tagGroup SexThree Maids a Milk'n

Three Maids a Milk'n


It 'twas the 24th of December, and all through the house, not a bedspring moving and not even a mouse. Down from the chimney I rose, even the mouse that flutters through the old cinder wasn't breathing anymore, nor was the devil that spoke to me softly with the words from the wise.

My heart skips a beat when I saw through the window, two silver cars parked out back in a row. I thought to myself why there was such a sight, twin silver fords that weren't even ours, but rather belonging to these two young ladies milking life for all its worth at my expense.

I dusted myself off, this soot and ashes, than ran up the stairs in my stockings and small wool skirt. Much to my dismay, I flew down the steps, downing a bottle of rum I found in the icebox and off my clothes went in such a hurry. Then touching the side of my nose with my finger and off to the steps I went with a tiny twitch of my soft tiny nose that smelt this envy about to happen.

My eyes were weak and heart wearies, knowing what I saw moments ago weren't normal, but simply an affair. So I took down my bikini panty and off I went to the basement. My hands were clammy and shaking, but I knew in a flash that all would be forgotten and all forgiven once my behavior was lifted and this night full of bliss and bitterness might be the death of me.

I placed over my knees the stockings of Christmas, and atop my head, a soft red cap with a fuzzy ball. The visions I have were simple and foe, two young pretties in lacy and bow. So I quickly yank up the suit with care and the hat I wore was leaning quite rare. But my anger wasn't of the twin sisters, but of the man I married for better or worse. Then shot up the squeaky stairs like a ball from a cannon and straighten myself up before heading back upstairs dressed in a red and white outfit that many would notice right away.

Much to my weary eyes I see, blonde on top and brunette down below. My eyes were red and bloodshot from the party I left. For there was a temptation rolling inside my head and honesty in my heart. So, I looked myself over before entering the dark room of adventure and madness, allowing a few strand's of filament to dangle outside the bright red and white thong that Santa wore for me last winter. Never have I seen such a mess, two swans swimming on one heated breast.

My eyes were heavy, in shambles you might say, when I took my spot on the big brass bed next to the brunette comforting my man. Soft rosy lips being applied to his growth and pair of heavy breasts dangling in his face that were twice as large as the ones I do expose through the skimpy red bra of Christmas.

My weaken body was taken in by force, two lovely hands, one inside my thong and the other against my feverish English lips. Never have I felt so fine, so eager, and divinely gratified by the way these hands were gripping and teasing in a manner that makes my inner's queasy. But this terror and evil still lives within, never to forgive or forget how a man can be so bold.

Slowly my hand topples over the mitt within my panty, grazing the fiber at will, as my thoughts rambles on of how painfully Ill I become of what was taking place in my own house and dark bedroom. It wasn't the feeling I have right now that gets me, but rather the guilt Jimmy would receive once his eyes rests on the blank stare I send to his fluttered looks of another going down on his throttle instead of me. Then studying the scattering of reindeer and elf clothing lies on the floor as this bitter taste in my mouth still lingers of warm tan tissue brings delight to my weary eyes.

Rendering my soft bosoms the blonde takes from my bra, and the kindness of the short brunette, gesturing for me to press my soft lips onto the gentleman's neck that she had been nursing for some time now. So, I lowered my thong closer to the blushing red lips of the blue-eyed blonde and leant forward to feel both, her warm lips and Jimmy's at the same time. Never to forget the look in the blondes eyes when she discovers the massive fern I present to her fumbling fingers.

My eyes worked the subject over, as I felt my freshly soaked womb being altered and suckled upon, and a stiff tongue that was glad I was alive. Then to the side of his neck my mouth went, downing more flesh than ever before, seizing the pleasures of a woman between my sprawled legs. Surrendering my all on this fine Christmas Eve morn', giving thanks to all and all a good time.

My legs were limber and sore, but that didn't stop me from breathing on Jimmy's neck nor the gender that sought my valley and placed her tongue within the twin peddles that were two of a kind. Then down my red panty went, transparent and all down onto the warm flooring it went. Then softly I buried something special one had found in my chest of drawers, an oblong instrument that each would soon discover its hardness and harsh needles in each of their young fertile pussies. Not a long stem rose but rather a dildo I call my own.

Working each bitch over with the toy of joy and watching Jimmy's eyes light up for the very first time. Laying his eyes on such a sight as my pussy being taunted and mouth on another, where I spill saliva to, while I continue to study such warm devil in his eyes and erection between my teeth. But just as he pours his love out onto my lips and breast the brunette topples my bare naked chest and sifts the solution up with a quick swipe of her limp tongue.

It wasn't until the man saw me playing with a cute wet pussy that captures his eye that made him think. Purring out loud as a gesture for this stringy hair'd man to gather up my humble seeds with, too, a quick sweep of his tongue and the heavy breathing I begin to feel between my wide caramel legs. Then touching the sides of my tender folds he calls paradise…and it was on! Touching and slurping the wet sticky substance as my prize whinnying grew louder and into a hard pant, while my nervous fingers grips tighter his thick hair and forces him deeper. Deeper as I sling my long brown hair side to side and run my bewildered hands up and down his firm pale buttock that senses something special, an oblong object about to be inserted inside his rectum.

Never in my entire life would I have believed what was taking place. Never again be deprived, for I know in my heart these two of the same genre wouldn't allow my very hormones go unpunished. Polishing the knob that belongs to a man, tasting its power, generosity, and enormous grace and size. Never would I taste anything else as pure and full of life again. Knowing that all I need is a little tingle in my vagina and a squirt of seamen in my mouth to get me through the months ahead.

We all, all three of us proudly raced each other down the winding stairs and sat around the well lit tree and watched each one opening up a gift that the other had bought for him or her during this festive holiday. Passing around the gifts, one receiving a string of wood beads, another a set of balls and myself a pair of fashion wear that made my mouth drip with envy. Nude laps filled with joy and lingerie, not to mention expensive jewelry and luscious hunger to sample each others exotic perfume each of us received from the man lying naked on his elbows.

Suddenly we all began to express our fondness and gratitude when I saw that familiar look in the blonde's eye. A look of bashfulness and seduction that sent my heart to my throat, especially after she had stopped the teasing of her long silky hair and laid her bald lips against my man's face. Thrusting once or twice that sent Jimmy's head to the shag carpet and Jenny's wet pussy too. Not knowing if Jimmy's tongue was up in her right now nor did I care. Because someone else was distracting me. A young beautiful brunette with glittering eyes of brown that was torturing me with stares that weren't nice or normal in a woman's thought pattern.

Slowly my mind went elsewhere, destined to become another fish in the pond. My mouth was filled with Joy and laughter, and the look I got from Jimmy was giving me strength to carry out this mission of mercy that hampers my womanhood along life's narrow and straight path I go. Tempting fate and everything I once believed in, as my hunger grew wider with envy the more tit I tasted that was full and round that I felt with both hands as Joy went down on me with so much love and devotion.

Suddenly I found myself eyeing the very thing I was once most frightened of. Another woman's depression, despite what was going on across the room under the Christmas tree that I can no longer witness. For I have a perfect view of Joy's moist inner sanction that caught my attention when she laid back and spread gracefully her legs for me to witness a small portion of fiber that remains uncut.

The satisfaction the short hair'd brunette got when I softly lick between the flaps was overwhelming. Never would anyone I figure I have raw talent of this nature…but I do! Even my own perky fingers were prying open this wet gap that I sink slowly into as a measure of pleasure and fulfillment. Desiring this feminine creature that lurks in arms way and the feeling I got when I felt the string of beads entering my naked buttock that sent harsh coos in every direction. Tasting the moisture as Joy scoots about and flaps her legs the more she feels my passion that I send to her womanhood. But the pain from the beads gave me even more strength to carry on.

But just as I open up my eyes, lifting up my head, my heart skips yet another beat. All three were kneeling before me, studying my fine nude features with more than any old feeling. Joy had tossed the wooden beads aside as I was still in the formation that was perfect for doggie style. Then both Joy and Jenny took their position directly in front of my frustrating eyes of blue. Joy atop of Jenny, where I got to study both of their cute pussies at the same time. Then licking the two together when suddenly I felt Jimmy in my rear. Enjoying the treatment I was getting from both ends, while the moans continue to give my body and mind a thrill, satisfaction, that carries my emotions to the next level of pleasure.

We all have our own jobs, professions, but at night we set aside all that we did that day for some R&R which we engage regularly in with a positive attitude and manner that each of us are poised with in our own special way.

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