tagLoving WivesThree by Three the Beginning

Three by Three the Beginning


My beautiful wife, Jolene, is 5” 6” and weighs 135 pounds. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes set off a smile that is out of this world. Her shape has the classical curves of a buxom blonde bombshell with the nicest legs you can imagine. The first day I met Jolene I knew I wanted her to be my wife. That was ten years ago and although we have only been married a few years I am in love with her more every day. I love to watch her turn heads when we are in public and I love the way she and I sometimes make love and sometimes wildly fuck when we are in private. I had told Jolene everything about my previous marriage including having had threesomes with my best friend, Joe, and my ex-wife. Jolene explained she would not consider having a threesome or anything like that, it just wasn’t for her. I accepted that as perfectly satisfactory and knew our sex lives together would be fantastic with or without any type of adventures.

It started quite unexpectedly and that may one of the reasons it was so exciting and fun. Jolene and I had traveled to another city for a company training that was to be given by my best friend Joe. We had made arrangements to spend two evenings in the hotel where the training was being held. The first night we met up with Joe and one of the other trainers and had a few drinks in the hotel bar with them. While in the bar I noticed Joe was checking out Jolene and Jolene was giving the eye back to Joe. My wife had on a short summer dress and every time she crossed or uncrossed her legs Joe, as well as the other trainer, was captivated by her luscious thighs. Several times while bending forward to reach her drink my wife’s breasts nearly fell from her loose fitting dress, a view that was not lost on Joe. We visited about many things from work to play and had a great night. At the end of the evening we all retired to our respective rooms.

The following day the training went well and afterwards Jolene, Joe and I went to the bar to have one quick drink before dinner. One drink led to two and then to many more. Eventually we were all feeling rather tipsy and decided to go back to Joe’s room where he had a little smoke waiting. Jolene and I stopped at our room to change out of our business attire and while I was watching my beautiful wife slip into a very short skirt that barely covered her neatly trimmed pussy and tight cotton tank top I asked her to leave her panties off. Jolene frequently goes without underwear under her pants and occasionally with a skirt or dress. I was very surprised when she said ok with a flash of her great smile. I always enjoy the thought of her bare pussy under her skirt or dress and the pleasure it gives others and me when a quick glimpse or flash occurs. As Jolene stood next to me I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs to find her pussy quite warm and wet. The skirt is so short, loose and flared, you can almost see her fine ass when she moves and I was sure our friend Joe was going to enjoy Jolene in the skirt. We were pretty buzzed from drinking as we closed our hotel room door and headed toward Joe’s room.

On the way to Joe’s room I had forgotten my drink in our room and I told Jolene I would meet up with her in a minute. Joe’s room was just down the hall and my wife continued down the hall her short skirt swaying from her fine hips. I retrieved my drink and made my way down the hall to join my wife and best friend. When I entered Joe’s room my beautiful wife was sitting on Joe’s leg, her arm was draped over Joe’s shoulder as he rolled up a joint. Joe had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and had put on some soft rock music. By the way Jolene’s skirt was sitting I knew her bare pussy was against Joe’s leg and her braless breasts were pressed against Joe’s chest. I sat across from Jolene and Joe on the sofa knowing that my wife’s pussy was probably hot and wet pressing on Joe’s muscular thigh. Of course at this time my imagination began developing fantasies about a threesome. I could in my mind’s eye see my lovely wife sucking Joe’s cock while I fucker her from behind.

We were feeling no pain and by the time we finished the joint we were all pretty buzzed. Joe had to get up to go the restroom and when he did Jolene laid down on the bed. My wife was laying on her stomach and her fine ass was totally exposed as the skirt had risen up when she laid down on the bed. Her white thong bikini line accentuated her tan cheeks as it disappeared in her tight ass. I could just make out her moist blonde pussy as she had her legs close together, her feet just dangling from the end of the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and began to fondle her firm ass and kiss her lightly. About this time Joe came back from the bathroom and took his seat at the desk looking somewhat surprised at the scene that presented itself. I looked at Jolene and when she smiled devilishly I motioned Joe over the bed. In the next few minutes we were all naked, no one had to speak or ask questions as Jolene began sucking on my hard cock. Joe moved between her legs and began licking her neatly trimmed pussy. My wife was on her stomach sucking and licking my dick as Joe was fondling her ass and licking her slit. Jolene liked this so much she turned over laid back on the bed while Joe really went at it.

I began kissing her and sucking on her erect nipples while watching my best friend eagerly suck and lick my wife’s pussy. The three of us were totally in the moment and writhing around on the bed until we fell off the end of the bed in a fit of laughter. When we scrambled back onto the bed Jolene began sucking Joe’s cock while on her hands and knees. I moved up between my wife’s legs and slid my dick into her waiting pussy. I was really turned on watching my wife suck on Joe’s cock as I held her by her hips and pumped in and out of juicy pussy. Soon I was shooting my load deep into my wife with long hard strokes. Joe’s large hands were roaming her whole body, squeezing and tugging on her erect nipples. I lay back for a minute and watched as Jolene moved up from Joe’s cock to lock in a passionate embrace. Joe and my wife explored each other’s bodies while making out on the bed.

I was still turned on as I really get off on watching this type of action, especially now that my beautiful wife Jolene was in the middle of it. I had my now hard cock in my hand and was slowly jacking off. While Jolene was stroking Joe’s cock and they were kissing my head began to spin. In a moment I found myself in the bathroom very sick and dizzy. Unfortunately this put a momentary damper on the evening as Jolene came to help me out. Once I got squared away Joe who had also came to help decided to take a shower. As I sat contentedly on the bathroom floor watching Joe enter the shower and then helping my wife into the shower with him. Joe took his time lathering my beautiful wife with soap and shampoo, his hands roaming slowly over her body, massaging her breasts, fondling her ass and holding her close. Jolene for her part had lathered up Joe from head to toe, spending ample time on his manhood. As the shower slowly washed the soap suds from their bodies I was treated to a great view of my naked wife giving Joe head as water cascaded over their bodies. It wasn’t long before Joe’s legs tightened and he held my wife’s head as she sucked the cum from his cock. Jolene stood as she swallowed my best friends spunk and blew me a kiss as I sat smiling, watching my two best friends. As they were standing in the shower kissing my wife was pulling on Joe’s flaccid dick, his hands were fondling her supple tits.

As the shower was turned off they stepped out and toweled each other dry. We all went back into the bedroom where Jolene and Joe laid on the bed while I took a seat in a comfortable chair to watch. They were lying together, Joe on top of my wife, their legs intertwined, bodies pressed tightly to each other. Joe was feeling her tanned soft body and kissing her deeply. I could tell Joe was feeling a little out of sorts with my watching their every move and I asked Jolene if I should go back to our room and leave them alone for a bit. She said that would be ok with her if it were ok with me. I left my two best friend laying together on Joe’s bed kissing and fondling each other’s bodies.

When I got back to our room all I could do was stroke my cock for over half an hour thinking of Jolene and Joe together in his room. Images of my wife sucking his cock and Joe eating her pussy followed by visions of Joe’s cock sliding in and out of Jolene’s trimmed blonde pussy kept my cock hard. After jacking off to the visions dancing in my imagination I decided I should check on them and possibly witness my fantasy first hand. When I entered Joe’s room I found Jolene and Joe lying naked on the bed in an embrace kissing each other as when I left. I sat down and the three of us chatted for a while, I in the chair and Jolene and Joe together on the bed. After a bit my wife rose from the bed and slipped on her short skirt, the one that started this all! Next Jolene pulled on her tank top and bent down to give Joe a quick kiss goodbye. We left Joe laying naked on his bed with a smile on his face.

Jolene and I returned to our room to prepare for the journey home. While we were packing Jolene explained that things just didn’t work out for Joe getting off again and that they had spent the time kissing and fondling, although Joe did spend enough time licking her pussy to bring her to an orgasm. My wife explained that Joe had used his large middle finger to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy while he nibbled and licked her clit, bringing her to the edge several times before she ultimately convulsed in an orgasm. The next morning we stopped at Joe’s room on the way out and bid him goodbye. Everyone was feeling good and comfortable with the events of the previous evening although Jolene and I were thinking how good it would have been to have Joe really get his rocks off the previous night. Not much more was said about the previous night other than an occasional comment in fun. Jolene did say that she enjoyed it very much as it was her first threesome experience, but would have enjoyed it much better if we all hadn’t been so buzzed. Jolene gave Joe a lingering kiss goodbye; I gave him a hug as he and I said our goodbyes.

Over the next couple of months we would joke with Joe on the telephone about the size of cocks, getting too buzzed other aspects of our weekend together. Jolene seemed very comfortable with the joking and with our new relationship with Joe. Many nights my wife and I discussed the events of that weekend while lying in bed considering where our sex life would go from there. We were not sure an adventure like that would ever happen again but it sure spiced up our sex life! Quite often our bedroom talk would lead to wild sex as we role-played the weekend with each other, my playing both Joe’s and my parts in various scenarios. On several occasions we fantasized about if we had picked up a stranger in the hotel bar instead of Joe and how wild that would have been. We talked with Joe just frequently enough to keep the spark of fun and adventure in the wind. Joe threatened that if he were ever to fly through our area he would definitely drop in and take advantage of my beautiful wife. Joe’s well intended threat lead to many fantasies and role-playing.

Last week as a surprise Joe stopped at our home for a stay over on his way to another training seminar. The afternoon of his arrival we were all in the living room enjoying conversation and planning our dinner arrangements. Several drinks were quickly dispatched and the conversation was light and fun. We were getting ready to go to dinner and I went upstairs to get a shirt and while upstairs decided to use the bathroom. As I was at the top of the stairs unbuttoning my pants Jolene who was standing at the bottom of the stairs noticed I wasn’t wearing underwear. This prompted her to ask Joe if he was wearing underwear, her little smile turning to that wicked look I know and love. I lost track of their conversation when I went to the restroom.

When I returned downstairs Joe was standing in the middle of the living room with his hard cock proudly in front of him while Jolene was helping him out of his underwear and shorts while tugging on his cock. I was very pleasantly surprised as Jolene and I had not talked about this happening again. Joe said he needed to take a shower and headed upstairs to clean up. Jolene asked Joe if he needed some help and suggested they shower together in our bathroom. I watched as they headed up the stairs peeling their clothes off the whole way. I was close behind not wanting to miss a thing and enjoying the fun. Joe and Jolene stepped naked into the shower and I headed for the digital camera.

It was rather quite in the shower when I returned and I slipped the camera over the curtain and snapped a quick digital shot. While Jolene and Joe were soaping and kissing I took several pictures of the two of them together. From there I took some pictures of my beautiful wife sucking on Joe’s cock and swirling her tongue around its head. Before Joe could lose his load Jolene stood up and they kissed while my wife continued to tug on Joe’s cock. Joe turned her around and slipped his cock in between her legs. I have a great shot of Joe holding Jolene by the hips and pulling her into him. She is bent slightly at the waist; her firm stomach accentuated by her large breasts and erects nipples. They are both wet and hot, wow what a picture! I still have it in my mind’s eye!

Jolene pulled away from Joe telling him she wanted all of us to play on the bed. After they toweled each other off they moved to the bedroom where I was already laying on the bed with my cock pointed to the air. Jolene crawled across the bed and began sucking on my dick that was just about to explode. Jolene was pumping up and down on my cock; her cheeks were billowing in and out as she sucked me off. Joe moved in behind my wife who was on her knees and elbows. Easily Joe slipped his cock into Jolene and began fucking her from behind. Joe had his hand on her hips and the rhythm of the three of us fucking became one. Jolene was moaning, bucking against Joe and sucking on my cock. I had the most wonderful view of my beautiful wife having the fantasy come true she had told me about after our trip. I was watching her tits move as she did, watching her suck my cock in the greatest way and watching Joe toss and turn his head as he came inside my wife. Another memory burned into my mind’s eye! The three of us built to the point of explosion and incredibly we all came at once. My wife was sucking the cum from my cock as Joe was driving himself deep into her hot pussy. Jolene was writhing in the moment and as we all came down we slowed down, relaxing in each other’s grasp. It had been so intense that I had completely forgotten about the camera and anything else in the world. I don’t remember having as an intense moment in any other threesome I have been involved with. This was truly a moment of lust, passion and raw energy.

Another very quick shower and we were dressed and out the door to meet another friend for dinner. Dinner conversation danced around the afternoon’s activities while our guest was completely unaware of our table talk. On our return home Jolene, Joe and I were pretty buzzed from having smoked a joint with our friend. We headed upstairs to go to bed. Joe disappeared into our guest room as my wife and I retired to our bedroom. While Jolene and I were laying in our bed she asked if she should check on Joe. I told her to take her time but to hurry back! The vision of my wife’s firm tanned ass as it swayed down the hallway toward the guest room stirred my sleeping cock. Jolene went to the guest room and slowly opened the door as she slipped in and turned off the light. I remained in our bed, straining to listen to the sounds from the other room. Occasionally I could hear moaning and heavy breathing. I was stroking myself to the imagery of my wife fucking Joe. The guest room bed creaked and the walls were thumping for a while then the sounds faded away and a silence came from the room.

In a minute or two my wife came bounding back into our bedroom with a smile on her face. Jolene went to the bathroom then came to our bed where I immediately went to licking her freshly fucked pussy. As I licked her pussy, tasting the sex of both Joe and my wife, Jolene was telling me how she blew him, how they kissed and how he fucked her. I couldn’t take any more and moved up to drive my cock into her hot cum filled pussy. We fucked like animals as I let loose my second load for the day into my hot wife and her hungry pussy. We were both drained and spent, drifting off to sleep that night in each other’s arms. Early the next morning I woke Joe so he could get to the airport. Jolene was wearing a short t-shirt as she was making a quick breakfast for the three of us. We visited while we ate before Joe said he had to leave, Jolene and I wished him a good trip as he moved toward the front door. Joe thanked both of us for the hospitality and as he was leaving my wife and he had one last lingering kiss. Joe would be returning in about a week on his way home and I was wondering what would happen the next time…but that is a story for another time.

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