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Those Hot HLN girlz


Robin opened the text message and read it.

"Meet me at Cherry Blossom's at nine o'clock. Wear something hot, Bitch! And don't forget your jewelry! N"

Feeling a thrill run through her body, she knew tonight was going to be special. N had promised her a treat for her birthday, and she could hardly wait to see what was in store. Long ago, voluptuous, sexy, beautiful Robin Meade, HLN's morning star, had discovered her taste for women; especially dominant women who made her perform all kinds of hot, kinky sex. Without fail, she and her lover achieved mutual pleasure, often enjoying multiple orgasms. Occasionally, she would take the lead and this led to mind-blowing climaxes that often left her almost catatonic.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on television, Robin's small stature contained one of the sexiest, most sensuous bodies on earth. At 5'3" she was short, but her 34C breasts and killer ass made her unbelievably desirable. Any one of the male staff at HLN would pay to fuck her. She seemed to ooze sexiness and each day brought new opportunities for the male staff to fantasize about just what she could do for a man.

Robin's lover was Natasha Curry, also a news anchor at HLN, and just as sensuous in her own right. Her trim body was accentuated by breasts that were almost, but not quite out of proportion with her petite frame. Always dressed fashionably, Natasha managed to push the station's dress code by wearing low-cut tops with push-up bras, or sometimes no bra at all. Her nipples were perpetually hard and only added to her allure.

Natasha and Robin shared an apartment, but their schedules left little time for each other, so when they did get together, it was always hot. Natasha had slipped into the dominant role easily, and soon discovered that Robin was a submissive, wanton bitch, willing to do anything in the pursuit of pleasure. They had enjoyed sex in public, bondage, multiple women partners-anything Natasha's devious mind could conjure up, and Robin was always a willing partner. Tonight was to be even hotter than ever.

Sitting in a darkened corner of the club, Natasha saw Robin when she came in and was very pleased that her fuck buddy had followed her instructions. A red, sequin-covered halter style dress covered part of her luscious, curvy body. The top barely covered her nipples, coming together below her navel. The skirt was no more than four inches wide, basically leaving her lower body visible in any position except standing. At first glance, it appeared that the top was held together by a gold chain. The chain actually connected two nipple clamps that were attached to her large nipples, giving them even more prominence and drawing attention to her breasts. That was the "jewelry" Natasha had referred to earlier.

Waving the birthday girl over, Natasha stood and revealed he attire for the evening's festivities. A sparkling white, skin-tight top showed off her prominent chocolate-colored nipples and areola, while her caramel-colored skirt revealed almost all of her thighs, with a curved hem exposing most of her outer thighs. In fact, when she turned to the side, the curve of her lower ass was visible. The skirt matched her skin tone so well, that, at first, Robin thought she was nude from the waist down.

When they embraced, anyone looking on could tell this was not a meeting between friends. Their lips met savagely, their hands roamed each other's body, and they closed out the rest of the world until they satisfied the first passage of lust. When they finally broke their torrid kiss and sat down in the booth, they made sure to remain in contact, thigh-to-thigh, hip-to-hip, and shoulders rubbing each other. It was as if the heat generated by contact was the fuel for their passion.

Complimenting Robin on her dress, Natasha said, "Looks like you followed my directions pretty well. I can almost see your tasty nipples. Do you like the clamps?"

"Oh, fuck yes!" replied Robin. "It's like your teeth are biting them all the time. Let me have your hand."

She took Natasha's left hand and slid it up her thigh, then pushing her lover's fingers into her dripping cunt. "See what they do to me? I'm so wet, you could put your entire hand up my pussy. You are such a slut! You know how sensitive my nipples are. I think you want to watch me come while I'm walking down the street."

"Now that's an idea!" said Natasha slyly. "But I have bigger plans for you tonight. You know this place offers 'special service' to regular customers, right?"

"Yeah, kinda. Are we going to receive 'special service'?" asked Robin, feeling herself getting even wetter in anticipation.

"Oh, yes. We're going to sample Cherry Blossom's 'Birthday Special' for lovers," answered Natasha, reaching inside Robin's halter and cupping her firm breast. "We have a few minutes til our 'appointment.' Would you like a drink?"

"Sure, why not? It's my birthday!"

Their server was very appreciative of the beauty and sexiness of the two, and complimented them on both. When they told him they were waiting for the "Birthday Special", he broke into a wide grin and said, "Damn, I'd pay to see that!"

When they had finished their drinks, a beeper alerted Natasha that it was time for their appointment. They left the bar and headed to the elevators.

"You trust me, don't you?" Natasha asked as the doors closed.

"Of course. Why?" asked Robin.

"Well there's a real live man included in the special. He's ours to do with as we wish. If we don't want or need him, he can leave," explained Natasha, as the elevator stopped.

"Well, I haven't fucked a man since we got together. I guess I'm up for a little diversion," said Robin, as they stepped out of the elevator into a penthouse suite, complete with every sensual accessory imaginable. Phallic-shaped sculptures and tastefully nude artwork adorned the walls and furniture. Obviously, this was a sex playground, complete with subdued lighting, floor cushions, and a huge bed.

Standing near the foot of the bed was an attractive couple, attired in togas, and smiling radiantly. These were truly beautiful people, on par with Natasha and Robin. The man was about six feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes, and a trim, sculpted body that caused Robin's heart to skip a beat. His toga was short, and she could swear that she saw the head of his dick hanging below the hem.

The girl was equally attractive. She looked to be about five feet tall, with pixie-like features that were absolutely gorgeous. Her blond hair was cut stylishly short, her breasts strained the fabric of her toga; her hard nipples obvious to anyone who looked below her face. The toga did very little to hide her charms, its length barely covering her clean-shaved mound.

"Robin, meet Adam and Eve. They're our playmates for the evening and are here to make this your most unforgettable birthday. Think you can handle it?" asked Natasha, stepping behind Robin and hugging her torso. Sliding her hand down to Robin's pussy and discovering how wet her lover was, she said, "I think I know the answer to that question."

"Just what are we supposed to do?" asked Robin, as she basked in the caresses being delivered by Natasha.

"Anything you want to do," purred Natasha, as she slipped Robin's dress down her body and began massaging the curve under each breast and tugging the chain gently. "They are absolutely uninhibited and are here for our pleasure."

"Adam, why don't you show Robin your cock? She hasn't seen one for a while and I think she needs to get reacquainted," said Natasha, moving to Robin's side and holding her hand.

Crossing the room, Adam slipped the toga from his shoulders, his eyes locked on Robin. As his garment fell to the floor and his 7-inch cock came into view, Robin drew in her breath and squeezed Natasha's hand. "It's beautiful," she whispered.

Laughing aloud, Natasha said, "You don't have to whisper. We'll all probably be screaming before this night is through!" Adam held his dick in his hand and said, "You can touch it if you want-it won't bite."

"But it's so pretty!" said Robin, enthralled by the pink tool with its one-eyed head, reaching out tentatively.

Eve had come closer and moved to Adam's side. "We've got to put a cockring on it. Wanna help?"

"What's a cockring?" asked Robin innocently.

"It's a ring that fits around his cock and balls to keep him hard and prevent him from cumming before we're ready," answered Eve, matter-of-factly. "Want to see it?"

By now, Robin had moved closer to Adam, reaching out to touch his cock. "Wait," said Eve, returning to the bed and taking a velvet bag from the nightstand. She took the cloth band from the bag and let Robin look it over.

"What are the snaps for?" she asked.

"Sometimes he wears it around his dick and balls, sometimes just around his dick. The snaps allow for that and, we can get it off quickly when we decide we want him to come," answered Eve.

Eve slid her toga from her voluptuous body and knelt at Adam's side. Taking robin's hand she urged her to kneel also.

"Just hold his balls," said Eve.

Robin did as she was directed, and smiled at the sensation in her palm. "I'm holding a man's balls Natasha, and they feel great. I want to roll them around and kiss them," she said.

"You'll get your chance," said Natasha. "Just hold them up so Eve can get the ring around his balls and cock."

Eve was efficiently sliding the band under his balls, and when she had moved it far enough towards the base of his cock, she snapped it together. "Too tight, Baby?" she asked.

"Just right," he answered, as they stood up. Wrapping an arm around each girl, he looked at Natasha, who just happened to have her hand under her skirt, and said, "Drop the clothes, Doll. You're part of this party too."

Without further ado, Natasha wriggled out of her skirt and let it fall. Her meticulously shaved mound glistened from the juices she had smeared. As she crossed her arms and lifted her top over her breasts, they bounced in place, causing Adam to squeeze his girls' waists and say, "Why don't you three get busy and see if you can make my dick hard?"

He stepped to the bed and slid backwards to the center, while Natasha and Robin surrounded Eve and made her the center of their attentions. Robin held her from the back, rubbing, then pulling her nipples. Natasha knelt in front of them and began kissing the tops of Eve's feet, licking between her toes and then kissing her way up each calf. Robin had slipped one hand down Eve's back and had begun massaging her ass, sliding a finger between her cheeks and tickling her rosebud, driving her pelvis forward. Natasha had progressed on her erotic journey up each thigh, no longer kissing, but licking Eve's thighs, and reaching up to spread her puffy cuntlips.

"Does our sexy little flower like that? Robin has an ass fetish. She's ready to lick your ass, just like I'm ready to lick that pretty little cunt. What's it gonna be, Girlfriend? Front or back?" whispered Natasha, making sure to exhale on the petals of Eve's delectable cunt as she continued loving the sprite's center.

"F-f-f-f-ront," said Eve quietly, her mind torn between the sexy assaults.

Robin moved both hands to Eve's tits and began massaging them in time with her breathing. Eve leaned back into Robin's welcoming arms, turning her head so they could share a kiss.

"Ummm, good," she murmured. Her cunt was throbbing as she said, "Lick my clit, please!" beginning the climb to release. "Fuck me with your tongue!"

Natasha did as she was asked, and performed the magic on Eve's pussy that Robin had come to love. "Ride it, Baby. Fuck me back. Let Mama know you want it!" By now, Eve's cunt was streaming nectar around Natasha's face and down her legs. She practically had to hold Natasha's face to her cunt to maintain contact with her wonderful, writhing, probing tongue.

Suddenly, two fingers slid into her cunt from the back, and Robin said huskily, "I want some of this action. We're gonna blow your fucking mind!"

Eve was in such a state of arousal that, when she exploded on the fingers and tongue in her cunt, she almost fainted. Her body spasmed of its own volition, squeezing Robin's fingers and humping Natasha's face mercilessly. She experienced the climax of her lifetime, both in length and intensity. Finally, her knees gave way and her two lovers managed to get her to the bed.

They laid her gently on her back, her dripping pussy pointed towards Adam. "How's that Big Boy? Your cock like that?" asked Natasha, crawling on the bed to Adam's side. She saw that his dick had begun to harden, and, taking it in her hand, said, "Look Robin. Adam's dick's getting hard. Let's suck it a while and see if we can make it ready to fuck." Together, they descended on his groin, a pair of lovely lips on each side of his dick, and began kissing and caressing his shaft. They eventually got to the head, and shared the duty of tonguing his crown, and continuing to keep his shaft wet. As Robin finally took over, she held his shaft and guided the head into her waiting mouth, going down slowly, but surely.

"Is she a good cocksucker, Adam? She sure knows how to lick a cunt."

"Oh, she's very good," said Adam, his hips beginning to buck gently into Robin's face. "If I didn't have this ring on, I'd probably be cumming right now."

Robin heard the compliment and redoubled her efforts, licking the underside of his shaft, and putting intense pressure on his cockhead with her throat. Natasha slid around to put her face in Robin's cunt and was delighted to find it deliciously wet, her juices streaming down her cuntlips, and even dripping onto the Natasha's waiting tongue.

"Goddamn you're hot bitch. Your pussy juice tastes so good. Hurry up and finish sucking that joystick so I can put it in your pussy. You'd like that wouldn't you, Slut?" said Natasha as she took some of Robin's nectar and smeared it around her asshole. "Want it there?"

Groaning in anticipation, Robin humped her hips, and slid Adam's cock from her mouth slowly. "Fuck my pussy, Stud!" she said, crawling up his body, maintaining as much skin contact as she could. Her nipples were on fire and Adam felt as if two red hot pokers had been applied to his body.

"Come on, Baby. Climb up on Adam's cock and let me stuff you full of dick. You know you want it. I know you need it. Let's have some fun!" he urged, as Natasha took his dick and held it still.

Robin rose on her knees, and started lowering herself. With Natasha's help, she soon was impaled on Adam's dick, luxuriating in the sensations it awakened in her. Her eyes were glazed, and she was humming softly. Natasha held his shaft until Robin's lips squashed down on the base.

Suddenly, Eve stirred, and Natasha turned to her upturned pussy and gave it a long, lingering suck. Eve yelped as another orgasm engulfed her, this time holding Natasha's head with her thighs, and pulling her nipples mercilessly. Her scream was savage, and she pummeled the bed with her tiny fists. When her tremors had subsided, Natasha kissed her and said, "Love my girlfriend's asshole. She needs it from both ends."

Wasting no time, Eve moved to Robin's backside and waited patiently. Natasha crawled to Adam's head, pulled her cuntlips open and asked, "Think you can handle both of us at once?"

"Why don't you crawl on my face and see?" he replied, twitching his cock against Robin's clenching pussy walls. "She's getting ready to put on a show."

Robin had been waiting patiently for the group to get arranged before she started moving her cunt on the wonderful cock filling her pussy completely. She placed her hands on Adam's chest, fingering his nipples and looking with lust-crazed eyes into Natasha's face, noting subconsciously that her lips were glistening, and her breathing was faster than normal.

As Adam began kissing and licking Natasha's cunt, she leaned forward and pulled Robin's face to her. Their kiss was slow and sensuous, and the change in angle allowed Adam to fuck upwards into Robin's cunt, while Eve began to lick her asshole. Little by little, she worked down to the union of Robin's cunt and Adam's cock, then back up to that delicious asshole, using the tip of her tongue at first. As Robin loosened up, Eve tried a finger, gently massaging and probing, taking her time.

Adam had found Natasha's bulbous clit and was giving it quite a tongue-lashing as she reached for Robin's tits. The nipples looked like missiles, and Natasha knew this wasn't the time for subtlety. Pinching them hard, she was amazed at Robin's reaction. Her scream was loud, but her ass went into overdrive, suddenly going from a lazy, sensuous grinding motion to a blur of hips, cunt, and ass. She fucked so hard that Eve was thrown back, and simply watched the show. Adam held himself perfectly still and watched the sexual cyclone atop his cock blow itself out. He had never been fucked so hard in his life, and for the second time tonight, was glad that he had the ring on.

Robin had lost all touch with reality. Her cunt was afire, being invaded by a thick, pulsating cock, reaching to her cervix and creating wonderful, hot sensations. Her cunt was like a pool of molten lava; her nipples were being exquisitely tortured by a master who knew just how much pressure she could take. Her asshole was being loved by a tender yet probing tongue that was insistent on having its way with her. These feelings coursed through her body simultaneously, and the excitement overtook her. Her scream became a wail, and as she threw her head back and forth in time with her body, the crash of the orgasmic wave hit her. She continued to fuck his cock, moved Natasha's hands and ravaged her mouth, sucking her lover's tongue until it hurt. Her orgasm wouldn't quit, and she began to hump more emphatically, this time laying on his chest and using every muscle in her body to wring every ounce of pleasure out of the best climax of her life.

Finally exhausted, she collapsed, falling forward into Natasha's loving arms. Carefully, they disengaged her from the mass of bodies and laid her on the bed. Natasha couldn't help herself and stuffed Adam's cock in her hungry mouth. Sucking it vigorously, she started fingering her own cunt. Eve subtlety moved Natasha's hand and replaced it with her own, easily slipping three fingers into the slick gash, and pumping rhythmically.

"Come on Baby. Join your girlfriend. Cum on Eve's hand!"

Natasha was moaning incessantly, and this aroused Robin, who leaned in and kissed Adam, reaching down and pulling Natasha's swinging nipples. Looking up, she said, "Ready to see this cock blow, Doll?"

"Fuck yeah!" said Robin, kissing Natasha, and reaching for the cock ring. She pulled it open and joined Natasha, taking her place on one side, waiting for the eruption. Adam did not disappoint them, and as they licked his cock, he began to spew cum like a fire hose. They tried to catch it in their mouths and on their breasts, laughing at the attempt. More jism fell on his stomach than they captured, but they attacked it hungrily, lapping up each and every drop, laughing hilariously and reveling in the moment.

Finally Adam was spent, and the group sprawled comfortably, each one touching another, stroking an ass or breast idly while they caught their collective breath. Adam happened to be nearest Robin's hips and absent-mindedly was rubbing her asscrack when she growled, "Keep that up fucker, and you'll have to plug it with something long and hard. Think you're up to it?" she asked, beginning to move her hips in a circular motion, helping him open her asshole.

"Need a little help here," he said, continuing to probe gently.

Eve slid down to engulf his cock and fondle his balls. This put her tits in Natasha's face, who began sucking them, gently at first, then harder and more demanding. Robin was moaning as her asshole was being probed and soon, told Adam, "Now, fucker! Give me that cock up my ass now!" she got on her knees and stuck her ass in the air, humping her hips and pulling her cuntlips.

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