Thoughts On Writing Erotica


This 87% of the public is sick and tired of having anal this and anal that crammed down our throats every single time we try to watch a stroke movie or read a story. So, if you insist on doing anal, at least have enough decency to warn your readers ahead of time.

The same thing might be said for incest. I admit I do write a lot of incest stories, even though many people find the idea of incest to be repulsive. However, I always either place it in the incest category, or if I place it elsewhere, I always put something in the title or subtitle to alert readers to the fact that there is some incest action in this particular story. Therefore people who find incest in a story to be repulsive will know ahead of time to not read that particular story.

Another irritant I find in a lot of the stories on Literotica, and elsewhere, is the use of dildos and sex toys. Now, I have nothing against dildos and sex toys. I'm glad that women have gadgets like that to play with and to help them get off. Sometimes I even wish someone would invent a decent sex toy for men. Yes, it is a huge turn on to think of a woman using a sex toy to get herself off on---but it ruins a story.

The biggest offenders in this regard are Lesbian stories. My grudge against the use of dildos and sex toys stems from their overuse in girl-girl stroke movies. Has anyone ever seen a single girl-girl movie in the last twenty years that didn't have totally boring dildo scenes?

Issac Asimov, the famous science fiction writer, used to say this about fiction writing: "As soon as the fisticuffs come out, I know that the author has just run out of ideas." The idea behind that is that there are better ways to build tension in a story than resorting to a fist fight. The same thing holds true in doing girl-girl erotica. We have all seen far too many girl-girl films where the only thing the "actresses" do is shove inanimate sex toys in and out of each other for hours on end with no show of emotion and no actual physical contact with each other.

You see, that is exactly what is wrong with resorting to inanimate sex toys in your stories.

It puts distance between your characters. Instead of tactile sensations felt by both/all participants what you have is nothing but empty space in your story. Have your characters use their own fingers, lips, tongues, etc. to give each other pleasure. Remember the rule above about using the five senses? Well by resorting to the use of dildos and other sex toys, you've eliminated the sense of touch (which may be the most important of the five senses in erotica) for at least one of your characters, and therefore your reader will also be distanced from the story and will look elsewhere for something a little more engaging.

That being said, if you really insist on using sex toys in your story as anything more than a minor prop during the build-up of your story, then please place it in the "Toys and Masturbation" section so that readers will know what they are in for if they read your story.

The point is, never blind side your readers with something they may find to be totally repulsive, or totally boring. The whole idea of writing erotica is to provide pleasure for your readers-not to gross them out, or to bore them to death. If you can remember that, and remember the points outlined above, your stories will be met with a great deal of success.

Good luck.

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