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Three Fists


My husband and me, we’re really into ass-fucking. Don loves to turn me over, spread me wide open, and bury it up my shithole. There's nothing I crave more than the feeling of his thick, nine inch cock packed into my rectum. And I go crazy with pure lust whenever I strap on a nice big dildo while Don gets up on his knees and elbows and sticks it way out for me like a slut in heat. It brings a twitch to my clit to kneel behind him as he reaches back to hold open his cheeks while I get him ready. Now I get to do the screwing, pressing the tip against his hole and then just driving it in deep and hard, fucking his ass nice and solid with my oversized rubber cock, a perfect match for his own thick nine inches. Don just loves it when I do that to him. And I’m telling you the truth, few things get me off more than reaming my husband’s ass. The trim, buffed stud has such a gorgeous bottom too, tight ass cheeks rippling with muscles, and skin as smooth as a baby’s. Shit, do I ever enjoy sliding a couple of stiff, insistent fingers up his tight anal passage after I've rimmed him and then give him a nice prostate massage. He squirms like an eel when I do that to him, and the more fingers the better. And me, I may not have a prostate to massage, but I'm as keen for a solid dose of an anal reaming and rectal probing as he is.

Even with all this we were getting jaded, talking about variations, new things we could try, new innovations in ass play. Once Don managed to slide a vibrator up my ass along with his cock, and that felt really wild! And I've actually worked two vibrators at once up his rectum. His sphincter sure looked good gripping all that hard plastic!

Then a couple of weeks ago my sister gave me a videotape she brought back from Amsterdam. She knows how wild I am about anal sex and said that what was on the tape would freak me out. She was right, it was the hottest anal video Don and I had ever seen and that was before we even got to the one mind-blowing scene Alice had hinted at. In that scene a dominant mistress all dressed in leather got two young beauties up on their knees right next to each. Next she takes her two hands and dips them into a big jar of lubricant, pulling them out all slick and greased. First she works a fist up each cunt as the two Dutch sluts moan and wriggle. Then she tells them to reach back and hold their cheeks wide open. Now Don and I are staring at the TV screen, spellbound, as she slides her a fist up each of their assholes! Their two anal rings are wrapped tightly around her wrists as she starts giving the two of them a serious rectal workout, savagely pumping her fists in and out while the beauties squirm and groan, loving every thrust of their Mistress’s fists into their sleek, young bodies.

"Holy shit, that is just so freaky!” I gasped as Don just stared at the screen, slack jawed and silent, watching that nasty bitch fist those two vulnerable bottoms.

We couldn't get over that scene and right after the video was over Don and I talked about whether we could ever take it like that. Once in a while Don fisted my pussy. I loved it, but even for that I had to be good and ready. And lubed. But I knew I could never take Don's fist up my ass; it's much too big for that. And when I tried to do it to him, fist his ass, I’d get all five fingers inside his anus. But as I kept pushing them in, at one point he always made me stop, saying he couldn't take anymore. Too bad, we said. Big cocks, real and rubber, our asses could take those. But with fists we felt we’d reached our limits.

But now after seeing this video we were charged up all over again.

Then I had an idea.

"You know how when we go down to the coffee shop on the corner there’s this cute waitress who sometimes serves us? That perfectly built but tiny little Asian chick? The really cute one? We’re always saying how fine-boned she is, how she has such small hands and slender fingers?"

We especially notice her hands since she serves us food.

"What if we got a girl like that, with small hands and small fists, and we tried having her do it to us? Fist us both? Together?" I suggested, amazed at myself. Don and I sometimes like to have a girl join us for a threeway. So, naturally, Don thought that was a great idea. Luckily we live in Los Angeles where there are quite a few alternative weekly newspapers. Don reminded me of ads we had seen in one of them advertising ‘kinky outcall’ and promising all kinds of hot depraved and twisted treats. So we called up this one service. A woman with a very sexy voice picked up the phone and asked if she could help. She didn’t seem at all surprised to have another woman calling. We probably weren’t the first couple calling them to ask about sending over a girl. And I’m sure sometimes it’s the women who call. I explained that my husband and I were looking for a very petite girl who was both cute and on the freaky side, and who enjoyed anal play and dildos. And one more thing, we’d like her to have small, delicate hands.

“I got just the right girl for you,” the woman answered. “Kim. She’s gorgeous. And tiny. Five feet, ninety pounds. Young, just twenty years old. Perfect, slender figure and the cutest face you’ve ever seen. Hair down to her waist. And she’s a real freak, especially for Greek. Whenever we get a request for anal, Kim’s our number one gal. A wild one, believe me. And she just loves to play with toys. But it all comes at a price, she’s quite expensive.”

The woman quoted a figure but my husband and I, luckily, are affluent enough and this would be money well spent. So I quickly agreed to the price.

“Good,” the woman said, “but, if you don’t mind my asking, why the small hands?”

She sounded both puzzled and amused by our request for small hands.

“Oh, we’ll explain that to Kim when she gets here,” I answered coyly.

Later that week Kim arrived at our doorstep. We had been excited for days anticipating her arrival and looking forward to a really wild and raunchy night with her. The service wasn’t kidding. She was really petite, but what a knockout! And right away we could see she had this wild, sexy gleam in her eye, like this was a chick who was game for it all, who wasn’t going to have too many limits.

We had drinks and small-talked a little. Then I asked her whether she’d like to see a video my sister had picked up in Amsterdam. We had cued it right to the fisting scene and now we looked over at Kim to see her reaction as the action unfolded on the TV screen.

“Wow! That is pretty wild shit!” she said.

“Turn you on?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I love it freaky. I may look like Suzie cheerleader, guys, but I am one nasty, dirty bitch. That is a fact.”

I looked over at Don and smiled. This was too good to be true.

“I guess that’s why you asked whether I had small hands, huh?” she said.

“You’re getting warm, sweetheart,” I said with a smile.

She lifted her hands provocatively, turning them slowly, showing off the perfectly formed hands, wiggling the slender fingers. Then slowly she bunched her two hands up into two fists, staring at us.

“Nice hands,” I purred sexily, taking hold of them in my own, caressing them sensually.

“Uh huh, and I just love using them, sticking them up where they fuckin’ don’t belong,” she cooed sexily, licking her lips. “Or should I say, where they do belong.”

I looked over at my husband; the two of us couldn’t have been any more thrilled.

“Which one of you am I gonna do? Am I gonna fist?” she asked.

“Both of us,” I purred, staring into her big, blue eyes.

“Freak-ky!!” she hissed, a bright, lewd smile lighting up her pretty face.

“How about we all get comfortable?” I suggested.

We led her to our bedroom where all three of us undressed. She was really petite but perfectly proportioned, with a sleek, tight little body that would give a hardon to a corpse. And long, silky blonde hair down to below her waist. We had left the big, nine-inch strap-on dildo I use on Don resting provocatively on the bed.

“Wow, that’s a nice big toy you got there,” she said picking it up. It looked especially enormous held in her tiny hand. “I love really big toys.”

“Why don’t we strap it on you, you look like you could use a big cock,” I teased, taking it from her and working the straps of the leather harness around her slim little waist and between her legs, attaching it securely.

“Holy shit, will you look at me!” she said, staring at the mirror. She looked absolutely obscene, nine thick inches of life-like rubber cock sticking out straight from her flat tummy. I’m five foot seven, a hundred twenty pounds, and this dildo always looks freakily huge when it’s strapped to me. You can imagine what it looked like attached to her five foot, ninety pound frame.

“There’s something else you’re going to need,” I said pointing to a big, fresh jar of lube sitting on a dresser.

“Okay guys, get down there, elbows and knees, and stick ‘em out for me like a couple of good little sluts,” she demanded. They said back at the outcall service that young Kim was a freaky one. I guess their talk wasn’t just a lot of hype.

“I love assholes, male and female. I like doing nasty things to them,”

I looked over at Don and we smiled at each other. Here we were, right next to each other, up on our knees, sticking out our butts. We’d done this for each other countless times, surrendered our bottoms. But never together, for someone else!

“Wow, look what we’re doing,” I said, gazing lovingly at my husband. I felt so close to him at this moment, about to embark on yet a new kind of sharing. If all went according to plan we’d manage to share the two fists of the beauty behind us.

“Reach back and hold yourselves open... sluts!” she teased.

We did as asked, reaching back to spread apart our respective cheeks.

“Yum, yum,” she purred and the next thing I felt was a warm, wet tongue pressing against my anal cleft. The young tramp was rimming me, lapping away hungrily at my asshole, really digging in for a taste. I looked over at my husband.

“Kim sure knows how to lick ass, baby!” I said.

Then she pulled away from my bottom and, as I looked over my shoulder, I could see her press her face between my husband’s open cheeks. Slurp, slurp, slurp! was the sound I heard away as she lapped away at his hole.

“Oh man, what a hell of a tongue!” Don sighed. He just loves getting rimmed.

By now my hand was between my legs, playing with my pussy, dripping with arousal. My husband, I could see, was fisting his stiff huge cock like a man possessed.

Finally she pulled her face away from Don’s bottom and reached for the jar of lube. I looked over my shoulder to see her unscrewing it, then dip a couple fingers in and bring out a big dab of the slick anal grease.

We shared a glance as she slapped a dab between my buns, rubbing it in. It was slapped on cold, but soon her fingers warmed it up, especially when she dug a couple inside.

“Ooooh, nice and tight,” she purred. “We’re going to have to open you up.”

“You better!” I cackled as we shared a laugh.

Oh man, did her slender fingers feel great digging into my rectum. I couldn’t wait until I felt the whole hand!

Now she dug in for another dab and this time slapped it between my husband’s cheeks, rubbing it around, working a couple of stiff fingers inside him.

“Mmmmh,” she said, rubbing her chin, “whose ass do I fuck first?”

I looked at Don and he looked at me, both of crazed with anticipation.

“I think I’ll start with some female butt,” she said, kneeling behind me. I couldn’t help looking over my shoulder at the wild, demented expression as her face as she pressed the smooth bulbous tip of the huge strap-on cock against my greased anus and then, nice and steady, drove it right inside, right up my shithole!

“Oh yeah! Do it! Fuck my ass!” I howled, crazed with arousal.

“Uh huh, I’ll fuck it, babe, I’ll fuck it, okay.”

And she did, driving every last inch of that thick tube of rubber up my hole in a rectal assault that left me swooning. I could feel the rubber balls slap against my cheeks as she worked the full length, all nine inches, deep inside. My husband was looking over at me, eyes wide in wonder, as he watched this petite blonde mercilessly drive her oversized rubber cock right up his wife’s asshole.

“Oh baby,” I said to him, “it’s so exciting having you watching her do it to me like this, fucking my ass right next to you!”

He was fisting his cock in a frenzy as he watched his wife getting sodomized by this young, freaky beauty we hired.

“Okay, now for a little male ass,” she Kim hissed, pulling out of me.

I thought she’d move right over behind my husband, but instead she brought herself up to his face, forcing the rubber cock into his mouth.

“Suck on this, hubby, I’ve just buried it all the way up your wife’s hot little bottom,” she purred, forcing it between his lips. I watched, amazed, as Don sucked the cock. I always loved feeding it to him when I had it strapped to myself, and he craved getting fed. But now I got to watch another slut fuck his mouth.

“Good boy, now here comes your reward,” she said, moving away from Don’s face and getting behind him. I moved a little so I had the perfect view, then stared in awe as she pressed the tip of her cock between my husband’s cheeks. Little Kim looked so amazing. Five feet tall, sleek and slender, with hair down almost half the length of her body. But the most amazing thing of all was just how immense that rubber cock looked strapped to her petite frame.

Up... your... ass... stud!” she hissed, driving it inside him smoothly as she held on to his hips.

“Oh God, oh shit!” Don yelped as he felt the big cock fill him up. I loved fucking him up the ass, taking charge as he squealed and squirmed, seeing his anal ring stretched to the limits as it was forced open by the stunning thickness of our favorite dildo. Now I enjoyed the luxury of watching another nasty bitch do his ass.

“That’s it, slam it in there!” I urged as the blonde and I stared into one another’s eyes, both of us at an absolute pitch of excitement. As was Don, judging by his groaning and moaning as he took it up the ass.

She took her time fucking him until, finally, she pulled out.

“Okay, up on elbows and knees, right next to your husband, just the way you were,” she told me as I moved close to Don, both of us sticking ‘em out, nice and high, our well-fucked bottoms exposed and vulnerable, our hips and thighs actually touching. I stared lovingly at my husband.

“I can’t wait for what’s next,” I whispered. “This is so exciting!”

The next thing I felt was Kim digging several of her fingers into my ass. Looking over to the side, I could see she was doing the same to my husband’s ass.

“Oh wow, baby, you and me! We’re about to take it!” I said to Don

“You two sure as shit are,” Kim cackled, adding another finger or two. It felt like she had all five inside and so I reached back with a hand to feel where she was digging into my asshole and found that, indeed, she had crammed all five fingers inside to the knuckles. That much I had experienced, and so had my husband. And after the hard fucking each of us had received courtesy of Kim and her borrowed strap-on we were ready for this degree of intrusion.

When I heard my husband gasp I knew she was doing to his ass with her other hand exactly what she was doing to mine. I reached over to have a feel and grazed my fingertips around that sweet margin where all five of her fingers were stuffed up my husband’s bottom, stretching him open.

“Wow, baby!” I said to him. “She’s got all five up there; up mine too.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna open you two bitches up!” she purred nastily.

Now I could feel her push her hand further in, past her knuckles. I felt so stretched as the widest part of her hand entered me, monstrously dilating my anus. Then suddenly, a strange relief combined with a sensation of stunning fullness and I knew she had now worked her whole hand inside, bunching her fingers up into a fist inside my rectum.

“Oh shit, Don!” I panted, looking over ta my husband. “She did it! She got her whole fist inside me! Inside my ass!”

From the way he was wincing and biting his lip I knew she was trying to do the same to him. Don loves it up the ass but he can’t take it quite the way I can. I can take more and take it more easily. I can take every inch of his nine inch cock in my ass and all five of his big fingers. But he’s hasn’t managed quite the full length of the nine-inch dildo we use, the one Kim still had strapped to herself.

“C’mon, baby!” I urged. “You can do it, you can take it. Take that fist!”

“Yeah, take it, you slut! Take it up your horny little ass!” Kim howled, and as Don squirmed and groaned, even breaking out in a sweat, I knew that Kim had managed the feat, had managed to drive her fist up my husband’s ass.

I reached over and had myself a feel. Kim’s fist was buried inside Don, the ring of his asshole stretched tightly around her wrist. I reached back now to feel myself. And my heart skipped a beat when I felt the same thing, my sphincter wrapped tightly around Kim’s other wrist, her whole hand, her fist, buried up my ass.

“You two should see yourselves,” Kim smirked.

And I imagined that we were quite a sight, on elbows and knees right next to each other with this nasty, sizzling, petite beauty behind us, both her fists pumping into our bottoms like two pistons, fisting us in earnest now. Don may have had a little trouble at first but he sure seemed to be enjoying it now, stroking his hard dick excitedly as I whipped up a froth down between my legs.

“This is making me so fuckin’ hot, fisting you two sluts!” she said and, looking back at her, I could see her face twisted into a grimace of depraved arousal as she twisted and pumped her fists into her bottoms.

“Baby, look at me,” I said to my husband as we gazed at one another. “We both wanted this so much, sharing like we are now. Next to each other. Not me doing you, or you doing me. But both of us getting done, getting done together. By someone else. Isn’t it great!”

I leaned over to give him a tender, sensual kiss as I reached down to give his thick, rigid cock a few loving strokes. I wanted us both to experience exactly the same thing today, me and my husband. That’s why I didn’t have Kim fuck or fist my cunt. An asshole was what me and my husband had in common, and so our bottoms would get all the attention. I took plenty good care of my itchy pussy with my fingers, as Don did of his ragingly stiff and aching cock.

“You and me, baby, you and me!” I whispered softly, gazing into his sexy eyes. “each with a fist in our ass. I got one hand, you got the other. It is so intimate having this cute young cunt fist us both like this at once, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, sweetheart, it feels so right,” he whispered, his eyes crazed with lust. Don was the strong and silent type. But when he did express himself it was always heartfelt.

“Yeah, you and me, baby, you and me. Getting fisted together like this. I feel so close to you, so, so close!

And I did, sharing this raw, twisted experience with my husband.

“You two sluts are really something else,” Kim purred, sweetness in her voice now, as she appreciated our intimacy. I looked back at her, the dildo still strapped to her sleek, young body, obscenely huge and slick from having been buried in our lubed assholes. Her arms were moving like two pistons in sequence as she pumped it into both of us.

“Deeper,” I whispered, staring at her eyes, “My husband, he can probably just take your fist. But me? I want more, I want you deeper. Deeper in my ass.”

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