Three Days with the Major


Jane lay back against the leather upholstery as Frank's inquisitive fingers explored the warm wet delights of her pussy. He withdrew them only moments before they pulled up in front of a large, well appointed, three story house that looked only slightly different from the other thirty or so houses on the curved terrace. Frank smiled at the driver who then came around and opened the door. Jane found that getting out without revealing too much was harder than getting in, and she saw the look on the young driver's face as the light coat slid up her legs embarrassingly.

Frank smiled and took her arm and led her up the five steps to the shiny black door with highly polished brass fittings. A smiling butler answered the door to their ring. "Welcome back, Major," he said, immediately recognizing Frank. "Madam and your friends are waiting for you to join them in the lounge." Then he turned to Jane. "May I take your coat, madam?"

Jane looked a little startled. She looked at Frank who smiled and nodded. She stood there and allowed the butler to remover her coat. As the coat came off, he did not seem at all fazed to discover she was naked under it. Frank led Jane down a short corridor where the murmur of voices came from a room to the left. Frank pushed the door open and ushered Jane inside. Jane was more than a little embarrassed to be confronted by several men all around Frank's age who turned to see the new arrivals.

The only thing that made things a little easier for her was that she was not the only woman. There were three other attractive young women all in a similar state of undress as she, and a large fat lady heavily made up and slightly overdressed. This lady stood up smiling. She greeted Frank enthusiastically and inquired about Millicent. With the greetings over, she rang a bell and the butler came in with a tray of drinks for everyone, mostly whiskey and gin for the men, and large glasses of white wine for the ladies.

As she sipped the wine, she saw some of the men looking her over approvingly. Others were occupied with the women who circulated the room, and as Jane watched, they allowed the men to touch and caress them. Frank took her arm and went around and introduced her to his friends. It seemed as if everybody knew each other. She saw some of the men look at her naked body hungrily, and she was wondering if she were also going to be used as the other women where. After a while, the overdressed lady stood up and announced that the entertainment was about to commence. They all got to their feet and followed her across the hall into another room. At a piano, a pretty young girl was playing, watched over by what appeared to be her piano teacher.

Some chairs were arranged facing the piano, and the gentlemen took their seats. The three women sat beside them or on their knees. Jane sat next to Frank at the end of the row. At first, to Jane it looked like an ordinary piano recital. The girl was quite good, and the teacher turned the pages for her silently pointing out things with a short conductor's baton.

Suddenly he moved behind the girl and began to unfasten her dress, and then without interfering with her playing, he whipped the top of her dress away revealing pert young breasts with pointed conical nipples. Jane was quite surprised with this turn of events. In fact, she was quite surprised by the whole scene as he managed to strip her completely without interrupting her playing, and she never missed a note.

She continued to play, her breasts bouncing enticingly with the movement of her body. At last, with the last note struck, she stood up and turned to her small audience, revealing to them the intimate beauty of her body. She smiled graciously and thanked them for their applause.

She turned and smiled at the teacher, then leaned forward and kissed him. He pulled her up against him and began running his hands over her naked body. After a while, he pushed her head down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. Jane was now amazed to see her unfastening his pants, and after slipping her hand inside, she withdrew his already semi erect member. She slowly began to run her hands along its length. Then she bent forward and slipped it into her mouth and proceeded to suck on it and work it with her lips, her hands still gripping onto the base of his shaft.

Jane was so enthralled by what was going on before her eyes (she had never witnessed public sex before) that she hardly felt Frank's hand on her thighs gently easing them apart. It was only when his fingers began to enter her that she guiltily looked around, but no one was interested in her or what they were doing; their eyes were all on the young couple in front of them.

She knew she must have been hot and wet as Frank had entered her easily, and now he was working her slowly. In front of them she could see that the guy's cock was now hard and pumping slowly to and fro down the young girl's throat. Then Jane watched as he withdrew his cock, wet and slick. He lifted her to her feet, and then turned and bent her down over the piano stool. Then in front of everyone, he slipped easily into her pussy from the rear.

It was a wonderful sensation for Jane to feel Frank working his fingers into her as the guy pumped into the young pianist. A quick glance around assured her that the other three women were equally occupied. Incredibly, Jane's orgasm came at almost the same moment as the young woman in front of them.

Moments later there was then a scraping of chairs as everyone got to their feet and followed madam out of the room. This time they entered a kitchen area. Again chairs were arranged around one side of a large wooden table. The men took their places, and Jane noticed that the three women had changed partners. Just then a rather well built young woman came into the room. She went over to a refrigerator and took out a bowl which she proceeded to whisk. Jane saw her large seemingly unrestrained breasts moving with her energetic movements.

The kitchen door opened and an attractive young guy came in. He walked over to the woman and kissed her on the neck. She grinned and attempted to push him away, but he persisted, turning her around and taking her in his arms. They kissed for a while. Jane could see him running his hands over her breasts, kneading the soft flesh through her clothes. Then his hands began to lift her skirts, displaying to everyone around the table her long shapely legs and the fact that she was naked under it. He pushed her back against the kitchen units and began to quickly unbutton her blouse. Soon her breasts were spilling out: large white melons with large brown aureoles and crinkled dark nipples. Urgently, he made short work of her skirt. It dropped around her feet and now she was completely naked.

Undressed she was still a little on the large size, but attractive. She had one of those curvy Rubenesque figures. The guy then maneuvered her over to the wooden table that the men were sitting around. He eased her up on it, pushing her down onto her back. Her large breasts were now flattened slightly as she began to slowly caress them. In the meantime, the guy had removed his pants and was now sporting a fine erection which he was lovingly rubbing his hand along. Jane smiled as she felt Frank's hands on her own breasts, caressing them gently.

Jane watched as the man moved towards the girl and spread her legs apart, displaying her pussy to everyone around the table. He slid his fingers inside and the girl groaned. They came out slicked with her juices. He wiped them along his hard cock. Then he positioned himself between her legs and drove into her.

Jane was beginning to feel warm, especially between her legs. She knew she was already wet down there from her orgasm, and she could feel her juices on her thighs. Frank was manipulating her nipples as she watched, fascinated, as the guy's cock slide into the girl and it emerged slicked with her juices. Before that day, she had never seen a couple make love, but now it had happened twice in one afternoon and it was certainly arousing her.

"My, my, you are wet down here, my dear Jane," he whispered into her ear as his hand again went down to her pussy. "How would you like to be up there on the table being soundly fucked with all my friends watching you?" Jane smiled at him, groaned, and pressed her hand hard over his.

The young guy fucked the girl for them twice, and when he came the second time, the men applauded him politely. They were again led out of the room. This time they were taken back to the lounge where drinks and an appetizing range of snacks were laid out for them. Jane excused herself and went in search of a bathroom. She found one and also found one of the other girls there.

"Enjoying yourself?" the girl inquired.

Jane smiled. "Well, it's certainly something different."

"So it's your first time?"

Jane nodded. "Never seen anything like that before."

The girl smiled. "These afternoons can be fun. The guys can get a little naughty, but they are a nice bunch and it's always well rewarded. Generally after the shows, you don't let them fuck you apart from with their fingers." She laughed. "I'm not sure any of them could raise one, but they enjoy themselves."

After she had cleaned up, Jane returned to the lounge. Frank greeted her with a smile and told her to get some food and drink.

Frank was standing with three other guys and Jane was by his side. "Well, what do you think about my attractive little friend?" Frank asked. There were murmurs of approval. "I have found her a very obliging young lady. Her body is so beautiful and firm, and her breasts are delightful." Jane could not suppress a moan as she felt Frank begin to caress her breast, working her hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

Just then the door opened and Madam came into the room. She smiled as she watched Frank caressing Jane's naked body in front of his friends. "I have some more entertainment arranged for you, but if you would rather stay here for the moment....."

"Just give us half an hour, dear," Frank said with a smile. The woman smiled to herself as she backed out of the room.

Jane felt all eyes were now on her as Frank led Jane over to a comfortable looking overstuffed sofa. She sat there and looked at the small group of men around her. She smiled to herself. She could see from the expressions on their faces that they were enjoying the sight of her beautiful naked body as their eyes took in every aspect of her nakedness.

Frank seated himself down beside her. She lay back and closed her eyes as she felt his hand on her legs gently easing them apart. She felt the thrill of being totally exposed before them. She knew that every secret part of her body was openly displayed before them.

She gasped and a low groan escaped from her lips as she felt his fingers on her pussy parting the petals of her outer lips and exposing the wet pink interior. Suddenly she felt someone else beside her; someone had joined them on the sofa, and now another hand was on her body cupping her breast, squeezing her nipple, and then joining Frank's hand on her pussy. As one slipped two fingers deep inside her, the other located the aroused nub of her clit and began to manipulate it.

Jane cried out and her body writhed on the sofa as the two pairs of hands worked on her. The feeling was wonderful as she thrust herself against the hands that were giving her so much pleasure. Again, she felt her body responding and herself cumming. She tried to hold back, wanting the wonderful sensation she was feeling to go on and on. She tried hard, biting on her lips and gripping tightly onto the arm of the sofa, but at last, she could prevent it no longer, and with a cry she came. Somewhere out there she heard a faint round of applause as she sank back down, and she could feel the juices running down her inner thighs.

Frank leaned close and whispered in her ear, "You were magnificent, my pretty one. Thank you so much." He squeezed her hand.

When she at last dared to open her eyes, she felt a twinge of shame and embarrassment. She was still lying back on the sofa, her legs still wide apart, her inner thighs wet and streaked with her juices. Thankfully only Frank was now beside her. The other guys in the room were either talking among themselves or taking advantage of the other naked female bodies, but some she noticed were still eying her attractive but now rather disheveled body.

"Would you like to clean up again?" Frank asked tenderly.

Jane smiled and nodded. Frank helped her to her feet and she made her way back to the bathroom, this time being alone. She looked around. The place was opulent like the rest of the house, with white marble and gold fittings. She turned on the shower and stepped under the warm spray. As the water washed her body, she mused at what had happened to her over the last couple of weeks. She had never been a shy or retiring person, but she had never thought even in her wildest fantasies that she would have done the things she had done: stripping herself naked before total strangers, been paid to have sex, and now becoming the sexual play thing for men almost old enough to be her grandfather.

But on the plus side it had paid off her debts. She had spare cash in her purse, and although she would have never believed it, she was actually enjoying what she was doing. Gone where any inhibitions she ever had replaced by the thrill of exposing herself to strangers and her all consuming need for sexual satisfaction.

She enjoyed the shower, and after drying herself and powdering her body, she found her way back to the room. It was empty, but there was a tray of delicious looking food. She guessed the men were away enjoying another sexual exhibition. She had just helped herself to some food when the large woman who ran the place came in.

"Did you enjoy your shower?" she inquired.

Jane nodded. "It was wonderful, and your bathroom's delightful." The woman smiled and thanked her.

"I wanted to catch you on your own before you left."

Jane looked at the woman puzzled.

"It's just that you are a very attractive woman with little or no inhibitions."

Jane smiled.

I was just wondering if you were looking for some extra work. I'm always in the market for someone as attractive as you."

Jane smiled again. "I am okay at the moment, and I thank you for the offer. I will keep it in mind."

The large woman smiled shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I felt I had to ask." She passed Jane a card. "Just give me a call any time you need a bit of extra cash. I can always use a girl like you."

It was awhile before Frank and the other guys returned. Again they tucked into the remains of the food, and then it was time to say their goodbyes. In the hall, the butler eased the coat back over Jane's shoulders. "I hope madam has enjoyed herself?" he inquired with a slight smile.

Jane thanked him and nodded. "It's been a very interesting afternoon." She smiled at him as they left. Outside, the car was waiting to take them back to the Bellmore. Frank smiled at Jane. "You were wonderful, my dear. I have never met anyone like you, but I feel I must ask a big favor of you. I will understand if you refuse, and I won't hold it against you in any way."

Jane looked at the lovely old guy. "Just ask, Frank. I think we know each other well enough by now."

Frank smiled at her. "Well, you know I said that I can't raise a stiffy any more."

She could see he was slightly embarrassed. She took his hand and held it tightly. "You told me, but what is it you want?"

Frank looked at her. "I want to watch someone fuck you," he said quickly. She looked at him, slightly stunned by his request. Her mind went back to the couple they had watched fucking that afternoon.

"If you would do it, I would certainly make it worth your while."

Jane wondered if she could do it. She remembered how turned on she had been watching the other couples fucking this afternoon. Could she put herself in that position and allow herself to lie there and be made love to by a complete stranger while Frank watched? Then there was another thing; who would her partner be? Someone Frank knew, or would he be supplied by the ever resourceful Charlie.

She smiled. "Let me think about it. I will tell you before I leave."

Once back in the room, Jane was happy for Frank to remove the coat. The nice old guy just couldn't seem to get enough of her nakedness. He sat and watched her as she slipped back into her clothes. When she was dressed, she looked at him. "I've thought about what you asked," she said, "and I'm willing to give it a try."

Frank gave her a beaming smile. "You were wonderful today, Jane, and now I can't wait for tomorrow." She smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Charlie caught up with her the following day and inquired how things were going.

She grinned. "Frank's a wonderful old guy. I'm enjoying his company."

He nodded. "He's informed me how obliging you have been. In fact, he's quite smitten by you and insisted that I make sure you are available next time he's in town."

Charlie informed her that he had a job for her next week. "It's for two girls," he said. "It's a stag party. They can be a little boisterous, but I'm sure you will be able to handle it."

"Who's the other girl?" Jane asked.

"It's Pru. She's a black girl who works as a waitress. You may not have come across her, but I think you will like her. I hear she's real fun to be with, and the guys asked for a contrast, like black and white," he said with a grin.

Jane finished her work and got cleaned up for her final meeting with Frank. She was a little nervous when she knocked on the door, not sure what to expect.

Frank smiled when he answered the door. "It's so nice to see you again. Do come in."

Jane smiled. He was always the gentleman.

Jane was surprised to find Frank alone in the room and that he had not asked her to undress as he usually did. She wondered what he had planned for her as she mixed his drink (just as he liked it) and passed it to him.

"Sit here beside me," he said, patting the sofa beside him. Jane did as he requested. She smiled at him as she took a sip from her glass. "I'm really looking forward to this afternoon, but I just wish I was a few years younger and I hadn't got the old prostrate trouble. You know, it gets to guys around my age. Otherwise I'd have love to get myself into that delightful pussy of yours."

Jane found herself blushing slightly.

"It's the truth, Jane. I'd love to be able to give you a good seeing too, my dear. I was a bit good in the old days. Millicent was always more than satisfied when I'd finished with her. But those days are long gone, and it's not to say I still don't like to watch. It's not the same as doing it, but it's as near as I'm going to get." Frank smiled and held her hand tightly. "Thank you, thank you, so much." He reached into his inside pocket, pulled out a envelope, and handed it to her.

Jane accepted it, a little puzzled. When she opened it, there were at least ten crisp new £20 notes. She looked at him. "But Frank, I have already been paid."

He put a finger to her lips. "Shush now, my lovely. That's for being such a good and obliging young lady. I'm sure you can make use of it."

Jane leaned over and kissed him before tucking the envelope in her small bag. Now she knew she would have to go through with it whatever happened. Jane had just made a second round of drinks when there was a knock on the door.

"I'd better answer that. I think I know who it is."

Frank returned with a youngish looking guy who smiled and nodded at Jane. She studied him. She thought she knew him from somewhere, but for the moment could not place him. Then it suddenly came to her; he was Frank's driver.

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