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Three Good Witches


It happens now and then to everyone who dares to go against the grain. Of course it had happened to Allie several times over the couple of years since her decision to go natural. And just by chance, it happened again on that afternoon in late September. She and Scott and two of their fellow law-students were enjoying a second round of coffee in their pleasant corner of the café when a lull in the conversation allowed a loudmouthed undergrad at the next table to burst their bubble.

"So I get her back to my room, I get the sock on the door so Chad knows to stay the hell away, we're goin' at it, you know, tearing each other's clothes off, and then I get her jeans down and, Errrrrrrrrt! Everything comes to a screeching halt!"

"Red light, huh?" asked one of his buddies. "Tough break, man."

"But no means no!" sing-songed another of them, in a tone dripping with sarcasm.

"No, she didn't say no," continued Bigmouth. "I did!"

"Dude, that's just wrong! You get a girl naked and then you hold back on her? Why you want to do that to a willing female?!"

"Because! I get her jeans off and she's got a beaver the size of South America down there. Hair everywhere!"

"Aw, yuck!" said the one who had earlier reminded him of no-means-no. "Good for you then. If it ain't bare, don't go there!"

"You said it, man," added the third one. "Don't girls know how nasty they look if they don't take care of themselves? What did you tell her?"

"I said come back when you get a Brazilian," Bigmouth said. "She was pissed, but I said look, I don't do girls who can't be bothered to groom themselves!"

Allie had picked up a paper napkin to twist in her hands in order to release her anger and frustration silently; now she looked down to see she was shredding it. The surprise made her laugh, and she felt somewhat better. Scott joined in, too. "I'll bet I know what you're imagining shredding right now," he said.

"Can you blame me?" Allie asked. "What a bunch of little assholes!"

"They might have been just talking big to make me uncomfortable," said Darlene, their water-polo teammate, who was seated on Scott's other side. "The one who said 'no means no'? He's my brother. The others are his frat brothers."

Allie felt chastened. "Oh, well, Darlene, I'm sorry then, but..."

"No, don't be!" Darlene said. "You're right, they are assholes. I've spent far too much time trying to figure out how my kid brother turned out to be such a monster. But that's typical of him."

A memory of Allie's high school pals, Craig and Eddie, came to mind. "Well, I wonder if he really believes what he said about natural women, or if he's just playing along because his friend said so. I used to have a couple of friends who talked like that, but really they loved, you know, women like the one he was talking about. They just knew it was cool to pretend they didn't."

"She could be right, Darlene," Scott said. "Maybe he just needs one look at a beautiful woman and he'll see the light."

"Oh, he's seen one," Darlene grumbled. "A few summers ago he 'accidentally' saw me getting out of the shower, and -- I'm sorry, Scott, I hope you don't mind, but I have a pretty big bush, not like Allie's or anything, but --"

"I know," Scott confessed. "No offense, but I've seen you in a white swimsuit plenty of times."

Darlene laughed, uncomfortably at first and then with a more relieved ring to her laughter. "Oh, well, we are close friends, aren't we? And Allie and I have seen each other in the shower enough times."

"I've never told him about what you look like naked, Darlene, I promise," Allie said. "But of course I've noticed you're closest to me in that style."

"And everyone who's been in the pool knows about Allie in that regard," Scott said. Allie did not object; there had always been an exhibitionist element of her visits to the pool.

"Right, well, if the two of you are comfortable knowing about it, I've got nothing to be ashamed of," Darlene said. Only then did she think to check with their other two friends across the table, Rayma and Sam, neither of whom had ever joined them in the pool. "I do hope this isn't too much information for you guys," she said.

"I don't mind if you don't mind," Sam said. "I can't say I ever gave a whole lot of thought to this whole subject!" he added with a laugh.

"You would if you were a hairy gal or a guy who was in love with one," Scott said, not unkindly, drawing nods of agreement from Darlene and Allie.

"Well, I'm a hairy gal, too," Rayma confessed. "Indian, you know, what do you expect? But I shave mine regularly." Sam, to her right, looked delighted to be privy to such information; but Rayma didn't notice.

"Cool," Allie reassured her. "Anyway, Darlene, your brother saw you in the shower?!"

"Yes, and for weeks afterwards there were all sorts of horrible comments, every time Mom wasn't around. 'Don't your boyfriends get lost in there?' 'Do you even have any boyfriends once they see that?' 'Aren't you embarrassed when you go swimming?' And worse. I finally had enough and I slugged him, and of course when Mom heard about it she got all pissed off at me without ever hearing what her darling little Robbie had been saying and doing."

"No wonder he's such a brat," Scott said.

"Oh, you're not kidding," Darlene said. "I could see it in his eyes just now, he was just loving the knowledge that his friend was insulting me so much. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd told the story before and Robbie just asked him to repeat it to hurt me."

"And me," Allie reminded her.

"And me," Rayma added. "I hate having to shave every day, and the stubble afterwards and all that. But if I don't, you never hear the end of it from guys like that."

"If they've got a problem with it, then they don't deserve you!" Sam piped up.

Rayma looked flattered. "That's sweet, but you don't know what it's like with most guys, Sam."

"It's enough to make you want to just rub their nose in it, isn't it?" Allie said. "You know, hey, look at me, I'm hairy and proud and fuck you!"

Amidst the laughter and applause from her friends -- which momentarily caught the attention of the mouthy frat boys who were still seated nearby -- Sam spoke up once again. "What if I told you we could make that happen?" he said in a quiet tone, leaning in so the others could all hear him.

"Can you?" Darlene asked. "I'm in if it means putting Robbie and his friends in their place!"

"Halloween's coming up," Sam reminded them. "I don't know if you remember from last year," he continued, looking at each of them in turn; they were all second-year students, "or maybe Darlene, since you were an undergrad here..."

"Oh, right, the Halloween shows!" Darlene said. "I think I like this idea!"

"What idea?" Allie asked.

"What I think Sam is getting at," Darlene said, "is, at Halloween, all the fraternities and sororities hire out for shows, for their entertainment, and then of course there's a big party with the cast afterward. Rumor has it the fraternity ones are usually one big peep show, the more X-rated the better."

"Right," Sam said. "So, if we offer our services to Kappa Epsilon Gamma over there for their party..."

Allie burst into laughs. "God, that'd serve them right, wouldn't it?" Then she stopped. "Wait a minute...if what we're planning is what I think we're planning, Darlene, won't you be uncomfortable with your brother in the audience?"

"He's already seen me naked, remember?" Darlene reminded her.

"Right. I withdraw my objection."

"And we know you won't mind putting guys like that in their place, Allie," Scott teased.

"True, that," Allie said. "I'm an old hand at such things."

"Oh?" asked Darlene and Rayma at the same time, while Sam was silent but looked curious.

"Yes," Allie said, and with a mildly embarrassed sigh, she explained. "Back before I came here -- about a year before -- I went to a nudist colony with a few of my best friends from high school. Two guys, one gal. The gal -- Corri was her name -- she was my best friend from way back, but she was a little brat a lot like..." she gestured at the neighboring table, where Robbie and his friends were now picking up to leave. "And when we were kids, we'd had a swimming teacher, named Felicia, who was, well, well-endowed the same way we three are. You could see it through her swimsuit, like with you, Darlene, and to this day I actually call that 'the classic Felicia look.' You've got that look, and I mean it in a good way, I love it. I remember admiring Felicia so much, and I couldn't wait to grow up and have a nice full bush like she did."

"And your wish came true," Sam said. He had given up any pretense of being anything but delighted at the turn their conversation had taken.

"Well, I wouldn't know that for quite some time," Allie said. "You see, Corri, the friend I mentioned, she hated it. She thought it was disgusting, and she never shut up about it! From that summer on, any time a woman showed any hair anywhere except her head, all our friends called that 'pulling a Felicia' thanks to Corri. Since I was her best friend, of course I always shaved everything. Then I got to college and realized how sexist that whole thing really was, but out of habit I continued, right up until just before graduation. That was when Corri and I and our two guy friends made our plans for the nudist camp. And, to make a long story short, Corri said some things that pushed me too far, and I decided to stop shaving. To stop shaving everything, I mean. And that's when I discovered I was a bush queen."

"I'll bet that went over well at the nudist colony," Darlene said.

"That's the crazy thing: it did! Our two guy friends, Craig and Eddie, they had always been right there with Corri, mouthing off about how disgusting hairy women were, but when they saw me..."

"Love at first sight," recalled Scott, who by then had heard the story many times.

"Or lust at least," Allie said. "And we ended the day with a round with both of them in the back of Craig's station wagon." She looked around the table and was rewarded with looks of shock mixed with admiration, which made her laugh again.

"I'm impressed," Rayma finally said.

"Good for you," Sam added. "I take it Corri wasn't any too impressed."

"I don't know, I never heard from her again," Allie said.

"And this was totally unshaven?" Darlene asked. "Legs and pits too?"

Allie nodded. "I do shave those now, as you know. Of course, with the weather getting colder, we could get away with not shaving anything for a few weeks..."

"God, yes!" Darlene replied. "I can just see the look on Robbie's face!"

"And the other little brats," Rayma concurred. "Okay, I'm in too. Allie, now I'm curious if I'm going to be surprised at what I look like unshaven, the way you were."

"If you're anything like me, it'll be a pleasant surprise," Allie promised. "It really is very liberating."

"I agree," Darlene added. "I love that feeling when I get in the pool and realize I don't care what anybody thinks of what might show, even if it is a bit tricky to cover up."

"That's my big line," Allie said preemptively. "I can't wear a bikini. Doesn't it feel great to say that out loud and realize there's nothing wrong with it?"

"It sure does," Darlene agreed with a grin, and they clinked coffee mugs.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Scott asked Allie later on that evening when they were alone in her room.

"Completely," Allie said. "I only hope Rayma and Darlene are really willing as well. Why, are you okay with it?"

"You know I am as long as you are," Scott told her. "It's just, I don't know, the whole thing seems so sexist, getting naked for guys' enjoyment, and it's not like you at all to play into stuff like that."

Allie stood up and looked thoughtfully down at Scott. "I guess I don't see it as 'getting naked for their enjoyment'. I see it as getting naked to force them to take a good, hard look at their attitudes. Besides, I know from experience we might be showing some of them how beautiful a natural woman really can be. And the sooner more guys are willing to be honest with themselves about that, the better for everyone."

Scott lay back on the bed and looked up at Allie with a thoughtful grin. She was dressed smartly as usual, in a full blue skirt and gray sweater, the very epitome of demure. "God, you're amazing, Allie," he finally said.

Allie returned his smile, and gathered up her skirt to pull her panties down. "I do hope you're okay with me doing this, Scott," she said.

"I'm fine with it if you are," Scott said, watching her toss her panties in the hamper. "I was thinking, Sam and I could be on stage as your guards or something."

Allie closed her eyes and laughed. "Perfect, Scott, perfect! Anyway, I'm glad you're okay with it. I hope I don't need to remind you, what we have is still for us only. This is only a show!"

"You're putting on quite a show for me now," Scott confessed. He unbuckled his pants. "Good time for a studybreak anyway, isn't it?"

"Only now?" Allie teased. "Are you kidding? I've been dying for it ever since the coffeeshop!" She had her skirt off by the time Scott looked up from undoing his slacks and pushing them down, causing his hard cock to spring to attention. With her sweater and thigh-high stockings still on, her robust triangle looked even bigger than usual. She was teasing the edges of it with her fingers as she stood at the foot of the bed, and he found it mesmerizing.

"God, Allie, c'mere, now!" Scott whispered. "Just like that!"

"In this sweater? I'll be hot as hell!"

"You already are," he chuckled, and against her better judgment Allie climbed onto the bed without removing any of her other clothes. "Heavens, those guys won't even know how lucky they are," he said.

"Or maybe some of them will," Allie whispered, as teasingly she rubbed the tip of his cock all through her bush and around her wet lips, drawing a delighted whimper from Scott. The teasing was too much for Allie as well at that point, so without further ado she drew him inside. Acutely aware now that she was fully clothed everywhere but where it mattered most, she playfully unbuttoned Scott's shirt as she ground into his hips to both of their delight. Pushing the fabric off to the sides once she had all the buttons undone, she ran her fingers lightly down his chest.

He was delightfully responsive as usual. "God, Allie, yessss, so good!" Slowly her light touch gave way to firm rubs up and down his torso. She longed for him to return the favor on her breasts and belly, and that in turn made her all the more aware of how sweaty she was getting as they went at it.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore. "Sorry, Scott, it's just too much!" she whispered between grunts, and she pulled her sweater and camisole over her head at once. Without awaiting any word from Scott, she also did away with her bra as quickly as she could unfasten it. The warm but dry air was manna on her prickly hot skin, and his hands lying idle by his side were irresistible. Just as Allie was about to pick them up and place them forcibly on her breasts, he got the hint and did it voluntarily. His experienced, gentle touch on her nipples was just what she needed, and she felt her first orgasm about to wash over her.

"What do we tell the frat boys?" Scott asked her.

"FUCK. YOU!" she grunted triumphantly as she came.

"What'll the real men tell the little boys who have a problem with your hair?"

"Fuck you all!" Allie screeched, the intense sensation reaching its crescendo.

"Yesssssss!" Scott added as he came along with her. Allie, catching her breath, leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth to share his magic moment. Then they fell together in a joyous embrace, Scott's shirt still crumpled beneath her and clinging to his back. "God, I can't wait to see the looks on those brats' faces," he finally said.

"Me neither," Allie said. "Or yours, while all three of us are up there!"

Scott laughed and drew Allie into a tight squeeze.

The details of how their act came to be booked at the frat house were to remain vague to Allie. She didn't care much exactly how it happened, just as long as it was going to happen. A week or so later at another coffee outing, Sam confirmed that it was. "I have a friend who was a member, he works downtown now. A disgruntled brother, I guess -- he said they're all a bunch of losers like Darlene's brother now, and he loved our idea. So he made a call, and it turns out they were having trouble booking an act -- you can imagine why, of course -- and they're delighted to have the law students put on a show for them."

"No doubt they want to make friends with the smart kids and see if they can get in," Scott said.

"Geez, Scott, you're more cynical than I am," Darlene teased. "But if I know my brother, you're exactly right."

"Speaking of which," Allie said, "Robbie doesn't suspect anything, does he?"

"I don't think it was his decision to make," Sam said. "He's, what, a sophomore?"

Darlene nodded. "I doubt he got a vote if he even knows, and I can't imagine he thinks I'd be involved anyway. It didn't use to be my kind of thing."

"Not until now, huh?" Rayma asked. "Same here, I guess."

"Oh, that's right," Allie said sympathetically. "So how are things coming along with the non-shaving?"

"Things are really itchy right now," Rayma said. "I was expecting that, but I didn't think it'd be this bad!"

"Oh, I know," Allie said, recalling her own experience. "I'm feeling a bit of that again myself on my legs, now that I'm growing them out again. That lasted about two weeks for me."

"Me too, legs and pits," Darlene commiserated. "I can't imagine what it must be like with your bush too -- ouch!"

"You're not far off," Rayma admitted. "I'm glad to be doing this with you all, but it is a drag!"

"Want to go for a swim this afternoon?" Darlene suggested. "The cool water ought to help."

"It does help," Allie confirmed. "And it might be a nice way to get used to your new look, too. Especially if you won't be alone."

Scott and Sam were sharp enough to understand it was a ladies-only outing, and they found some excuse to retreat to the bar for a second cup while Rayma considered the invitation, and then accepted it.

That afternoon on the way to the pool, Allie recalled her own first-time jitters all too well. Not wishing to exacerbate any nervousness Rayma might be feeling, she and Darlene opted to steer the conversation towards classes they had together and other safe topics. But there was no sense in avoiding the inevitable once they got to the locker room. Fortunately, it happened to be empty when the three friends arrived. "Oh, good," Allie said. "With a little privacy, we can ease you into it!" Hoping to provide a show of confidence for her friend, Allie lost no time in unzipping her skirt and stepping out of it to reveal a week's worth of growth on her legs. Darlene, as if in competition, slipped off her jeans nearly as quickly; her leg hair was finer than Allie's, but also quite visible. Rayma seemed reassured by the company she was in, and set about removing her clothes as well.

Allie required a bit of extra time to hang her skirt and blouse carefully so they wouldn't get wrinkled, so Rayma caught up with her and they both removed their underwear at about the same time. Allie nearly felt sympathy itches when she saw the harsh-looking stubble gracing Rayma's vulva and the several inches around it. "Oh, heavens, Rayma, that must be so uncomfortable just now," Allie said.

"I guess you know how it feels," Rayma said. "But it looks like it's worth it if you end up with that look!" she added, admiring Allie and Darlene's lush, thick bushes in turn. "So sensuous," she added with a grin.

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