Three on One


The girls could hear the heat rising in Marie's voice along with Paul's muffled grunts. Unconsciously, they found themselves breathing in synch with Marie -- short, shallow breaths with long pauses in between -- matching the rhythm of her motion as she rode Paul into the floor.

"Unhh! Unhh! I'm riding him faster now... I can tell he wants to cum... Unhh! Yes, honey, you want to cum, don't you? Hmmm?... Do you want me to make you cum? Because I know exactly how to do it so you don't stand a chance... Yeah!... That's what you want, isn't it? You want me to give it to you?... Okay, then enough of this slow stuff... Let's fuck!! Yeah!! Let's do it rough!!

"UHH!! UHH!! Oh... YES!! You like that, don't you? Yeah!! UHH! Yes!! You're mine!! Yeah!! UHH!! I will ride you till you cum!! You're tied down, so you can't stop me! Oh fuck yes!! Don't even try to fight it! Yeah, baby!! YES!! UHH!! That's it!! Give it to me... Cum for me, baby! Yes!! YES!! OH YES!! Comeon... DO IT!!"

Marie's voice trailed off quickly into grunts, moans, and gasps for breath, joined by the rhythmic thud of her hips slamming down repeatedly on her helpless boyfriend. Cindy closed her eyes and imagined herself in Marie's place, having passionate sex right there on the carpeted floor -- her slender body exposed -- her skin glistening with sweat -- riding him wildly -- reaching perfect satisfaction -- basking in the glow of orgasm as it swept over them both...

Suddenly Marie cried out, "Ohh!! OHH!! Ohh fuck!! YES!! I'm... UHH!!... cumming... Mmmnnaah- AGAIN!! Ohh fuck, this is so fucking good!!"

Her voice was now quivering, "Mmmm!! Ahhhh... God DAMN!... That was amazing!... Ohh!! Oh, yes!! YES!! YES, BABY, YES!! Harder!! Comeon, baby!! Cum for me!! UHH!! I... must... Unhh!!... I must keep... fucking... you... Unhh!! Holy FUCK!! I'm cumming again!! Oh, baby!! Yes!! YES!! YES, OH FUCK, YES!! Hmmmnnn-ahhh!!... Holy shit...

"I'm not stopping, baby! This is so good!! Unhh! I'm just... gonna... keep... cumming!! UHH!! UHH!! WOW!! Nnnn-aahhh!! Oh PLEASE baby!! PLEASE CUM!! I can't take much more of this!!"

Cindy shot Victoria a single look that said it all. Without another word between them, they scrambled around the couch to peek at the action. Marie was completely lost in orgasmic oblivion -- she would never notice them. So they watched in awe as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. She still wore her skirt, bra, and socks, but that was it. Her glasses were nowhere in sight, and her v-neck sweater lay in a crumpled, sweat-soaked ball on the floor nearby. Her hair was a tangled blonde mess, her eyes were clamped shut, and her neck was stretched back lifting her chin toward the ceiling.

She held tight to Paul's hips and fucked him for all she was worth, "Oh baby!! Please cum!! Unhh!! UHH!! Fuck me!! Yes!! YES!! Holy shit, I'm cumming again!! OH Ffff-mmmm-OHH FUCK!!... Ohhh, wow!..."

Her whole body trembled as she came, muscles flexing visibly. Lost in a mindless surge of instinct, she became a wild animal, fucking furiously and begging for more, "I won't stop... Do it again!! YES!! Harder!! YES!! Keep me cumming!! Please!! Keep me cumming!! Don't stop!! OHH!! Nnnnnn-AHHH!!! Ohmygod, AGAIN!! Nnnn-AHHHH-OHH BABY!! WOW!! YES!! WOW!! You are a fucking GOD!! Do it to me again!! Please DO IT!! PLEASE!! Ohhh, yeah!! Like that! YES!! Nnngg-AHHH!! WOW!! Holy shit... Wow! Okay, do it again!!"

Again and again and again, orgasm ripped the breath from her lungs. Her voice became hoarse, but still she cried out for more. And still she begged him to cum, "PLEASE, baby!! Please cum!! Unhh!! Cum inside me!! UHH!! I'm fucking you as hard as I can!! And it feels... so... good!! Mmm!! Unhhh! Why won't you cum!? Holy shit, baby... I'll do anything for you!! Please just FUCK ME!! Yes!! YES!! FUCK ME!! OHH YESS!!!"

Overwhelmed with pleasure, she arched her back violently, dug her nails into his skin, and screamed at the ceiling. Her pussy clenched hard, trying desperately to pump cum from his balls... but they were still dry from the CyberSuck. Instead, she only managed to hold him at the agonizing brink of release -- his body resistant to anything more. If only she would remove the gag, then he could tell her that her mission to make him cum was hopeless. But as long as the gag remained, Marie kept on fucking...

As this orgasm passed, she curled forward again, bore down, and resumed her relentless assault, "Comeon!! Yeah, do it!! Unhh!! YES!! Please!! YES!! Please do it to me!! Cum inside me, PLEASE!! Ohhh fuck, YES!!"

She leaned forward and planted her hands on the carpet on either side of his head. While slamming him repeatedly with her hips, she managed to hold her head steady just an inch above his. Sweat ran in rivers from her forehead, collected at her chin and nose, and dripped onto his face below. She bit her lower lip, looked deep into his eyes, and pleaded in whispers, "How hard do I have to fuck you!? Please cum, baby... Please cum for me! Mmmm, this is so good!! You like it hard? You want it hard? Unhh!!... Harder? I don't know how much more I can take, baby... Unhh!! Please, baby! Please cum!! Unhh!! Please just do it!! Ohhhh... Unhh!!"

Her eyes closed again as she focused on the incredible sensations racing through her body, and her voice grew louder and more urgent with every thrust of her hips, "Your cock feels so... fucking... awesome!! You just keep going! Ahh!! And going! Uhh!! Holy shit, you're driving me crazy!! I'll do anything for you!! Anything!! Please!! Anything you want! Yes!! YES!! Mmmm-aahhh, OHH YES!!

"Mmmmm... What do you want, baby? Anything... Tell me... Do you want to fuck like this all day!?... Well, I can make you... Unhh!!... feel this good... Unhh!!... for hours!! Yeah, is that what you want? Hours of fucking!? Ohhh yes!! Unhh!! Okay baby, you want it -- it's yours!! You can fuck all day! Yeah... when I'm done with you, it's Cindy's turn! She will fuck your brains out!"

Cindy and Victoria both gasped in shock at this new twist. Luckily, Marie didn't hear it, or she would have seen them. Instead, she pounded her boyfriend harder and harder, eyes closed, describing her fantasy, "Yeah!... Unhh!! I saw what she did to you... You want her! Unhh!! And she wants you! She wants to make you cum! Yeah!! Uhh!! Cum for Cindy, baby... Yeah, fuck me now like you're fucking Cindy!! Comeon!! Do it!!"

A bewildering mix of embarrassment, jealousy, and arousal boiled in Cindy's blood. This was such a wildly unexpected twist that she didn't know how to react. So she sat there stupefied, just watching it unfold.

Meanwhile, mere feet away, now completely ignoring their spectators, Marie and Paul fucked with raving frenzy. It boggled Cindy's mind to see two people going at it so violently, for so long, without either one tiring out. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen, and she desperately wanted to be in Marie's place, experiencing this unbelievable thrill ride. To make matters worse, it tortured Cindy to know that Paul was probably fantasizing about her while having such intense sex with Marie.

Marie eagerly embraced the fantasy, and her screams filled the house, "Fuck me like I'm Cindy!! Yeah!! Harder!! UHH!! Yes!! UHH!! Do it!! Fuck her!! UHH!! Make her cum!! Harder!! HARDER!! She can take it!! UHH!! Ohmygod, YES!! YES!! JUST LIKE THAT, YES!!"

Her eyes rolled back into her head, her breath halted, and her body quaked violently. Through gritted teeth she cried out, "Ohhh FUCK!! I'm cumming AGAIN!! YES!! I'm cumming!! Keep me cumming, baby!! OHH!! FUCK ME!! Keep me cumming!! Don't stop!! OHH FUCK, that's SO good!! Cum with me, baby!! UHH!! Please cum!! PLEASE!! OHHH!!... Ohmygod... Please cum with me!!"

Her abs clenched, her hips bucked, and her legs shivered uncontrollably. Her pussy squeezed him forcefully, again and again and again -- an instinctive pumping action, meant to finally hammer even the strongest man beyond all control. But, no matter how much her body tried to pump it out of him -- and no matter how much he burned for that feeling of release -- there was simply nothing left for Paul to give. Instead, the pleasure surged forth, only to stop short at an agonizing "dry" orgasm -- a long, painful tease right at the verge of actual satisfaction.

Meanwhile, her body sensed how close he was to release, which naturally redoubled her orgasm and intensified the forceful clenching of her muscles. Together, their bodies had caught them in a perfect trap they could not escape. As Paul's body reeled right at the brink, Marie's body squeezed, flexed, and gushed in a futile effort to force him over the edge. Repeatedly, endlessly -- orgasm hammered her -- commanding her body to clench and destroying all self-control. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, and she couldn't stop the cycle. All she could do was to hang on and wait for it to end.

Again and again it wracked her. Eyes clamped shut, she screamed at each eruption of merciless pleasure. In a haze of intense exertion, she couldn't breathe, and she started getting dizzy and lightheaded. Eventually, even screams couldn't reach her lips -- merely raspy squeaks. Her fingers dug into Paul's skin as she held onto him for dear life. And still it continued -- wave after unstoppable wave -- juices literally pouring from her pussy.

Finally, she snapped. Her voice trailed off, lost in exhaustion, "Yes... do it... I want you to... do it..." And she collapsed, her unconscious body hitting the carpet and rolling slightly away from Paul's side.

Still stunned by Marie's unexpected fantasy, Victoria couldn't help saying the obvious, out loud, "Whoa... She fainted..."

"About damn time!" Cindy was already on her feet. In one swift motion, her striped windpants and panties hit the floor, revealing every inch of her slender, toned body from her ankles to her chest. Not stopping to remove her socks or sports bra, she scrambled toward Paul. She gripped his hips firmly to hold him down while she straddled his thighs. Once on top, she reached up to gather and tighten her ponytail, preparing for action.

"Cindy!" Victoria interjected, sounding a bit hoarse, "What are you doing!?"

Paul could see ferocious lust swirling in Cindy's eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, she grabbed his cock, still slick with Marie's juices, and looked him directly in the eyes. Without turning away or even blinking, she answered Victoria's question with frightful precision, "I am going to fuck him 'till he cries."

Paul's eyes boggled, and his heart jumped into his throat.

"But it's Marie's boyfriend! That's cheating!"

Still staring into Paul's eyes, Cindy cracked a devilish grin, "Not if he doesn't cum..."

Maintaining intense eye contact, Cindy scooted forward to rub Paul's cock against her slit. Earlier, with the mischievous glint of her eyes, the thrust of her hips, and the tickle of her finger, she had teased him to the edge of frenzy. Now, she finally rewarded him for his patience.

Entranced by her sinister eyes, he didn't need to look down to know what was happening. Without blinking or breaking eye contact, she moved slowly, savoring each sensation. First, she pressed herself against him, causing her eyelids to narrow and the slightest moan of relief to rise to her lips. After a moment, her slim hips lifted smoothly. And she waited there -- hovering -- poised over his tip -- giving him one last, long tease. Then she slowly lowered herself down.

Finally, after so much teasing, he felt her divine heat swallowing him completely. Although Marie was petite, Cindy's hips were slimmer, causing Cindy to feel much tighter. Or perhaps she was just built differently. Either way, her pussy gripped him with perfect pressure from every side, and she immediately started pumping him with short, firm thrusts of her hips. Against his will, he felt himself responding instinctively, bucking upward to meet her downward thrusts.

She taunted him with gentle encouragement, "Yeah, that's it... There you go... Good boy!"

Victoria sat down on the carpet beside them, "You better not cum, Paul! Or I'll tell Marie!"

With Paul tied up and his girlfriend laying unconscious just a few feet away, Cindy rode him gently at first, "Yeah, you better be quiet, too, or you might wake her up! We wouldn't want this little adventure to end early, now, would we? Nooo... We want this to last... Yeah... So whatever you do," she began playfully punctuating each word with a fast, firm thrust of her hips, "don't -- make -- a sound -- and -- don't... cum!"

With the word "cum" she ground herself down into him, pinning him hard to the carpet. He bit down hard on the shirt still tied over his mouth, fighting the urge to groan with pleasure. Cindy easily saw the struggle for control written on his face, but, rather than help him, she tortured him more by accelerating her rhythm. She also stretched out and leaned back, planting her palms on the floor by his knees. This exposed more of her slim physique, which he clearly enjoyed, and made his cock rub against her G-spot, which she clearly enjoyed. Before long, her rhythm in this position accelerated from slow and gentle to feverish and rough.

Savoring the steady G-spot contact, Cindy relaxed her neck and let her head tilt back. Her gaze lifted toward the ceiling, and her eyes glazed over with satisfaction. With each smooth thrust, her tight brunette ponytail bobbed and swung behind her. Within minutes, a thin layer of sweat added a steamy sheen to her exposed skin. Droplets joined rivers running down her impossibly flat abs, collecting at the brim of her hips before rolling toward the carpet down her smooth, toned thighs. She moaned quietly at first, but Paul sensed an urgency rising in her breath -- an impatience matched by firmer, faster motion.

As Cindy worked him harder, Paul could feel his own heat rising, and, as Cindy let slip a louder-than-intended groan of pleasure, Paul felt the surprising swell of orgasm building up inside him again. Had his body finally recovered from the CyberSuck? Or was Cindy's tightness somehow triggering him in ways that Marie couldn't? Regardless, Paul suddenly found himself fighting for control, yet again -- fighting the powerful urge to cum in this eager young girl's pussy, with his girlfriend laying mere inches away!

"Mmmmm... Oh yeah!" Cindy sighed heavily and kept fucking, speaking to no one in particular, "Whew! Damn this is good!"

Sitting close enough to touch them if she wanted to, Victoria's eyes were wide, her lips were wet, and her cheeks were flushed red. She marveled at her friend's sweaty body, "Are you close?"

"Mmmmm... Yes! But..." Cindy's eyes squinted with exertion, and her impatience grew. She began thrusting harder, "Unhhh!! He's... holding... back..."

Indeed, Paul had gone rigid -- biting his tongue and locking his muscles in a desperate effort to keep from cumming. Cindy leaned forward, now planting her hands on Paul's shoulders. Sweat running down her cheeks, she glared fiercely into his eyes, "Comeon!! Don't stop!! Fuck me, damnit!!"

"Ssshh! Cindy!" Victoria leaned in and, without thinking, placed a hand on Cindy's naked thigh. She spoke softly, so only they could hear, "...You'll wake up Marie!"

Cindy quieted her voice, but started drilling Paul with longer, harder strokes. She didn't seem to notice or care that Victoria was touching her leg. Instead, she focused on Paul. Looking down on him from her perch, eyes locked with his, she whispered urgent commands while fucking him relentlessly, "Comeon... Do it! Fuck me! Yeah... You know you want to... I watched you fuck your girlfriend while fantasizing about me... Yeah, that's right! We both watched you! Mmm-hmmm! And it was so... fucking... hot! Unhhh! Yeah! So I know you want me... don't even try to fight it! Do it, baby... yeah... comeon! Give it to me!"

Victoria suddenly chimed in, "Comeon, Paul! She's riding you into the ground, and you can't fight back. She'll fuck you all day if she has to! So just fuck her and make her cum! Get it over with!"

"YES! Fuck me and make me cum! Do it!"

All the willpower in the world would not have been enough. After so much build-up, he was now handcuffed, gagged, and pinned to the floor by a sweaty, sexy young girl riding him wildly and begging him to make her cum -- all while another young girl watched and begged for it, too... It was just too much to handle. In defiance of his conscience, his hips started moving again. He started meeting her, thrust for thrust, drilling himself deeper and grinding up into her clit. And with this renewed motion, once again, the heat rising in his veins grew hotter -- the rising orgasm became harder and harder to control.

Cindy's eyes drifted shut, her eyebrows pinched together, and she bit her lower lip in concentration, "Ahh! Yesss! There you go... That feels amazing!... Mmmm... Keep doing that..."

"Hang in there, Paul," encouraged Victoria, "You can do it! Make her cum!"

The impossibly strong squeezing sensation of Cindy's pussy made Paul's hips buck suddenly up from the carpet, catching her in mid-thrust and driving him deeper inside her than ever before.

"UHHH!!" She gasped loudly as the intense bolt of pleasure took her by surprise, followed by a long cringe of exertion. Her spine curled, her head hung down, and her chin tucked in, causing her dark ponytail to fall and dangle just over Paul's neck. Now their roles reversed, and she found herself frozen as he repeatedly pounded up into her from below. Her ponytail shook with each thrust, teasing his skin and driving him to hammer her harder.

He suddenly remembered Marie's words, "Fuck her!!... Make her cum!! Harder!!... She can take it!!" Primal instincts raging, he strained to slam her harder and harder, driving her to the edge of control. More than anything, he wanted to watch her crumble under an unstoppable orgasm. She had teased him so much, always giving him that grin as though he belonged to her and she could fuck him any time she wanted -- as if it was a foregone conclusion that he would cum first. Now, indeed, the tables were turned. She was his, and now it was his turn to make her beg!

Just as her breathing started turning into ragged gasps, he pulled back and stopped abruptly. Her eyes flashed with sudden, almost frightened, urgency. She pleaded, "No!! Don't stop!! Comeon!! Keep fucking me!! I'm almost there!!"

For that short moment, Paul was in control. He grinned and gave her a long, slow thrust. He took time to savor the feeling of his cock sliding deep inside her, then smoothly back out. Her pussy was incredibly tight and slick, and every muscle between her legs began quaking. Her body wilted as orgasm danced just inches from her reach. He held her there for a moment, enjoying the view -- sweat running down her slim young body, breath ragged, eyes ablaze. She was so close -- right at the very edge -- that even the slightest moves now tortured her. He took care to keep her there, controlling her with nothing more than the touch of his cock. Finally, the devilish, teasing Cindy was getting her payback...

But it didn't last long. She regained control with sudden, furious vengeance. Fire flashed in her eyes, and she slammed him to the floor with her hips, "Oh, that's it!! You think you can tease me!? You're FUCKED now! I'm gonna bang your fucking brains out!! I'm gonna make you cum inside me! You're my bitch, now!!"

"Cindy, no!!" Victoria's plea was hopeless. Nothing could stop Cindy now. Paul suddenly realized that maybe it was a bad idea to tease her while he was still cuffed, tied, and pinned to the floor. He was completely at her mercy.

In a blur, Cindy sat up straight and yanked off her sports bra, revealing her small, round breasts. She was now completely naked except for her socks, and every square inch of her skin glistened with a sheen of fresh sweat. She reached up to fix her ponytail one last time, accentuating the fantastic shape of her body -- slim hips curving into a slimmer stomach curving out to modest breasts. Then she placed her palms on Paul's stomach, locked eyes with him, and spread her thighs impossibly wide, pinning him hard to the carpet with all of her weight on his hips. Then she fucked him.

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