The clerk returned with an armfull of items, and suggested we move to the change room. I was told to go in and remove everything I had on , except the plug.

My wife came into the room and told me that I would have to change into " whatever " she gave me, or it would be a long , cold walk home. I was in no position to disaggree with her, so I told her I would do what she told me to. First came a pair of nude panty hose, then a pair of pink vinyl panties with a high waist. My cock began to grow as I slid the panties up over my hips. Next , my wife passed in a matching vinyl garter belt and a pair of lace top fishnet stockings. I slid them up and fastened them to the garters. I was beginning to enjoy this.

My wife then appeared with what looked like a maids dress, except it was pink in colour. As she helped me slid the tight fitting garment up my stocking encased legs, she explained that she liked this because she didnt like the colour red, and from now on , she had decided to let me do more of the housework.

As she laced up the bodice of the maids outfit, she brushed her hands across the outfit, telling me she was really enjoying this, and she hoped that I was too. From the hardness of my cock under my outfit, I 'm sure she could tell. The clerk brought over a pair of long pink satin gloves, and my wife helped me slide them up my arms, then tied the lace apron around my cinched waist , almost completing the outfit. Then came the final touch, a pair of pink ankly boots with 5 inch heels. my wife made me sit down while she fastened the small padlocks that held my new footwear in place.

I asked my wife just how much more of this kind of thing I would be wearing, and was told that it was almost time to leave. I asked how I was supposed leave the store dressed this way. My wife grinned and said she was going to bring to car up close to the door, so I wouldnt have to walk far in my new boots. It was almost to much for me, and I began to voice my concerns. My wife then grabbed a ball gag, and forced it into my mouth, silencing my protests. then she took a pair of handcuffs and fastened my hands behind my back, adding that if there were gonig to be any more complaints, I would be walking home in my new outfit. I quickly settled down as my wife thanked the clerk for all her help, and paid for all of the items. My wife left me in the store while she went to get the car. While standing there, trying to get used to my heels, the clerk came to my side and told me that m,y wife had been in contact with her, and had planned all this out ahead of time.

The clerk commented that my wife must love me very much to go to such elaborate measures to have a Valetines evening such as this.I nodded my head in aggreement just as my wife re-entered the store. She helped me towards the door, again, thanking the clerk for her help. To which the clerk replied. " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY"

As we drove away, my wife looked over at me and began to admire her handi work.She told me that it was very nice for me to get her what she always wanted....her very own Valentine maid.

What she had planned for me when we got home ...is anybodys guess.

to be continued........

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