My wife introduced me to the spanking lifestyle. We met and were in the process of getting to know each other when one day she plopped herself on my lap. In response to my question about what she liked sexually, she replied, " Well, I like to be spanked. And I love to give blowjobs." What man could ask for more?

Spanking and corporal punishment was new territory for me. As, I assume, most people unfamiliar with the subject, I viewed spanking as a punishment for errant children and something kinky Englishmen asked their paid mistresses to do to them. Still, the idea didn't shock or repel me. I told her that I'd never known anyone who liked it, but I was willing to try to please her. I added that I was fairly certain I wouldn't like to BE spanked, however. She said she really didn't like to give them, so things should work out for us.

Over the next couple of weeks, I spanked her a few times. She assured me I did a good job. But I became curious to understand it. So one night I asked her to try spanking me. After only a few strokes, I stopped her, saying it didn't do anything for me, other than hurt. Still, her evident pleasure in having her ass turned red and sore intrigued me. I've always been interested in all forms of pleasure, and this was no different. She was always close to orgasm after a spanking, so it had to be pleasure to her.

Eventually, I learned. I was able to lay across her lap and feel the sting of a paddle on my ass, wielded strongly. After the initial displeasure I began to move 'inside the pain' and began to appreciate the new areas of my own consciousness it spoke to. I got an erection and actually asked for more when she stopped. After that, I was hooked, though not as strongly as she is. I wanted it infrequently, while she was always ready to bend over and have her ass punished. I still didn't totally understand the finer points of why it met the needs in her, but I had a little better idea of the pleasure response involved. My newfound pleasure also was a revelation to my wife. She found she did enjoy giving, as well as receiving.

Fast forward to almost a year after we were married. We had moved closer to each other and enjoyed total openness together. After she discovered that I am anal-erotic (just as she is), enjoying having my anus penetrated, stroked and licked, she was more than willing to give me that kind of attention. We both had our first anal sex experience together when she let me fuck her ass. So I bought dildoes that could, naturally, be used on either of us. Then I bought a strap on harness with a large dildo so she could get some semblance of how it feels to have a cock and to fuck somebody with it.

Now the present situation. We had discussed and fantasized about bringing others into our sexual life, but she was reluctant. I'm not sure, actually, how truly willing I would be to share her with another man, no matter how exciting the fantasy is. A big part of the problem would be finding a risk-free third person. These fantasies were strictly sexual and had never included any spanking factors. At least for me...

Her daughter, Lena, was out of town for a school function. Having Lena with us had severely limited our playtimes, since she (Lena), being young and inexperienced, viewed her mother's penchant for ass-tanning as a weird perversion. So we had been restricted to lunchtime spankings and other times when Lena was either at school or otherwise absent. So now that she was out of town for several days, we felt pretty liberated. Little did I know how much more liberated she felt than I did.

We were laying in bed after a round of sex and spanking. I had spanked her first, then submitted to the paddle as she wielded it. It occurred to me that she was especially vigorous in her punishment tonight, but just wrote it off to the release from our normal situation. Anyway, I was nursing my red ass while she attended to the hardon it had given me. She sucked and licked at it while pinching and pulling at my nipples (another newly discovered, and shared, pleasure for us). I merely lay back and reveled in the pleasure of it all. She began to talk between licks: "Okay. I want to try something new. First, you have to promise that you will do everything I tell you to."

"Well..." I began, but she gave my nipple a particularly vicious twist that sent a wave of pain and pleasure down my spine and into my crotch. "OW! Okay! Okay, I guess I can trust you. But you have to promise not to hurt me too bad, or ask me to do anything I really don't want to do."

"Oh, that's not a problem. I think this will be something you want to do, even if you won't admit it. But you promise? To do EVERYTHING I tell you?" I was thinking, 'How bad can it be?', so I promised. We'd done just about everything together anyway. She gave my dick a last hard suck, jumped off the bed, and left the room. A few minutes later she returned and set some things down on the nightstand. I saw a dishtowel, but it was wrapped around whatever else was there, hiding it from my view.

She had me close my eyes and she tied the dishtowel as a blindfold around my head. I began to get nervous, but I DID trust her, so I just lay there. Then she rolled me onto my belly. I felt her tie my hands together and then pull them up to tie them securely to something. I assumed it was the bottom of the headboard. She told me to raise my hips and shoved a couple of pillows under me, keeping my ass elevated. Then she tied my ankles, one at a time, to the lower corners of the bed. Reaching beneath me, she brought my genitals out from under me, so they were exposed and vulnerable. I didn't hear anything for a few minutes. It felt as if I was alone, so I assumed she had left the room again. I began to prepare myself for yet another spanking and, perhaps a dildo up my ass.

When she came back, she bent down and kissed my cheek. "You okay so far?" she asked quietly. I assured her I was, but asked her to scratch my back just under the left shoulder blade. She did. Then I felt some oil poured in the middle of my back. She began to rub and massage it in. I told her she hadn't had to tie me up to massage me. I would have submitted to that willingly. She just chuckled, which sent a nervous thrill through me. I was expecting to have my ass paddled again, then probably fucked. I was eager for it all. My cock was hard again.

I felt the pressure of her kneeling between my thighs as she continued the massage. Hands kneaded my buttocks firmly, making them ache from the earlier spanking. They squeezed them and separated them, a finger trailing down the crack and across my anus. It sent a ripple of pleasure up my back. I rocked my hips up in response, letting her know it felt good. The finger returned and prodded at my hole again, this time entering slightly. I sighed and pushed my knees farther apart, but the ankle restraints would only allow me so much room.

The hands left me. Them I felt a coldness at my anus. It was a different lubricant -- Crisco, I assumed, since that has become our favorite for anal sex. The fingers pushed it into me and rubbed in and out, making sure I was well lubed. After more 'opening exercises' ( more fingers inserted simultaneously ), I felt a dildo being pressed against my now more relaxed opening. I tipped my hips up again to allow better access. The tip entered, then withdrew. Entered again and went farther. After a few minutes of this, I felt it inside me completely. I was pretty sure which one she was using, and waited for the vibration to be turned on. But she didn't do it. The weight and presence between my legs lifted. The air currents told me she was moving around the bed. Then I felt the paddle being stroked across my ass.

It lifted and I didn't have to wait too long before I got the first sharp smack! I still jumped, even though I knew it was coming. It was followed by several more. The stinging, aggravated by the earlier thrashing, warmed me up quickly. I was stroked a few times with the paddle and with a hand, then paddled some more. After, maybe fifty swats, I began to get uncomfortable. The dildo up my ass and the spanking had become a sort of plateau beyond which a mere continuance would not increase. Then a hand grasped my cock and balls, still lying exposed, down between my thighs. I groaned as I felt a cord of some sort wrapped around the entire package at the base of my cock. It was pulled tight, but not painfully so. I felt the end of the cord passed up over my back and secured to the headboard. My wife asked me to tell her when it became too painful. When it pulled and hurt, I told her and she backed off to keep the tension, uncomfortable, but not hurtfully painful.

At this point, I felt something was odd and it gave me a chill. I'm not sure what it was, a sound, a wisp of an air current, or whatever. But I sensed another presence in the room, that we weren't alone. As my ordeal continued -- wiggling of the dildo, swats on my ass, tugging at the cord around my genitals -- I became fully convinced there was someone else in the room. It was weird. I didn't, couldn't, know who it was, that witnessing the most complete humiliation I'd ever experienced. I didn't voice my feeling. It made me uncomfortable, but it still, was a kind of thrill, knowing a stranger was in the room. When the dildo was activated, the vibrations traveled deep into my bowels. I couldn't stifle a groan and my hips moved involuntarily.

My hands were released, but the dildo was held firmly in place and the cord was kept taut. My wife bent to speak quietly, but audibly, in my ear, "Does it feel good, Honey?" I groaned and choked out a 'Yes.' I was unwilling to say more, to break the spell if it was only my imagination. She told me she was going to untie my ankles and have me turn over after a few more swats. The vibrator hummed in my ass as I felt the paddle descend repeatedly -- at least a hundred more times, and rapidly. It was an onslaught that made me become lost in the sensation. I stopped wondering who might be there, or what they might think. I grunted and finally groaned continuously. I felt my dick leaking fluid all over the pillows beneath me. The pain had become total pleasure. I just didn't care about humiliation or how I might appear. I was lost in the sensations inundating me totally.

Then the spanking stopped. The vibrator turned off and the dildo slid slowly out of my ass. The mist that had shrouded my mind during the last few minutes began to clear. My ankles were freed and I began to raise my hand to lift the blindfold. "NO!" my wife's voice commanded. "Not yet. I promise you'll have that off before we're done, but not yet. Now turn over." The tension on the cord around my genitals was relaxed, but the cord remained tied to me. I raised shakily off the pillows and felt them pulled off to the side. I flopped over to my back and immediately felt and smelled my wife straddle my head. Her juices were running down her thighs. She had enjoyed this as much as I did. The cord was passed over my chest and retied tautly. I wondered if the other woman (?) was as excited, and if I would get to taste her as well. I drove my tongue deep into my wife's cunt. The cord that bound my genitals was tugged to make them jump. That was when I felt the other person push my legs apart and kneel between them. A mouth engulfed the head of my cock.

"Okay," I said with as much sternness as I could muster, "Who is it? Take off the blindfold."

"You'll just have to wait to find out -- or maybe not." my wife laughed. Her legs pinned my arms so I couldn't have jerked the blindfold away if I'd tried. So I didn't try. Whoever was sucking my dick was experienced. The mouth covered it in gradually increasing lengths until I felt a nose poking my belly. The entire length of my dick was inside. I groaned again and sucked harder at the cunt that dripped over my face. My wife groaned into and wailed through an orgasm, her legs tightening against my ears, making it impossible for me to understand the words I heard then. Then I was coming -- hard! The sucking continued and I knew all my come had been swallowed, since I felt nothing running down or on my belly.

The mouth released my dick. My wife lifted herself off my face. All the pressure left the bed for a minute. Then I felt legs on either side of my head again. The scent of woman (Whew! I thought. 'I'm glad it IS a woman!' Though I'd been pretty sure it was.) reached my nostrils. She was seated facing the headboard. I craned my head up, tongue extended. It ran into a tangle of hair. My wife keeps herself shaved. This bushiness was novel, since it had been a long time since I'd had a hairy cunt in my mouth. I found my way to the center and began to suck at the labia. I felt hands (my wife's, I assumed, though I was beyond caring) begin to fondle and stroke my cock. My arms were not pinned down now, so I wrapped them around the woman's thighs and pulled her haunches tighter to my face. I drove my tongue deep and sucked at her clit. It was large and much easier to find than my wife's is, so I sucked it and vibrated my tongue against it. Moving one hand under her ass and into the crotch I was eating, I slipped two fingers inside and pressed forward to rub, trying to find her G-spot. I did and she gave a yelp and jumped. But she soon was back down against me for more. Again I stroked the spot and she hissed. When she came -- and it was only seconds -- she exuded a lot of juice. There must have been a quarter cup of thick, delicious, tangy honey that I sucked in. It ran down my chin and onto my neck.

As her orgasm subsided, she rolled to the side. My cock, meanwhile had begun to receive another blowjob. I pulled my wife up on top of me. The dominant / submissive roles had begun to slip and blur. I made no move to remove the blindfold, it seemed unimportant now, to see who was with us. It was enough to know my wife had accepted her, approved her. I told my wife to lick the juices from my chin and neck. I canted my hips and shoved my dick inside her. The feeling took her so deeply that she began licking and sucking her friend's juices from me. She kissed me and drove her tongue into my mouth. I fucked her hard. When I brought my hand down against her ass to deliver a sharp SMACK! of a swat, she jumped. Then I said, "Help me spank her." The friend began to spank her round ass as I held my wife's hands so she couldn't cover herself. She whimpered and ground her clit against me, bringing herself to orgasm quickly.

The blindfold took on a new significance -- at least in my mind. My wife might have felt self-conscious if I knew who we were fucking with, and now I really didn't care who it was. I hadn't come again yet, so when my wife stopped throbbing around my dick, I gently rolled her to the side. Then I sat up and finding the other woman, pulled her roughly under me. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and positioned my cock at her cunt. She was still slick and sticky with her come so there was no impedance when I shoved myself full-length into her. I moved my hips up and down, side to side as I fucked her. I sensed she didn't need a tender screwing right now, but a rough fucking. I pounded at her cunt. I reached up and felt her tits for the first time. They were larger than my wife's and the nipples prominent. I pinched at the hard nubs of the nipples and twisted with each thrust of my hips. I was rewarded with her gasping and whimpering.

I lost myself in the fucking. I was aware at one point of my wife's hand reaching between us to feel my dick sliding in and out of her friend. Then she kissed me, biting my lip in the process. I released one nipple and tangled my fingers in my wife's hair. I kissed her roughly and repaid the nip by biting her lip even harder. She groaned and (she told me later) was surprised by another orgasm.

Then I released her and lay forward on the woman I was fucking. I kissed her, too as I approached my second orgasm. She shrieked into her own. That drove mine to the surface and I pounded her as hard as I've ever pounded any woman. I came and came and came! When the throbbing ended, I was totally exhausted. She panted as hard as I did and I gently stroked her tits and belly. I reached out to my wife and drew her face to mine to kiss her tenderly and nuzzle her ear.

We gradually regained our breath. As I reached up to remove the blindfold, a hand stopped me. "No. Please leave it on, Honey," my wife asked. "Just a minute more." There was motion and sounds of feet on the floor. I knew then that I'd probably never know who had joined us. I've asked my wife many times. She won't say. We haven't repeated the scene, but it has provided much incentive in our private sexual activity. A brief reference to that day will always escalate the level of heat for either of us and we'll fuck longer and harder than ever. Whenever we are around other women, our friends, I have to wonder, 'Is that the one? Or that one?' None of them has ever betrayed by a word, a look, or a smile that they might, indeed, be the one that shared our bed. Maybe someday my wife will tell me. For now, it is fun to imagine who it might have been...

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