tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThree Intruders

Three Intruders


My wife loves a long hot shower. She especially loves to take down the shower head, rotate the spray setting to massage, and put the spray against her clit to get herself off. One day when she was home alone she did just that and when she came, she came loud & hard. When she was finished she stepped out of the shower feeling very satisfied. What she didn't know though was there were three intruders in our room listening to her moaning and cumming and what they heard had made them all feel very horny.

She opened the bathroom door completely nude with her hair wrapped in a towel. When she stepped through the door a pair of hands grabbed her from behind and she felt herself pulled back against someone who quickly put his hand over her mouth. Very scared she looked around and saw the other men staring lustily at her naked body.

The man holding her whispered in her ear that they wouldn't hurt her if she cooperated. They just wanted to have some fun with her. To show her what he meant, the hand not over her mouth roughly grabbed one of her tits and started to knead it hard while his mouth started to ravage her neck.

Suddenly he threw her onto the bed. He told the other two guys to hold her arms and legs and spread her open. Then with her naked and spread eagle on the bed he quickly pulled out his cock and climbed between her legs. She tried to fight them off, but the two guys holding her down were too strong and they kept her legs spread wide giving him easy access to her pussy.

He put his cock against her pussy then roughly shoved it into her. She was begging him to stop but he had no intention of doing that. Soon, because her clit was still sensitive from her orgasm in the shower, her pussy started to respond. Even though she was being raped her pussy was starting to betray her and she was getting wet while being fucked by this intruder. The other two guys laughed when they realized they didn't have to hold her legs open anymore. She was holding her legs open on her own.

The first guy came quick and filled her pussy with his cum. He pulled his cock out of her and my wife pulled her legs together and lay on her side crying quietly. He got off the bed and the second guy reached down, grabbed her, and flipped her onto her stomach. He told her to get up on her hands and knees. When she refused he slapped her ass hard and yelled at her to get up on her knees! She quickly obeyed and got up on all four.

He got behind her and pulled out his cock and slammed it into her with no warning. He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard. And very slowly her pussy began to betray her again. Even though she was being raped, her pussy was starting to tingle from being fucked.

Against her will she found herself rocking back into him every time he thrust into her. She tried to fight it and tried to hide it but it soon became obvious and the three guys started to laugh and call her a nasty slut. At that point she didn't care – she just wanted to cum!

But she didn't get the chance. The second guy pulled her back hard and shot another load of cum into her pussy before she could reach her orgasm.

Now totally frustrated she looked at the third guy who was undressing. Her eyes grew big when she saw the size of his cock. He was 10" long and still not completely hard!

He told her to roll over and she quickly obeyed and even spread her legs for him. The first two guys had left her frustrated and now she desperately wanted to cum. Unlike the first two guys she welcomed this cock into her pussy. When he got between her legs he slapped his cock against her clit a few times making her jump. He finally lined his cock up with the entrance to her pussy and she found herself holding her breath in anticipation. When he started to put it in her she could feel her pussy stretching trying to take him all in. When he had a little more than half his cock in her she began to wonder if she was going to be able to take him all. But her third rapist of the day was determined and he quickly and not so gently worked the whole length of his cock into her and she felt his hairy balls against her ass.

He began an in and out motion and it didn't take long before she really started to get into it. She tried once again to hide it, embarrassed and ashamed that she could cum considering the circumstances. But the moans finally started to come out of her as she neared her first orgasm. And with that huge cock fucking her hard it didn't take long to reach that orgasm and she cried out – not caring that the three guys knew she was cumming.

He fucked her through her first orgasm and didn't slow down as she immediately started to cum a second time. The orgasms were so close together it was almost one long continuous climax. And even after her second orgasm he didn't let up.

He was fucking her long and hard, the entire length of his cock coming out of her on each stroke before being rammed roughly back into her until his balls slapped her ass. He was using her hard and she was enjoying it.

She tried to convince herself and pretend that she was only enduring a rape, but everyone in the room knew she had already had a huge orgasm and was well on her way to another one.

The third guy picked up the pace and really started to pound her hard. She gave up trying to pretend and started to raise her hips to meet each thrust. Once she gave in and started to fuck him back the dam burst and she screamed out as she started to cum again. Her pussy started squeezing his cock and he shoved his cock into her as far as he could and came deeper in her pussy than anyone had ever done before. He dumped a massive load in her and then collapsed on top of her.

When he finally finished he pulled his cock out of her well stretched pussy and the cum of her three rapists started to pour out of her. It made the biggest wet spot she'd ever seen. The three guys dressed and put their cocks away. As they were leaving they threatened her, telling her she better not call the police. Then they quickly disappeared.

Soon after they left she got back in the shower to clean herself up and wash them off her. She took the shower head down intending to clean out her pussy. But once the spray hit her very swollen and sensitive clit and pussy lips she lost it and shoved the shower head into her pussy and gave herself one last orgasm.

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