tagSci-Fi & FantasyThose Who Fuck Elves Ch. 03

Those Who Fuck Elves Ch. 03


Captain Heller was not a pretty sight to look at, even by human standards. His teeth were crooked. His head bald. His face had a perpetual snarl to it, the kind of expression of menace that seemed common to the lowly human bandit scum Heller was proudly associated with.

So it was largely matter of course and entirely convenient for the elf Morgan to get on her hands and knees on the dingy bed before the big human Captain Heller, so that she did not have to look upon his face as they prepared to fuck. Even right now in the dead of night, lit only by dim candles, Heller's was not a pleasant face, and Morgan was not interested in suffering any more of it than she had to.

Heller groaned in delight at the sight of the petite young brunette elf bending over on the bed for him, showing off her small but round and perky ass; her tiny slender waist; the arch of her lithe back; even the sight of the sharp, pointy ears poking out from her fine long raven hair.

Standing alongside the bed and shuffling hastily behind Morgan, the bandit Heller stroked his thick, bulging cock in one hand while reaching down to grope the elf's ass with the other.

"Fuck me, I've never been this hard in my life," growled Heller, as he lined himself up with Morgan's perky posterior.

"Remember human, the ass only," commanded Morgan coldly. "If you even think of touching my pussy, you're a dead man."

"Yeah, yeah, the Law of Purity," grumbled Heller. "Don't worry, I get it. No fucking elven pussy. I may be a brigand, but I'm not stupid enough to risk my neck that much."

It was a serious risk to be sure. Heller despised the arrogant elves as much as the next human, and he'd gone to battle with them many times in part of the endless struggles between the two races. But if the elves took one thing more seriously than anything else, it was the Law of Purity. Heller didn't really know the finer points of the law, its intentions and contradictions, or really care for that matter. All he knew was that any human man who fucked an elven woman in her pussy was hunted down like a rabid dog and put to death in the most excruciating ways possible. That was enough for Heller to know he wasn't going to mess around with it.

To his surprise, he had just discovered that the Law of Purity had more than a few loopholes that allowed elven women (or at least the nobility) to fool around with human men -- more often than not their slaves -- as long as they didn't let a human enter their pussies. Giving head, taking it up the ass, or even taking a load of human seed on their chests was not only allowed, it seemed to be popular.

Heller snorted at the thought. Elves and their perpetual circus of strange fashions and debaucheries were incoherent to him. He was simply happy to take advantage of the foxy young elf girl's ass that was now being presented to him as if on a silver platter.

Grasping his shaft, he guided and pushed it forward until his swollen cock head nudged against the elf's ultra tight ass hole. With a grunt and a powerful thrust, Heller managed to push the very tip inside Morgan's ass and between her creamy ass cheeks, but the elf's hole refused to give way any further.

Frustrated, Heller thrust again and again, attempting to force his way into Morgan's ass. At one point he managed to almost squeeze the head of his cock inside her, and for a moment experienced sheer bliss at the incredible tightness of the hole, but was soon slipping out again. The elf was too tight, and Heller's cock too dry. He needed lubrication of some kind.

Without hesitation, Heller raced around to the other side of the bed and shoved his cock towards Morgan's face.

"Needs more spit, elf," said Heller, waving his dick at her red lips.

Morgan rolled her eyes. If she were back at Court in the heart of the Elf Kingdoms, there would be all kinds of potions and oils that their alchemists had concocted for a most excellent anal lubricant. But here she was in a poor border town, in a decrepit little room in the back of an unsavoury inn, conducting a deal with a human that for once wasn't a slave of hers. Morgan cursed herself for not thinking ahead to bring a vial of such lubricant, especially when everything else had been so meticulously planned. There was nothing for it. She would have to suck the ugly man.

Morgan's sharp green eyes narrowed at Heller, but she dutifully lowered her head and took the human's huge, vein streaked cock into the moist, warm confines of her mouth.

Hollowing her cheeks with forceful suction, Morgan slid her ruby lips up and down Heller's shaft, swallowing him thoroughly and almost taking the big cock to the hilt. Morgan's throat expanded and she gagged suddenly as she deep throated him. Human cocks were considerably thicker than elven ones, and Morgan was having a hard time trying to work all of Heller's shaft over in her mouth.

"Aaahhh yeah, that's perfect, pointy ears! Get it all nice and wet with that spit," groaned Heller.

Ignoring Heller's slander -- in most elf kingdoms a human could be arrested and have his tongue cut out for using such a term -- Morgan doubled down on her blowjob, until she pulled off and left Heller with a thoroughly soaking cock, coated from base to tip with her saliva.

Morgan had a job to do. She was not about to let a few insulting words get in the way of that.

Now decently lubricated, Heller eagerly scrambled back to his position behind Morgan, and lined himself up with her ass once again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" Morgan screamed as Heller triumphantly pushed into her ass with one aggressive thrust.

"Ohhhhh, holy fuck that's tight!" cried out Heller as he found himself with half his cock buried between Morgan's peachy ass cheeks and into her asshole itself.

Morgan arched her back even further and grabbed the dirty sheets of the bed as Heller filled her up from behind. After mere moments, he began to thrust back and forth, his cock ploughing her ass like a ripe field.

"Aaaaah! Uhhhhhh! Goddess!" grunted Morgan as her lithe elven body was shunted forward with each savage thrust from Heller.

Heller reached down with both hands and seized the petite young elf's waist. Morgan's waist was so small that Heller could literally wrap his big hands around it and have his fingers and thumbs meet from either side. The physical differences between the elves and men were quite stark, but actually seeing and feeling it in front of him drove Heller wild with lust.

He was actually fucking a pointy ear up the ass, Heller thought with a grin. Not many humans that weren't slaves being used could say that.

Spurred on by the sight, Heller pounded Morgan at breakneck pace now, pillaging her ass with ruthless efficiency. The tightness was so unique, and the pleasure so intense, that Heller knew he would not last long regardless. Therefore he was going to plunder this sweet young elf for all she was worth without wasting time on subtleties.

Morgan meanwhile was screaming with abandon, caught between a delicious mix of pleasure and pain, utter discomfort and ecstatic debauchery. Enjoying herself was not at all the reason Morgan had come here, but she always had a weakness for the rough and depraved in her sexual appetite, and it was being fed quite well here.

Abruptly, Heller pulled out of Morgan's ass, leaving it gaping and sore, as he leaned forward to wrench the young elf woman up by her raven hair. All notions of treading cautiously with this elf woman were thrown out the window by Heller in his moment of climactic peak, and Morgan seemed more than willing to go along with the rough treatment.

Shoving the elf to her knees beside the bed, Heller aimed his pulsing red cock at her face and stroked quickly and heavily. No more than four tugs later, the brutish human man erupted onto the young elf girl's face.

"Gyyyeeaaaarrrggghhhhhh!" roared Heller as he sprayed burst after burst of hot human seed upon Morgan.

Cum flew like arrows, smacking Morgan on her red lips, her frosty cheeks, her dark hair, even her elfin green eyes.

Morgan moaned as the human cum coated her face, and smiled as it dripped off her chin. It may have smelled foul, but the virility of human seed would do wonders for her complexion.

"Fuck, now that is one hell of a way to seal a deal!" laughed Heller as he gasped for air.

"Your hundred sovereigns is in a pouch over there by the bedside table," said Morgan coolly as she wiped the cum from her eyes.

"Excellent," said Heller as he went to check on the money, "and the two hundred more when we finish the job?"

"Just meet me back here in the evening after the task is completed," said Morgan.

"Maybe we can have a repeat of tonight's fun," grinned Heller.

"When you finish the job, you can have me for the whole night," said Morgan as she smiled wickedly up at Heller, her face still splattered with his dripping, oozing cum. "Now, just to be clear, I don't care how you deal with the guards. Kill them, maim them, even spare them if you wish."

"Killing and maiming is what I do best," laughed Heller. "What about the target? The red haired elf girl, right? Any special requests for her?"

"Just one," said Morgan, green eyes gleaming. "Kill her."


The young human Declan Moorcock waited anxiously at attention in a dingy corner of the Slutty Wench tavern, biting his lip as he watched the small crew of bandits conspire around a round oak table. The firelight was dim and their voices low and coarse as they discussed their schemes. Ale sloshed from pints, spilling onto the table whenever one of them banged the table with their fist to emphasize a point.

Declan's master and employer, one burly and bald Captain Heller, was the head of their little outfit of brigands. Heller, who was no more a real captain than Declan was a prince, nevertheless cut an imposing figure, with a mean streak that matched his ruthlessness. Declan had learned quickly not to get on Heller's nerves. Those who did had a habit of finding a knife in their backs. So Declan made very sure to stand quietly in his corner just over Heller's shoulder and listen for whenever Heller barked out an order.

Around Heller were the rest of their motley crew of men. There was Barrow, a drunken brawler and street tough so large he made Heller seem diminutive. Klaus, a cold eyed killer, skilled with the bow, and a reputation for hunting other people for sport. Then finally there was Grainwort, perhaps the ugliest man Declan had seen in his life, and an expert trapper. It was an odd bunch of lowlifes, a group of men that usually didn't work in concert. Yet Heller had called on them all together. Declan knew there must be something big in the works.

Declan didn't really fit in there at all. Although he was eighteen and considered a man for some years now, Heller and his brethren still looked at him as little more than a boy looking to get rich quick and willing to get his hands dirty. Declan may not have been a hard boiled outlaw, but he was reliable and loyal, and that made him valuable to Heller. Declan had his own reasons to work this kind of profession too, and Heller was happy not to ask question as long as Declan earned his keep.

"I'm telling you, there hasn't been a score like this since the good old days," said Heller.

"So aside from the target, how many are we dealing with?" asked Klaus.

"Maybe six to eight guards. Escorts, only travelling light. No heavy armour. It'll be quick easy work."Heller answered.

"I hate fighting elves," grumbled Barrow. "They don't fight straight. It's all fucking bows and arrows and jumping around like fucking dancing girls."

"Normally I would agree," nodded Heller. "Fighting those pointy ears gives me the creeps. But we got it sorted this time. They're going to walk straight into our trap."

"That's if your mysterious partner comes through with their end of the deal," muttered Grainwort.

"It's a done deal, fellers," growled Heller. "We know where to hit them on the trail. Fucking perfect for an ambush. That's where you'll get to work Grainwort. Stop the fuckers with your traps and smoke. Even elves can't shoot straight if they can't see. Klaus will pick them off from the side, while Barrow and me get in close enough to hack and slash. Those fucking pointy ears won't know what hit them."

"Barrow and I," Declan corrected Heller's grammar under his breath, before realising with panic that he had spoken what he was thinking out loud.

"What the fuck did you just say boy?" said Heller, turning around to stare at Declan, face contorting with rage.

"Nothing sir!" said Declan. "Death to the pointy ears, sir!"

"Damn right, boy," muttered Heller before turning back to the table.

"What about your squire boy there, Heller?" asked Barrow, pointing to Declan.

"He won't be fighting," said Heller. "But he's good for hauling loot and guarding shit when I'm getting shuteye."

"And the target? Who is the mark exactly, Heller?" asked Klaus.

"Fucked if I know," shrugged Heller. "Some young pointy ear bitch that pissed off some other pointy ears. Who the fuck knows how those elves think. We just need to make sure she's dead."

"Why?" asked Declan, again unable to keep his mouth shut.

"Boy, did I ask you to fucking speak?" roared Heller again, slamming his fist on the table and making every pint of ale jump an inch in the air.

"Sir, sorry sir!" said Declan quickly. "I just meant, if she's an elf lady, and she's important enough that another elf wants her dead, then maybe she's valuable. We could keep her alive and ransom her perhaps..."

"The boy has a point, Heller," said Grainwort. "If she's young, she's probably pretty."

"All pointy ears are pretty, Grainwort," said Klaus. "Especially the young ones."

"It's true, I'd fuck one, if I could," said Barrow.

"And then they'd hunt you down and chop off your head for breaking the Purity Law," snarled Heller. "No one's stupid enough to try and fuck an elf in these parts, not so close to the pointy ear kingdoms."

"My point is, if we take her prisoner, we could sell this elf girl in Krisia," said Grainwort. "Elf slaves are rare, especially women. We'll make a fortune. Far more than even this job is paying."

Declan gasped. That wasn't what he had intended when he spoke up.

Heller scratched his bald head as he thought on it.

"My contact was pretty fucking clear that the girl had to die," said Heller, "and after the one hundred sovereigns we were paid today, we'll get another two hundred when the job's finished. It's hard to say no to that much easy money."

"Do you have any idea how much a young, attractive elf woman would sell for in Krisia?" asked Grainwort.

"No. How much?" asked Heller, taking a swig of ale.

"The bidding would start at one thousand sovereigns," replied Grainwort.

Declan's eyes went wide as he heard Grainwort. One thousand sovereigns? That was the kind of money he so badly needed. The idea of selling the poor elf girl made him a little queasy, but he couldn't argue with that kind of money. Besides, after what the elves had done to humans over the generations, it was probably due payback.

Heller choked on his ale and sprayed it out of his mouth all over the table.

"Well bend me over a barrel and fuck me silly," exclaimed Heller. "We'll take this pointy ear wench to Krisia, deal be damned!"

"Speaking of wenches, how about we have ourselves a little early celebration," laughed Barrow. "Put those hundred sovereigns of your client to good use!"

"You read my mind, Barrow," grinned Heller, before shouting, "barkeep! Send us another round of ale and some of your wenches!"

A few moments later, the barkeep was over, smiling through crooked teeth and presenting two of the most buxom ladies Declan had ever seen in his life. They weren't beautiful or delicate like the ladies he was used to seeing, but they made up for it with raw packaged sex appeal. Declan could feel his cock stirring within his trousers. He was young and obsessed with women and sex, but had never had the opportunity due to his lack of charms or money to spend.

"It's a busy night tonight, our slutty little wenches are working hard or otherwise I'd have a girl for each of you fine gentlemen," said the barkeep. "But, trust me, Jess and Vicky here are two of our best girls, and you can share them around as you please."

"Jess," said the barkeep, turning to a petite little foxy blonde with rosy cheeks and green eyes, "is a talented performer in the fine art of fellatio. You put her on her knees and watch her go to work, it's a sight to behold! Don't let her size fool you either, she's a right royal fuck slut, ain't you Jess?"

Jess was dressed in a tarty little bar maid outfit of a cream white blouse, covered in ale and other stains, a cinched-in corset that squeezed her small but perky breasts together and showing off incredible freckled cleavage, and a green frilly skirt that had been torn short until it showed off her alluring thighs and legs.

She gave a little wink at Declan and pushed her tongue against the inside of her cheek, making it pop out, suggesting what to expect from one of her blowjobs.

Declan moaned and shuddered with excitement. He imagined Jess' sweet pink lips wrapped around his cock and almost came from the thought of it.

"Young Vicky here," continued the barkeep, wrapping his arm around the waist of a tall, tanned brunette with a sultry stare and an extremely generous rack and ass, "is a rollicking sinner in the sack, or should I say across the table! Looks like you lads aren't the type to be bothered with shagging privately in a room, haha! Not only is Vicky as tight as a virgin, but you have got to try her sweet ass too. She fucking loves being buggered up there, I'm telling you."

Declan was much too busy staring at Vicky's cleavage and tits, encased in much the same outfit as Jess's, to notice what the barkeep was saying, but it seemed to garner a big round of cheers from the table of bandits.

Declan meanwhile was consumed with the fantastic thought of fucking both these amazing women and was debating which hole to try for his very first foray into actual sex when Barrow noticed Declan's feverish reaction to the girls, and burst out laughing.

"The lad thinks he's going to get a lay too!" Barrow laughed uproariously, followed by the rest of the table.

Declan went red in the face and stared down at his feet, as the brigands thumped the table and made a slew of off color jokes at his expense.

"The boy can get a lay when we get to Krisia to sell the elf," said Heller finally. "Work hard, Declan, and I'll put you up in one of those fancy Krisian harem rooms for a day. That should make a real man out of you, hahaha! But not tonight. Tonight you only get to watch."

"Enough talk of the lad, let's get our dicks in these wet wenches!" growled Grainwort as he pulled Vicky into his lap, grinding her ass into his crotch as he gripped her trim waist with his claw like hands.

"I want to keep drinking," said Klaus. "Jess, get under the table and go to work."

Wordlessly, Jess dropped to her hands and knees and quickly crawled under the table. Klaus, Barrow and Heller all shifted for a moment in their seats, undoing their trouser laces just enough to get their cocks out before getting back to their pints of ale. As they laughed and swore and talked, Declan saw Barrow groan and throw his head back in ecstasy. Under the table he could hear loud, clear slurping sounds as Jess must have taken to blowing the big man from under the table.

Grainwort was now pawing at Vicky's tits, and both Heller and Klaus were laughing at Barrow's expressions as he huffed and puffed from the exertions of Jess's oral ministrations.

Then, suddenly Klaus went stiff and silent, his eyes closed in rapturous delight as Jess had turned her mouth on him. Barrow was grinning ear to ear and watching Klaus squirm as Jess devoured his manhood under the table.

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