tagErotic CouplingsThree Pennies

Three Pennies

byGrey Eagle 286©

"Hi mister, who are you?" I turned and saw a girl who looked like Daisy Duke standing beside the dirt road I was hiking along. "Hi! Yourself, young Lady. I am Bill Collins, who are you?

She smiled and sent a shiver down my spine, She was beautiful. "I am Penny, Penny Jenkins, I live on this farm. Where are you going?" I looked into the bluest eyes and stammered that I was looking for some gas for my truck. She said, "Jump the fence, I have some gas in a tank in the shed. Follow me." I would have followed her anywhere. Her little round ass filled the tiny cut off jeans delightfully and I couldn't take my eyes off the way it worked as she walked. I was getting hard. We came to a shed against a hill and she said, "I'll be right back, I have to check on my pie." She ran off to a farm house a few yards away. I looked around and saw the place was pretty run down. Old junk cars and rusty farm equipment was scattered about all over. I heard the screen door slam and she came running back, "The pie is OK. Let me find a gas can. Here it is, over here. She bent over to pick up the can and her little blouse hung down, she was not wearing a bra and didn't need it. She had beautiful breasts and grinned as she caught me looking. She reddened a little bit but didn't loose the grin. She was so nice to look at. She took my hand and led me to a large fuel tank. "Here is the gas. Put the can down and I will fill it. Oh! I forgot the key, wait here, I'll be right back." She ran to the house again, which was a delight to watch as her breasts bounced while she ran. Wow! She was a real hottie.

When she came back with the key she cranked the pump while I held the nozzle in the can. When it was full she asked if I would like a glass of iced tea. I said I would love it and followed her to the house. I put the can down and went in through the screen door. The inside of the kitchen was spotless, it was old and worn but fresh painted and immaculate. I could smell the peach pie in the oven. My mouth watered. We sat at the kitchen table and I asked her where her husband was. "I am not married, are you."

"No, I am single too. I am up here in your mountains doing a geological survey for a coal company. I will be here for a month or two."

"Where are you staying?"

"In Bentonville, at the Motel."

"That's twenty five miles away. That's an hour on these roads. Excuse me. I need to check on the dog, he'll get in with the chickens if I don't tie him up." She got up and stepped out the door. She was back in a second and looked at me with innocent eyes and said, Are you by yourself or do you have your woman with you?

"Oh! I'm not married."

"Well there is a spare room here, I could rent it to you and throw in breakfast and dinner for what you are paying at the Motel."

"Hey, I'll take it, sounds great."

"Good, I'll walk down to your truck with you and ride into town, if you are coming back this afternoon. I need some things from the store."

"Hey, no problem, I would love to have the company." I may not be the brightest guy in the world, but I was not going to turn down a chance to be with this lovely creature for the afternoon. The more I saw the better I liked her. I got to know her pretty well on the way to town and back. She had been born and raised on the farm. She said she had four brothers and three sisters living in the area. None of them had moved far off. She had gone to college and worked in Charleston for a year or two afterward, then she came home when her mother and father died about a month apart. She said she had a small inheritance and wasn't looking for work right now. I could tell she was a sweet and very caring person from the way she talked about her family. Being an orphan myself, I loved to hear about close families. I helped her carry the groceries into the house. There was a strange, to me, car in the yard. She said it was her car, that one of her brothers, Jack, had taken it to his place to change the oil and fluids for her. We walked in the kitchen and a very large young man stood and greeted us.

She said she had to go freshen up and that she would be right back. Her brother said, "Penny is the sweetest girl in the world. I wish I had found someone like her for a wife.

Hey, Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to push her on you. She could have any man she wanted. Please don't tell her I said any thing, she will pout and break my heart. I can't stand to see a sister angry with me."

"I won't say a word."

Penny came back in the kitchen and looked at me with a smile, "Will pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, with black eyed peas be OK for dinner?" I smiled back, "Sounds great to me."

"Jack, can you stay for dinner?"

"Sis, you know I love your cookin', but my Molly will skin my ass if'in ah ain't home for dinner, I got to go now, bye." And he walked out the door and was gone.

"Should I give him a ride home?" I asked.

"Golly no, it is a twenty minute ride to his house by road and a five minute walk over the hill by foot." I sat and watched her prepare for dinner. I loved watching how she moved. Suddenly the screen door banged open and a really huge man barged in. He grabbed Penny and kissed her, one hand held her breast and the other groped her bottom. She screamed and kicked at him. I jumped up and grabbed his arm and spun him around. He grinned at me. He was a monster, had to be 6 foot 2 and 300 pounds. "I think she wants you to leave her alone." I said.

Penny screamed, "Rafe, you get the hell out of here this second."

"I told ya yer ma girl. Now Ah'm gonna bust this pretty boy up a little." He swung a hard right at my head. I slipped the punch and flicked my fingers in his eyes, I felt good contact and as his hands rose to his face I whipped two solid rights to his solar plexus, his air left with a woof. Then I threw a real good left hook to his ribs, then hit him with one to the ear. His eyes rolled back and he bent forward to meet my knee as I brought it up as hard as I could. I heard his nose snap when it hit and he flew up and back and hit the back of his head on a chair. The whole house shook when he hit the floor. He lay still for a couple seconds, blood pouring from his nose and ear. He was gasping for breath. I saw Penny standing behind him with a baseball bat. The door opened and Jack rushed in. "What did you do, Sis, cold cock him with the bat?"

"Hell no, Bill just whipped his ass in ten seconds flat."

Rafe sat up and struggled to his feet. I balled up my fists and started towards him. He threw up his hands, "No more, Mister, ya busted my nose and couple o' ribs already, I had enough. The gal is yourn. Damn! Yer a mean son-of-a- bitch. No body ever hurt me before in a fight." Blood ran over his chest and on to the floor. Penny poured ice water over a towel and gave it to him while looking at me like I was a piece of dog shit. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the sink and ran water over my left hand, I knew I had broken knuckles against his head. The water helped some and I turned to get my gear when two small hands took my left hand. Penny looked at it and saw the swelling starting. She looked up and I saw tears in her eyes, She softly kissed my hand and I felt the tingle to my toes. She said, " I thought you hit him with something, it was your poor hand" Jack was helping Rafe out the door. He watched the big man stagger down the road, "Sis, better call his dad to meet him, I don't know that he can make it. Shit, Bill, I look at you and I don't see how you did it. He has whipped me and half the men in this county, any of them that would stand up to him. I reckon he out weighed you by 125 pounds, you a pro boxer or somethin'?"

"No, but I did some amateur boxing and martial arts and I try to stay in shape."

"I would have given anything to see that. Damned, I still can't believe it. He is so damned big it is hard to hurt him. And you flat whipped him in ten seconds. How did you do it?"

"Well he threw a hard right, I slipped it and gave him a finger flick in the eyes and blinded him. Then I hit him with two hard rights to the solar plexus and a left to the head, then when he was falling towards me I gave him a knee to the face that put him on his back. That broke his nose. I don't think he ever knew what I did and I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone, let it be our secret. OK?"

"Hell yes. I'll just say you whipped him, and were not even breathing hard. That is all I saw." I felt hot tears on my hand. I saw they came from Penny. I said, "Penny , from what he said I guess you were his woman, I hope I did right, I didn't like the way he was treating you. I don't like to see women mistreated. I'll get my stuff and get out of your hair, he will be all right."

"You stay where you are, please don't leave. I am not crying over that big ass, I am crying over your broken hand, you did it for me. I love you for it. I was never his woman, never. I don't even like the big bully. That's all he has ever been, he scares everybody. Everybody but you, Bill. Jack you hurry home, thanks for coming back."

"See you two tomorrow."

I nursed my hand while Penny bustled around the kitchen. She had everything cooking in no time then she fixed a ice bath for my hand which was swollen pretty big by then. I think she knew I was watching her because she smiled now and then and grinned when she looked at me. When she but dinner on the table she had cut my chops in bite sized pieces . She said she figured it would be easier for me to handle with my sore hand. Dinner was wonderful, everything was delicious, the best part was that I got to watch her from close up. I never took my eyes from her lovely face except to admire her beautiful bosom. I helped carry the dishes to the sink but she wouldn't hear of me trying to help with the dishes. She took the leftovers and made two more plates up and wrapped them in foil. She said she had a freezer and would take them out later.

We talked for a bit on the porch then she asked if I would need help bathing with my sore hand. My mind reeled at the ideas that gave me and I naturally accepted the offer. She said she would be back in a second and she went in the house. She was back quickly wearing a robe. "Come on and I'll help you get undressed and get your bath." I could hardly breath I was so excited. I tried to think of my job and how I would be able to get along with a sore hand, shouldn't be too bad. I fumbled at my belt buckle and she pushed my hands away and undid it for me and unzipped the fly while she was at it. She pulled my jeans down and paid no attention to my obvious erection pushing out my jockey shorts. She stood and helped pull my T-shirt over my head. She stepped back and looked me up and down, "You have a beautiful body" she said. "You must be very strong." I said nothing, just smiled, all the long hours of working out were suddenly worth it. The old fashioned claw foot cast iron tub was full of hot water. She turned her back and said, "Takeoff your shorts and get in the tub." I did as I was told and watched as she dropped the robe. She was wearing a bathing suit under it. I was disappointed. And I saw her eyes twinkle as she took a ladle and poured water over my head She shampooed my hair as I tried to cover my erection.

She started to giggle and had to stop washing my hair. "You can't hide that, silly , I have seen them before."

"Not this one, you haven't." She shook with laughter which was delightful because the bra to her bikini was inadequate to contain the lovely globes of flesh and they jiggled like firm jello. They were not huge but they were perfect for her body. Unfortunately she moved behind me and washed my back and then my chest leaning over me. She moved again. This time beside me. She put her mouth near my ear and whispered, "If you stand up I will wash the rest of you." She washed my lower back and my butt and then worked down my legs to the water then she washed up to my genitalia. She gently washed my testicles and scrotum. I watched a drop of liquid appeared from the slit at the tip of my penis. She touched a finger to the drop and drew a string of the lubricant to her tongue. She looked up at me as she tasted it. "Mmmm!" she said. She stood and began to dry me. It took all my control to stand there and let her do that as I watched her sweet body move around me. She dried my sexual equipment last. She was very careful and gentle with it. She helped me step from the tub. She put her terry robe around me and then pulled my head down and softly kissed my lips.

"Let me get clean too." she purred. She dropped the bra and stripped off the panties and stepped into the tub as I stood watching. She washed her breasts and the dark pink nipples stood out straight. She soaped her clean shaven mons and ran the cloth between her legs. She rinsed and took a clean towel from the rack and handed it to me as she stepped from the tub. "Can you do it, or shall I?" I looked into her blue eyes and said, "Can I do it with my tongue?" She grinned. "Later, use the towel now. Hurry please." I dried her off quickly and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I placed her carefully on the bed and bent down and covered her lips with mine. Her sweet tongue slipped between my lips and I was in heaven. I ran my hands over her lush body and followed them with my tongue, I found a succulent nipple and sucked it into my mouth. It was firm and rubbery and so long. I licked around it and couldn't get enough of feeling it in my mouth. I ran my hand over her belly and down to her hairless mound, my index finger found her slit and pressed into it. The lips seemed to grasp my finger and I followed it with my hungry tongue. Her juices were sweet and I lapped at them as fast as I could. I didn't want a drop to get away. I found the little clit under a hood of skin and sucked it in my mouth as far as it would go. I loved it with my mouth every way I could, God how I wanted to please her. She was shaking and moaning And I lifted myself over her and felt her hand grasp my cock and guide it into her hot wet pussy. Wow! She clinched down on my cock and it was so tight and silky. I moved slowly in and out of her, thrusting deeper each time. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold off 'til she came. She was vibrating and moaning and purring. Her head flopped to one side and my pressures built and I could resist no more, my pleasure cascaded into her pussy in the form of pulse after pulse of cum. I held perfectly still and tried to memorize the exquisite feeling so I could treasure it for the rest of my life. "Are you all right," she asked.

"No, I will never be the same again. That was the most beautiful thing in my whole life. I think I love you little girl."

"Oh! I know I love you, you are my hero. I will always love you." She pulled me down for a long lingering kiss. It was so sweet. Then she pulled away and said she had to go to the bathroom.

When she got back she kissed me again and started exploring my whole body as if she were memorizing it. She put little butterfly kisses here and there. It had me hard as a rock very quickly. "Oh! My, Look at him grow." She put her little delightful kisses all over him, then took him into her mouth. I thought it was amazing the different moves this girl had. Something new every second, all of them pleasantly erotic and able to drive me crazy with desire for more. She worshiped my cock for several minutes until I knew I was on the edge, I pulled her up over me and she straddled my hips and reached down and guided my shaft to her slit. She rubbed him up and down her pussy and then eased him in. He was enveloped in her hot wet folds. She moved very slowly up until the tip was barely touching he pussy lips, then settled slowly down over him. Ecstasy is the best description I have for my feelings. She was fantastic. Then she put her body in gear. I guess she had her distances worked out to a T, because she bounced up and down on that rod and it felt as if she lifted all the way off of it then slipped right back over him. Damn, it felt super good but I knew she would make me cum real quick. I placed my hands on her hips and she slowed to a stop. I moaned and told her how wonderful it was and how she was going to make me cum in a second. I pulled her to me for a kiss and turned her on her back. I made love to her beautiful breasts and kissed and sucked on the nipples until she was keening deep in her throat with her pleasure, then she shook and yelped that she was cuming. I slipped down between her wide spread legs and dove into her pussy. I spread the lips with my thumbs and lapped up her juices, then I attacked her clit. I really gave it a tongue lashing and could hardly hold her on the bed. Finally she shuddered and lay still. I moved up along side her and hugged her to me. She snuggled to me, purring, "I love you," over and over. After a bit she sat up and said, "I forgot to give you any peach pie, I'll get us some." I grinned and said "After the peach I want some more Penny pie." She giggled and ran to the kitchen. Wow, what had I fallen in to when I ran out of gas.

She was back from the kitchen in a few minutes and we sat in bed eating a superb peach pie. I looked at her with what I hoped was a look of true love in my eyes, because that is what I felt. She was a wonderful cook, a joy to watch, a really nice person and a terrific lover. What more could anyone ask?

She took our plates back to the kitchen climbed on the bed and sat straddling my waist. She reached up and gathered her hair into a pony tail and snapped a band around it. Adorable! Her lovely breasts were only inches from my mouth, so I did what any red blooded man would do, I sucked one into my mouth and flipped my tongue over the nipple. It grew and turned rubbery. I suckled like I hadn't been weaned yet. She pulled the nipple out and moved the other one over. I was happy to oblige and repeated the treatment. She finally pulled that one away and rubbed both her breasts across my face, back and forth. She slid down and guided my pole into her love tunnel. She lay almost still, just gently moving back and forth so the head of my cock slipped in and out between her pussy lips, Oh! It felt so wonderful. I felt my eyes roll back and I just savored the feeling. Finally I knew I could not take that for long so I placed my hands under her hips and lifted her a little ways. This gave me a better angle and I thrust up into her burying my cock to the hilt with solid force. I slowly withdrew and did it over and over as the pressure in my balls built to the bursting point. I grabbed her hips and lifted her in the air. She laughed as I lowered her pussy over my face and my waiting hungry tongue. I went right after her little clitoris and lip sucked it between slurps of her freely flowing juices. I felt my own pressure subside a little but hovered right on the edge of my orgasmic explosion. She rose above me and turned around so she had access to my penis. Her mouth closed wet and soft around the top of the shaft and her fist closed around the base of the rod. The tip of her sweet tongue rubbed softly over the underside, just behind the head. I said "I'm gonna cum," and pulled her pussy tightly against my face as my tongue went wild on her clit. I pulsed load after load of hot sperm in her sucking mouth, while her hips started fucking into my face. I heard her scream and shriek her joy. She put her mouth back around my softening cock and lay still with her pussy over my face. I breathed in her sweet heady aroma and thought this would be a wonderful way to sleep. But it was not to be. She lifted herself and turned to lay in my arms. She snuggled down with her head on my shoulder and whispered that she was in love with me. I told her I loved her more than I could believe. I asked her to marry me. I felt her jerk when I said that. She relaxed again. "I'll ask you about that again in the morning if you want to think it over."

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