tagGay MaleThomas's Long Hard Night Ch. 01

Thomas's Long Hard Night Ch. 01


He should have never gone to the bookstore in the first place, he should have just went on home to his wife, and listened to her bitch and whine about ... whatever.

But, he went, and was he ever sorry now. He had cum in his hair, on his face, in his ass, and he wasn't sure where his underwear or his socks were. And the taste in his mouth was awful!

The man, Thomas, and his wife had quit having sex about 6 months ago, their bed had grown colder over the last 2 yrs and had eventually turned to a frozen place to sleep. His wife no longer had any passion for him, or for that matter, anything, she was just another piece of furniture in the house, except, unlike the chair or the coffee table, she bitched-a lot.

Thomas had stopped at the local adult bookstore a time or two in the past. The first time, he stayed in front, just looking at the sex toys, the lingerie, and the different dvds that were on display, he didn't realize there were so many different genres of adult entertainment available, granny fuckers and midgets weren't really his thing, but to each his own.

The next time he was there he paid the $10 fee and entered in to the rear of the store where there was a small theater setting on one side and several booths located down a narrow hall. The first thing Thomas noticed was that the hall way was very dark, the only light was from one of the screens from an open door, and the either green light or red light atop each door that said open or occupied.

Thomas walked down the hallway toward one of the doors that was open, his heart was beating, his hands were perspiring a bit, and he could feel his cock start to grow just a little.

As he entered the booth, he noticed that the signs above the doors on either side of him were illuminated with the red Occupied sign. Thomas walked thru the door, turned and found and worked the lock, then waited a few minutes for his eyes to adjust. Within a few moments, he could make out his surroundings, a metal folding chair, a tv screen, a garbage can, and roll of paper towels was all that was in the little four by five room.

The screen suddenly came to life, illuminating the room, PLEASE INSERT MONEY began scrolling across the screen, Thomas quickly opened his wallet and inserted a five into a slot and a porno appeared on the screen. The porno was kind of hot, a girl getting her pussy eaten by another girl who was getting her puss filled by a third girl wielding a nice sized dildo

Thomas figured out how to work the channel selector and finally found a video he liked, he had seen pictures of shemales on his computer, but had never seen one in action.

Thomas unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock, and began to rub it between his thumb and fingers, making it harder. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something, it was a finger coming from a hole in the wall, the hole was a little lower than waist high, the finger was doing a gesture type of motion.

Thomas looked quickly away, embarrassed to think someone could see him masturbating, especially while watching a guy fuck someone with tits and a dick. He did a sideways glance at the hole and saw the finger had been pulled away, he glanced to the opposite wall, and sure enough, there was another hole there, same height, same diameter, about the same size of a softball.

Curiousity got the better of Thomas, so he bent down to look inside the holes, he could see a man standing with his pants pushed down below his knees jacking his cock. Thomas moved his head to see the screen, the guy was watching two little skinny white guys 69 each other. He looked into the other hole, the one that had the finger in it originally and saw an average looking man sitting there with his mouth open. The man motioned for Thomas to move closer, and then reached into the booth and gently grabbed Thomas's cock and pulled it toward the opening.

Thomas could feel the man's hot mouth go atop his hard cock. And it felt good, it felt really really good. This was the first sexual physical contact that Thomas had experienced in forever, and he liked it. With his cock being pleasured by some anonymous person, and seeing a shemale getting her manpussy fucked by a huge Brazilian stud was too much for Thomas to bear, he came, he came way too quick, he could feel his come shoot hard into the receiving mouth on the other side of the wall.

But, unlike Thomas's wife, the mouth on the other side of the wall didn't pull away and spit, the mouth sucked even harder as if it were savoring the spunk that flowed from his stalk! Thomas's legs quivered just a bit as the last of his come was sucked out his quickly softening dick. He staggered backwards and sat down in the metal chair, he heard his cocksucker in the next stall mumble something, then felt a small rush of air and heard the door close as the man exited.

Thomas looked to the other side of his booth and much to his surprise,, there was the head of a dick sticking thru it. Thomas hadn't seen another mans dick since he was in high school gym class and had never seen one hard and this close up. Thomas gingerly reached out and touched it but nervously pulled his hand back when the cock began to throb. The tip of it was covered in precum, and looked like it might drip off and hit the floor. Thomas gathered his nerve up and reached out to touch the swollen head again. He took it in his hand and began to stroke it up and down, the same way he had been stroking his for the past six months, he stroked it faster and faster, and then without even realizing what he was doing, he put the throbbing cock in his mouth, Thomas actually had a man's dick in his mouth!

He started sucking the cock like he had been doing it for years, he instinctively knew what to do to give his unknown partner pleasure. Suddenly, it happened, the man on the other side of the wall came, the hot flood of his juices hit Thomas squarely in the back his throat. Thomas began to gag a little and spat out both the man's dick and the thick goo he had in his mouth. Thomas stood up and quickly exited the booth, feeling a mixture of emotions, lust, excitement, and a little shame as well.

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