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Thoughts of Skye


I sit here unable to concentrate on anything but our night together. I remember lying in your bed awake, wanting you so badly, but afraid to wake you. My erection strains against your leg. You moved, are you awake? I'm not sure, so I remain still. You moved again and you lightly kiss my cheek. I turn so that our mouths meet. We start ever so slowly, and I am still unsure of if you want to be fully awoken, or if you would rather kiss gently in a drowsy state, only to drift peacefully back to sleep.

You reach for my cock, and your touch is magnificent. So gentle, and so electric. I know now that you want more than a few kisses, and our kissing becomes more intense, but your stroking my hardness remains so exquisitely gentle... heavenly. I want to return your touch, but my position makes it difficult. As we continue to kiss your hand is driving me wild, I want you so badly that I can't put it into words, but I do... simply saying, "I want you." I wonder if you have any idea how badly.

"I want you too," is your response. I shift my position to gain access to you. I nibble on your ear, your neck, your shoulder, your breast... all the while rubbing your clit. You're wet already, and you reach behind your bed for your secret stash. You hand me the condom, and you return your attention to my throbbing cock. Your soft touch feels so good, I almost don't want to put the condom on, so as to end the ecstasy you're delivering to me. But I do, and I move to enter you.

I enter you more easily than I have so far. You are so wet, so warm, so tight. We start to move, and it feels so good. We have to fight to be quiet so as to not wake your roommate. You are so beautiful, so sexy, so hot... I want so badly to tell you that I love you. It isn't the first time I've wanted to tell you, and it won't be the last. I'm afraid to tell you though. It has gotten me into trouble in the past, and I don't want to repeat mistakes.... but I want to tell you. Do you know? Do you feel the same way? Are you in love with me? If I tell you right now, will it scare you? Will it ruin the moment? I know you are still seeing other guys, so I'm afraid to tell you. I'm afraid one of these days when we're having sex, I will blurt it out... I have Tourette's when it comes to these things. Tonight I remain silent, but inside I'm screaming "I LOVE YOU".

Our sex lasts shorter than the previous weekend. You feel too good for me not to cum. Our rhythm is slow and deliberate. Each stroke I feel myself nearing climax. I can't hold it, as I cross the threshold I throw my mouth onto the pillow so as to muffle my groans and hold you so tight I'm afraid I hurt you. I wonder how disappointed you are that I came so quickly. I am determined though to give you pleasure. You are reluctant to allow me to go down on you, but you have no idea how happy it makes me to give you pleasure. The slight bitterness of the latex condom is nothing compared to the joy I get in feeling you respond so favorably to my mouth. I lick you slowly at first, but it isn't long before I'm giving you as much as I can. I slide one finger inside you while I continue to flick your clit with my tongue. With my other hand I trace your bum hole, but afraid to penetrate it because we've not discussed it, and I'm afraid it might disgust you. But you respond so favorably when I touch you there, I think this might be in our future.

After several minutes of this attention, I can tell you are going to cum. As I had hoped based on our last time together I got to watch you climax again and again from the stimulation of my tongue and fingers. Again I want to tell you that I love you, but I settle for telling you how hot you are. I'm hard again, and I want to have sex again. Should I have suggested it? You have to work in the morning, so we instead drift off to sleep again.

As I type this, I'm of course very hard again. I have had to stop occasionally to touch myself and savor the memory of last night. I want to share this with you immediately, but think I should wait. I look forward to the day I can share it with you, and wonder how you will have responded to it. Are you disturbed that I would write this? Or have you gotten aroused yourself? I'm still learning you.

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