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Three Part Harmony


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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: "If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."

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STEVE: Phoenix

My name is Steve Veinard. I'm 44 years old. I own a construction company with offices scattered across a dozen states, mostly the southwestern US. I make a lot of short business trips. Denver is my base but, now that my kids are in college, I could easily relocate to be near any of my offices. Totaling all of the offices, we are fast approaching two hundred employees and have very little turnover.

I started my business when I was still in college. My father, who died not long after I graduated from college, helped me greatly in obtaining the financing I needed in the first few years running my business. I'm still very conservative with my money. I live in a three bedroom ranch style house. My bedroom and the kitchen look pretty normal but the rest of the house had blueprints, dioramas, and manila folders placed strategically about. I drive an older extended bed pickup truck.

I've received awards for many of the projects undertaken. I don't care for the personal attention but it definitely brings in a lot of new business. After some rough roads early on, I do background checks on our hot prospects. My dad taught me to check them out and, if they weren't the kind of people I'd want to be friends with, don't do business with them. I skipped the checks a few times, when I was young, and got burned.

I met my ex-wife, Audrey, while in college. Although it wasn't a steamy romantic courtship, we did get married shortly after graduation. Audrey wanted kids and two of them came along quickly. Andrew, named after her grandfather, and Thomas, just over a year later, named after my father. Audrey was a good mother. We would, however, never be soulmates. The spark really wasn't there from the beginning.

I was married to my business and almost completely immersed in it. Audrey really didn't want or need my help raising the kids. Now that I'm older I see that I missed out on building a special bond with my children. The marriage was just about raising kids. Easily my time on the road contributed greatly to our drifting apart. Audrey and I had talked for years about divorce but felt that, in the best interest of the boys, we should wait until they were in college.

Once both Andrew and Thomas were in college we filed for divorce. I love Audrey but more like a sister than a wife. I'm still good friends with her and we share time together when one or both of the boys are home from college. She was treated quite nicely in the divorce. It's been final for about eighteen months.

I had longed to find a soulmate to share my good fortune. Dating, after an over twenty year's hiatus, has been hit and miss. I don't seem to have a problem finding one night stands.

Weary of the snow, I boarded a flight to Phoenix for a long weekend. I booked a hotel near my office.

The pre-dawn Friday morning flight allowed me to grab an early tee time. I headed straight from the airport to the golf course. While playing you could hear the shouts and screams of the soccer games being played on the adjacent fields. The young kids just follow the ball around like it's a magnet, while the older kids start to display something that looks like strategy is involved.

After my round I swung by the office and got my primary reason for the trip handled. It was just shy of 3 pm when I checked into the hotel. Check in time is usually 4 pm but they had a room available. Once I got settled in I changed into my swim trunks and headed for the hot tub.

A pair of ladies and some kids were in the tub. I found an open area and settled down. The lady with the raven hair had a tee shirt over her one piece suit. The lady with the blond hair wore a bikini, not skimpy but she was fit and trim. I'm terrible at guessing people's ages but maybe they were something in the 30-35 range.

"Hi" from the blond "How are you?"

"I'm good and how are you ladies?"

"Tired, we just finished our first day of the soccer tournament."

"Over at the fields by the highway? I saw some soccer being played there. I was on the golf course next to the fields."

"Yep, that's where we were. I'm Sue, this is Sam."

"I'm Steve. Where's home?"

"We're from Albuquerque; we started out very early this morning. How about you? "

"Denver. Got in this morning for a little business but mostly golf."

"Wife and kids with you?"

"No, divorced and kids are in college."

Sue got up to leave.

"Gotta go Sam. Someone needs a new pair of soccer shoes."

Sue took a misstep and lost her balance. I was able to catch her before she hurt herself. Not, however, before her hand had planted itself firmly into my crotch. It lingered there before she realized where it had landed.

Her hand recoiled as if it had been set on fire "Oh I'm so sorry! Are you going to be ok?"

"Probably" winking "Just a little swelling."

Blushing "Well I didn't mean to but I'm glad I did. Sweeeet!"

She climbed out and wrapped her towel around.

"Meet you for dinner Sam? Say six-ish?"

"Sounds good Sue, we gotta feed the troops."

I could see Sam had enjoyed the show as her nipples were now showing against her shirt.

"Sam, for Samantha? Do you do fund raisers to pay for these trips?"

"Yep to both, cookies, cakes, car washes, bingo."

"Did you bring any cookies? I'd help support the team."

"Not this time."

"Too bad" licking my lips "I think I'd really enjoy nibbling on your cookies."

Sam sat there quietly and I noticed her nipples were really hard now.

"Sam, I doubt you're thinking about baking cookies."

"What makes you think that?"

I nodded my head toward her tits. She looked down and folded her arms to cover up. Her face turned red.

"You're bad. You've got me thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about."

"Well if you want to do more than think about it I'm in 214."

I got up to leave, facing Sam. She stared at my swim trunks for a second then looked away.

"Nice meeting you Sam."

I grabbed my towel and headed towards the stairs. Sam was still in the hot tub, with her arms folded, when I looked back from the second floor.

I sat at the table in my room, cracked open a beer, and turned on the TV. About fifteen minutes later a knock on the door. Opening up, Sam pushed past me.

"Steve, this may sound crazy but my husband has a really small cock and when I saw yours in your suit and, well, do you think I could see it?"

Now as much as I'd like to brag about having a turkey leg for a cock, I don't. I'd never found that brochure on how to measure the damn thing. It's the only one I've ever touched so I don't know if it's skinny, fat, long, short, or odd in any manner. I'm happy to assist if she wants to have a peek.

I loosened the tie to the trunks and invited her over "Take your time. You can touch it if you like."

She slid my trunks off my hips and pushed them to the floor. She pushed me back into the chair then using both hands she pulled and played and I responded nicely.

"It's so big and hard. Can I?" as she moved her hand up and down.

"Help yourself."

She pumped for a bit then said again "Can I?" as she made an O with her mouth.

"You read my mind."

She leaned forward and sucked on a few inches.

"I can't believe how big this is" then back in her mouth.

She was a pretty good cock sucker but she wasn't sure what to do with mine. I warned her I was getting close. She took it out of her mouth and started pumping hard and fast. I groaned as I shot a few streams of cum into the air. She continued pumping until I was finished.

"If you weren't having dinner with Sue, I'd buy you dinner."

"Maybe another time. Thank you. I have to go."

She peaked out the door and was gone. I sat there stunned. What just happened? I was thrilled but talk about an unexpected pleasurable interlude.

About fifteen minutes later my room phone rang.

"Steve this is Sam. Can I see you again at 5:15?"

"I'll prop my door open."

To say the least, the next hour crawled along. I really didn't know what to expect, when and if she returned, but I sat around half hard. I changed into my boxers and left the door ajar with the security bolt holding it open. I caught up on some emails from work. The TV was on but I was so distracted that it was just background noise. Looking at the clock 5:15 pm came and went. I was sliding off the bed headed to close the door when Sam pushed it open and quickly shut it.

"Sorry I'm late. Did you miss me Steve?"

"It's Sam? Right?"


Sam came over and gave me a kiss and a hug. She wasted no time in sliding my boxers down and latching onto my cock.

"I can't believe how big this is. I'm in control, don't try to help me; OK?"

I nodded my approval. She led me, by my cock, to the bed.

"On your back."

I slid up the middle and faced the ceiling. Sam had brought a box of condoms. She pulled out a condom, pumped my cock a few times, and slid the condom over it. She slipped her shorts and panties off.

"Bend your knees, support me."

I did as she requested. She straddled me with her boobs pressing into my bent legs. She reached around and guided my cock to her juicy pussy. She rocked a little as a few inches pushed into a quite tight pussy. One hand was clutching my legs as she rocked back and forth. Her other hand was working her clit hard. I doubt she ever got more than 4 inches into her when she shook violently with a massive orgasm. She rolled off and started pumping my cock, with both her hands, until I filled the condom.

"With those blue eyes how does anyone ever say NO to you? Can't stay Steve. I love how you fill me."

"You can use me like that anytime you get the urge Sam."

Sam opened the door, peaked out, and left. I looked at the clock. She was here for about fifteen minutes.

If nothing else, she's an ego booster. I've been with more than a few women and, although I've gotten hints that my package was acceptable, none has ever been as vocal as Sam. Granted, women probably don't want to say things like 'Of the last twenty cocks I've had, yours is the biggest.' They probably think a guy might get the wrong idea about them.

I went to the diner across the parking lot for dinner. I reserved a tee time for very early the next day. When I got back to my room the message light was flashing.

"Steve this is Sam. Can I see you at 10:30 tonight? Text me. My number is ..."

I sent a text "10:30. I'll prop the door open. Steve."

I showered and shaved. How pussy whipped was I? It was 8 pm and I was on my bed, in my boxers, with the door ajar. Two and a half hours to wait. The wait was worth it. Just before 10:30 pm Sam snuck in and quickly closed the door.

"I've got a little more time to spend. Stop when I tell you ok?"

"Only if you're as good as you were earlier."


Sam grabbed a condom, out the box she had left earlier, and peeled it open. Sitting on the bed next to me she slid my boxers off. She pumped my cock then sucked me for just a few seconds.

"Gawd you're big. Do me doggie style but stop when I tell you."

After sliding the condom on, Sam stood and rolled her shorts and panties off. She pushed me aside so she could be in the center of the bed. She buried her head in the pillow and raised her ass up high. I positioned myself between her legs and, with her help, my cock found her hot and juicy pussy. I gently pressed the head of my cock until it popped into her pussy.

"More. More."

More she wants, more she'll get.

"Wait" she rocked a little.

At this point I had 4 maybe 5 inches in her. This was a very snug fit, which I really enjoyed.

"Just a little more, then go in and out, but no more."

So that's what I did, another inch and then out and in, but far from using my whole cock. I kept this up for a several minutes. Slowly in and out. I nibbled on her neck and ears. She didn't have a bra on so I played with her boobs under her sweatshirt. She had several little quivers but, when she clamped down hard on my cock, she groaned and screamed into the pillows then shook violently. I kept pumping for another minute and that was enough to fill my condom.

Like earlier, Sam got up and put her panties and shorts on.

"One plays at 8 am, the other at noon. When do you golf?"

"Just before 8 am, I should be back by 1 pm."

Sam gave me a very passionate kiss and a matching hug. Peeking out the door she was gone. Wow, got about twenty minutes out of her that time. I've spent less than an hour with her and she's gotten me off three times. This is surreal.

I slept like never before. What sweet dreams I had. For whatever reason, I had little to no ability to concentrate on my golf game the next morning. Afterwards, I was being sociable with the people I had played golf with when I got a text

"Can you meet at 4:30?"

"Yes. I'll prop the door open."

My heart was racing and the sad reality kicked in. I had three hours to kill. I stopped by the diner for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. I dropped by the office but, everyone had gone home for the weekend. I used my cell to get a tee time for Sunday around 10 am. In the morning I could have breakfast, get packed, and check out before heading to the course. I still had two hours to kill so I went back to my room, put my swim trunks on, and headed to the hot tub. No one I had seen the day before was there, but the whole area was quite busy. I spent my time people watching. A little after 3:30 pm I headed back to the room and showered. Boxers on and the door ajar. Pavlov was so right. All that was missing was a bell. I set a condom on the nightstand. Talk about pussy whipped. How many times can you check the time of day on your phone?

About 4:20 pm Sam slid through the door and shut it quickly.

"I'm early, but I saw your door ajar."

"Glad you're here. Anything in particular you wanted to do?"

"Smartass. Get naked."

This time she stripped naked. What a beautiful sight. She grabbed the condom. After peeling it open, she had it on me effortlessly.

"I can stay a lot longer this time. Let's make this one special."

I nibbled, licked, and blew softly up and down most of her body. She stopped me from licking her pussy. I sucked her toes and blew softly in her ears. She had goosebumps when I finally slipped a finger into her pussy. Then it was two fingers and then a third. I felt her tensing so I paused.

"Oh no you don't. Keep it up. I want more."

I kissed and whispered "I want I want I want."

She put her hand behind my head and pulled me in for a very hot kiss. I started stroking her pussy again and, when I felt her tense up this time, I pressed hard and increased my pace. She tried to continue to kiss me but her orgasm had her grunting and moaning too much.

"On your back. Don't try to help, let me do it."

"If you're lucky. Those boobs might drive me wild, and who knows what will happen."


Facing me, she straddled and guided my cock towards her pussy. Grinding down she popped the head in and then pushed down. She paused again at about the 5 inch mark then slid it out and in with a very rhythmic pattern. Her head gradually approached my chest and then she relaxed and simply laid on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her.

"With my upbringing and my marriage, I never dreamed I would take a lover. I can't explain it, but this feels so right. I know it's just the lust of the moment, but I never knew I had a big cock fantasy. Now some long hidden desire has been awakened. You must think I'm a terrible person."

"Sam, I wouldn't trade the last two days for anything I've ever done in my life. We all have skeletons in our closets and, one of yours will look a whole lot like me. Enjoy the moment."

The whole time we snuggled she was flexing her pussy muscles, milking my cock.

She pushed up, gave me a kiss, and started rocking again, this time with a purpose. She was determined to get my whole cock in her this time and, she succeeded. I slid my hands up and fondled her ample tits. Up and down with groans and whimpers she quivered, bounced higher and harder, and then shook violently. I kept pumping her pussy and filled the condom soon thereafter.

"I can't believe how big you are. I got it all in but it did kind of hurt. A good hurt though. I love it."

Sam rolled off and, this time, slowly put her clothes back on.

"Some of the families are doing a get together this evening so, this is it. We play early then are headed home right after the games. I didn't realize I had this fantasy but, thank you Steve for letting me fulfill it. When do you leave?"

"I'll have breakfast at the diner, pack, check out, play golf, and fly home around 6 pm."

"Can I keep in touch with text messages?"

"I'd like that."

Sam came over, put her hand behind my head, pulled my lips to hers and we kissed passionately for a good thirty seconds. I pulled her close and she responded with one of the best hugs I'd ever gotten. She pulled back, wiped a tear from her eyes, smiled, and turned to leave.

"Now look what you've done. I'm getting all emotional on you."

"Trust me Sam" blowing her a kiss "you're not the only one."

Peeking out, sneaking out, the door closed. I cracked open a beer. What a rollercoaster of emotions. For someone who had that much sex, in a two day span, I was somber. I tossed and turned that night.

While paying for breakfast, Sue, the blond from the hot tub, came out of the bathroom and noticed me.

"Hey blue eyes, were you able to get that swelling to go down?"

"No, you were that good. Besides, I thought, with boo-boos, you were supposed to kiss them to make them better?"

"Too late" she winked "I would have, but you didn't ask."


She headed back to her table of soccer stars.

After I checked out of the hotel I found a piece of paper under my windshield wiper. It was the soccer schedule. Circled was a three day tournament in Amarillo in eight weeks. A little note below.

"Hey smartass, I'm a little sore today. Hope you can make it to Amarillo."

Time to start looking for flights!

I've replayed those two days a thousand times. It had been two weeks when I received a text from a number I didn't recognize.

"Steve, I'm Sarah. My sister Samantha has said some BIG things about you. Do you ever come to Tulsa? I'm divorced and she thinks we should get together. Call me sometime."

+ + + + + + +

SARAH: Tulsa

My name is Sarah. I was born and raised in Tulsa. My folks still live here. I have an identical twin sister, Samantha. I was born first so I tell Sam that mom loves me the most because she was unplanned. We are 34 years old. Sam has two boys: John Jr is 11, they call him JJ, and Jackson is 9. I've got three kids: Carla is 11, Denise is 9, and Brad is 7.

I was married until about five years ago. My ex, whose name I will never utter again, and his secretary are now married. I had a very good divorce lawyer so my kids and I are able to live a normal life with the financial support from my ex.

I work in a real estate office keeping closing paperwork flowing. I go in after the kids are off to school, and leave early so I can be there when school lets out. I stay up late to get a few more hours in. I have to work six days a week to get enough hours for company health insurance. I drive an eight year old minivan which seems to always need something fixed.

The only noticeable difference between Sam and I is our ankle tattoos. Mine is a rose with my kid's names on three leaves. Sam only has two leaves on her rose with her kid's names on the leaves. They say twins have a special bond and, if my experience is normal, I would say it's true. If I'm feeling really good, Sam seems to know it. If I'm feeling really bad, Sam seems to know it. Likewise, I get the same kind of tingling one way or the other based on how Sam is feeling.

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