tagIncest/TabooThree Diapers Ch. 05

Three Diapers Ch. 05


Alan walked nervously around his house waiting for Melissa to return home. He had planned what he was going to say a dozen times already but still the right words still eluded him. He had pleasured himself in her wet diapers twice that morning and one more time into her worn panties but still his erection betrayed him. Every time he thought of Melissa and what Alison and he had planned his cock twitched. His cock knew no fear but Alan knew it oh-so-well. There was just so much that could go wrong.

Since he had made love to Alison he had thought almost constantly of entering his daughter; of making her a woman on the end of the cock that had begun her life. It was a passionate and furiously powerful feeling, one that would not fade. He recognised the emotion and it was more than lust.

Melissa arrived home right on time but still the opening door caused Alan to jump.

"Hi dad," she said, with an exhausted smile. She slumped into the chair opposite him and sighed deeply.

"Hi hun," he answered, hoping that he sounded relaxed when every part of him was in deep turmoil. "Did you have a good day?"

"Yeah kinda," she replied. "I was packing book shelves half the day and I'm tired and a bit smelly but it was ok."

Alan took a breath and began to talk. "Melissa, you know how I deal with your bedwetting and so on?"

"Yes..." she said, with a questioning look on her face. "Why? Is there a problem?"

"Oh no honey, there's no problem -- none at all. It's just that I need to tell you something that's a bit embarrassing."

Melissa got out of her chair and sat next to her father and cuddled up to him. "What's up daddy? You can tell me anything."

"Well honey, it's this: you're not the only one in diapers in this house."

Alan looked directly into her face as his daughter slowly answered. "You too, daddy?"

He nodded at her.

"I didn't know you wet the bed too? Mummy didn't tell me that."

"I don't."

The words hung in the air for a few torturously long seconds as Melissa processed her father's statement.

"Oh, I see..." she replied softly.

"Do you, Melissa?"

"Of course, daddy! I'm not that silly! You like to wear diapers, right?"

"Yes, I do. It's something I've always had to deal with."

Melissa leant over and hugged Alan tightly. Tears welled in his eyes as he hugged her back.

She is just perfect! I don't deserve a daughter like her!

"I just had to tell you in case you found out. I've tried hard not to wear them since you came here but I'm finding it hard. Do you understand, honey?"

Melissa extricated herself from the embrace and answered softly. "Of course I do, daddy! Did you stop wearing diapers just for me?"

He nodded -- even though it wasn't really completely true. He hadn't been wearing HIS diapers much; rather he had been wearing her wet ones and making love to them.

"That's so sweet! But you don't need to. I'm a big girl, daddy. I can handle it if you wear them. I won't think you're making fun of me."

"I'd never make fun of you, little girl!" Alan spluttered.

"I know you wouldn't. This has been the best time of my life being here with you again. Mum was always complaining about my bedwetting and making me feel like I was a baby. But you never said anything and when you said you'd do all my washing I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I really appreciate it, daddy. A lot."

Suddenly, Alan felt like a heel. He wasn't washing her things simply for her benefit but primarily for his.

There was silence for a little while -- a good silence, filled with warmth and mutual understanding.

"Daddy, are you in a diaper now?"

Alan wasn't sure why he said what he did but was glad he did.

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Alan got up and stood in front of his daughter waiting for her to check. Melissa suddenly reached out and grabbed the front of his trousers. His erection had not gone down and was almost at full size as her soft hands felt him. She recoiled immediately, her face blushing bright red.

"S...S...Sorry daddy," she stammered. "I thought you were in a diaper! I wouldn't have done that if I'd known..."

Alan grabbed her hand and pulled it back just an inch away from his pulsing boner. "It's okay honey, It really is. I know it was a mistake." He pulled her out of the chair and embraced her. He knew that she could feel the heat from his erection through his pants but he didn't care. "Why don't you go and have your shower and if it's ok with you, I'd like to diaper up."

Alan's head was spinning as he lay on his bed, pinning on the thick dry diaper. His cock resolutely refused to go down as he pulled the clear plastic pants up his legs. Then he made the fateful decision to walk out of his bedroom wearing only his diaper and his t-shirt.

Alison and he had discussed this several times. He not only had to show her he wore diapers but he had to let her see the bulge that she gave him. His diapers had to be visible and his erection obvious. At first he had refused, fearing he would scare her but after their talk he realised that Melissa was far stronger than he had thought.

And the way she grabbed my cock! I wish she had never let go!

He set the table quietly waiting for his daughter to reappear.

What if she freaks out seeing me like this? What if she runs back to her mother?

He felt, rather than heard, her come back into the room. Melissa stood quietly, looking at her father in his bulky diaper and t-shirt. He turned slowly to face her.

"It's okay, daddy..." she whispered, as she stepped forward to give him a hug.

Alan felt Melissa's eyes check out his diaper. Just as planned, his cock was fully erect but still totally contained within the white towelling. That was the plan -- for now.

They ate their meal together, discussing the day's events as if nothing had changed. Alan began to feel comfortable and his arousal level lowered -- much to his relief. Just as they were eating dessert his bladder suddenly began to empty itself. It took a few seconds for Alan to realise what was happening. It was a common situation for him. Whenever he wore a diaper the same thing always happened - his bladder control totally evaporated. It had been like that for many years now. As soon as he put on a diaper, his control over his peeing simply disappeared as if he had regressed to baby age.

From early teens he had experimented with diapers, soon discovered the affect they had on him and he was quickly hooked. A side effect was occasional bedwetting which he managed to hide until he was married. Despite the frequency of flooded sheets being less that once a month his wife had belittled him constantly for it while he kept his love for diapers as complete secret. His now ex-wife had scorned him for his bedwetting and made frequent mention of how he had passed it down to little Melissa. She despised her daughter's bedwetting and as she grew older and the wetting just became heavier, she grew to despise Alan as well.

Alan had struggled with his feelings about his daughter's bedwetting. He knew he should have tried to help her stop but secretly he had hoped she would never stop -- a wish that had so far been granted.

As a child Melissa had a tendency to take her diapers off during the night while she was asleep. This led to heavily flooded sheets in the mornings. Alan was Melissa's shield from her mother's wrath. When Melissa left for school and his wife departed for her work he would clean up her mess but not before climbing up and into the sodden sheets and masturbating into them. Her diapers were far too small for him to wear, but he would lift them to his nose and inhale deeply the wondrous scent of her pee.

By the time she started school he was already a confirmed panty sniffer. There was little in the way of pussy smell -- that had only begun to develop just before the divorce snatched her away from him -- but there was almost always a delicious pee smell. Melissa had a terrible time keeping her panties dry and while it concerned him, it also thrilled him.

Alan felt his bladder slowly stop trickling as it emptied itself. It never failed to thrill him to experience incontinence when in a diaper. But he also remembered one night only days before Melissa was ripped away from him so viciously.

It was the night of the terrible fight. It was in fact the final straw. His wife left the house and didn't return until the next day. When she returned she signalled her clear intentions to divorce him. But that night was a night of mystery and intrigue that even the disturbing scene of marital hatred that had preceded it couldn't erase.

After his wife had slammed the door and left, Alan headed forlornly for bed. He was in no mood for television and an early night might enable him to think through all the things that had happened.

It was not to be.

As he sat in bed reading a novel that wasn't engaging him in the slightest, Melissa had walked unannounced into his bedroom.

"Mummy's gone," she said softly. It wasn't a question. She was way too bright to be deluded by trite responses.

"Yes, she has hun," he replied. "But we're ok, aren't we?"

She nodded her head and as Alan looked on in astonishment, Melissa lifted up her nightie and pulled it up and over her head, leaving just her diaper on.

"I need to be mummy tonight, daddy," she announced and to his horror and delight, his daughter slipped her diaper off and stood there proud and tall -- and totally naked.

He'd seen her naked before of course, but not like this. She was openly displaying herself for him in a misguided show of love and affection. Before he could say a word, she slipped into the bed next to him, occupying the space normally taken by her now absent mother. He knew he should say something, after all he was also totally naked himself but he was rendered mute by the power of her audacious act. He decided to let her stay.

The novel longer held any interest whatsoever so he turned off the light and rolled over to kiss her goodnight. As his lips touched hers she suddenly opened her mouth in a very un-daughterly way. In an automatic reflex, he opened his mouth as well and his tongue snaked into hers. He felt electricity surge through him as their tongues touched. Melissa had no idea whatsoever of how to French kiss but it didn't matter - Alan did. For several minutes they kissed before Alan finally released her and help her tight. What they had just done was not wise but he understood and deeply appreciated her feelings.

They lay apart but still very much aware of each other's bodies. About ten minutes later, Alan's heart skipped a beat as he felt Melissa's hand touch his hip. He went rigid as her hand slowly crept across his body before making contact with his now very erect cock. She gripped it firmly although she clearly had no idea what to do next. Alan's rational mind took a temporary holiday as his lust took control. He took his right hand and placed it directly over Melissa's vulva, wanting to gauge her reaction.

As soon as his hand touched her she spread her legs wide and Alan, knowing what the signal meant, slipped his fingers down around her vagina. What he found there both aroused and terrified him. She was wet -- girl wet. For a few glorious moments his fingers fondled her delightful vagina before his rational mind abruptly took over.

He suddenly and very clearly understood what Melissa was offering him. In her own misguided way she wanted to make him happy by becoming his wife -- at least for the night. Ironically, it was her wetness that brought him back to reality. Her arousal only made his decision easier. She was offering him her virginity. But she didn't know exactly what she was offering him. He reluctantly withdrew his hand and removed hers from his pulsating cock and excused himself to go to the toilet. Three strokes later he blasted his cum into the bowl. He flushed the toilet wistfully, knowing that his cum could have been blasting into his daughter instead of the ceramic bowl.

As he returned to his bed, Melissa was almost asleep thus confirming in his own mind the correctness of his decision. There would be later days to pursue a relationship -- except that there wasn't. A few days later his wife and Melissa disappeared from his life seemingly forever.

He never regretted his decision and he placed that erotic memory into the deep recesses of his mind. When Melissa had accidentally grabbed his cock through his trousers however, all the images flooded back.

Now was the time.

Now was the time to go into his daughter like she offered so many years before.

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