tagIncest/TabooThree Rules

Three Rules


Jason sat idly in his room watching the sun dip below the house across the street with an orange glow. The tv was on, but he didn't even know what was on, he had stopped paying attention a couple hours ago. His mind was far from idle, however, he was thinking about college, and how his girlfriend had broken up with him just because he got into Stanford and she didn't. She would be staying close to home and attending the local community college in rural Michigan. As he was contemplating this, the door soundlessly opened behind him admitting his twin sister Andrea.

"Why do you look like the world is ending?" she asked

"What? Oh, I was just thinking about stuff, what's up?"

"Dinner is ready when you are, it's just leftovers. Mom and Dad stayed at the office late, probably doing 'paperwork'." She drew air quotes when she stated the last word giggling at her own joke.

The sun finally being set, Jason finally looked at his sister with a little annoyance, how could she be so happy when he felt so miserable?

"What leftovers do we have, I forget what we had this week." Jason asked his sister as he moved off his bed.

"That's because you didn't eat dinner this week!" she scolded

"Oh, that explains it I guess." He stated trying to avoid the subject of his breakup.

"So, what's on the agenda for tonight? I know you don't have anything to do, and I'm not letting you sulk all night." She asked a little briskly.

Obviously she didn't get the hint that he didn't want to talk about it, so he answered her to change the subject past his love life.

"I don't know, a movie sounds ok." He offered. He could still think through a movie.

"No, no movies, you can still sulk while watching a movie." She pointed out.

"Why do you care anyway?" He almost shouted. He just wanted to be alone.

"Well, you don't need to berate yourself just because that dumb bitch was jealous of you! She wasn't even happy that you got in!" She was getting her steam up "That whore was just dragging you down anyway, always asking for your help on her homework even though you had your own shit to do! Did you honestly think that it would stop in college?"

He was getting a little angry now, so he didn't answer. He wasn't even angry that she was putting her nose in his business, he was angry because she was right. She had always asked for help with her homework even though he had the same homework due. I guess she didn't pay attention to what he was trying to show her, because even after all his help, she didn't get the grades she needed to get into Stanford.

Walking downstairs he was quiet with his sister still talking behind him. He was about six feet tall, with black as night hair and a thin frame, and his girlfriend had been totally hot, all the guys talked about how he got her, but she only wanted him to do her homework for her.

Jason pulled open the fridge to realize that he lost his appetite. His mind was racing, and he pulled out the first thing that his hand felt.

"So, we're eating cottage cheese and coffee creamer?" Andrea asked with a little smirk on her face.

Andrea was going off to college in the fall also, but to the University of Michigan. Andrea had the same dark hair as her brother only hers was to her shoulders, and she had a purple streak that framed the left side of her face. She had a tiny frame at only 5'5 and B cup breasts. Neither Andrea nor her brother could tan because of their fair skin, so they were both kind of pale, but not albino pale.

"Uuuuummm, what?" Jason said, just realizing what he did.

"Okay, zombie man, you sit and I'll cook." Andrea said pushing Jason toward the kitchen table.

Jason watched as his sister brought out the various containers in which their dinner was housed and started heating them in the microwave one by one. Instantly the smell of cooking food wafted through the kitchen as she heated it. Every once in a while Andrea would shoot her brother a crooked smile like they were sharing an inside joke, but he was too distracted to care why. After the food was heated, Andrea brought over the dishes and two plates. She went back to the fridge and pulled out a couple beers. Their dad didn't mind as long as they weren't leaving the house after they drank.

Andrea cracked one open and handed it to her brother then sat down on the opposite side of the table. Jason started to wonder about the sneaky little smiles that she kept shooting at him.

After about another ten minutes, Jason couldn't keep it in anymore, so the next time she smirked, he asked "What? Why do you keep doing that?"

Her smile widened and she said, "No reason in particular other than I'm glad we got to do this before we both go to our separate colleges in the fall."

"We have all summer sis, it's only June!"

"I was thinking the same thing, and that's why I can't keep a straight face." She explained.

"What's the big deal? We have shared the same house for our entire lives." Jason couldn't understand what had changed.

"Well, I guess it's the point that our departure is closer than it was before, and you don't have a girlfriend to steal you away from me all the time."

That kind of surprised Jason, he remembered that he was always close to his sister before they got busy with high school and their respective friends. For a moment he stopped fretting about his lost girlfriend to really look at the person across the table from him. He never thought of her as pretty, but as he looked at her now with that little smirk on her lips, he was surprised to find out that she was actually beautiful. How had he not noticed before?

"Okay," he said, all troubles forgotten, "Let's forget all about everything else for tonight and just spend time together."

"Really?" Andrea said stupefied "Just you and me, and no moping?"

"Yes," Jason started "Just you, me, and various activities that will keep everything but each other off our minds."

"Various activities?" she asked "What did you have in mind"

Jason was really starting to love that little conspiratorial smirk. "I don't care, whatever you want, as long as it doesn't bring HER to mind."

"Well, first I think we had better finish dinner and clean up the kitchen before it gets any colder."

"Okay, but I expect you to come up with something good to do, so you had better start thinking about it." Jason pointed his fork at her when he stated this.

After dinner and cleaning up Jason asked, "so, what did you come up with?"

"First, there are some rules, three to be exact." Andrea ticked them off on her fingers "Rule one, no moping, thinking about sad things, or refusing to do something since you said whatever I want."

"Okay." A little suspicion creeping into his voice, "What is the next one?"

"Rule two, you have to trust me, I know better than you what will make you happy."

"OK, now you're scaring me, you sound like you're gonna tie me down to give me a makeover or something." Jason said smiling broadly.

"Nope, no makeovers, scout's honor." She said while raising her right hand into the air

"Ok then, what's the last rule?"

"Rule three, no one but me and you exist in the world tonight, and no rules but these three matter." She said with finality.

"I agree to the rules, but if we're going to kill someone, you're getting rid of the body." He said with a little bit of humor creeping onto his face. "Ok, now the ground rules are out of the way, what did you have in mind?"

"A few more beers, for starters." She said as she headed off to the fridge.

Jason went into the living room and was about to sit on the couch when Andrea came bounding up behind him and said, "The party's upstairs in my room, I've got better music."

With a six pack in one hand she took Jason's hand with the other and led him up to her room.

Once upstairs, Andrea directed him to sit on the bed while she took her office chair and pulled up her favorite playlist on her computer and started it. She turned up the volume to moderately loud, it was some hip-hop song that Jason vaguely recognized.

"Here," she handed him a couple beers and she took one herself. "Now chug them as fast as you can without throwing up, I don't feel like cleaning up that kind of mess."

What kind of mess does she want to clean up he wondered. By chugging the beer that fast will slam the alcohol into his blood faster thus getting him pleasantly buzzed with a smaller amount of beer. He didn't have any trouble with the first rule, he could chug beer pretty good, although he didn't have a great tolerance for alcohol yet. He opened the first one and chugged it straight, but with all the carbonation, he had a little more trouble with the second one. After he got them down, he noticed Andrea was still on her first one.

"Come on, you can chug better than that" he stated

"I'm not the one that needs to drown my sorrows and loosen up" she pointed out.

"Okay, what next?" He asked, not being able to argue with her logic.

She gave him a wide smile and said, "go to your room and get your box of dvd's that are under your bed."

"First, you shouldn't even know about those unless you've been snooping around, and second, I'm not watching porn with my sister!" He was in shock about the whole prospect, although his body reacted almost immediately to the flash of images that his imagination came up with.

"You agreed not to tell me no, so go get them." She stated with such finality that he didn't argue.

He went and retrieved the box from under his bed, wondering which one she wanted to watch. He arrived back into his sister's room and dropped the box in her lap.

Andrea pawed through his collection reading all the titles before going to the next one. She finally picked one out of the bottom of the box that he didn't recognize right away. It had been a long time since he had acquired that one. It was one of amateur teens screwing in a school setting if he remembered correctly.

She put the DVD in her computer and turned off the music. Andrea came over to the bed and curled up into Jason's side as the movie started. The disclaimer saying that all the actors were over 18 flashed on the screen before the first scene. The movie opened to four teens sneaking into an abandoned classroom presumably during the middle of the school day. The two guy actors each took one of the girl actors to a separate corner of the room where they started making out and shedding clothing. After about five minutes all the actors were naked and making out. The girls were pretty hot, about Andrea's height and build, one with blonde hair, the other with startling red. One group laid down on the floor and the girl grabbed the guy's cock and started stroking it while vigorously making out. In the other group, the guy was muscular and pretty tall, he grabbed the girl by the waist and spun her so she was upside down, her face pressed into his crotch. She expertly took the guy's cock in her mouth and slowly started bobbing up and down on it slowly letting it go deeper down her throat with each repetition.

"Have you ever had a girl do that to you?" Andrea suddenly asked jerking him back to reality.

Jason was startled to notice that he had quite a large bulge in his jeans only about a foot from his sister's face. "uuumm, it wasn't quite like that, I couldn't hold a girl that long." He hesitated before adding. "but I've only had one blowjob in my life."

Andrea was quiet for quite a while and was watching the dvd when the guys each started eating out their respective partners, the one pair still on the ground, and the other still being held upside down.

"I'm waiting for her head to explode from the pressure of being upside down for so long while being eaten out!" Andrea laughed.

Her laughter pulled Jason's attention back to his sister from the dvd. He glanced down at his beautiful sister lying on him while watching a girl getting eaten out on screen. She was wearing a tight t- shirt with a v-neck that showed some cleavage, and a pair of jeans. Jason slowly started rubbing his sister's back returning his gaze back to the screen. The groups were both on the ground now, each girl getting plowed deep by a monster cock. The girl on top was bouncing up and down with such speed that you could hear her tits as they slapped her chest as she impaled herself on her partner's glistening cock. The girls were screaming with pleasure as they started to reach their climaxes.

Jason returned his attention to his sister, the alcohol had given him a little buzz by this time, but he grabbed two of the remaining beers and chugged them both to increase this feeling, because he was starting to forget the fact that this beautiful girl lying next to him was his sister. He slowly allowed his hand to reach lower toward her tight ass and also farther up her side during his revolutions. His sister's gaze stayed glued to the screen as the girls started to scream in orgasm, but being porn stars, the guys still had a ways to go.

"Can you last that long?" Andrea asked him seriously

Jason was taken aback by the question, but he answered truthfully "Depends on the girl, but for me to last that long she would have to be as loose as a bucket of water."

Again she didn't give any response, but he kept his hand doing its revolutions on her back. He wasn't paying attention to what he was doing, when his hand went a little too far around her side as he came up and he swiped his fingers across the underside of his sister's breast. A gasp escaped her lips as he made contact with her breast, but she didn't complain. He wondered when she would have enough, so he decided to test it. He started to go farther up on his revolutions a little at a time to see when she would have enough. Before long, Jason's hand spent more time on her chest and stomach than on her back. Andrea's breathing became a little ragged as he caressed her breast and her belly repetitively.

Jason lost track of time, so he was surprised when the DVD ended and Andrea didn't move.

Slowly Jason bent over to whisper in his sister's ear, "So, what's next?"

In response, Andrea adjusted so that she was lying flat on her back with her head in Jason's lap. Jason kept up his slow revolutions and gave attention to her other breast, and allowed his hand to drift down to his sister's waistband where he started to move the bottom of her shirt up with each revolution.

After a few minutes his sister sat up suddenly and removed her shirt and laid back down. "Is that easier?" she asked him.

She was wearing a solid black pushup bra that extenuated her smallish breasts so that they looked at least a half cup size larger than they really were. Instead of answering, Jason resumed caressing his sister's belly and breasts. His hands lingered on her breasts, cupping each one individually and softly touching the soft flesh exposed over her bra. After another minute, her breathing came faster, and a low moan escaped her mouth. Acting purely on instinct, he bent low over his sister and started kissing the soft flesh of her breasts and cleavage. His lips started rising to her collar bones and to the hollow at the base of her long throat. His kissing started rising up her neck to the corner of her jaw when she turned her head and met his lips with hers. Slowly he licked the bottom of her moist lip and she allowed him access past her lips as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. They made their tongues dance in a way that made both of their hearts race. Jason broke off the kiss to continue his ascent with his lips to her nose then each of her eye lids and finally to her smooth forehead before descending back to her lips. They continued getting to know each other's tongues intimately as they kissed. Again Jason broke the kiss to resume his descent to his sister's breasts again. His sister reached down and unclasped the front closure of her bra to allow him access to her nipples.

Jason continued fondling her breasts as he started sucking and nibbling his sister's erect nipples. Her areolas were the size of quarters with small peaks in the center evidencing her pleasure. As he kept caressing his sister's breasts with his hands and mouth, He became aware of his sister's hand reaching down between her legs to undo the snaps and zipper of her jeans and pushing her hand down the front of her panties to rub her pussy. Slowly, at first, she started to moan louder, and her breath came in ragged gasps as she played with her pussy.

Jason could feel his rigid cock releasing precum into his underwear from all the excitement. Just as Andrea was nearing her limit, the front door slammed and Jason could hear his parents downstairs.

"Kids? Are you here?" he could hear his mother calling.

"Shit!! Andrea, come on, Mom and Dad are home!!" Jason almost had to yell before his sister heard.

"Damn!! I was so fucking close!!!" Andrea cried.

Andrea quickly reclasped her bra and put her shirt back on also buttoning her jeans. Jason did his best to hide his raging hard on by putting the tip under his waist band of his jeans so it wasn't sticking straight out if front of him. Jason ejected the porno while answering his mother's call.

"Yeah, we're upstairs!!" He called down the stairs to his mom.

Jason put the dvd in its case and threw it under Andrea's bed and doing a double check of the room to make sure it was presentable before going downstairs to make an appearance to his parents. Andrea followed pretty close behind him while she tried to hide the face of supreme disappointment she was currently sporting.

Jason made small talk with his parents for a few minutes before going back upstairs to his room to go to sleep. He tossed and turned for a couple hours trying block out the guilt of what he had just done. That was my sister, lying half naked in my lap! I was sucking my sister's tits! What was I thinking? The alcohol had long since left his body, and he was feeling the full measure of shame.

Jason had just fallen asleep; it was about three in the morning when he woke to find his sister climbing under his sheets.

"What are you doing?" he asked just realizing that she was naked.

"I figure my night is still going on, so I am choosing to sleep in here, and you can't say no!" She said

"W-We can't Andrea, i-its not right! I'm your brother!" He stammered

"I know who you are, and I'm sleeping right here." She snuggled up close to him and pulled the covers up her body to her neck.

Jason was too dumbfounded to field a reply, and he wasn't going to throw a naked woman out of his bed no matter if she was his sister.

"Nothing funny though, not with Mom and Dad next door." Jason pleaded.

"Ok, I can agree to that, goodnight Jason." She said as she relaxed Jason would not be able to go to sleep like this, he just knew it.

The next morning he rose to find that he was alone in his bed, and he could not help but feel a little disappointed, he had hoped that he would wake up with her. Although, the disappointment faded as he remembered what he had done last night. He wasn't sorry about what he had done, but he did not think it wise to repeat it. Jason got dressed and headed down to breakfast. When Jason reached the kitchen he was astounded to find Andrea cooking breakfast naked. Her back was turned to him, but again he was hit with the realization of how beautiful she was. He decided to act like she was dressed like a nun instead of trying to reason with Andrea. Even though she was his twin, he never won an argument with her.

"Good morning, What's for breakfast?" Jason asked nonchalantly.

"Eggs and bacon." She replied.

Andrea then turned and walked toward him with a plate of steaming eggs. Her breasts bouncing happily as she walked. She set the plate in front of him and sat in the other chair across from him.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Jason asked.

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