tagGay MaleThree Day Pass # 02

Three Day Pass # 02


I was so spent from my orgasm that I just laid back on the bed and went to sleep. I suppose I should have been worried that I was in the room of a degenerate who might just have well been a serial killer but somehow I felt that it was O.K. to fall asleep there. Actually, I was too tired to really care.

In the morning, I woke up to find that my new friend was sitting on the edge of the bed reading from a book of meditations. He looked over to me and must have noticed that I seemed a little apprehensive at waking up in the room of a strange man. He commented that Marcus Aurelius had a lot to say about character and contentment. It was then that he began to explain himself to me.

I found out that his name was "Paul"--probably not his real name--and I found out that it was not exactly by chance that he had "bumped into me" at the theater. It turned out that he had been sitting in the hotel lobby when I checked in and sensed that I might be someone he would want to meet. He waited until I came down from my room and followed me to the theater. It seems that theater was a place he went to frequently to meet young men—how opportune that I would go there.

I also found out that he had been gay since he was a teenager. He couldn't explain it except that he loved everything about young men—especially the taste of their semen. He talked at length about the different flavors he experienced: tangy, bitter, fruity, salty. His own semen, he said, tasted like fresh oysters. It turned out that he was a vegetarian mainly because he liked the effect it had on the taste of his cum.

And he talked about penises. He loved penises—all different shapes and sizes, circumcised and uncircumcised. He said that the feel of a cock in his mouth was more of a turn on than anything else he had ever experienced. He had never had sex with a woman—so he couldn't compare it with that. He didn't go in for anal sex—it hurt and there was no reason ever for sex to be painful. He just loved sucking cock and swallowing cum.

He said that in twenty years or so he had probably had sex with a thousand different men. He was careful in his selection, though. He really didn't like to have sex with gay men. First of all he wasn't effeminate—at least he didn't strike me that way—and he didn't like "out" queens. He loved men, real men. Second, he didn't like the odds that he could contract AIDS from gay lovers whereas straight men, though they might have some other problems, weren't likely to have AIDS. And he was not indiscriminate about the men he picked up. He found his lovers in places that attracted clean, upscale, young men—bookstores, theaters, museums, and the like. He always had a brief, but to his mind, reliable interview process that culled out the "nice" boys from the sluts. He was 100% against any drugs—he said it dulled the experience in him and made others selfish and insensitive--and he didn't use alcohol personally and didn't think it was particularly beneficial for others. He didn't need either for his "seductions" and he also felt it increased the risk that—especially with drugs—there could be some Venereal diseases present.

He was also emphatic that he didn't demand any sexual "quid pro quo". He didn't need anyone to feel that they needed to "service" him simply because he got them off. It wasn't that he minded someone doing him, he just was clear that he didn't demand or require it from his partner. He also understood that the men who he sucked off might not be exactly inclined to return the favor. His pleasure was from giving blow jobs. And so he left it at that

Aside from his sexual proclivities, he was an extremely cultured person. He said he had graduated college with a degree in liberal arts, and was working on a masters in ancient art and architecture. This explained the first two videotapes full of classic nudity and pornography that he had compiled. He didn't tell me what his job was but I could tell by the cut of his clothes and other tastes that he made good money

One thing that he did was to assure me that he wasn't just out to take some sort of advantage of me, that beyond enjoying sexual pleasure he genuinely enjoyed getting to know me. He put me at ease.

The next thing he did in the morning was to repeat the sexual ministrations of the night before, in broad daylight, without any sense of lechery or exhibitionism. As I lay there on the bed with his mouth around my cock again, I experienced not only a full orgasm but also a sense of relaxation that I could enjoy it without somehow feeling soiled or guilty. I actually felt the joy in giving another person pleasure because of their having sex with me. That was a novel sensation.

We spent the day together going through a couple of museums and having lunch at a very nice restaurant. He loaned me a coat and a tie so I could eat there. My wardrobe was sadly deficient given my current circumstances.

I agreed to meet him that night for "a night out on the town". I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that but I didn't exactly have a full social calendar so I agreed.

The "night on the town" amounted to this: he gave me a tour of his "hunting grounds" and an explanation of his methods. As I said before, he seemed to have a sense for young men that might be susceptible to his approach. And he plied that approach in places where he might find such young me. Add that to the fact that he was a truly friendly person, and one could see that it would be hard not to fall in with him. But he said that it was only on one out of four or five nights that he would have success—sometimes more and sometimes less.

We went to a gourmet coffee stand that was adjacent to a bookstore. As we sat at the table, he watch the customers and commented on them. He was a very perceptive person indeed.

For example, he said one single woman there had to be on her period. He pointed out that her abdomen seemed puffy and she seemed to be uncomfortable sitting on her chair. And she was clearly single—but acted very unapproachable. I don't know if he was right or not but it seemed like a good explanation to me.

Another couple, he said, had just had a fight and had come to the coffee shop to make up. How did he know that? He couldn't hear them talk. He said that her body language indicated she was hurt and indignant and his body language indicated that he was trying to be conciliatory. I suppose so but I really couldn't tell.

Finally a young man walked in alone carrying a book. He ordered a coffee and went to a table in the corner to read. I noticed the book was the very same one about Gettysburg that I had been reading on the bus, He got up, walked over to the man and had a few words with him, handed him a card, and then came back over to the table. I asked him if that was a "prospect". He said that it was a likely one but to be sure he had given him a card introducing himself as a rare bookseller. He would wait to see if he got a call. It wouldn't be proper to try for a "pick up" with someone else in tow.

We repeated this exercise in three more places, another bookstore coffee shop, at an art gallery, and at a jazz club. He didn't hand out any more cards that evening.

When we returned to the hotel, the desk clerk—who obviously knew "Paul"—summoned him over and gave him a message. Paul seemed pleased to see it.

It turned out that an old "friend" of his was in town visiting and wanted to see him. Paul told me that he would like to do that and that would probably mean that I would have to be on my own. I said that would be O.K. with me, though I felt even at this early stage that someone was cutting me out.

Paul came back from making the call and said it would be fine if I were there to meet his old friend. We went up to Paul's room.

After about fifteen minutes there was a knock at his door. Paul opened the door and in walked a very good looking young man, perhaps five years older than I, who was about my build but very blonde. Paul introduced me as Gene—not my real name—and him to me as Brad—probably not his real name either.

To my astonishment, as soon as the introductions were made, Brad commenced to take off his clothes. He stripped all the way down to the buff—off went everything. Paul asked me if I minded and, frankly, aside from not being in any position to protest, I really didn't mind. Brad had a very good body, not flabby but not overly developed either. He also had a eye-catching cock, a full seven inches flaccid and, as I would soon find out, an impressive eleven inches erect.

As Brad disrobed, Paul also disrobed and then Paul motioned for me to do the same. This made me uncomfortable but I complied. So, after a few minutes there we all were in Paul's room, three guys stark naked with two of us—Brad and me—with a running start on rock hard erections.

Paul reached over and took my cock in his right hand and Brad's cock in his left hand. Paul got to his knees and began to suck our cocks, first mine and then Brad's. Back and forth he went with his mouth each time taking more and more of our cocks into his mouth. Finally, Paul motioned for me to sit on the bed as he went to his knees to work on my cock exclusively.

As I sat there, Brad turned to face me and I was at eye level with his massive erect penis. I couldn't restrain myself. I reached up and took the shaft in my right hand and began to stroke it. It got even bigger and harder. The head began to have that same shiny look that mine would get and I could see the same little drop of pre-cum forming as would form on mine. I took a chance and leaned forward and touched my tongue to that little droplet. It was warm, slick, and a bit salty but not at all unpleasant. I squeezed his cock a little more and a more pre-cum oozed to the surface. I licked that off, too.

Now I was for it. I took Brad's cock in both my hands and began to move my mouth down on it. I managed to get the head into my mouth and some of the shaft but it was just too big to do much more with. I moved my mouth a little and tried to press my lips together to get some suction. That seemed to work a little but I knew I really needed to use my hands so I began to massage the shaft with one hand while I fondled his testicles with the other—just like Paul had done to me the night before.

It didn't take Brad long. I wasn't quite sure what was happening but I felt his cock swell and felt the first spurt of warm semen shoot into my mouth and across my tongue. This made me pull my head back as I gagged. That is when I got most of Brad's load across my face, into my nose, and over my lips. His ejaculation must have been a half of a cup. It seemed to never end. When he was finished, I began to wipe his cum off my fact but thought, "What the hell", so I licked my lips and used my fingers to spoon his cum into my mouth. I expected that I would gag like I did when he first began to shoot his load but I didn't. In fact, his semen tasted sweet—a bit salty but definitely sweet. I got what I could off my fact into my mouth and then went back to Brad's cock and licked it clean.

Meanwhile, Paul was finishing up on me. I shot my wad into Paul's mouth just as I was licking the last of Brad's cum off his softening penis.

And then I saw something that I never had seen before. Paul stood up with his cum in my mouth, went over to Brad and kissed him sharing with him my semen. It wasn't the passionate kiss of lovers; it was the efficient sharing of my semen between the two men but both clearly enjoyed it.

And, while this was happening, Paul was jerking himself off. I sensed that something more was needed. I got to my knees and took Paul's tiny penis into my mouth as he shot his load. It was not much but it did have the flavor of---fresh oysters.

I spent the rest of my three day pass with Paul...

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