tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Orgasms

Three Orgasms


There once was a cock on the loose. Not like a chicken, but a real cock, balls and all, floating around, humming with energy and exhilaration.

Without a mind, body parts enjoy each moment with more clarity and oneness than the Buddha himself. The cock enjoyed every part of the world around him (as an escaped body part, we usually don't assign gender, but this case speaks for itself) in the most sexual way: the feeling of the sunshine heating his delicate foreskin, the breeze tousling his little wiry hairs, his balls bouncing freely. The cock was making love to the open air as it explored its new world.

It found Emilie by chance. You'd be mistaken if you assumed the cock found her by sniffing out the pheromones of a woman masturbating in her backyard. As it was just a cock, all that other biology men have just wasn't a factor. That's why Emilie welcomed the cock into her sexy, sweaty session - no strings attached, just a dick floating around. She had many a fantasy about this moment.

"You looks like a grower," Emilie said to the cock. She started to turn off her vibrator, but the cock made its way to her mouth, so she left it running.

One hand massaged the vibrating dildo over her clit, down to her taint, circling her wet, magical entrance, and finding its way back up to her clit (swollen with desire). The other hand guided the loose cock into her mouth. It swelled in her mouth, and she groaned, delighted to be able to suck a guy's dick without having to crane her neck or stoop over. The dick's balls tightened and she played with the soft eggs in his folds. The dick slid in and out of her mouth politely but urgently. Emilie circled her clit with her thumb frantically. She could bring herself to orgasm in moments with a pillow or even her full hand crammed between her legs, but never by simply stimulating her clit with her fingers.

The cock's foreskin slipped back over the cock, now fully erect, its swollen head like a big purple mushroom, it's shaft a veiny, masculine stalk. It pushed into her mouth, demanding more space than there was. Emilie suckled its frenulum, and sucked as hard as she could on his head. Her clit was so hard, her whole pussy aching and wet.

She took her time, sucking, hard and steady, pumping, playing with the foreskin, slipping her tongue under and teasing the soft skin. But she was careful not to let the eager thing cum.

That's because it wasn't the huge, rock-hard cock spreading her lips, and the taste of precum in her mouth that turned her on so good. The thing about loose body parts is that whatever happens to the body part, whoever it belongs to still feels. What turned Emilie on and drove her body into a frenzy of lust was that somewhere, the fellow that lost his cock, was on the brink of orgasm, and he couldn't do anything about it.

She stopped sucking. The cock shuddered. She groaned. She traced her fingers down her body, over the swell of her breasts, over her nipples, over her mound and into the wetness of her pussy. She let the dick slip out of her mouth, and reached up to wipe her own body's fluids on to the cock.

The guy's name by coincidence was Dick. And while Emilie was taking her time teasing the cock and lighting her body on fire with lust, Dick lay on his couch at home.

"Fuck!" He hissed out from between his teeth. "What kind of psycho does this!" His whole body was coursing with hot, uncontrollable lust. The invisible mouth-no, not invisible, a mouth god knows where having 'face time' with his cock-took his cock in heroically deep. It sucked hard, drawing his cock out for even more suction and pressure. Dick gasped - he almost came - but the mouth suddenly stopped. "Fuck!" Dick yelled in his pillow.

He was too busy moaning in his pillow to hear the door creak open behind him. "Dick?"

"Fuck!" His neighbour, April, was looking him over. "Get out!"

"What's happening to you?"

"I'm masturbating!"

"Doesn't look like it!"

Dick was thankful the mouth had let off, at least for the moment. He took a deep breath, sweaty and trembling. "Fine. My cock escaped, and now some sadist is sucking it off somewhere, okay?"

April closed the door behind her. "Want some water?"


She got him a glass and he started drinking. After 40 minutes of teasing, he needed it.

"You're pretty sweaty." April looked a little bit flushed herself.

"Uh, yeah." Dick wondered if it was just that he'd spent nearly an hour on the brink of orgasm, but she was being very friendly. Was she making a move on him?

"Maybe you should take your shirt off," April smiled.

Emilie poured a liberal amount of lube and spread it over her pussy. Then she held the cock between her legs. It was still thick and erect. She placed it over her pussy, so its big thick head could stroke over her clit. She started thrusting it, stroking herself over and over. She arched her back. She inserted it into her dark, wet, gloriously tight cunt.

April unhooked her bra, releasing her luscious, overripe breasts. The man panting for air in front of her was someone she usually wouldn't consider an ideal sex partner, but the look of agony on Dick's face as, somewhere, his cock was being played with by a skilled lover, was too much.

April didn't want to be cliche, but she considered herself to be someone who liked it kinky. She liked giving it, and she liked getting it. And right now, Dick was going to get it. Or maybe give it. Who knows? It was exciting new territory for her.

"I'll help you come," She told him, slipping off her thong and revealing she liked bikini waxes, and had a feminist tattoo rather close to her clit.

"What?" He gasped, as Emilie, elsewhere, eased his cock into her wet cunt again. She moved her hips in circles and he could feel her whole delicous cunt.

April tied her hair back. "Well if this person isn't letting your cock come, I'll stimulate the rest of you so you can orgasm. It'll only take longer if you resist."

"Uh, okay," Dick managed to say, hardly believing his luck. April was so hot that he just assumed he was being creepy whenever she was nearby. She had red hair and huge tits. She was so hot that he considered her the best part of his apartment, that he got to see her now and then in the parking lot.

April straddled him, leaning over him so her breasts hung down inviting him to lean up and take a nipple into his mouth. He didn't, so she grabbed his hair. "Suck my nipple."

He did. He stuck his face into her luscious breasts. She rode his thigh (well, he didn't have a dick. And, coincidentally, April liked to dry hump just like Emilie). Her pussy left a streak of wet on his thigh.

Emilie squeezed his cock between her thick thighs. She pressed his cock's head on the puckering of her asshole, wondering if she should try anal with a dick for the first time. It would be pretty convenient, without a man attached to it.

"I want to suck your pussy," Dick said to April. April was enjoying watching his face, as the stranger's mouth made him gasp, made his eyes roll back, and his body to tense completely - then would deprive him, and he would pant, waiting to be fucked, or to fuck, or just get fucked around with.

But, April loved to receive oral more than getting a good show.

She straddled Dick's face, and offered her pussy to him. "Is this going to make you come?"

Dick put his mouth gently over her small, hard clit. He sucked carefully, and April gasped. The sound of the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen gasping in surrender, in hot, horny ecstasy, was just about all he could take. "Yes," he replied, and began licking, up and down, flicking over her pussy. Her moans were going to make him come.

Dick didn't know if it was the sensation of his cock, pressed between a stranger's breasts, then shoved into her tight, sexy cunt enthusiastically, then licked by a hot wet mouth, or the cries from April as he gave her the best oral she'd ever gotten, that made him feel so amazing.

He grabbed April's juicy butt cheeks, hard. Her body shuddered as an orgasm swept over her. As the tongue licked up his shaft, and April's cries reached a orgasmic peak, Dick felt himself coming, harder than he'd ever come before.

April collapsed on him, whispering, "fuck yeah."

Dick's body vibrated, humming like a harp. He knew it was the kind of orgasm that you felt for a long time, in your belly.

Miles away, Emilie laughed, her face covered in cum from the surprise orgasm. "I guess someone else was enjoying our time together, too." She decided she'd try anal later, and she had an orgasm the good old fashioned way, her pillow between her legs, gasping out in climax.

But she kept the cock for anal later.


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