tagIncest/TabooThree Generations

Three Generations


I picked up my leave papers at the Personnel Office and headed for the bus station. After two years in the Coast Guard, I was taking a well-deserved thirty-day leave. If you had told me that by the time I returned to my ship I would have fucked both my mother and grandmother, I would have called you crazy, but you would have been right.

It was wonderful to be home again. I missed everything about it. I missed my mother's beauty, charm and cooking. I missed my big, soft bed. I missed having the privacy to jack off whenever I felt like it. I missed the big color TV and being able to watch whatever I wanted to watch. Well, you get the idea.

My mother Polly was smart, beautiful and successful. She was the weather girl at the biggest TV station in the city. She didn't know much about meteorology. She just read the scripts that the real meteorologists gave her. She was strictly eye candy, and she was tasty. Curly blond hair framed her angelic face. Her boss insisted that she wear low-cut dresses that showed off her ample tits. At every opportunity, she turned to show off her round ass. I'm sure that every time she was on the air, thousands of boys and men jacked off and got the weather forecast at the same time. Mom reached her goal of becoming an anchorwoman a short time after all of this happened.

I never knew my father. Mom told me that he had been killed in the war. My grandparents, John and Hilda, lived on a farm a thousand miles away in the Midwest. I had spent much of my childhood on that farm, so when Mom suggested we go back for a nostalgic visit, I jumped at the chance. The next day we set out on our journey. Mom didn't like to drive long distances, so I did all of the driving.

It was wonderful to see my grandparents again. They made such a fuss over me in the Coast Guard uniform that Mom had talked me into wearing for the reunion. John was a handsome man with dark, wavy hair and a brilliant smile. Hilda was an older version of my beautiful mother. Even though she was nearly sixty, she still turned more heads than a screwdriver.

That evening we sat down to a magnificent country dinner. There were none of my mother's fancy sauces and French wines, only simple, well-prepared food. As we ate, we reminisced about old times. They wanted to know all about my experiences in the Coast Guard. There wasn't much to tell but I tried to make it interesting.

My grandmother put me up in the guesthouse that had once been used as a bunkhouse for farm hands. Grandpa had sold off much of his land and could manage the farm by himself, so there was no longer a need for hands. Mom slept in her old room in the house. I could hardly sleep that first night because it was so quiet and I was so excited. I was unbearably horny from being around my beautiful mother and grandmother. I finally fell asleep after jacking off.

Three days passed without incident. Grandpa showed me around the farm and boasted of his high crop yields. Grandma stuffed me with goodies at every opportunity. Her apple pie was to die for. But you don't want to hear about my grandmother's wonderful cooking. I know that you are impatient to get to the sex.

One afternoon after lunch, I went to the guesthouse to take a nap. I was a little groggy after Grandma forced second helpings of everything on me. I awoke in mid-afternoon and decided to take a walk in the forest. It was peaceful and quiet under the tall oaks. The only sounds were the chirping of birds and the hum of the wind through the highest branches. Then I heard another sound that didn't fit in with the forest sounds. Thinking that it might be deer hunters, I approached cautiously. I didn't want to get shot by accident.

The scene that I came upon was so shocking that it is burnt into my memory. I can visualize it with nearly perfect clarity. The three most important people in my life were naked in a small clearing. Mom was on all fours with Grandpa on his knees fucking her doggy-style. My pretty grandmother sat nearby with a big smile on her face and her fingers planted in her pussy. Grandpa was fucking Mom so hard that her knees came up off the ground with each thrust. Years of hard work and clean living had given him a body that most men half his age would envy. He grinned down at his daughter's beautiful ass as he pumped her pussy.

Grandma stopped masturbating and made it a threesome. She knelt in front of Mom, who immediately began nursing on her big tits. I was too far away to hear what they were saying. When I was a boy, I had played Cowboys and Indians on that very spot. I had preferred to play the role of an Indian sneaking up on a cowboy. I was reminded of that as I stealthily crawled through the bushes until I was within earshot.

"Damn, I had forgotten how nice and tight your pussy is, Honey," Grandpa said.

"Oh, Daddy, please don't stop. Your big cock is driving me crazy."

Grandma's eggplant-shaped tits were capped with big, brown nipples. As Mom sucked on them, they got as big and hard as bullets. Grandma put her hand on Mom's blond head and pushed her lower. She went to her back on the grass and pushed Mom's head down onto her cunt. I couldn't believe what was happening in front of me. I actually pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Convinced that I was seeing the real thing and wanting to make the most of it, I pulled my cock out and started stroking.

"She sure hasn't forgotten how to use her tongue, John," Grandma said. She placed her hand on the back of Mom's head and slowly ground her pussy against Mom's mouth.

"Oh, yes, Polly, that's it. Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, my God! YES! YES! YOU'RE MAKING YOUR OLD MA CUM. UHU..UHU..UHU..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Grandma convulsed again and again as she came on Mom's tongue. Mom seemed to be cumming, too. She abandoned Grandma's pussy and concentrated on the fucking. She slammed her ass back against her father so hard that he would have bounced off of her if he hadn't had a tight grip on her hips. Her big tits flopped around under her chest like water-filled balloons. She wailed so loudly that she startled the birds in the trees and sent them fluttering away.

The scene ended the way it always ends in porno flicks, with a cum-shot. Grandpa pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Mom's back. I wouldn't have thought it possible for a man his age to pump out so much jism. As I watched him cum, my load shot out of my fist onto the ground.

The incestuous trio laid back on the grass to recover from their orgasms. Grandma broke the silence when she giggled and said, "Well, that was just like old times, wasn't it?" I was rather disappointed when they put their clothes on. I wanted to see more.

Over dinner that night they acted as though nothing had happened. Grandpa talked about corn prices and Grandma talked about her apple pie entry at the County Fair. They were an all-American family, yet they had broken the ultimate taboo. I laid in my bed that night and pondered the situation. I had always wanted to fuck my mother, and seeing her get it from Grandpa had only made me want her more. Then it came to me with crystal clarity. She obviously didn't have a problem with incest; she had probably been fucking her father for years. If she could fuck her father, why not her son?

I lay awake half the night trying to think of a way to broach the subject. I came up with what I thought were exactly the right words, but when the time came I forgot them and simply blurted out, "Mom, I saw you and Grandma and Grandpa having sex in the woods."

Her reaction, or more accurately her lack of reaction, baffled me. She really didn't seem to care. "We went there to relive old times. When I lived here, we used to go out there all the time. There is something about fucking in the woods that makes my blood boil. It is so animalistic. Well, I suppose I owe you an explanation. After your father went off to the Army, I was very lonely here. Back then, the nearest neighbors were miles away. I knew that Mom and Dad loved to fuck because I heard them going at it almost every night. I even caught them at it once and they let me watch. That's when I found out how big Dad's cock is. When I went to Mom to ask her permission, she said there was enough for both of us. She actually seemed pleased to be getting some help with him. I went out to the barn and Dad had me then and there. He fucked me all through my pregnancy with you, and then two or three times a week until I moved to the city."

"Mom, please let me fuck you," I blurted.

"I'll think about it. You are a handsome young man. It would probably be a lot of fun. But wouldn't you prefer to start with Grandma? She likes young studs, and I've noticed the way she's been looking at you. I think I'll have a talk with her."

I didn't object. Fucking Grandma had crossed my mind more than once. I wanted to do it but thought it was too far out of reach because of the difference in our ages.

That night I lay in bed playing with my cock. Distant thunder signaled the arrival of a storm. The noise from the storm masked the sound of the door opening. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a warm body slipped under the covers.

"It's just me, Honey," Grandma said. "Now if you don't want to do this, you just say so. Maybe you don't want to fuck an old bag like me."

"Grandma, you aren't an old bag. You are very beautiful. I would be honored to fuck you. But what about Grandpa?"

"Don't worry about him. The only thing that he might get mad about is not getting to watch. Polly told me you saw us in the woods today. How did you like the show?" She found my hard cock and began to stroke it.

"It was amazing, Grandma. Hotter than anything I've ever seen."

"Honey, I don't think you should call me Grandma when we're having sex. It's too weird. Why don't you call me Hilda? Polly said you had a big cock. I want to get a closer look."

Grandma ducked under the covers and took my throbbing cock in her mouth. Most of my sexual experience had been with whores and none of them had sucked my cock half as good as she did. Experience does count. Her slippery mouth was warm and wet and she varied the depth, angle and strength of the sucks. When she took a big gulp of cock, clamped it between her tongue and palate and slowly pulled off, I lost control.


I felt my grandmother's mouth filling up with my pudding. It got better with every spurt. She didn't stop sucking my ultra-sensitive cock until she had coaxed out every drop. I was writhing all over the bed. Grandma finally took her mouth off of my cock and came up for air. She swallowed for awhile and then said, "Thank you, Son. That was a big, juicy one. I had to swallow five times to get it all down."

Without giving me a chance to rest, she mounted me and impaled herself on my twitching cock. I expected her pussy to be slack and weak, but it was tight and strong. When she lifted off of me, her cuntal muscles milked my cock. I was in paradise.

"Open your mouth," she said. She stuffed one of her big nipples into my mouth and told me to suck. I had never fucked in the woman-on-top position and was amazed at how perfect it felt. The position put Grandma's big tits right in my face. Unable to decide which of her nipples tasted the best, I switched back and forth.

Grandma began to moan and groan as she picked up speed. The storm was raging. I imagined a lighting bolt from God coming through the roof at any moment to strike me dead for fucking my grandmother. I should not have had my cock buried deep in Grandma's quim, but it felt so good that I couldn't take it out.

"Oh, son, that is good. Your cock feels so good inside my old pussy. You are the best I've had in a long time. It feels like my ovaries are going to burst."

Eager to please, I bent my knees and planted my feet on the bed for leverage. Up until then, she had done all the fucking, but I could no longer control my lust. I pumped my cock up into her so hard and fast that she nearly bounced off of me.


The spasms of Grandma's cunt muscles set me off and I shot my load deep inside of her. It felt like her pussy was actually milking me. The intense feelings lasted long after I stopped squirting. Grandma collapsed on top of me.

When I came to my senses, panic set in. "Grandma..er..I mean, Hilda, I hope I didn't make you pregnant." She chuckled and said, "Honey, my baby-making days are long past. But as you can see, I still have enough passion left in me for two women. Thank you for the best fuck I've had in ages."

I dozed off with Grandma resting beside me. When I awoke, she was gone. Over breakfast the next morning, everyone acted as though nothing had happened. Grandpa talked about the need for a new roof on the barn. Mom and Grandma exchanged recipes.

Every night for the next week, Grandma paid me a visit in the guesthouse. I did things to her that I had only dreamed of. I fucked between her big, soft tits until, at her request, I shot my load in her pretty face. One night she asked me if I wanted anything special from her. When I told her how much I craved a piece of ass, she rolled over on her stomach. Within seconds, I had eight inches of cock buried deep in her tight ass.

Our last night on the farm was very special. I went for a walk after dinner, and when I returned, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa were all sitting naked in the livingroom. "Take off your clothes and join us, Honey," Mom said. I sat at one end of the couch with Grandpa at the other. Grandma knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, while Mom knelt in front of Grandpa and took his. Grandpa couldn't take his eyes off of his wife's pretty head bobbing in my lap. I shot my load in Grandma's mouth, and a few minutes later Grandpa let his go in Mom's mouth.

We went to the bedroom where I fucked Grandma while Grandpa fucked Mom beside us. I was very pleased with myself for being able to perform under the circumstances. After I had fucked Grandma for ten minutes or so, she began to wail as her body was racked by a strong orgasm. Mom started cumming a few seconds later. Her orgasmic wailing blended in with those coming from her mother. It was almost as though they were singing a duet.

When they calmed down a little, Grandpa dismounted from Mom and came to my side of the bed. "You did a good job on this one," he said. "Now go see what you can do with your mother."

I mounted my beautiful mother and my long-time fantasy of fucking her became a reality. I shoved my cock into her tight pussy and discovered that Grandpa had made a deposit. Their combined juices made her pussy almost too slick. She didn't join in at first, then her lust kicked in and she brought her belly up to meet mine.

Next to us, Grandma was trying to breathe life back into Grandpa's deflated cock. Her skillful fellatio soon had it in useable condition. She mounted him and rode him cowgirl style.

Mom lightly raked her fingernails over my ass and back to encourage me. Grandma had taught me a few tricks to improve my fucking and I used them on her daughter. They worked like a charm. Both women were soon wailing as they were hit by another wave of orgasms. I shot my load into my mother's clenching pussy. Both of my grandparents were shaking with orgasmic convulsions. That ended the most incredible event of my life. I had fucked my mother and her mother back-to-back.

The next day Mom and I returned to the city. I fucked Mom at least once a day during my remaining two weeks of shore leave. Then I returned to my ship. I can hardly wait for my next leave and another visit to the farm.

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