tagIncest/TabooThree New Cousins, Two Much Fun

Three New Cousins, Two Much Fun


Even as a child growing up I was always attracted to one or more members in my family. I have had sex with 5 of my aunts, some being distant blood relatives or course, and 7 close and distant cousins. All of this before my 27th birthday. Although I would like to submit all of my true stories, some of them occurred when I was still a minor and therefore I do not think they would be appropriate in this forum. My best of time occurred summer of '99 when I met, for the first time, 3 of my cousins: Josie, Johanne, and Fabian. My girlfriend and I live in a big house that my mother left me when she went back to live in North Carolina. Fabian, whom is a 5ft 8in 135 beautiful flight attendant needed a place to stay because the airport she was stationed at was close to my house.

So her mother, whom I knew very well, called me and asked if an arrangement could be worked out between us. Of course I said sure because I was very eager to meet some new family members. We arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon. I had by then already spoken to Fabian and she had told me that she would be bringing by other family members whom she was close with but I had not had the opportunity of meeting yet. I could not believe I had some many lost cousins, but then I remembered that my grandfather had 27 children with 4 different women. Anyhow, I decided to break out the BBQ grill and make a little get together out of the situation. My girlfriend was exited also, and we fucked away the morning while in my mind I was fantasizing about meeting my new cousins...

Fabian's voice was so sexy over the phone, she had me so horny. When they finally arrived they asked if it was okay that they spend the week there. I had no problem with it whatsoever. Fabian turned me on the most. The way she hugged me had my 8 1/2 inched dick at attention immediately. Johanne was overweight but very sexy in her own right, with a beautiful dark complexion, and she had a sort of sneaky look in her eyes. She too was tall with huge tits. Josie, the quietest of them all seemed innocent and sweet, she was short , about 5'1 with small tits and a nice ass. I later came (many times) to find out she was the total opposite of innocent.

I had invited some more friends over and we all ate and drank until late into the night. When everyone was gone and we had cleaned up, my girlfriend decided to go to sleep early as she had to work in the morning. My cousins and I stayed up talking and drinking some more. I was so horny. We started watching a movie which had alot of hot sex scenes. Josie had gotten so comfortable with me that she had her had laying in my lap. Fabian was in the shower and Johanne had fallen asleep. My dick was rising through my pants as we watched the movie, but it was not the movie I was interested in, it was Josie. I began running my fingers through her hair. She looked up and saw how hard I was through my pants and started rubbing her nose and cheeks on my crotch. I was wearing a wife beater tank and some baggy shorts and boxers underneath. Josie had on a long t-shirt and thongs, no bra so her large nipples were showing through all night. I was ready to bust in my pants when she slid her hand up my pant leg.

She quickly unzipped my shorts and pulled out my hard dick. She told me how much she could not stop looking at me all day. I have a very lean but muscular physique and lots of tattoos that I like to show off during the summer. We heard Fabian coming down the hall so I quickly straightened myself up. Josie sat up on the couch. Fabian sat down with us and curled up next to me with a drink in hand. She was complaining about how much she missed her boyfriend. There I was sitting there with 2 females whom were both related to me and a rock hard dick. I had never been in this position before, I had not had much time to prepare for this situation. Although I had sex with so many of my other relatives this situation was new and it made me a little nervous.

Josie laid on my lap again, and Fabian was admiring my tattoos. She asked me to see all of them which required that I take my shirt off. As I took off my wife beater Josie helped me out of it, stealing a chance to caress my chest and pinch my nipple as she did so. Fabian was looking in amazement at my 17 tattoos. I also had to pull my shorts down to show her the one of the dagger in between my thighs. My dick was semi erect and I could see her looking at it. Josie suddenly asked me how big I was and grabbed my penis. She placed her finger and thumb around it to measure it's thickness, and asked me if I had ever measured it, and if I had a ruler she could use. I told her that because of the hard left curve my dick had it would be hard to get an exact measurement. Fabian was sitting there still drinking her drink then as she sipped the last drop, she too placed her hand on my dick. Wow, this thing is big she said. But then she got up and left the room. She went to lay down in the bed we had made for her earlier.

Josie kept rubbing on me and slowly pulled my boxers down with her teeth. She began sucking my dick, her mouth was oh so fucking warm. I sat down on the couch and she knelt in between my legs. Johanne was on the loveseat sound asleep. I looked over at her and wished she would wake up so I could see her reaction. Josie was busy at her job of blowing me. She licked and sucked my balls really good and then lifted my legs until my ass hole was exposed and licked me there too. I wondered how she knew that I loved getting my ass licked, but I really did not care because she did everything so good. She came back up to the tip of my dick and took it in her mouth again and sucked me deep and slow until she could feel the cum traveling up my shaft. Mind you she had been at it now for at least 30 minutes.

"Ooohhhhhh..." I moaned, "I'm cumming!" She took her mouth away so that I shot my load from afar but right into her mouth. Then her mouth covered me again until I was completely dry. I wanted to return the favor so I stood her up and knelt down in front of her. I lifted her long t-shirt up enough to get underneath it and pulled down her thong. Her pussy was shiny with juices and she had a hairy bush which I love. I parted her lips and started sucking on her clit. She could not stand for long while I sucked on her hot pussy so she laid back the same way I had on the couch and lifted her legs high above her head.

I had full view of everything. Her asshole, her pussy, her clit. God she looked so beautiful down there. I began to lick from her asshole to her clit in long slow motions. As I did this 3 times I could see and feel hot cum juices spill out of her pussy. I then spread her legs even wider and began to tongue fuck her, as I did this she came 4 or 5 more times right onto my tongue for me to swallow. I licked back down to her ass hole again and as I licked away I began to finger her tight pussy and having her lick her own juices off my fingers.

She started moaning really loud and I had to remind her that my girlfriend was right upstairs and that we had to be quiet. She then pulled me up to her face and threw her tongue in my mouth. Then looked at me in the eyes and before she could say it (fuck me) I had my dick rammed up her pussy. It was so wet and warm it felt like I was swimming in the a Caribbean sea. Her juices swished as I went in and out of her. As I fucked her she sucked hard on my nipples and dug her nails hard in my back leaving marks and scratches. This turned me on even more and made me fuck her harder. I then turned her around and started to fuck her doggy style. She placed her head into the pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure.

Finally as I was approaching my next orgasm I felt her approaching hers, I grabbed her hips and rammed her into me as I pumped her harder. I came deep inside her.

Although I did not want to because of possible pregnancy I could not help it. I laid there on top of her panting along with her hard breathing. When pulled out of her our mixture of love passion juices came gushing out of her pussy onto the couch. We both got up, she went into the bathroom to shower and I went in to see why Fabian had left so suddenly.

To Be Continued...

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