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Three Blown Down


One Saturday last May, I was chilling with my boys Jeremiah and Eric. It was a sunny day out and we had planning a small get together. We're all around the same age but we all look different. I'm 5'9", around 150lbs, tan skin tone that makes most people mistake me for Spanish, and eyes that change color. Eric is slightly shorter but stocky, a solid 200lbs. He's Dominican with a dark complexion and a heavy accent, covered in tattoos, one of my best friends since childhood. Jeremiah was the biggest out of us; he was black, about 6'3 and 220lbs. He was a workout monster. Dark skinned and ripped, he looked like a football player.

We were at Eric's house playing cards and taking shots. We had a few friends over and they had brought a few guests with them, but nothing exciting was happening. After about 3 hours of random bullshitting, 2 bottles gone to shots, and a bunch of joints in the ashtray the party was starting to wind down, a few people left early, including Jeremiah, who went to get more weed. We had about 7 people there with me and Eric mingling. I was on the couch bored when my phone vibrated. I reached in my jeans pocket and pulled my phone out. I had got a text message. I went into my inbox to see who it was. My ex Nadine had wrote me saying "Hey."

Before I move forward let me tell u about Nadine. She's Spanish, jet black hair down her back, about 4'11 and 98lbs, nice round ass, about 36c breasts with pierced nipples, and as freaky and nasty as they come. When we were together we used to live about a half mile from the plaza in which both our jobs were. She would start blowing me while pulling out and be scooping up the last bit of cum to swallow as I pulled in my driveway... but that's another story.

I texted her back and asked what she was doing. She said she was bored and wanted to drink. I knew that if a freak like Nadine was in the mix, something fun was bound to go down. So I told her that we were having a get together over Eric's and asked if she wanted to come chill for a bit. She said ok, but I would need to meet her outside because she didn't know where Eric lived. I told Eric I was going to meet Nadine and made my way out to the parking lot.

While I stood outside waiting, I started to think of all the things me and Nadine fantasized about when we were together. We would talk about having threesomes, orgies, putting on a sex show in front of some people. And Nadine has a cum fetish. She often spoke of sucking off 5 or 6 men in a row and swallowing every load, this is one of her major fantasies. I honestly don't think the girl goes a day without sucking dick. I wondered if I would get something going with her today...

She pulled in and parked next to where I was standing. She was on the phone arguing with somebody (her current boyfriend I believed) and motioned for me to get in the passenger side of the car. As I got in I noticed her outfit, black platform heels, some denim shorts that were so short I could see her ass hanging out of them and she was still sitting, and then a black tee shirt with a plunging neckline that showed a lot of cleavage. Her look was completed with dark black Dolce & Gabbana shades. I guess she noticed me looking because she looked at me, undid the top button on her shorts and mouthed to me "My pussy is wet." so she wouldn't be overheard by whoever was on the other end of the phone line.

I took my cue and reached over into her shorts, I was surprised to find she didn't have any panties on. "Damn" I thought to myself "If she bends over in front of anybody they must get an eyeful of pussy" She was shaven smooth, and her lips were moist with sticky juices. I rubbed the lips for a minute before I spread her open and began playing her clit. Still engaged in her argument, she leaned her seat back and spread her legs to give me more access to her now soaking pussy. With one hand massaging her clit and fingering her pussy, I reached my other hand up behind her and undid her bra. She slid it off her shoulders and took it out from under her shirt and lifted the shirt, exposing her pierced nipples to the sun and whoever might've been looking. I tossed the bra in the backseat and began to lick her right nipple. I pulled the ring with my teeth, and sucked as much of her breast as I could fit in my mouth, all the while fingering her twat relentlessly.

She finally hung up the phone, looking at me she said "Damn, you almost made me cum." I told her "Don't worry, you will get to later." she smiled as we got out the car. She reached in the back to grab her bra, "U don't need that" I told her with a smile. She left it and we walked into Eric's building. She walked in front of me, as we made our way up the stairs I noticed that half of her ass was indeed out. She went to put her keys in her purse she dropped them. As she bent over to pick them up I could see her pussy lips clearly with just a small patch of wet denim covering what's in between them. I rubbed both lips as she picked up her keys, my finger slipped under the denim and fell right in her hole. She waited there for a second then stood up and said, "That's the second time that's happened to me today." "Oh yea, when was the first time?" I asked her. "AutoZone before I came here, I was bending over to look at the prices on the coolant and the sales clerk came over asking if I needed help and he rubbed my pussy." "I can see how that would happen, you do have it on display," I replied "What did you do?" Then she turned around to me and said, "I let him finger fuck me. Why does u think I was so wet when I got here?" And with that she opened the door and we walked back in the party.

The next hour was filled with more shots and joints, and a lot of flirting between Nadine and a few of the guys that were left, including me and Eric. As it was dwindling down, people were dispersing and pretty soon it was just me, Nadine, and Eric left in the house. Eric was in the kitchen finishing the clean up, that left me alone in the living room with Nadine. I was on the couch and she was sitting in the computer chair watching TV. We were all pretty wasted and I was getting a semi hard on looking at Nadine's ass. I looked at her and asked, "Do you still have those fantasies we used to talk about back when we were dating?" She looked up at me and her eyes brightened. "Yes!" She said emphatically. "All of them?" I asked, trying to push the conversation further. "Yes," she replied again, "What did you have in mind?" I looked straight at her and said, "Want to put on a show?"

She didn't respond, she rolled the computer chair over to where I was sitting and unbuttoned her shorts. "Anything in particular you want?" She asked while grabbing my dick through the jeans and licking her lips. I responded with another question "Want to taste some cum?"

She undid my jeans and pulled my dick out. "I've been dying for this all day. " She said right before she devoured my dick whole. She licked and sucked all of my 8 inches and my balls. Her face and my jeans were both getting covered in spit as she sucked me off sloppily. I started to fuck her face and her shades fell off, now we were staring each other in the eyes as I rammed my dick down her throat.

Eric had finished the kitchen and was coming around the corner with 3 more shots when he saw what was going on. At first he stepped back saying "Oh Shit! my bad I didn't know you guys were in here"

But he got no response from either of us besides the sounds of her slurping and sliding her lips on my dick. He put the shots on the entertainment center and came and sat on the couch by us

"Damn she's really sucking like a pro, "he said eyes wide in amazement at her skills. " I hope you guys don't mind, but it's been a long time." And with that he pulled his cock out and started jerking at a furious pace. His cock is shorter than mine at about 6 inches, but he was very thick. Nadine glanced up at both of us with my balls filling her mouth, then down to where his hand was jacking his cock... He let go feeling slightly embarrassed.

Then Nadine did something that shocked the hell out of both of us. In one motion, she released my balls slid the chair over and slammed her throat down on Eric's cock. Then, slowly but as hard as she could she kept slamming her throat down on his dick, fucking her own throat. Eric tried to grab her hair for control, but she just moved his hands down to hold her tits and kept up her slow throat fuck. Her mouth looked stuffed, and his cock was coming out wetter and wetter every time she pulled her throat off. After only a few minutes it became too much and Eric grabbed two fistfuls of hair and began to fuck Nadine's face for all she was worth. The door began to open and Jeremiah walked in just in time to see Eric pump one last time and dump his load down Nadine's throat.

Jeremiah threw the bag of weed he had gotten on the entertainment center next to the shots and walked over to Nadine undoing his jeans. He pulled out a 10 inch monster and waved it in her face. She wasted no time in trying to milk the load from his throbbing cock also. I had never seen her with anything that big in her mouth, I didn't know if she could handle it. To my surprise, she slid her tongue up and down the length of his shaft to wet it, then proceeded to deep throat him with no problem. He pulled his dick from his mouth and made her suck and lick his balls for a few minutes before returning to face fucking her. She sucked, slurped, gargled, and gagged for another 10 minutes before he too dumped a load in her mouth.

At this point I was in an animalistic state and needed to cum bad; I nearly ripped her shorts off before stuffing my cock in her to the hilt from behind. " Ahhhhhh!!!!" she moaned loudly and I fucked her savagely, pulling her hair and smacking her ass, while thrusting with so much force the chair would've tipped had the computer desk not been there. I took her over to the couch and had her lay on her back with her ass hanging off the edge and her legs straight up. I stood right above her and threw both legs over my shoulders and drilled her pussy with everything I could. She climaxed two times in the process before I felt the eruption coming up from my balls and put her on her knees so I could feed her like my friends had. I shot an enormous load in her mouth. She swallowed twice, and then showed us what was left in her mouth before swallowing the rest of it down. She cleaned my dick and then got her clothes on. She hugged everyone and said goodbye, thanking us for a good time. When she was gone we all took shots and smoked talking about what had just happened. Jeremiah said "I never had a chick that could deep throat me." "She's the fucking best," Eric said "I hope we can do it again soon."

I laughed and said knowingly. "I don't think that should be too much trouble." My phone was vibrating again, the screen read: Text from Nadine...

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