tagNonHumanThose Eyes Ch. 04

Those Eyes Ch. 04



I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to post another chapter. School, work, blah, blah, blah. Everyone knows how it goes. Anywho, I'm sorry that this story is moving at a slow pace. I promise things will heat up in the next installment. This chapter has a lot of dialogue as Santana and Alex get to know each other. I wanted to really develop characters as opposed to having another story where the female lead immediately jumps into bed with the male lead because of a mating pull. It just wouldn't fit with the personality type of Santana right now and Alex is a gentleman, he has no desire to take what he wants from her at this point. As usual, comments and feedback are always welcome and don't forget to vote. If anyone has any suggestions for the story, feel free to let me know. I already have an idea where I'm going with this but I'd love to see what people would like to see or where others see the story going. Enjoy!



"What did you just say?" I whispered. It was official. I was schizophrenic, there was no other explanation and this, this was an hallucination.

"I said that you have fangs." He said in a serious, matter of fact tone. "Santana, if you'd just calm down, we can talk about this. Just calm down, sweetheart." He said, hands in front of him in a non-threatening gesture. He stepped towards me.

"You're lying!" I screamed and he paused in his advancement. "This isn't real. None of this is real." I said, as I allowed my tongue to peruse to new angles within my mouth. He was right, there were fangs. I started hyperventilating. I couldn't help it. This couldn't be happening. I balled my hands into fist and immediately cried out at the biting pain. Looking down I saw that my nails had grown into...claws. I had cut myself when I closed my hands. Without thinking, I ran my bloody hands down my front, over my bright white top and black skirt.

I looked down at the mess that I had made on my shirt and growled. I began shredding at the jersey fabric, tearing through the blood stains and screaming. Once, all that covered me was a few strips of white fabric, I began kicking and punching at everything in sight.

"One night!" I screamed as I kicked the large metal dumpster. "One night was all I wanted to not be a freak, to not feel different!"

"Santana, calm down or I'll have to restrain you again. Someone might call the cops." I vaguely heard him say. I looked over at his handsome face. His fangs were gone and his eyes were a little less bright.

"Awesome! They go away. Explains so fucking much." I said, snarling at an overturned trashcan.

"Santana..." Alex pleaded and took a tentative step towards me. "Yours are gone now too"

I held up my clawed hand to pause his movements. "No," It was all I could say. I was beginning to feel defeated, a part of me no longer wanted to fight this. I balled my fists once more, this time relishing the biting pain of my nails cutting into my flesh. The coppery smell of blood filled the alleyway. I found the scent almost pleasant.

I looked up at Alex and I was suddenly less concerned with myself. His face looked strained and his blue eyes flashed dangerously. A shiver ran down my spine but I don't think it was in fear. He looked on edge, as if he were mere seconds away from losing control. I looked at my bloody hands and that day in the clearing flashed before my mind, the way that I had killed those men, the way that the blood had smelled...

"Alex?" I said, stepping closer to him. I had no idea why I was moving closer, I should have been afraid of him. He knew that I was different, he had fangs! I should have been backing away but something inside of me was compelled to be closer to him, to nurture him, and...nourish him. I visibly gulped at that revelation.

"Stop, Santana." He ground out. His voice was deep and husky causing me to shiver once more. I took one more step towards him. "Fuck!" he moaned. "Please stop. You smell so good." He was beginning to tremble slightly.

I didn't feel like myself. Typical Santana would have been running away or trembling in a corner somewhere, not making her way towards an unstable...vampire. Vampire? That's what he is right? I mentally asked myself. I took another step and this time I held out my hands, palm up. He looked up at me with those eyes. The eerie glow only making them that much more beautiful. "Will you kiss it and make it better, Alex?"

Whoa! Was that me? I was shocked; I would never say anything like that and that voice? I was sure that I didn't sound that...sultry. As if understanding my mental tangent, he stared intensely at me. "W-what?" He stammered out.

"I said..." I paused and took a shaky breath. That brief moment of confidence had passed but the desire hadn't. I wanted this. 'No you need this' something inside of me whispered. "I want you to kiss it and ma-" Before I had a chance to finish my request, Alex was on me. He wrapped one strong arm around my waist and pulled me into him, the heat of his body engulfed me. My legs trembled as if my knees had suddenly become liquid. I could have melted from the heat of his body alone, became a puddle at his feet.

My hands were trapped between our bodies, my bloodied palms mere centimeters away from my face. He stared into my eyes, as if asking for permission. I nodded. He eased back and I immediately felt cold and empty without his heat pressed against me. He gently lifted my right hand, making circles with his thumb on the back side."You're so soft, Santana." He whispered, his warm breath blowing over my wet palm. "And I bet you taste just as good as you smell." He said. I was mesmerized as his pink tongue snaked out and licked a slow, sensual trail from my wrist to my fingertips. I whimpered and bit my bottom lip to hold in my desperate moan.

It was the most erotic thing that I had ever experienced. With each slow lick he took, my black lace boy shorts became wetter and wetter. I was so hungry, but it wasn't just for his body. I wanted something else. I watched as he cleaned my left hand. His moans of pleasure were making me envious. My gaze slid from his mouth and my palm to his jaw then further down to his neck. I watched a vein jump and I groaned. The warm, wet licks on my palm halted. I looked to his face, he was staring at me.

"What is it, sweetheart?" He asked, placing a chaste kiss to the center of my palm. I shuddered.

"I don't know." I admitted. "I need...something." I said, looking at the vein on his neck for a brief second.

He dropped my hands to my side and wrapped both his arms around, pulling me flush against his hard body. I noticed his erection once more; I wandered if he had had it then entire time, even when we were fighting. More like you were fighting him, I mentally amended. "Would you like to taste me?" He asked, tilting his head to the side and looking directly into my eyes.

I was disgusted, mortified even. "What? No! I...No!" I said, attempting to push him away. His hold only tightened. He leaned down and placed his lips on the shell of my ear.

"Don't fight it." He whispered as I felt his wet tongue tentatively lick my ear lobe.

That was it, I was seriously going to melt and he had barely touched me. I was torn between pulling away and slapping him for taking such liberties with me and staying there forever. A part of me screamed that this was right but the other part was scared, disgusted, and confused. "I...I don't...I...can't...I...ahhhh." I stuttered as I stared at the jumping vein on his strong, corded neck.

I felt his large hand slide up my back and into my hair, he gently began pushing my head forward, closer to his neck. My mouth began to water. Just one taste, I told myself as I got closer and closer to that delicious looking vein.


The door slamming into the brick wall rang out in the silence and shattered the moment. I groaned, whipping my head in the direction of the noise. In the doorway stood Ash and Adam with expressions of shock on their faces.

"What did you do to her?" Ash whispered between gritted teeth from his stance in front of the now closed alley door.

In a blur, she was wretched from my gasp and I was pushed for the third time that night. Santana's scream rang out in the night air. I had only a moment to look in her direction before I was slammed into a wall by Adam. His right hand encircled my throat and I was hoisted up the wall

"You know this is not how we do things, little brother," Adam growled as he pushed me further up the wall until my feet hung in the air.

I didn't fight. I had to make my older brothers understand. " I didn't touch her. I swear to you both." I said between struggling for air. "Brother, Put. Me. Down."

I looked to Santana and saw realization flash across her face. "Brother? You're both like him." She whispered as she began struggling in Ash's grip.

"Santana, calm down. We're not going to hurt you, doll." Ash said in a soothing tone. I didn't want her to get worked up again. I didn't know how my brothers would react if they realized that she wasn't human. Her fangs and enlongated nails were no longer visible but I knew that it would be only a matter of moments before they'd once again make an appearance.

Making eye contact with her, I realized she was about to make a move and was barely surprised as she stomped her stiletto covered foot down. I heard the sickening sound of bone breaking and punctured skin as Ash howled and released his hold of an agitated Santana.

She looked emotionally and physically exhausted as she moved away from Ash and turned to face me. Her piercing green eyes met my blue ones. More emotions than I could decipher flashed in her gaze before she spoke. "Stay away from me." She whispered. She then turned to look at Adam the Ash. "All of you, stay the hell away from me."

Then she ran.

Over a week later...

I hadn't been sleeping. I hated closing my eyes. Whenever I did, sad emerald eyes stared back at me. Somehow I knew that she was lonely and scared. Those eyes said it all. I didn't feel whole. As I lied in my bed, I sighed. I knew I wasn't going to fall asleep any time soon and if I was human, I knew that a week without sleep would have had harmful effects on my mental state. Still as a vampire, not sleeping for a week had made me feel ...not right.

I considered calling one of my siblings and forcing them to talk to me but I didn't want to make anyone else as miserable as I was. I didn't understand what I was feeling. I knew her for less than an hour and I missed her. I actually missed her.

I lifted my head slightly and slammed it back against the pillow. I needed to get up. Lying in bed, thinking about some stranger wasn't what I needed to be doing. I rolled and kicked my feet off the side of the bed, bringing myself to a sitting position. My stomach growled. On top of not sleeping as I should have, I hadn't been eating as often.

" What did you do to me, Santana?" I wondered out loud. I growled and stood up quickly. My mind flashed back to that night in the alley way. If Adam and Ash hadn't shown up, everything would have been fine. I would have felt her full lips against my skin and I most likely would have ended up with her in my bed that night. No, I definitely would have ended up her in my bed, I mentally corrected myself.

After I explained that I hadn't harmed her, they apologized profusely. Adam, being so charming, apologized for "cock blocking." I still hadn't spoken to either of them since that night. A part of me was so angry at the two of them for more than just...cock blocking.

I got up and made my way to the adjoining bathroom. Using the control panel on the wall, I set my shower to a toasty 98 degrees and stripped out of my boxers. After testing the water out with my hand, I climbed into my large shower stall.

The steaming water on my skin helped to sooth my nerves but not my restless mind. My mind once again drifted back to the alley. I thought of her teeth, they were like nothing I had ever seen before. Her canines had elongated much like a vampire but her other teeth also formed deadly sharp points. But what really invaded my thoughts was her face that night. She had looked so sad, confused, scared. My heart tightened in my chest and I couldn't help bringing my hand up, clenching at my chest.It was as if thinking of her hurting was breaking my heart.

Hours later, I found myself sitting at my desk. I sighed and closed my laptop. I had a paper due in a few weeks and I hadn't made nearly as much progress on it as I should have. For over a week, all I could think about was a certain green eyed beauty with caramel skin. I exhaled dramatically as I ran my hands through my hair. Finding this girl was becoming more and more important. Somehow, I knew that my mind wouldn't settle until I had her near me again.

I stood up abruptly, mind made up. I was going to find her. I grabbed my keys, slipped on my canvas shoes and headed towards my front door with purpose. As I threw the door open my practical side took over. I knew nothing about her, except her name and that she wasn't human. Cursing, I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor in the middle of the hallway. I slammed my fist against the wall behind me and groaned immediately. Not because it hurt but because my father was not going to be happy with having the now damaged wall prepared.

I racked my brain, thinking of any and all possible ways to find her. I had sensed her in the club, that night. I wondered if I could again. I closed my eyes and focused on her. I thought about her perfect face, her smile, her sensual body, and her scent. I thought about home, peace, and completion and relished in the feeling of my body heating up. It was working and I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing her again. I stood and made my way outside. Once outside of the building, I smiled as I felt the familiar tug, without question, I headed right.


I struggled with feelings of excitement and loneliness for days. I didn't understand the reason for either emotion. Each and every time that I closed my eyes, I was accosted with stellar blue eyes staring back at me. Alex. Somehow I knew that he wasn't going to hurt me that night but still, I ran. It had been a week and the overwhelming frequency of my thoughts of him was intruding on my normal, boring life. I was barely sleeping and when I did manage to sleep, I dreamt of Alex doing the most wicked things to my body. The dreams and recollection of the dreams caused me to be in what i can only describe as a state of constant arousal.

I had never experienced feelings of this nature before. That wasn't even the worst part. If I wasn't dreaming and day dreaming about Alex touching me, I was dreaming about Alex and me in other situations. Alex and I at the park, lying down and watching clouds, Alex and I going on long drives down 81 on lazy Sunday afternoons, Alex and I slow dancing.

I had desperately tried convincing myself that these thoughts were insane considering the fact that he was a monster but I knew that wasn't true. If he was a monster, what did that make me? I had to admit that he called to me. He called to me on the most basic level and it scared the shit out of me.

As I sat at a table in a secluded corner of the library, I remembered how he wasn't afraid of me. He had seemed more endeared to me after realizing my most well-kept secret. He had asked what I was and I had desperately wished that I had answers for him. Shaking myself out of my thoughts, I looked back down at my text book for the billionth time since I had gotten here. My brain didn't want to focus on anything but Alex and that was the biggest problem. I hated how his sudden introduction into my life would intruding upon my studies.

I had spent the better part of the two days after our encounter crying in my bed. I couldn't help it, I suddenly felt lonelier than I ever had and studying was the last thing that I wanted to do. None of this made sense. My reaction to him was insane. I had let him taste my blood for goodness sake! No, it didn't make sense but it felt right. Meeting him had felt right and I had run away. I had run away from possibly the only person who would accept all of me.

I bit down on my bottom lip. Since that night, my teeth and nails had begun elongating and sharpening whenever I was in a highly emotional state. Those two days crying had been accompanied by bloody, cut lips and shredded bedding. Once I realized what was triggering my change, I began to learn to master my emotions. I recognized the beginning of the change by the sharpening of my senses, when that would happen, I would take deep, long breaths. It had been helping.

"The 3' end links to exon 2 and the 5' end links to exon 1." I read the sentence aloud from my molecular genetics text book. "Bah. Blah. Blah." I sighed and leaned back in the hard wooden chair. I had been at the library for 3 hours and I had read no more than a paragraph. I closed my eyes only to abruptly open them once more... He was close.

My heart had begun to pound like its home was no longer within my chest but somewhere else. I groaned as my entire body heated up and my skin prickled. Gasping, I tried to breathe deeply and ignore the vibration of my cells. I fought the tug of my body, it knew exactly where he was. I could smell him, his masculine, spicy scent that tasted like sensual promises. I refused to turn around. I refused to seek him out. I stared straight ahead, breathing deeply; and when my soul erupted through my chest, I knew he was there, watching me.

I knew he knew that I was aware of his presence. I couldn't look at him. My body's reaction to him was terrifying and so exhilarating that I feared what I would do if I looked into his eyes, saw all of his perfection. Neither of us made a move, neither spoke. Without looking at him, I could sense his restraint. He wanted something but was afraid to have it. We were alike in that respect.

My body literally shook with anticipation. The tension in the room was palpable and I began squirming in my awkwardness. One of us needed to speak. Someone had to make the first move. Apart of me wanted my first move to be me running but the greater part of me begged me to stay.

I licked my dry lips and cleared my throat. "Sit, please." I whispered. It felt like a whole minute passed before he moved. I looked down at the table as he seated himself directly across from me. I felt his intense gaze on me but I couldn't look up. I was afraid of what looking into those eyes would cause me to do. "How'd you find me?" I asked, still watching the table as if I expected the hard, dark wood to shift into something else.

"I won't answer you until you look at me, Santana." Ugh, that voice. So deep and melodic slid over my skin like an intimate lover. I couldn't look up, not until I knew for sure that looking into those piercing blue eyes wouldn't cause me to melt into a puddle at his feet. "Santana..."

I looked up then. The abruptness of our eye contact caused us both to gasp. It was just like the first time. I had no idea how much time passed with us just staring at one another. He was beautiful and I suddenly felt...insufficient. I began to fidget with the hair tie that I always kept around my right wrist but I never took my eyes away from his. He smiled and the world stopped. So beautiful, I thought.

"Thank you." He said and I realized then that I had spoken out loud. My cheeks heated up and I looked back down at the table. "Please don't hide your eyes from me... they're all I've thought about in over a week." He whispered, his admission causing me to look up. I opened my mouth to ask my original question. "I felt you, just like you felt me when I got close." He said as if sensing my intent.

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