Three Magi


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All characters are 18 or over.


When he responded to the door bell he couldn't believe his eyes. On his door step were three of the most lovely young women he had ever see.

As if fulfilling an unknown fantasy there was a blonde, a brunette and a red head! Each lovelier than the next one. And for some reason they looked familiar. He knew he had never met them but still, there was something about each of them... had he seen them before? In a dream? That made no sense!

"Um, can I help you?" he asked.

"Well, we hope so," bubbled the blonde. She was a prototypical California blonde. And how she had landed in the Mid-West was a mystery.

"You see, my name is Victoria, Victoria Bedfast. You can call me Vicky if you like. But not Tori! I hate that name." She frowned, but in a cute way. He wanted to assure her that he would never call her anything she didn't like. He wouldn't want to upset her or either of the other girls she was with.

Her tousled hair was golden blonde and had a just-got-out-of-bed look only an expert hair stylist could achieve while her corn flower blue eyes would capture the attention of any man who glanced at her. But her long legs, taut butt, and svelte waist show cased by a pair of short shorts were completely overwhelmed by the largest breasts he had ever seen contained within a tight, belly button revealing, crop top. The largest breasts he had ever seen that is until the brunette spoke and got his attention.

My God! he thought to himself, she's almost all TIT! The V-necked sweater she wore was being stretched to the limit by an absolutely immense pair of knockers which had to be contained by some sort of miracle fabric bra. Lace and satin just wouldn't be strong enough, he imagined.

Shorter than the other two, her hair seemed to absorb light. Almost black, it set off her Mediterranean dusky skin wonderfully. And her dark eyes were fittingly lovely. She was gazing at him with interest. She may have dirigibles for breasts, he realized but she was no dummy!

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" he asked, realizing he had been lost in his examination of this amazing young woman while she was addressing him.

"I SAID," she emphasized, "that we three met each other at our college's Feminist Studies Dept. mixer last month. And we got to talking. My name is Maria Bustatelli. Why don't you invite us in so we can explain why we have gone to the trouble to find you?" She didn't seem upset that he had been staring at her breasts while she spoke.

They had looked him up? His curiosity bone was quivering! Well that was one bone that was quivering!

"Please, yes, do come in," he gestured to them to enter.

Filing past him his eyes were treated to the sight of an extremely athletic butt in short shorts, followed by a somewhat more fulsome ass tightly encased by a pair of jeans and, finally, a pert butt that twitched back and forth under a knee length skirt which was neither tight nor loose.

The blonde and brunette sat on the couch while the redhead chose an easy chair, leaving him to perch on the ottoman. The red head's skirt rose up as she sat to reveal several inches of thigh. Her legs were truly amazing. Her gaze met his as he looked up from her legs.

She showed no sign of disapproval while he ran his eyes over her magnificent rack. she seemed to expect it. Stress lines emanated from each button hole, as her bosom tried to thrust it's way out from behind her blouse. Her jade green eyes seemed slightly amused, her cupid bow lips just parted below an aquiline nose and high cheek bones. No doubt in his mind. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met in person! She didn't have the gigantically over sized rack that Maria had. And VIcky was also probably more heavily endowed than she was, but she was really stacked and even if she had been flat chested she was a real stunner!

"The reason we have come to visit you, Mr. Shaft, may I call you Lance?" the redhead didn't pause for his response. "The reason we have called upon you Lance is to hopefully prove or disprove an idea that we have been struggling with for the last several weeks."

"Well, I'll help if I can, I suppose. And who are you, again?"

Oh, I'm sorry, I am Lydia Cramful. You know my older sister. Lucille?"

"And mine," interjected Vicky. "You dated her, her name is Suzette. Suzette Bedfast."

"And I suppose I also dated your sister, Maria?"

"In fact you did. Isabella used to talk about you all the time. She's married now," she added as an after thought.

"Wait, you mean the reason you've found me is because I dated your sisters? Look, they were terrific girls but things didn't work out between us, I certainly didn't mistreat any of them!" He realized he was babbling while his imagination was running wild. If these were three crazies he needed to get them out of his house NOW!

"Oh, no!" Vicky interjected. "It's not that at all! In fact, each of our sisters had nothing but really nice things to say about you!"

"Yes, very, very nice things," repeated Lydia.

"Well, that's nice," he started to relax again. "So, how can I help?"

"As Lydia said, we are exploring a theory we heard about on the internet." Maria picked up the story. "There is a theory that each younger sibling is more attractive than the preceding, older one. We three seem to confirm that idea."

"I think I've read about that somewhere" Lance allowed.

"Sure," stated Vicky. "So like Maria said, we seem to fit that idea. Take my sister, Suzy. She is really pretty." Lance's memory confirmed that. "But she was only a C-cup. And I'm a full Double F!" The pride with which she spoke and her proud glance down emphasized her point.

"While my sister, Lucille carries a set of Double D's I'm blessed by needing an H-cup!" Lydia took care to arch her back, allowing Lance to gaze to his heart's content. He could see now that Lydia was, indeed, larger in the chest than VIcky. How had he not seen that from the start? It was the way Vicky dressed, he decided. She liked to emphasize her bounty while Lydia didn't go out of her way to show off.

"And my sister, Isabella, well, she was really built!" exclaimed Maria. "Her Double G's were the talk of the neighborhood until I turned fifteen. By then I was wearing a bra two sizes larger than her! And now? Well," she pushed her hands and arms under her mammoth sweater encased melons and strained to lift them slightly. "well, now I'm wearing a custom made bra that would be about the equivalent of a Quadruple M I suppose!" She licked her lips while watching his reaction.

"Um," gulp, "so, what, ah, what is this to do with me?" He hoped like hell he knew!

"Well, as we said, our sisters dated you at one time. And they all said that you were really, um," Vicky seemed to stumble for a moment.

"Hung!" Lydia finished for her friend. "They all said you were really hung!" Her voice was steady and her eyes were locked on his groin.

"Yeah," breathed Maria. "My sister said you were, I mean, you had the biggest dick she'd ever seen!" Again, her tongue licked her lips, first the upper lip, then the lower.

"Ten inches long!" Vicky rejoined the conversation.

"Steel hard!" added Lydia. Lance's heart skipped a beat. It was all true!

"With the stamina of a race horse!" Maria was breathing hard as she finished. So was Lance!

"So we were wondering," Lydia asked, "do you have a YOUNGER brother?"


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