Three Brothers


Timmy approached the giant-titted goddess, lowering his behemoth with one hand and dragging Wendy towards him with the other until her tight buns reached the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, he placed his titanic boycock at her anal entrance, letting loose with an ounce or so of lubricating pre-splooge. Then, he carefully inserted the grapefruit-sized head of his colossus, letting Wendy catch her breath with each invading inch. Eventually, his helmet was fully lodged inside her cavity and he continued his upwards journey up her distended bowels.

"God, it's so fucking huge, you're ripping me apart but it feels so good! AAAH, I'm coming already!" moaned the mature size-queen, juices squirting out of her pussy and splashing over the deep crevasses of Timmy's rock-hard abs. The 18yo boy had only penetrated her with a third of his shaft before he felt some resistance, her hole becoming narrower. His titanium pole dug its way nevertheless, impaling Wendy with several more inches before the boy stopped and sawed back out, pulling her anal walls inside out. He slammed back in, his heavy spermbags noisily bouncing against the sheets on the side of the bed. Timmy increased the pace and brought Wendy over the edge time and time again, her loud cries of ecstasy resonating through the whole apartment block. Her giant fake mammaries were bouncing atop her chest and Timmy took hold of them, malaxing them while he continued his assaults on her backside.

"Fuck this is so hot!" noted Jake, his huge pole red with excitement.

"Let's fuck her together!" proposed Timmy, lifting a helpless Wendy on his monumental pole before turning round and lying back on the bed, letting her fall down on a few more inches of his angry shaft.

"Ouch! Please no!" winced Wendy, seeing the muscular 19yo teenager jump on the bed and place his cum-rocket near her labia. But Jake was too engrossed with the idea of sticking his pud up her pussy to hear her and he lunged forward, plunging his tool ten inches deep inside her vagina in one swift go. Both huge members were now deeply embedded inside her cavities, sawing in and out rhythmically, Timmy's massive member pushing aside his older brother's smaller but still huge penis every time the 18yo superior teen stud plunged his giant tool up Wendy's anal passage.

"Fuck yeah! That pussy is ssso good!" yelled Jake, unable to contain the orgasm building deep inside his loins after a few minutes of intense fucking. His geyser started unloading inside Wendy's uterus, huge wads of teenage spunk splashing deep inside her womb. Meanwhile, Timmy held still his massive appendage as deep as possible to let his brother jettison his sperm cargo without interruption. After a minute of non-stop coming, Wendy's pussy was filled to the brim with the boy's ball-batter, the white slosh obscenely dripping out of her distended pussy. Jake removed his slightly-softening cum-cannon to recuperate and a huge river of goo plopped out with it.

"Yeah Jake, you really filled her up to the brim!" complimented Bobby. The twenty year-old power stud was furiously jacking his mammoth tool while admiring his two younger brothers give Wendy the fuck of her lifetime. He moved to the side of the bed and offered his plum-sized helmet to the cock-hungry slut, who gladly swallowed it whole, while holding the arm-thick shaft at midpoint, caressing the tumescent monster with her fingernails. "Damn, you give such great blowjob!" enthused Bobby, pushing his dong down her throat and coating her tonsils with his copious pre-cum.

Timmy was now left alone with the task of fucking the incredibly hot housewife from underneath. He held her waist up and dropped her repeatedly on his unbending 20-inch leviathan, plunging as many as 15 inches of his mega-cock with each thrust. Bobby removed his dong from Wendy's mouth to let her breath and slapped her face with his iron-hard fuckstick.

"You love it don't you, you horny bitch!" he said as she started jacking his shaft with both hands and self-slapping herself with it.

"Oh yeah, I love it when you boys show me how virile you are! Your giant cock is so heavy and powerful. AAAH, Timmy be careful with that enormous horsecock! Fuck, you're so huge, the biggest cock I ever had, you're such a fucking bullstud!" yelled Wendy as she reached yet another orgasm.

Bobby decided to shut her up as he didn't like being reminded that his younger brother was so much bigger than himself so he took hold of his cock and rammed it deep inside the woman's throat, making her gargle incomprehensively from the brutal oral invasion. Menwhile, Timmy continued destroying Wendy's anus with his incredibly massive boycock. He was approaching his third orgasm of the afternoon, and his cock filled with a pint of blood, gaining an extra inch before unloading its first scalding jet directly inside the busty mature woman's intestines. That sperm grenade was so voluminous that it eventually reached her stomach after its ten-second length! Timmy felt that the immensity of his discharges would be too much for the poor Wendy and so he removed his colossal cannon and placed it between her thighs, its vertical monumental length easily reaching a foot above her body and erupting like a water fountain straight up. His wads were so powerful that they reached the ceiling, plastering it with ounces of teen spunk! Soon, the viscous cream rained down on their bodies while Timmy continued to cum like a stallion. Watching this, Bobby also started blasting his mighty jets inside Wendy's mouth. She gulped repeatedly but to no avail and cum soon started running down the corners of her mouth, adding to the huge droplets of gunk falling all over her body from the ceiling. Her bedroom was getting repainted white from Timmy's unending reservoir of virile cum. How could the boy come so much, she wondered? Bobby removed his discharging rod from her mouth and coated her face with his final jets of semen. She hungrily licked his still-hard helmet to suck out the final dregs of cum stuck in his urethra.

Meanwhile, Timmy was still wildly cumming after over twenty massive jets, his wads now less plentiful and not hitting the ceiling anymore, but rather lashing Wendy's cum-covered body as he angled his dong slightly towards her face. He managed to paint her with another dozen or so ounce-full wads before petering out with a half-dozen pellets that would still put any pornstar to shame. He flexed his cock to let loose the final volleys of boyspunk which fell heavily on Wendy's stomach.

"Oooh, Timmy, you cum ssso much every time!" marveled Wendy. She knew the super-stud would still be hard despite the inhumane volume of cum he had already discharged this afternoon, as it was customary for the massively-hung boy to cum at least half a dozen times in a row when he came over to fuck her senseless. And this, after he would have fucked several girls already in the morning. The boy could unload over two dozen times a day without any problem, recharging his batteries in no time and cumming over twenty ounces of sperm with each heavy delivery. He truly was a cum-machine, able to produce more sperm in a single day that a normal man could in his whole life.

And so she lifted herself off his muscular heaving body and knelt between his thighs, holding his still-turgid ramrod in both hands and slowly licking up and down its incredible 20-inch length.

"Yeah, you're still so hard, let me give you a nice slow blowjob while you brothers recover" she offered. Indeed, Bobby and Jake were slowly tugging on their softened shafts, coaxing themselves to yet another hard-on. But it would take a while, leaving Wendy to deal with Timmy's untiring beast. She suckled on the inch-wide cumslit and furiously jacked the immense crank with her fists, her toned arm muscles clearly straining from the efforts. Timmy watched intently, his enormously-pumped up muscular body seemingly relaxing as the busty cock-hound assaulted his mega-cock with her hands and mouth. Soon, his pre-splooge started running continuously out of his helmet. The horsehung stud could also produce vast quantities of the stuff, often several ounces before cumming. This time was no exception as his pre-cum coated Wendy's tonsils and dripped down her chin onto the vast surface of her FF-cup milkbags, mixing with the inch-thick layer of teen cum already frosting them. Every now and then, she would leave his angry cockhead to lick his overly muscular abs and chest clean of his own cum, her eyes never leaving his cute boyish face as she winked and purred in pleasure while continuously stroking his giant tool. Timmy would then scoop fingerfuls of warm spunk from her face and feed them to her hungry mouth. Bobby and Jake were soon recuperating as they watched the horny couple indulge in such lewd behavior. Jake was first to reach full mast and seeing Wendy's upturned asscheeks soon compelled him to push his 15-inch boycock up her chute. Wendy grimaced as she felt yet another bull-sized cock sodomize her, but at least this one was the smallest of the three giant dongs that had gone through her rectum today. Therefore, she soon resumed giving Timmy a slurpy blowjob while Jake powerfucked her from behind, his whole enormous organ plunging in and out of her arse with tremendous speed, his heavy gonads slapping her thighs on each upstroke.

"Oh boys, you're giving me the fuck of my lifetime! OOOH! Careful with that giant dick Jake! SLLLURP! Mmmh, your massive boycock tastes so good Timmy, and there's so much precum coming out of it, you're such a fucking cum machine!" enthused Wendy as she licked the bulbous grapefruit-sized head of the 18yo boy's angry weapon.

"Yeah, suck my huge cock!" encouraged Timmy, one hand tugging on Wendy to give him leverage during this sumptuous fellatio. Once again, the enormously-endowed young man let loose a volley of pre-cum that spewed as high as Wendy's hair, covering her nose and forehead with a heavy dose of salty seminal juices. "Damn, you're making me pre-cum like crazy!" he roared, another mighty blast of translucent fuckjuice squirting out of his bloated cumslit.

"How can you keep cumming like that Timmy?" asked the buxom bombshell, her eyes pleading like a puppy for more pre-spunk from the teen sex Adonis. "I know, it's because you have such massive balls full of baby-batter!" she exclaimed, one hand trying to weigh one of Timmy's astonishing cum boulders.

Meanwhile, Jake had managed to stick over a foot of his own goo-covered pud way up her backside and the teenager was getting close to cumming yet again, Wendy's dirty talk about his younger brother's giant sex organ stirring him on like crazy. Bobby indicated that he too was ready to join in the fuckfest, so Jake stood on the bed, never letting his dong out of Wendy's anus while his older brother positioned his mighty rod just below, his helmet slowly distending Wendy's already bruised labia. Jake's gonads were hanging over his shaft, but neither brother cared, alternating their plunges so as to give each other enough space to push their mega-sized cocks inside the limited space inside the willing MILF.

"Let's all come together on her tits and face for the finale!" proposed Timmy, both his hands joining Wendy's frantic tugging at his mammoth organ. Her mouth was too full of teen dick for her to utter any response but Timmy knew instinctively that this is what the cum-hungry housewife wanted. "On my call, one, two...THREE!"

All three brothers quickly pulled their dongs from their respective holes, holding them at the base to stop from cumming before standing next to the bed letting Wendy scramble into position. When her upturned face and massive cum-covered titties came into view, they released their grip on the base of their cum-cannons and huge strings of boycum erupted simultaneously, plastering the mature size queen's face and bosom with salvo after salvo of red-hot pellets of goo.

"Oh boys, you're totally drowning me in your warm spunk! More, MORE!" she encouraged, rubbing the layers of cum already covering her upper chest like it was body lotion, occasionally scooping some of it to messily slurp it up. Thirty seconds into the cumfest, Jake and Bobby's cumshot started petering out but Timmy's massive batter rockets showed no signs of appeasement. He unleashed torrents of goo over Wendy, outpacing the combined efforts of his brothers both in terms of number of wads, and volume of cum. Only after over a minute of non-stop cumming did his cum-cannon start slowing down, but he still managed to unload an extra half-dozen smaller spurts, each more plentiful than a pornstar's total orgasm. By the end of it, Wendy had received over twenty ounces of young virile spunk over her face, hair and body. Ounces of cum were splattered all over the floor and her bed sheets. The delirious housewife fell back on her bed, wringling her body over the warm layers of spunk, greedily eating up as much cream as she could muster, a immense smile covering her face.

"Thank you so much boys, that was wonderful! Now you can come back and fuck me together anytime you like..." she concluded, closing her eyes as she reveled in the success of her deliberate attempt to lure the three young men into her horny sexcapades...

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Yeah Right !

16 inch !
That killed it for me

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