tagMind ControlThoughts are Like Books Ch. 02

Thoughts are Like Books Ch. 02


I thank everyone for the suggestions on the first part of this story. I'm always happy to hear more and whether or not the story should continue. Please message me or leave a comment. Thanks.


After returning to the party, I found Lorelai and left. She was clearly suspicious of the time I had spent with Jenna, but I could hear her internal dialogue and knew nothing would come of it. Part of her was arguing that we were gone a long time, too long. But the stronger part reminded her that we had just met, and she had no right to be jealous. Besides, she reasoned, hadn't I just cum in her mouth? Surely I didn't just turn around and fuck someone else less than a half hour later.

Of course I had, and I felt bad about it. Much like Lorelai, I had an internal dialogue of my own to work through. I had just met Lorelai and owed her nothing even if she did give me a blow job at the party, and Jenna was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. But still, I liked Lorelai, and before tonight I would never have treated anyone like that. Power corrupts, I suppose.

The trip home with Lorelai was fairly silent. She did her best to fill it with standard chit chat, but I could hear what she wanted to know, had I fucked Jenna? Her internal dialogue combined with mine and soon I was awash in feelings of anxiety and guilt, and it wasn't particularly clear which came from me and which came from her. Her thoughts intensified and that prompted my own, which in turn made me fixate on her doubts, which, as I learned with Jenna's sexual interests, intensified them. We were caught in a feedback loop of sorts.

As it turned out, Lorelai lived close to where Mike and I had our flat, and I rode the bus with her to her stop. I followed her off the bus to her door, and we stood awkwardly on the front step for a moment. Instead of saying anything, I leaned into her, took her face gently in my hands, and kissed her. Pressing my lips softly to hers, lingering in the feeling of her perfect mouth.

"I'm so glad we met tonight," I whispered into the hollow of her mouth between kisses, "Can I see you tomorrow?"

Her eyes were closed behind her glasses, and she stayed silent, but nodded as she continued to kiss me for as long as she could. I focused on the desire and longing, the feeling of softness and care that I felt for her and that she needed to feel, and that washed away a good bit of the anxiety. I liked her a great deal, but it was a very strange day in my life.

When I finally did pull away, she stood still for a second with her eyes still closed, hoping it seemed that I might return my mouth to hers. But eventually she smiled and looked at me. Brushing some stray curls out of her face with one hand, she gave an awkward wave with the other before turning and disappearing into her flat.

Almost immediately I regretted not following her in, but it had been a long and eventful day, and I wasn't sure what to make of it all. Outside of Lorelai's I was still a few stops away from my place on the bus. The late fall London air was cool and damp, but refreshing, so I decided to walk the rest of the way home.

I considered what had happened since the train ride from work this past afternoon. How I discovered first that I could hear people's thoughts, and how I had learned somewhat accidentally to access memories and feelings, amplify them, and make use of them. Of course, except for a few card tricks I did with Mike to test my ability, I had only really used my ability to get laid. There had to be more useful applications of the ability to read minds.

I passed a kabab house on the walk, and thought some food would be good, so I stopped in and ordered a lamb doner. It was just me and the guy behind the counter, and when he handed me the wrap I decided to see if I could get it for free.

I stood there for a second, thinking at him that I should get free food, that he wanted to give me free food. I thought at him as hard as I could, which in retrospect, doesn't make much sense. He just stared back.

After a moment or two I caught his thoughts. They were in what I presume to be Arabic, so I couldn't quite understand them, but the feelings surrounding them were clear. If I had to, I'd say they translated to something like, "Why doesn't this asshole just pay me?" So I handed him a fiver and left.

So it seemed I couldn't just make people do things. Still, somehow I had manipulated both Lorelai and Jenna into sex. Or had I? Is it fair to say I manipulated them? I read their thoughts and both of them were eager for it. I just did what I would have normally been terrified to do, namely, make a bold move. Of course it helps having a sense ahead of time that it will pay off, but is that really manipulation?

But then, what about accessing Jenna's memories? I did amplify them to a point where she was aroused by them. Isn't that manipulation? Maybe. Or maybe it was just tapping into what she's always wanted and being the one to provide it. Maybe this newfound talent was just allowing me to be an incredibly gifted lover.

I had to laugh at that since it sounded so much like a rationalization for my activities so far. Really though, is mind reading that much different than simply being very good at picking up on verbal and nonverbal cues? I mean, if I can't force people to think certain things, then it's not wrong, is it?

I wasn't sure, something seemed off with my reasoning. Knowing how much Lorelai was into me seemed like a violation. Knowing that Jenna fantasized about her father seemed like one too. I began to debate whether I should just refrain from using my ability on people I care about when I walked into my apartment.

Apparently I had taken long enough with the stop at Lorelai's and the walk home that Mike and Michelle had beaten me to the apartment. Mike barely looked up from Michelle's neck as I came in the door, and when he saw me he made a faint waiving motion toward the back of the flat.

Thinking he was signaling me to leave the two of them alone, I was more than happy to drop my coat on the chair and head immediately back to my room. Michelle giggled behind me at what I could only assume was some kind of grope. Their thoughts were even more incoherent than at the party, but now filled with lust and need for sexual gratification. Interestingly, as they flooded my head in an indistinguishable wave of inchoate feeling and imagery, I was overcome by a renewed wave of desire myself.

I was just lamenting not taking Lorelai up on her offer, when I entered my room only to find Jenna laid out on my bed, completely naked, and masturbating.

I just froze as I watched her fingers slide around her obviously wet slit, her pubic mound nearly bald except for a small patch that woul briefly become visible and then disappear again as she moved her hand.

She looked at me with lidded eyes and her lips curled into a languid smile. "Mmmmm," she purred, "hi daddy, I've been waiting for you."

I tried to keep a bi of composure as I sat on the bed next to her and placed my hand on her splayed thigh as her fingers continued to move over her clit. I tried to maintain eye contact, but my gaze drifted down until I sat staring as her middle finger disappeared inside herself. Watching her begin to finger fuck herself I said with a voice more shaky than I'd hoped, "Making yourself at home, I see."

"Mhmmm," and she let out a little gasp as her finger returned to making circles over her clit. "Did you fuck that mousey little girl when you took her home, daddy?" Adding with an almost obscene smile as her free hand reached for my lap, "Think I can still taste her on your cock?"

"No," I admitted adding perhaps too much information, "I didn't fuck her. I wanted to take it slow."

"Awww, that's sweet," her husky voice occasionally offering a moan as she began to rub my cock through my pants, "Does that mean you saved this for me." She gave my cock a squeeze. "Did she work you all up without release so that now you have to go home and fuck your little girl? Or is she too good to spoil, and you save slutty little me for that?"

I tried to read her thoughts, but it was difficult. Things were foggy, the feelings spilling in from the other room were creating what could almost be called a fog of sexual desire. This combined with Jenna's own lurid desires, more uninhibited than earlier because she was now a little drunk, and the feeling was overwhelming. I wanted to stop her, to stop myself. Or at least part of me did, but that part was growing weaker as the feelings intensified.

"Christ, Jenna," I gasped as I leaned back, "What are you doing?" But even as I said it I knew. She was undoing my pants and releasing my cock, having momentarily stopped rubbing herself in order to free me.

Leaning back on my elbows I watched as her hand wrapped around my already stiff cock and began to slowly stroke it. I felt myself grow in her slight hand as it moved slowly up and down.

She leaned forward and licked the head of my cock before planting the smallest of kisses on it. Her blue eyes were filled with hunger as she said, "What you did to me earlier... it was so..." and then she swallowed my cock while holding the base of it tightly with her thumb and forefinger.

I groaned out loud as my head lolled back, lost in the feeling of the warm wetness of her mouth as she slowly sank lower and lower, taking more and more of me in. When she finally raised her head up again, she did so all the way, removing me from her mouth entirely, returning to stroking my now slippery cock with her petite hand.

She held the head of my cock against her chin as she seduced me with her eyes and smile. "I guess you were telling the truth, Daddy," she almost laughed, "It's just me I taste on your cock."

I bit my lower lip and leaned all the way back as she again swallowed my entire length, this time more urgently.

I felt myself slipping away into the cloud of pure sexual desire that filled the room. One moment I could hear the faint demand of Melissa from the other room as she cried, "Fuck me harder" was it aloud, or did she think it? And then Jenna, concentrating on getting the head of my cock into her throat. Her thoughts more about being as nasty as she could, wanting to be that for me, now that I made it okay with the earlier invocation of latent incestuous desires.

As she expertly began to suck my cock in earnest, her head bobbing up and down, I laid back, awash in a swirl of desire. Images flooded my head, Jenna and the science teacher was prominent, but then it was Jenna and her dad. Was that a memory? imagination? I tried to stay there, to see it more clearly.

I felt her suck harder. My hand reached down and gripped her short hair in my hand. An image of her face covered in cum. A shudder ran through me, and then Lorelai's face likewise ruined. Wait, were these my thoughts or hers?

Thoughts of Lorelai suddenly flooded my mind, and I pushed my hips up into Jenna's eager mouth. Lorelai on the bed, legs spread, curls mussed. Fuck. I was losing control of myself. Jenna was there too, or was she? I grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her face first between Lorelai's spread thighs. Holy shit that was hot.

Wait, that's Jenna's imagination, not mine. I opened my eyes and looked down. Jenna's eyes were closed as her head bounced up and down, my cock disappearing and reappearing from between her lips. Her left hand had reached back down between her legs and she was furiously rubbing her clit.

I gripped her hair and pulled her off of my cock with a pop, and left her panting and whining as her fingers continued to work over her eager sex.

"What are you thinking about right now?" I demanded to know. Her eyes shot wide, and she looked terrified, like she'd been caught doing something she shouldn't.

I pulled her up on top of me until her lithe body lay on top of mine. Her slim thighs parted to straddle me, her dripping wet sex rubbing against the length of my saliva covered cock.

Her eyes were half lidded as she slid herself over me, rubbing up and down the length of my shaft without letting me slip inside of her.

"Tell me," I insisted, "or Daddy won't let his little girl cum."

"I..." she sputtered and then bit her lip as my cock made contact with her clit, "I was thinking about that mousy girl..." she moaned, "from the party."

I pressed my hips up and rubbed against her harder, parting her wet lips. "And what were you thinking?"

She moaned, but her cheeks burned red. "I was thinking of you..." she paused and bit her lip again, "making me..." she slid up the length of my cock, "eat your cum out of her cunt."

With that she sank down on my cock, filling herself with its full length.

"Oh fuck," she mewed as she began to ride me, "you like that? You want to use me to clean up your good little girlfriend after you fuck her?"

I groaned and gripped her slim hips in my hands as I began to thrust up into her at the same time as I pulled her down onto me.

She whined into the room as she sat straight up on top of me, letting herself feel how far I could reach inside of her as she ground herself down on me.

"She's a good girl," Jenna whispered almost to herself, "but I'm your whore... I'm Daddy's little whore." And with that I felt her body spasm and grip every inch of my cock nestled deep inside of her as she cried out in orgasm.

It was only the fact that I had already cum twice that evening that kept me from cumming right then and there.

She collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, as my hips continued to thrust upwards into her. She moaned into my ear as I gripped the cheeks of perfect little ass.

In a moment, I had rolled us both over, so that now I was on top of her, my hips spreading her thighs as her legs fell to either side of the bed.

She had passed from a place of control, to a contented passivity, letting me set the pace, letting me take and use her body as I saw fit. And that was exactly what I had in mind, my hard cock straining inside her, I was overcome with a desire to use and ruin her. I saw in my mind's eye the opportunity to have Jenna at my beck and call, a set of warm holes to use.

I hooked her legs with my arms and folded her limber body in half as I began to pound into her. She moaned and squealed in delight every time my cock sank back into her depths.

"Yes, Yes, Yes" she began to almost chant in time with each thrust.

"Look at me," I grunted as I stared down at her, my face inches from hers. Her eyes opened, slowly at first, but widened when she saw the raw desire in mine. "I want you to see my face as I cum inside you."

Her eyes stayed open and she bit her lower lip before saying, "Yes, Daddy, I want to see you. I want to see who owns my tight little cunt."

Her words brought me closer to my own orgasm as my cock began to swell. Almost incoherently, I wanted her to say more.

"Who owns your cunt?" I grunted as a prompt.

"You do," she mewled, "You do, Daddy."

With that I thrust hard into her and my cock emptied jet after jet of my third load of the day deep inside her. I cried out in ecstatic release as I held myself buried inside of her.

"Oh Paul," she cried out in response as she felt the hot spunk coat the inside of her flesh, surprising me by using my name. I wasn't just a fantasy for her, in a very short span of time, I became the fantasy. The guy who let her be herself in bed. The guy who she'd always wanted but never found.

I pulled out of her and collapsed beside her on the bed, both of us working hard to catch our breath. I looked over at her, but she was staring at the ceiling. Whereas before I had been awash in the feelings of lust spilling over from every point in the flat, now I felt something very different.

I felt gratitude.

She turned to me and started, "Paul, I..." but I cut her off with a soft shake of my head.

"I know, Jenna," I said, "You're always safe to be yourself around me. Nothing you can say would shock me. I just want you to feel good."

She smiled and closed her eyes. "Just let me know," she all but whispered as she began to drift off. She didn't finish her sentence, which, had it not been for my ability to read her thoughts, would have killed me. Instead I knew exactly what she was saying. "Just let me know when you think Lorelai is ready to share you."

Of course Lorelai was sharing me, though she didn't know it. As Jenna drifted off to sleep naked in my bed, a load of my spunk slowly dripping out of her well used cunt, all I could think was how could I be so unlucky as to become some kind of sex god on the same day I met a girl I actually liked and thought I could develop feelings for?

Ok, I know, sex god is a bit much, but the events of the day had convinced me that sex was no longer a particularly difficult thing to obtain. Not only would I know which women were attracted to me, but I also would know what they wanted to hear or see from me in order to move things along. I also would know what they wanted in bed, so that they came away thinking I was the best lover they ever had.

It certainly didn't help my desire to play it straight to have Jenna be available to me with her level of kink and lack of concern for monogamy. I mean, I didn't really need Lorelai, did I? I'm sure Jenna and I would do quite well finding like-minded women to invite back into a kind of harem.

Harem? I had to laugh. Yesterday I couldn't get a woman to talk to me, and today I was imagining an entire household of women eager to please me sexually. Such were my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep after a long day.

When I awoke, Jenna was still with me, arm draped across my chest, head on my shoulder. I slipped from the bed as quietly as I could, trying not to wake her. I can't really say why; I just didn't want to face her. Didn't want to talk about the previous night, and above all, didn't want to end up having sex with her again.

Not that it wasn't tempting. As I slipped on some jeans and a shirt I looked back at her in the bed, and her naked form was as tempting as it had been the night before. I watched as she shivered at the sudden absence of my body's warmth, and stepped toward her covering her with blanket before I slipped out of the room with a deep sigh. Proud of my own ability to deny myself and control my passions.

Almost immediately upon closing my bedroom door behind me, I lurched forward into the wall of the hallway, overcome by dizziness and nausea. I practically had to crawl down the hall, unable to stop the sudden pounding in my head.

It was then I heard the retching coming from the toilet. As I crawled to the open door, I saw Mike hunched over the bowl, emptying himself of any remnants from the previous night. Suddenly I understood. This was his hangover I was experiencing. I had barely had anything to drink the night before, but Mike had tied one on.

Just as with the sexual arousal permeating the flat last night, now Mike's wretchedness was affecting me.

He glanced at me from his penitent position and said, "You too? Good to see you embracing life like..." and then he was retching in the bowl again. It was everything I could do not to follow suit. But knowing that my feelings were due to my mental gifts, I could wrestle with them, and ease the symptoms somewhat as I crawled to the door of the flat.

As I made my way outside, and closed another door behind me, my head began to clear. I went down to the street and by the time I was at the bus stop, I was pretty well back to normal, the brief hangover just an unpleasant memory.

I made my way to the upper deck of the bus and found a seat. No one was around. It was fairly early for a Saturday morning in the east end, and that meant the bus crowd was pretty light. I was happy to be away from people. Now that I knew that I was susceptible to a kind of empathic experience of other people's thoughts, it wasn't entirely clear that I wanted to be around anyone.

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