tagFetishThree Diapers Ch. 02

Three Diapers Ch. 02


Alison waited patiently as her computer connected to her chat friend.

DIAPERED_FREEDOM: Hi there! I'm so glad you're online. I feel I can't face the day unless I've shared with you something of my night.

Alan looked at the screen and contemplated his reply.

PANTIES_AND_DIAPERS: I'm glad you're here too. I just had an incredible morning. But tell me about yours first.

DF: I was SO wet this morning. I took your advice and didn't go to the toilet before bed and this morning my diaper was so wet it was starting to leak!

DAP: So was Melissa's! She got her bed wet from the overflow!

DF: That's great! How wet were the sheets?

DAP:Not very wet but the diaper was totally soaked!

DF: Yum. Like mine was. I came so strong this morning! Best one in a few weeks. I was thinking of you when I orgasmed! Wishing you were there with me!

DAP: I'm flattered!

DF: But I'm guessing you weren't thinking of me when you were in Melissa's bed were you?

DAP: er no!?

DF: You put her wet diaper back on again?

DAP: Yep, and then pissed it some more! It was such a turn-on.

DF: Hard-on?

DAP: You better believe it and her panties were even better today! Stronger smell!

DF: Sounds like you were in heaven!

DAP: I blew so hard into her diapers I nearly passed out. It was so good I can't believe I'm actually doing it! And telling you about it just makes it better!

DF: Still fantasising about fucking her?

DAP: Sigh. Every time I put her wet diaper on I do. And when I sniff her panties I nearly explode.

DF: Do you think she knows you want her?

DAP: Not a chance! I'm the perfect father around her. Never stare or do anything even remotely obvious.

DF: Not even get an erection around her?

DAP: Well a couple nights ago she came to kiss me goodnight and I saw the top of her diaper and plastic pants out the top of her Pyjamas. I was so horny just by seeing that! Nearly split my pants with my boner.

DF: Did you let her know you were aroused?


DF: Why not? Why not let her know she is sexy?

DAP: Because I don't want her to know I wear her diapers or even that I wear my own! I just don't think she'd like me if she found out. And she's only just come back into my life. I don't want to ruin that by exposing my feelings to her.

DF: Do you still want to fuck her?

DAP: Yes, you know I do. But it will never happen and we all know that. I've never even seen her pussy!

DF: Maybe that can change?

DAP: I doubt that very much.

DF: Change of subject. Do you want to meet me?

DAP: Meet you?

DF: Yes, in real life.

DAP: Real life? But...

DF: I'm in your city unexpectedly in two days time for a few days. We know a lot about each other's diaper interests and maybe we could get together and see what happens?

DAP: You want to meet ME? But you know so much about me...

DF: You're afraid I'm angry about the way you feel about Melissa?

DAP: Sort of. It's one thing to chat about it here all anonymous and like but in real life it's different.

DF: Why?

DAP: Because you're a mother and...

DF: You don't think a woman can understand or approve of your feelings towards your daughter?

DAP: Well, pretty much, yeah.

DF: Don't be such an idiot! Even though you will probably never get inside her, you are allowed to hope and I'm allowed to understand. Got it? And one more thing. When we meet I will be wearing a diaper. So will you -- Melissa's! Okay?

DAP: I've never worn hers out of her bedroom before.

DF: And I've never met a man wearing his daughter's wet diapers before either. But I LOVE IT! Makes me wish my two terrors wet the bed still.

DAP: So you're serious?

DF: Completely


Alan eventually logged off from his chat, once they had made their plans and leant back in his chair and whistled.

How did all this happen? I'm supposed to meet this woman who wears diapers FOR REAL, just like I do for fun, and probably have sex while wearing Melissa's wet diapers!

The next two days were going to be hard for him to concentrate on his work. Between dreaming about Melissa's wet diapers and equally wet snatch, he now had Alison and her very real wet diapered pussy to probably deal with.

It was a tough job... but somebody had to do it!

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