tagNonHumanThose Eyes Ch. 07

Those Eyes Ch. 07


Here's another installment. I hope you all enjoy it. As usual, leave me feedback and rate it. It's really what makes this worthwhile, that and seeing all of people who read the story.I just finished school (Yay!) and I'm not waiting to start my new job so, I have more free time to dedicate to the story. I'll be writing a story in the interracial section soon so, please be on the look out for that!



"Alexander Francisco Carlisle, twenty-five years old. Born on August 2, 1868. Son of Alisar and Francesca Carlisle. Net worth 8.2 bi-" Audrienne relayed before being cut off.

"Enough with the bio. Why was he at the house?" Dr. Madden growled, slamming his first down on the top of Audrienne's desk causing the various assortment of knick knacks she kept there to shake slightly.

"We're not sure, sir. He wasn't alone." She added. Audrienne had essentially drawn the short stick and was forced to relay their findings to the doctor, their creator.

"What do you mean he wasn't alone?" He said staring intently at her, his cool grey eyes meeting her green ones.

"She was there, sir. We scented her. There's something else..." She said, trying to hide her uneasiness at being in his presence. "He's a vampire."

She watched as he rubbed his thin, ashy hands together as if plotting something. "Interesting. This could mean that she's aware of what she is." He looked at her as if asking for confirmation.

She used all of her willpower not to squirm in her seat and decided to just lay out everything that they knew. "We are unsure, sir. They were gone before we got to the house. The house was locked completely, some of the others are still working on trying to get in. All that we found was the wallet on the porch, beneath a swing, sir."

"Well find out." He said in his gravelly voice.

"Find out what, sir?" She asked, slightly unsure.

"Her favorite color, her hobbies, what kinds of music she likes." He growled as he stared into her confused face and once more slammed his fist on her desk. "Find out if she knows what she is, you idiot! If she exhibits any traits, where the fuck she is!" He screamed.

She nodded. "Ok, sir but how do we do that?" She willed herself not to recoil as he leaned over her body, staring at the contents of her computer screen and the items she had laid out on her desk.

"Start with him." He said as he turned on his heels and exited the room.

She breathed a sign of a relief. She was always relieved when she wasn't in his presence. Leaning back in her chair, she picked up the picture that they had stolen five years ago. It was of Santana and her family outside of their house in Virginia. She ran her thumb over the girl's image, stared at the green eyes that matched her own. "Santana Olivia Nugyen." She whispered out loud to herself, her oldest sister. She had often found herself looking at the photograph. She envied the girl. She envied her with every passion of her being. Audrienne knew she wasn't the only one who felt that way, nearly all of them did. Santana was free, out in the world, and had a family that loved her enough to protect her for all of those years. And now, they were going to bring her back, back to the fate that they all shared.

The thought of that didn't sit well with Audrienne but she had little choice. She sighed once more and dropped the picture, picking up the drivers license that they had found the night before. "It looks like we're going to DC." She whispered to herself.

She bristled at the squeal that sounded behind her. She knew it was Carmendi without looking, the youngest. "I'm gonna meet Obama!"


The week had passed quickly. It was now Thursday. The week had been filled with classes, paper writing, and getting to know my mate. I was ecstatic that I could now think of other things besides her, able to concentrate on other aspects of my life. I felt so settled knowing that she was now mine. Aislyn had taken her by her place to get clothes and other necessities and It warmed me inside whenever I saw her toothbrush on my bathroom counter or a pair of her shoes in the corner of a room. I paused in wring my paper and smiled as I thought about the previous night in this room.

She had come home from school, feeling stressed. Ash had dropped her off. She was concerned about a lab project, one that required her to be on campus often. She was anxious about my siblings resenting her for having to be at her beck and call. The experiment had something to do with culturing fruit flies and genetic mapping. I wasn't sure of the details. I had concentrated more on her sexy pout than the actual words she was speaking.

"I think we should convince them that I'm fine to be alone sometimes." That caught my attention.

"Ana, it's nonnegotiable." I said, sternly. I watched the defiance flare in her green eyes.

"Alex, I am not your ward." She said, her voice raising a few octaves. "And you are not my daddy. I had one father who liked to tell me what to do and you, friend, are not him."

I had my arms wrapped around her before she could blink. "Friend?" I asked, tightening my embrace. "Am I just your friend, Ana?"

I watched the defiance drain from her eyes, slowly being replaced with...lust.

She shook her head in the negative. "Mate." she whispered.

I leaned in her closer to her. "You are my mate and I am yours." Bringing my lips close to her I hear, "As for being your daddy. I'm sure I could get you to call me that with one well placed move of my tongue...or another appendage. " She shivered in my arms and playfully pushed herself out of my embrace.

"Daddy? That's creepy, Alex." She said, giggling softly. I could tell that even if she had aversions to calling me "daddy" I had still turned her own. She moved to turn away and I pulled her back into my body. With a small smile on her face, she lifted up and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. "I know you're concerned, baby. I know you just want me safe."

"Exactly, I want you safe." I said, leaning in for more sweet kisses. She smiled and complied, placing three more light kisses on my mouth. "If anything happened to you, I wouldn't be able to do this..." Before she had time to react, I had her hoisted on top of my desk, my MacBook and printer pushed aside. Air rushed out of her lungs as I yanked her pretty yellow sundress over her waist and tore her black panties away from her body. Spreading her creamy sepia thighs, I situated myself in my desk chair and feasted on her vanilla and caramel core. I didn't let up until she agreed to always have someone with her. Honeslty, I wasn't really sure if she agreed. I simply took her screams of "YES!" repeatedly as her consent.

The phone ringing snapped me back to the present and I lifted up a book to locate the cause of the noise. I recognized the number and answered quickly.

"Hello? Dr. Otto?"

"Alexander, how are you?" The older man responded.

"I'm well. Very well, actually. Did you get my message?" I asked, leaning back in my desk chair.

"Yes, I'd love to meet her, run some tests, and hopefully get you two some answers. When are you free?"

I thought about that. I knew she had class until about 4:30. She'd be home before five. "Is tonight okay?" I asked, crossing my fingers.

"It's perfect. How about 6pm?" The man said.

I blew out a sigh of relief. "Perfect. We'll see you then. " I ended the call and immediately texted Santana. I knew she was in class right now.

[The geneticist that I told you about contacted me. He'd like to meet you tonight.]

I waited only a minute before she replied. [Okay. Thank you for setting this up.]

I smiled to myself. [Of course. I hope you're having a good day at school. I miss you.]

[I miss you too, Alex. <3] We continued texting for a few minutes more about her classes and the paper that I was working on. When I tried to segue the conversation into naughtier subjects, I laughed as she blamed me for corrupting her and told me to fuck off so, she could concentrate (with a winky face).


School had been particularly exhausting that day and I tried perking myself up as Aislyn drove me home.

"I hate that you have to do this, you know." I said, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Don't worry about it. I didn't have any important client meetings this week so, I'm glad to be of use. Besides, it's nice to be around a girl for once and your classes are kind of interesting." She said with a smile as she shuffled through her iTouch.

Her assurance worked perfectly. "So, any prospects in any of my classes?" I asked, smiling at the auburn haired beauty. I could tell that she was related to Alex, something about the way she smiled. She had an air about her that screamed sensuality and confidence. It was humourous to watch all of the men in my classes drool over her all week even the professors. It was even more amusing to watch her intently listening to each lecture, taking notes at times and even answering questions. When I inquired about it, she made some remark about keeping up appearances.

"No, there are some cute boys though. Some that I'd like to have fun with." She winked at me and it caused me to blush. I shook my head at her antics. When we pulled up outside of the building, I had a strange feeling. I felt as if someone was watching me but more than that. I couldn't explain it. I had had the feeling several times that week.

I felt it again when Alex and I were heading out of his building. I looked around discreetly, trying not to draw attention to myself. "What is it?" Alex asked. Of course, he had noticed.

I tried to give him my most reassuring smile. "It's nothing. Just thought I saw someone I knew."

He smiled down at me. "Liar."


It didn't take them long to organize and head to Washington DC. It was worked out in a way that none of the watchers came. This was a test to prove their competence. Audrienne, the oldest at 22 was in charge. Zachary, Carmendi, and Aara came along. Together, they made the best possible team. Audrienne was the fastest, Carmendi possesed a ghost like stealth and could break any security code, Zachary was the strongest, and Aara possesed the most heightened senses. They were all so different in appearance and temperament but they shared two common traits, their father's DNA and their ethereal green eyes.

She had wanted to bring along Rain, her "cousin" but the doctor was never comfortable with mixing his "children." Rain was the child of another hybrid, she had seven siblings. They all seemed more were than vampire in their demeanors but they were great hunters. Rain would have been useful for this mission, Audrienne thought. Once her request was denied, she had relented and decided to do the best with the remarkable team she already had. She had secretly had an ulterior motive for requesting Rain. Rain had never seen the outside of the compound, this would have been a great experience for her.

The trip from the compound in Rhode Island had provided the group with a sense of freedom they rarely felt when at the compound. For the several hours it took to reach the Capital, it had almost felt like they were just on a family road trip. They cranked the radio, sang off key, and munched on snacks they were never allowed to have. Only Aara required a mostly blood diet and even she enjoyed the french-fries and carbonated drinks along the way. Audrienne wished she could have brought along Stephen, the youngest brother but that request had also been denied. Stephen had shown little progress in his 18 years of life and was denied allowance to attend missions.

A very bored Audrienne sat in the back of a lecture on epidemiology staring at the back of an ebony colored head. Once they had located Alex, they had found Santana. It had been incredibly convenient. She couldn't understand why her sister would optionally take such boring classes with all college had to offer, or what she had heard college had to offer. Her intense training and the fear of being found out was the only thing that kept her in the back of that classroom. She desperately wanted to leave, wander around but knew that that wasn't an option.

She breathed a sigh of relief, stood up and stretched when the class finally ended. She feigned packing her backpack as Santana moved past her, walking with a girl with deep red hair. Audrienne scented the air, the other woman was a vampire.

She looked up and briefly made eye contact with a boy with freckles and blonde hair. He smiled but she looked down immediately, feeling awkward. She listened as he spoke to the male walking next to him. "Damn, that's two hot girls that are new to the class. First that red head and now that girl. Epidemiology just got slightly more interesting." She ignored his compliment and paid attention to the other thing he had said. The vampire wasn't in the class, she was just there with Santana.

It took less than a day for the siblings to discern their oldest sister was never alone. There was always a vampire with her. It was Aara who had realized that they were the siblings of Alexander Carlisle.

"We need to get closer to her. We can't figure anything out by just watching her from a far." Zachary proposed that first night. He was sitting in a rental car, a non descript black civic. The tinted windows helped to hide his imposing muscle filled form from those passing by. His mother had been Hispanic with a golden complexion. His own was slightly darker, but a little lighter than his father, Adam's. He had thin but soft lips and deep dimples. His nose was perfectly straight which complimented his handsome face which was toped off with up turned sparkling olive green eyes.

"I agree, but how? There's always a vampire with her, like always always. She's never alone." Carmindy said into her ear piece. She was leaning against a street pole, a few blocks away from the apartment building that Santana was staying in. The DC hat she purchased from a street vendor sat on top of her head that was covered in flaming red hair. At 17, Carmendi was a knock out. The combination of her deep olive skin and red hair was striking. She was 5'7 with a lithe form and a sassy attitude that made life on the strict compound a living hell. She had a tiny pixie like nose and cupid's bow lips, high cheekbones and eyes that gleamed with the mischief that she wasn't allowed to create.

Audrienne bent down, pretending to tie her shoe. "You can tell that being babysat annoys her, if she's our sibling, she'll want to rebel soon. We'll wait til then. It shouldn't be long." The wind picked up, whipping her white blond hair around her heart shaped face. Her mother had been Norwegian, passing on her hair and Aryan features to her daughter, everything but those eyes. Her skin looked slightly tan, and her exotic Asian like eyes only added to her appeal. Her body was toned from the training they were all forced to go through but it couldn't hide her slight womanly curves.

Aara walked by then, walking past Audrienne as if she didn't know her. "We'll wait then." was all she said. She snickered as man passed and openly appraised her form. Aara was petite, like her Filipina mother. Her body was as curvy as Santana's only proportional to her small form. She looked the most like their father, and just as beautiful as her other siblings. Her quiet demeanor was a facade for her observing nature, she was always looking, listening, scenting.

Three days later and they still waited. It was now Thursday. Audrienne sat at a coffee shop near the apartment building, listening for any information her siblings had to offer. She had just finished attending classes for the day and had trailed the pretty red head home as she dropped off her sister. She stopped short of apartment building and let Aara take over.

Aara watched Santana from across the street. She had known about her sister for nine years and it was still strange seeing her in person. She sat and thought about the kind of life she would have had if she had been the first, the one declared a failed experiment. Instead, Aara had shown abilities almost immediately. She hated Santana for having something she desperately wanted but hated the doctor for creating her even more. "Anything Aara?" she heard in her earpiece. It was Zachary.

"They just pulled up. The woman is dropping her off at the front entrance. Santana is alone but the vampire is waiting for her to get inside. I can't make a move." Aara replied. Santana and the man that Aara knew was Alexander Carlisle exited the building together ten minutes later. Aara noticed Santana looking around and got an uneasy feeling. "She's back. She's with Alexander and I think she senses me."


"You caught me. Why aren't we getting a car from the garage?" I asked, once more looking around. I just couldn't shake the feeling.

He laced his fingers with mine and once more smiled down at me. "I figured the doctor would just want some blood and the information that we have from your father. It should be quick and I thought we could go out after. Like a ... date." He said, blushing slightly.

I warmed instantly. My first date. "Alex..." I said in awe.

He nudged me playfully. "Before you tell me how awesome I am, let me tell your our itinerary for the evening. After the doctor, we're going to have a picnic on the mall, followed by a night visit to the zoo, and finish the night up at the planetarium with wine and dessert." I was amazed that he had planned all of that for me.

"Alex...I...You're..." I started but couldn't find the words to finish.

"Awesome?" He offered with a cheeky grin as a town car pulled up to the curb.

"You read my mind."

While sitting in the back seat on our way to the doctor, I couldn't resist teasing him. "You do know that I'm already yours forever right?"

"What part of spending every day of my entire life to make you smile did you not understand?"


Audrienne waited in the coffee shop for her siblings to meet her. They filed in together and took a seat at the booth that she had been sitting at for more than an hour.

"She knows." was the first words spoken by Aara. "I overheard them talking about a doctor and some information that her father left behind."

"I followed them to Chantilly, Virginia. They went to a genetic lab." Zachary interjected.

Audrienne leaned back and thought about what she had just heard. "So, she knows. I think it's time to see what she can do."

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