tagBDSMThree Ch. 1

Three Ch. 1


my fingers intertwined with hers as we made our way to His room. our bare feet padded softly along the tiled floor, our silks rustled softly as we moved quickly down the hallway. she glanced over at me, smiling a little. It had been nearly a month since we all started living together, the two of us serving our Master together. He's talked to both of us for weeks about each other. we paused just before opening the door, her fingers pushing into my hair, smoothing it out, her soft lips kissing my cheek gently. Never before had i known another slave to be so kind to me, without the underlying element of jealousy that always seemed to accompany them. my mouth curled into a little smile, my breath catching in anticipation of the evening.

she pushed the doors open, and we moved together into the large room, towards our Master seated in His chair near the fire. He held His hands out to us as we knelt before Him, she on the right, myself on the left. He watched as we descended down to our knees, spreading them wide before settling back onto our heels, our backs straight, aroused nipples pushing against the thin silk. our heads remained bowed slightly, lips parted to show our readiness of accepting any part of Him into us. we waited patiently, my heart seemingly pounding as He gazed down at us.

"pet," He said, startling me out of my daze. my face lifted as He spoke His name for me, my fingers squeezing His gently. "Tonight, we concentrate on you. For a week now I have been working with your sister, and she has been moving into her role as your sister and Female Dominant quite well. I believe that she is ready to join us, pet, to serve Me, and help take care of you. I know you spent last night restrained in your bed, hearing us as we consummated our union, your exposed spread pussy teased and left to grasp at the air. I wanted your arousal to be at a peak for us tonight, pet. I promise you, I will make up for My lack of attention for the past week." He smiled softly, whispering, "We both will."

"Now, up over My lap, pet." my brows pulled into a tiny frown, confused as to why i was to move into a punishment stance. His eyes narrowed just for a moment, His large hand tightening around mine before letting go, leaving me to decide to comply or disobey. Of course, i obeyed, not wanting to ruin His planned evening before it even began. i sighed under my breath as i settled over Him, my long dark hair being pushed into a thick ponytail by her, tied with a black silk ribbon tightly after she pulled my top over my head. she moved behind me, her fingers releasing the small clasp that held my skirt closed, the material falling down over His legs as my plump cheeks were revealed.

"Open your legs pet, you know better than to keep them closed like that," He chided softly, my ass lifting up slightly as i immediately spread open, regretting my forgetfulness. He knew i was a bit thrown by the request, but He didn't falter and allow me to forget my place with Him. He whispered something to her, and i heard her scurry away, opening the large chest nearby. His hands rested down upon my cheeks, pulling at my skin gently. i started to tremble just a little, and He said, "Calm yourself pet, you know no harm will come to you." i took a deep breath, chastising myself for believing, even for a moment, that i would be subjected to unimaginable tortures.

He slid His index finger down between my spread cheeks, dipping into my heated folds, spreading my juices up over my tender tight rosebud. i squirmed just a little, and His hand pressed into my neck, holding me still. "pet, I mean it, lay still or I will be forced to change the plan for the evening. Believe Me, you would much rather endure what I have planned, rather than what you will force me to do if you do not stop moving. I know you are anxious, but you are to remain still." His voice was low, demanding even if quiet. His fingers tightened into my neck, reaffirming his words. "And not a sound from you. I have trained you better than that, haven't I?" i nodded my head just a little, and He patted my ass softly. "Good girl."

i heard His toy move back next to us, depositing what He had asked of her onto the floor next to her as she settled back onto her knees, this time right in front of Him. He released His hold on my neck, telling me to turn my head and look at her. "Speak, toy," He said, His fingers tracing down my back slowly. she nodded and said, "my dearest sister, beloved pet of our Master, i have been fortunate enough to meet both of you. He has seen many things in me, most importantly submissive and Domme. i am a true switch, eager to please both Master and servant. you are His beloved one, and i understand that my place is after you. our Master has seen a need in you for another Dominant, one who would do His bidding, a female to help complete your submission to Him. He has recognized this aspect in me, and will continue to teach me, with you as our combined submissive. please know sister, that i will not be the one to decide to push your limits; it is up to Him to decide how far i will go with you. All that takes place today and beyond is for all of us, strengthening our relationship, solidifying our roles together. Please, tell me that you accept me in this role. Without your approval, i cannot truly begin to take my place."

my eyes welled with tears at her sweet words, and of course, i murmured my assent. A broad smile graced her beautiful face, and she looked up to Him, her hand running alongside of His against my now heated skin. she tossed her long blond hair back behind her shoulders as she stood, stripping the silks from her shapely body. her body seemed to glisten in the light from the fire, her legs parting to show Him her hidden treasure, her hips thrusting forward slightly to display her arousal. i could see her bare lips, still tender from the His attentions the night before, small marks from his lips and teeth still apparent. her clit seemed to swell from between them, and it seemed to calm me down even more, knowing that she was as aroused as i was. i dropped my head back down over Him, and His hand slid once again over my neck, the other grasping onto my inner right thigh, holding me in place.

"The strap, toy," He started, "pick it up and curl the end around your hand." i nearly gasped at His words. The strap! The 2" wide, 2 foot long, 1/2" thick strap that made quiver. He had never started out with the strap; usually His hand warmed my bottom first, preparing me for the crop or strap. "Now, let the end of it slide along her leg. You must build the anticipation up with the submissive. Tease her with what she knows will soon sting her ass. Make her want it." He tightened His grip on me, fingers digging into my tender flesh. she started at my feet, running it over my exposed toes and soles. i bit my lip to keep from moaning out, trying to concentrate on slowing the pounding of my heart. Back and forth between my feet, the strap caressed my skin. she pulled the edge of it up my right leg, over my calf, the back of my knee, over His hand, stopping just at the curve of my cheek. she matched her movements on my left leg, letting the end of it rest flatly against my ass. Now, up along my back, i arched just slightly, which He allowed. my dangling hands clenched together as i lifted my ass up a little, the edge barely gracing my skin as it made its way back down my legs. Then it left my body completely, my cunt starting to pulse in dread. His hand slid down my inner thigh, parting my legs even more.

Then, i heard it, for a split second, the whoosh through the air before it slammed down into my left cheek, marking it. i nearly yelled, then remembered His strict orders to remain quiet. my body bucked up against Him, and He tightened His grips on me, but stayed silent. she focused on my ass, moving back and forth between my trembling cheeks, her power increasing with each whipping. she paused for a moment, shifting her stance slightly. i felt Him lean back into the chair, and suddenly i panicked, sensing something. i could feel His fingers digging into the soft flesh of my thigh, His hand twisting around my ponytail tightly. she began to wallop me now, from a different angle, the strap landing again and again on the soft undercurve of my ass cheeks, staining them with thick stripes from the strap. The blows came up and down, in rapid succession. i cried out once, my body nearly shuddering from the pain. she stopped and moved in front of me, crouching down as she suddenly shoved a ball gag into my mouth and tightened it around my head. she looked at me for a moment, smiling just a little, my eyes pleading with her for mercy. she shook her head, knowing that at the same time i wanted a reprieve, i wanted more.

she took her place in front of us again and started on my back, crisscrossing the strap against it with the same fury she used on my throbbing red cheeks. Now, with the gag tightly in place, i let myself cry out over and over, only mere whimpers escaping from around the ball. i felt that Master had never even been this hard on me, even though just a few short weeks ago He nearly made me pass out from the punishment He administered after i had misbehaved at a private party. This time, it seemed to humiliate me more, as my fellow submissive wielded the weapon. my body bounced against His lap, my ribs pushing down into Him hard, feeling His cock thickening against me. The strap stopped against my back for moment, starting up again along my thighs. The strap flew against my skin, leaving a trail of deep red stripes along my legs as she made her way down my calves, stopping after she slammed the strap against the bottom of my feet. i heard it drop down to the floor, and i involuntarily bucked against Him, the entire back of my body throbbing. i felt her fingers start to pinch my skin, along my calves, and i tried to remain still. my teeth dug into the ball as she continued up, deliberately pinching the slightly bruised curves of my cheeks.

His fingers slid up between my drenched thighs as her hands moved off my body, sinking His three middle fingers right into my gaping pussy. "Just as I thought," He chuckled. "My slut always gains pleasure first from these sessions, the pain is just an afterthought for her." He shifted slightly beneath me, His cock was now fully hard, digging into my side. His fingers slid easily free from my cunt, and He lifted them up, to her lips, her tongue cleaning them eagerly. "The crop now," He ordered, His hands once again settling back into position. By now, the tears had started dripping down my cheeks, my legs trembling slightly. i didn't know if i could bear her unimaginable strength again, but i knew i had to.

she tapped the crop lightly along my stretched body, smacking it softly against my skin. The strap had stripped my resistance from me, and i luxuriated now in the feeling of the leather sliding against me. The crop brought forth a sting, my skin heated and nearly glowing from the strap. "Now," He growled, digging His fingers into my hair and thigh again. she started on my ass again, whipping me ferociously with the crop, my body bouncing now against His thighs. i could feel my saliva starting to drip out around the ball gag, my cunt twitching uncontrollably as she brought the crop down again and again. she barely strayed from my cheeks, marking them over and over, sometimes concentrating on the tender curves again, then up to my lower back, striping it across fast and hard. my muffled cries, combined with the loud cracks of the crop, filled the room. He turned my head, His dark eyes searching mine, making sure i was ok. i had barely nodded before He commanded her to continue for 10 more strokes. she hammered them down into me, and when she finished, my body lay limp against Him, my chest heaving to suck air down through my nose into my lungs.

"Turn her over Master?," she asked, and i almost started bawling, not wanting to move my aching body just yet. He flipped me over, with no help from me, moving me into a sitting position on His lap. He pushed my legs over His, spreading my cunt wide. He reached for my arms and pulled them back around his neck, motioning to toy to tie my wrists behind His head. i whimpered from behind the ball gag, my sore ass pressing into His wool trousers. He slid me forward a little, my ass barely touching His lap, and i held myself up by my legs, trying to grip onto His. He pushed my head back to lean against His shoulder, my body arching. i was splayed out, displaying my body to her, my lust evident. my nipples were tightly puckered, red, hard, thick nipples pointing upwards. my clit swelled out from between my own shaved lips, juices glistening along my thighs. she held the crop in one hand, tapping it against her open palm, waiting for His next command.

Right next to my ear, He said, "pet, it's time for you to push past your limit of frontal punishment. I have been patient now for nearly a year, and in that time, you have barely budged on this. I told you when we first started that I was eager to see you give it up, give yourself over to the pain, the pleasure, to put your absolute trust in Me in regards to this. Now, I've decided it's time. you can either make it very hard or very easy on yourself. I forbid you to refuse this training. If when we've finished you decide to discontinue participating in this, then chances are I will release you from your submission to Me." i jerked my head sideways, nearly glaring at Him as i took this all in. A sharp smack from the crop on my inner thigh brought my face forward again. "Begin," He commanded. "Keep your eyes open, pet."

she swung the crop above her head, pausing for amoment for maximum effect. she brought it down hard, slamming it into my right nipple, once down over it, then back up, punishing the underside of my sensitive nub. she moved the left, this time harder. i shook in His lap, the pain searing through my breasts, straight down to my clit, which throbbed incessantly. i tried to move, wanting to avoid the next stroke, but my position made it impossible. "Again," He growled, His hands moving to my upper arms, pinning them down around His neck, holding me tight to Him. she repeated her punishment, up, down, up, down. He nodded for her to continue, and she did, my nipples burning in pain. i gurgled from behind the gag as the crop moved sideways, slapping my tits back and forth, making them swing back into position again and again. my eyes fluttered as i strained to keep them open, my jaw aching as i clenched into the ball. my ass bumped back into His cock, which strained against His fly. i released a long deep groan, and He motioned for her to stop. she paused for a moment, the tip of the crop rubbing slowing across the curve of my breasts as i tried to compose myself.

"Very good, pet," He whispered in my ear, His hands caressing my tensed arms gently. "Just a little more, dear. you will really need to focus on your fears, push them out of your system. I'm not just doing this for My enjoyment; this is for you, and her." i nodded slowly, tears seeping down my cheeks. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw Him point to something on the ground. i stared at a far point on the wall, hearing her dropping the cropping and picking up a new instrument. It was His new pussy flogger, a short thick handled whip that was made up of several 9 inch long leather strands. i quivered in His lap, so close to projecting myself off of His lap so i could run away. In all our time together, He had only punished my cunt a handful of times, but never with the flogger. It had always remained in its place in the chest, there for me to see as i retrieved other items.

"her vibrator too, toy," He motioned to the nearby table, nodding as she picked up the biggest one, the one He knew would work my pussy the most. His hands moved down my body, settling on either thigh, His thick strong fingers grasping onto my tender skin. He held me wide apart, "Shove it in deep, all at once." He leaned over my shoulder to watch as toy dropped to her knees, rubbing the head just over my throbbing clit. i exhaled, relaxing my tight inner muscles. i still squealed out as she slammed it into me, the 9 inches buried all the way to my cervix. The small anus teaser in the back pushed into my dark hole, about an inch, just enough to keep me aware of it. He reached down and pushed it up further, seating it deep inside, my ass clenching on the second inch. i nearly retched as it opened my cervix, the pain thundering through me.

"I know you're soaked pet, and it will be hard for you to hold that in you. But I've faith that you won't let me down, now will you? Because if you don't, even while toy is working the flogger over your tender cunt, even while it vibrates deep within you, you will wear the chastity belt for a month as punishment. Tonight will be your last night of release for 30 days. Yes, pet, I am allowing you to cum as much as you want, as often as you can handle. But after we are through, there will be one more test, one that will require the use of those precious pussy muscles. Don't let yourself get tired out pet." He twisted the vibrator within me, turned it a medium speed, then released it, letting my pussy takeover. i tried to suck it up into me, my ass letting the attachment root as deeply as possible. "Start!"

The first stroke of the flogger took my breath away, so much that any pleasure i was receiving from the dildo immediately left me. i shrieked out and bounced in His lap, my screams again silenced by the damn gag. The ends of the leather seemed to curl around my hard erect clit, tugging at it as she lifted it up again. i could feel each strand as it whipped into my skin, sending streaks of fiery pain from my cunt to the rest of my body. With barely a moment to recover, she let it fly again, striking me up from below, a few of the leather strips slamming into my ass cheeks. she dragged the flogger up over my clit, pushing it hard against me, wettening the strands with my juices that dripped out from around the dildo.

"Again!" He ordered. The damp leather smacked against my tender pussy lips, and i started to cum, riding the dildo. i bounced in His lap like i was riding a horse...or even better, His cock. He flicked at the remote and turned the vibrator on higher, making me scream. i sucked in as much air as i could through my nose, shuddering so hard against Him i thought He'd let me fall. But His grip tightened on my thighs, bruising them. i couldn't tell when one orgasm stopped and the next began. For the next 5 minutes, she worked the flogger against my cunt, no longer waiting for His orders to continue. The vibrations increased, and i came hard, again and again. my clit was nearly raw from the beatings; each stroke shot me into painful orgasm.

Finally, she dropped the flogger and moved away from us. my cunt still held tightly onto the rumbling vibrator, which He turned off quickly, and pulled it from me, a soft sucking noise escaping from my trembling pussy. my head lay back against His shoulder, rolling back and forth mindlessly as He removed the ball gag. "Get me a mirror," He hissed to toy, "put it in front of her cunt. I want to see." she grabbed one off the nightstand and slid it between my legs, tilting it so He could see the reflection. He gripped into my hair, tilting my head forward so i could see the result of her attention to me. i started to weep when i saw the condition of my poor pussy, so dark red it was nearly purple. my clit still peeked through its hood, not wounded but definitely battered.

"Ohh my pet," He murmured into my hair. "you did so well, so much better than I had hoped. you were very brave, and took your lesson like a good girl. Now one more lesson, one that you will certainly enjoy. toy, kneel between our legs, but stay still until I say."

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