Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes and comments on my previous stories. This tale is my entry in the 2009 Nude Day Story Contest. I encourage you to check out the other entries as well. Thanks for reading.


Peregrine Mergenthaler was a genius.

His IQ was off the scale. At 18 he already had three Doctorates in Engineering, Physics and Chemistry. He led a solitary existence as people in general bored him. He seldom visited his parents, having moved out two years previous, corresponding when he felt like it in cursory e-mails.

Continental Chemical Conglomerate and Monolith Energy Group had jointly provided him with his own fully equipped laboratory, hoping he would join their respective Research and Development Departments. Perry (as he preferred to be called) accepted their largesse, but had no intention of allying himself with anyone. He needed seclusion to realize his dream of the moment.

Perry wanted to get laid.

Any ordinary bundle of raging hormones packaged in young man's body would use more conventional methods to accomplish this, but not Perry. A few days of tinkering and he had devised a molecular disruptor disguised as a camera. He set it for 'fabric' and went to a nearby shopping mall.

No one paid any attention to a frizzy haired, sloppily dressed youth carrying a camera; he looked like any other mall rat. Perfect.

A leggy brunette strutting along in fuck-me shoes, short skirt and a scoop neck t-shirt reading 'They're Real' was his first subject. She stopped to look in a store window; he focused the beam and fired.

She felt her skimpy panties drop to her ankles and looked down in surprise. Perry watched through the magnifying viewfinder as she bent from the waist to retrieve her undergarment, giving him a titillating view of her luscious ass while her shaved pussy winked at him enticingly. She pulled her panties into place and strode off, shaking her auburn locks in confusion.

His cock swelled in his pants both from the sight and the fact that his ray had worked perfectly. The molecules in the thong's elastic had temporarily rearranged themselves and become slack. Emboldened, he set out to find other subjects for his experiment.

Three hours later, Perry had seen over fourteen intimate female anatomies; buttocks of every shape, pussies hairy and shaved, cute puckered assholes, truly a sexual cavalcade. The camera was a real camera as well as a ray projector, so he had numerous photos to fantasize over. It was just the beginning.


When Perry arrived at Crystal Lake two days later, he'd made adjustments to his ray and decided it was ready for another field test. He found a vantage point half way up the beach, sat on his towel and scanned the crowd for his first victim.

A harassed mother appeared dragging a wheeled ice chest piled with blankets and towels, surrounded by three noisy children. Her blonde hair was in disarray and a look of resignation detracted from her pretty face. Perry raised his camera, aimed and fired. The woman shrieked as her bikini top fell to the sand and her ample breasts swung free.

Before she could wrap herself in a beach towel, her bikini bottom joined the top revealing that she was a natural blonde. She attempted to cover herself as her children ran about laughing at mommy's predicament. A lifeguard and several other men rushed over to help her as Perry shook the sand from his blanket and moved further along the shoreline.

A group of young women frolicking in the surf caught his eye. Beach towels decorated with Greek letters indicated they were college students. Perry seated himself and began randomly disrobing the cavorting group. Cries of amazement rang out, followed by raucous laughter as one by one the girls bikinis floated on the water. Their nudity only increased their horseplay as they grappled with each other in the shallows, falling atop one another, their hair scattering water droplets sparkling in the sunlight.

Perry took innumerable pictures, and then decided it was time to implement his master plan. A crowd had gathered watching the women so his departure went unnoticed.


Ignoring the blinking light on his answering machine, Perry poured the last of his synthesized sex hormone into a plastic soda bottle, rechecked the settings on his ray camera and set out for the stadium where the Clear Lake City Snapping Turtles NFL team was holding cheerleader tryouts.

Parking his battered VW Golf in the area reserved for the press and using forged identification, he was soon outside the door of the women's locker room. Tryouts were over for the day and numerous young women were inside; showering, gossiping and discussing their chances of being selected to join the cheerleading squad.

Moving stealthily inside and peering around a corner, he saw groups of beautiful women naked or nearly so and decided his ray would not be needed. He set it down, removed his shirt and trousers, poured the concentrated pheromone liquid on his body, stepped into the room and waited.

It became eerily quiet. All he could hear was the water running in the showers and deep breathing. A busty redhead approached, followed by a muscular blonde and a statuesque black woman. They moved as lionesses stalking their prey, a feral light shining in their eyes. Perry felt a thrill of fear course down his spine as his cock swelled in a magnificent erection and his heart began to thump in his chest.

Other nude women followed the three, seemingly deferring to them. Growling deep in their throats they leapt upon him. Perry gasped as the blonde all but swallowed his cock, the redhead began eating his asshole and the black woman crushed her lips to his, her tongue probing down his throat as they soul kissed.

The remaining women stood in a circle eagerly watching; eyes alight, masturbating themselves and each other as they waited their turn. Perry was pushed to the floor, the black woman bouncing on his cock, the redhead grinding her pussy on his face and the brunette shoving his left foot deep inside her.

Three more women descended upon him, satisfying themselves on his hands and unoccupied foot. He found himself spread eagled on the locker room floor as the six women used him as a fuck toy until one by one they erupted in orgasm. Then six more women took their place, then six more.

Perry felt like a fertility god as the women took turns being fucked and eaten by him. His dreams had come true. He soon lost count of who had used him last, enveloped as he was in lustful female flesh. A troubling thought intruded as he ate pussy; Why am I not tired? How long has this been going on? They're not tiring either. It's the pheromones. They've overridden other signals from the brain. This could go on forever. What have I done...?


When the police finally battered their way into the locker room, an amazing sight met their eyes. A group of naked women engaging in multiple sex acts with a man on the floor and each other. Many of Perry's rescuers were injured when they tried to take the women away from him, each kicking, biting and clawing in a frenzy of lust and rage until they were tranquilized.

When they were able to reach Perry, his eyes were glassy, his tongue lolled from his mouth, his engorged cock was a deep, deep red and he was covered in pussy juice. He was breathing, but would not respond to questioning and was taken to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.

A stadium worker found the ray camera in a corner and turned it in to the police. It subsequently disappeared into the dark recesses of the department's Evidence Room never to be seen again.

Perry was duly identified by his parents and his laboratory thoroughly searched. No traces of the pheromone concoction or designs for the molecular disruptor ray were ever found. The women recovered from their experience, but remembered nothing of it, wondering why they were so bruised, scratched and sore.

The Snapping Turtle's press unit minimized any publicity concerning the incident and it was quickly forgotten in favor of the upcoming football season.

Today, Perry lies in a private sanitarium; carefully attended by male nurses hired by his corporate benefactors in the hope that he will one day regain consciousness and begin inventing things again.

For now, he's in a world of his own making, endlessly reliving his ultimate erotic fantasy.


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