Thong Bait


I said. "See, you like to peep, like me. Anyway, is what you wanted to ask me?"

She nodded no but seemed to be bursting with fear and anticipation. Said. "When you were putting oil on my legs, like I sort of felt your finger touch my butt."

I kept quiet. Got scared, too.

She said. "I mean like you touched the inside of my butt. Like rubbed your finger there."

I said. "I guess I might have. I'm sorry if I did. Did I embarrass you?"

Her embarrassment left. She said. "Well, not exactly. But sort of. I mean I was wondering why you did it."

I said. "Amy, you have a cute butt, a real cute butt."

She seemed to like that reply. Said. "Just wondering why you touched me there. I mean the butt, you know, the butt hole, is sort of gross, is all."

I shook my head to and fro. Said. "Well, some peoples' butt holes are gross. But not yours. Thought it was cute. Hey, if I knew you wouldn't punch me, I'd have kissed it."

She felt assured. She sat down, her face becoming serious. "Can I tell you something? Promise not to tell your my wife or my mom or anybody. Like your daughter, my best friend, sort of."

I promised.

She said. "My brother in law." She took a breath then continued. "He tried to put his thing up my butt. Not just once but several times in the past few months. I mean sometimes late at night or early in the morning he comes into my bedroom and lay beside me. I only have on underwear. And he takes off his underwear and mine, even though I tell him not to. Then he rubs his thing against my butt."

I asked. "Did you tell you mom?"

She said. "I can't. My sister is pregnant. They need to live with us until they save enough money. If I say something that could ruin her marriage."

I said. "Damn." Then I added. "Want me to talk to him. Tell him to keep his hands off you?"

She said. "No. He would get really mad. Maybe leave my sister. And it's not his hands. It's his thing. He shoots his stuff over my butt and even sometimes on my face. I mean he is always horny."

I said. "Fuck. I'm sorry for saying that but that is heavy. Listen maybe you can stay at our house and sleep with my daughter more often during the week. Let's think of a good excuse. That might keep you out of harms way a lot of the time."

That perked her up. "I'll try to think of a really good excuse."

I said. "And I'll tell my wife that it will be okay."

Amy implored. "But you wont' tell her the reason, you promised."

"No. I swear. And I 'm sorry I touched you there. Really Amy. Really, really sorry."

She smiled finally, said. "It didn't hurt. Just sort of confused me, like sort of gross, touching a girl's butt hole."

I kept quiet but not for long once she didn't respond. "Some people like to do more than touch. A lot more. Amy, it's not gross if you like someone. I mean girls and boys do everything, touch, kiss, lick, suck, fuck. When you get a boy friend, you'll see."

She said evenly. "I'm not a kid. I know a lot. A real lot."

I waited.

Amy thought some. But during that time, I did catch her glancing at my crotch. She said. "My brother in law already put his thing up my butt. He just never put it in my other hole but every place else. At least I'm still a virgin there. In my front."

I sat there stunned.

She said. "He made me suck it. Sometime after he had sex with my sister he would come into my bedroom, and force me to lick and suck on his thing. It smelled of my sister's vagina and his cum. And then he'd shoot his stuff in my mouth. He tells me to swallow it; it's protein."

The mood had darkened.

I said. "I don't know what to say."

She said. "My sister knows what he does when he comes to my bedroom. But she can't stop him. She said they'll move to their own house as soon as she has the baby. In six weeks. I hope."

I got nervous about my come on earlier to her. Said. "Gee, I'm sorry that I accidentally touched you there. I didn't me to scare you."

She let me off the hook when she said. "Not really scare me. Not like my brother in law. But it was sort of different. I mean all the guys at our high school want to put there finger in our other hole."

I began to wonder how much sexual experience this brainy looking high school senior really had. I said. "Amy, I was thinking when I saw your butt that it was so cute I really wanted to kiss it."

She blushed but seemed not in the least offended. "Why there, and not the other place. I mean I never heard guys wanting to do that?"

I said. "It can feel good. I mean sure I like kissing the other place too. But I was looking at that hole then. And I kiss my wife there a lot."

"She likes it?" She said this with enthusiasm, looking forward to me kissing her there.

"Loves it. She gets sopping wet in both holes."

Amy was trying to comprehend the meaning of all this.

I tried to act nonchalant. Continued. "She kisses and licks me there too. I get wet. Can feel the wetness in my hole. I know my hole gets excited from licking and even fingering me there."

She offered. "Didn't know guys would like it."

I jumped in quick. "But only from a woman I like, not from anther guy."

She seemed curious, many questions but I didn't' want to stop. It was all centered on sex. She blushed then said. I feel like I can ask you anything."

I waited. Only time. But I was sure I'd get something. Some sexual release with her.

"Does your wife swallow your stuff when you cum in her mouth?"

I gulped at her brazenness. Then said. "Yeah." Thought a second and decided to channel the direction of our conversation "But she doesn't suck me off that much anymore. She really likes for me to lick her down there. I mean you know, ah, you know what I'm talking about, right?"

"Yeah. I said I'm not a kid." She got testy.

I moved on. "Amy, can I ask you something?'

She said. "I don't want to talk abut my brother-in-law, if that is all right."

I said, "No, it's not about him. But can I ask you a personal question like you asked me?"

She seemed to be feeing her oats, now. "Yes. I mean, of course. I want you to ask me questions, too. Not just me asking everything."

Then I said, "Amy, tell me truthfully. You didn't get some pleasure when I touched you there?"

It was her turn to gulp.

I heard music playing from the house.

Amy heard it too. Said. "I better check on them."

My heart sank so, so quickly.

Then she turned and said. "Well, yeah, it felt good, but like I was shocked, too."

And just like that she was gone.

But before my hard-on went down, she was back. It took her all of four minutes.

She happily offered. "Your wife finished her shower. My mom and your daughter still got to take one."

I said. "Amy, I wish you still had your thong on."

She seemed frightened but excited. Said. "Why?' The added. "I mean you said you could see every thing before."

I waited until she sat then said. "I just wanted to see if your butt got tanned."

She was scared, but not that much. Like an excited scared. "You want to see it now?"

I offered. "Yeah. Just a quick peek. What harm is there?"

She asked in her ever so childish manner. "Want me to go get my thong?"

"No. Just lift up your skirt and let me see."

She said. "I already did that. And I have panties on."

I said. "You could take them off and if anybody comes in here just drop your skirt and no one will know you are naked underneath except me."

She was nervous. "I didn't shower yet."

It took me a few seconds to understand what her concern was about. I said. "I like the smell of a woman's vagina when it gets wet. In fact, I love the smell of a wet pussy."

She froze.

Maybe I went too far. Said the wrong thing to clamp her up. I said. "Amy, don't you want me to look at you there. I think you will like it if I look at you there. Are you real wet, now?"

Her voice became tiny. "Yes. Really, really wet. Sort of disgusting. I can't stop the smell."

My voice was real low, soothing. "That means that you are a healthy woman. A real man loves the smell of a wet pussy." I wondered if I should have used the word pussy, instead of vagina.

She liked that answer. "You want to look at me here on this bunk bed?"

I said. "No. You're right, not a good place. Let's go over near the back. This way if any one comes in you will have time to pull your skirt down and cover up."

She said. "I'm scared, sort of."

I said, "I'm only gong to take a peek. Come over here"

She followed me.

"Good. Listen, I bet that you will feel good if I look at you there. I'll bet it will make you really, wet. Which feels good. Yes?"

She said. "Yes. I mean I want you to look. I really do. But I'm scared you will be grossed out by how much I smell down there."

I took her hand and she sat on a old, sofa cushion.

I said. "Amy can you tell that I'm excited too? My cock must smell of cum, and it's hard. Real hard. "

She giggled in her alluring manner. "Yes. I saw your pants getting bigger. I can tell yours is bigger than my brother in laws."

I waited. This was a delicate moment.

She had not removed any clothing. I did not want to force it. She would. She came this far with me. She was sitting, ready to take the next step, but we were both cautious. And me thinking of time. Maybe fifteen minutes, max. Maybe only seven or eight minutes to have some fun with her.

Even though she did not take off her panties, she was game, kept the tide rolling.

She was way ahead of me when she said. "But when I said I was grossed when my brother-in-law forced me to suck him, I mean, I don't hate the taste of a guy's stuff. It was just that he's not my boy friend. I mean if he was, I'd like it. I'm sure. I like when it gets all heard and when he's about to cum, and then he shoots and shoots."

I said. "Did he kiss you down there?"

She blushed. "Yes, but I swear he never put his thing in me there. Not in my pussy. He licked it. And I sort of came, I guess, I think I did, but I was grossed out, too."

I said. "But he licked your pussy?"

She was about to cry. Said. "He told me mine tastes better than my sister's"

I said. "Take off your panties. Hurry. We only have a few minutes."

And Amy lifted her butt and pulled off her panties.

I glanced once toward the door way, then looked between her legs. A large mass of shiny black hair covered her pussy. Then I knelt beside her and lifted up her skirt.

"Lie on your back. Let me look at your beauty, Amy."

Amy did just that. When I separated her legs, she obligingly spread them wide. When I touched her with my finger tips, she moaned. I knew time was of the essence. I licked and kissed my way from her knees to her belly button. I lifted her legs and spread her open. I then went to town on her pussy. Licked and licked. Everywhere. Her ass cheeks and licked and then kissed her ass hole and licked and slurped, and went to her pussy. And sucked and licked and she moaned.

I had to tell her to be quiet or we would get in big trouble. She did quiet down but still her moans were loud. I didn't want to take any unnecessary chances. Knew I had to end it soon. I fingered her pussy with just one finger. Her hole seemed tight. Maybe she was a virgin. But I had no intention of fucking her. Not today.

I took out my cock and rubbed it along her pussy hole and then her ass hole.

I asked. "Amy, will you suck on my cock?"

She moved quickly. Didn't need to be told twice. Her small hands and then her tiny mouth and lips kissed and licked and when she finally opened her mouth to suck on my cock head, she sucked so delicately. Like my cock was to be savored. She sucked my cock head and stroked my cock length. In seconds, maybe 15 at most, and then I exploded gush after gush into her mouth and on her face and on her tee shirt.

It was quiet. She kept on holding my still erect cock and seemed to know how to milk a cock until it was dry. Then she surprised me when she again began to kiss and lick and suck on my cum smeared cock tip. She cleaned my cum with her tongue.

We sat up. I kissed her mouth and licked my cum from her lips. I literally swallowed big gulps of my own cum from her mouth.

She said. "Yours taste better than my brother in laws."

I said. "That was fantastic. Can I have another lick before we stop?""

She squeaked out a yes. Laid back on her back and spread her legs. Giving me complete access to her charms.

This time I took my time slurping her cunt hole. Savoring her eighteen year old pussy taste. It did taste like honey. I took my face from between her legs and guided my semi erect cock at her cunt. I rubbed my cock tip on her clitoris, then up and down her young cunt lips and when I felt her opening inside, I began to push my newly hardening cock into her cunt hole. She did not protest, not a whimper to stop. My cock got harder and after some slight resistance I felt my cock go inside her pussy hole a few inches. I pushed my cock in and out until she was gasping and panting in throes of orgasm. I pushed harder again and felt my balls slapping against her ass cheeks, I had gotten all of my cock in her. It felt so fucking tight. I went in and out slowly, then pounded, then slowly. But I knew this had to stop.

I pulled my cock out. She gasped. I quickly sat over her head and offered her my cunt drenched cock. She began to suck and this time I came harder and harder. When I finished, I swapped kisses with her and licked my cum from her face, then bent and licked my cum from her pussy hole. She kept on juicing.

After I helped her put on her panties, I began to prep her on how to act and not act when she returned to the house. I took well over ten minutes doing this. I said. "Your mother and my daughter will figure out something is going on if you don't go back to being yourself. And if they do, we might never be able to see each other again." I think she caught on. I prayed that she did. My freedom depended on it.

Amy wiped my cum off. Said. "What you are saying is you want me to ignore you?"

"Yeah. Got to show no interest. Talk of other guys. Never of me. My daughter finds out, we will never be able to have fun again." I did not add that I might also got to jail.

She said. "I'll practice not liking you. I mean not liking, you but like you as if don't exist."

I said, "Perfect.

"But we will be able to do it again?"

I said. "I could do it again if it was safe. But, yeah, but only when I let you know it's cool. My wife and daughter and your mom will be totally ruined if they find out. You cool with that?"

She thought. Said yes, and then she left me alone.

I admired my restraint. When she told me that my cum tasted better than her brother in laws, I didn't say that her pussy tasted better than her mom's.

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