tagIncest/TabooThree Sisters Pt. 01

Three Sisters Pt. 01


My life changed significantly on my 18th birthday. My family was more excited for my party than I was. There was to be a big celebration at our house. My two older sisters, Rasiyah and Narina, were bringing a few of their friends. My mother had my younger sister, Jahidah, spend the weekend over at a friend's house. Since my father had disappeared, it was left to me to prepare the food. After I made breakfast and had a short time to eat some of it, I was told to don my black burqa. My countrywomen were strict practitioners of Sheri's Law, where no boy or man could show his evil tempting body in public.

My sisters had no restrictions on their attire. At three years older than me, Rasiyah had a full figure and fairly large breasts. She was tall and wide at the shoulders. Her short blue skirt highlighted her legs and her tight white blouse showed off her breasts. Narina was overtly muscular and loved sports with a passion. She was quite pretty in her mid-length red skirt and pink blouse and could very be nice at times when she wasn't goaded by Rasiyah into doing something mean.

All of my sisters were good at soccer, but Narina was the best. Even at a year older than me, she was about 6 inches shorter. Jahidah was a year younger than me and was comparatively thin. We all had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

My older sisters and I climbed into the back of the van while my mother drove. My sisters teased me, as they always do, holding me down and tickling me. I tried to be quiet, but my mother said, "You keep it down, Dinar, or I'll strap you to the table and beat your bare ass." The threat was all too real. I knew it would do no good to protest. What my sisters did was never of consequence. They enjoyed watching me get punished, and sometimes joined in.

The small sheer window for my eyes was twisted away and I couldn't see anything. Hands reached under the bottom of my burqa and pulled down my shorts and under pants. I was now naked below the waist under my burqa. Hands clumsily pawed at my cock as I silently shifted. The hands were coming from both sides of me, so I could not get away. I finally sat still and let their hands roam my body, keeping my moans as quiet as possible.

By the time the van pulled into a parking space, I had a raging hard-on. As we climbed out of the back, I glanced around, but couldn't find my shorts. I was pushed out and my mother said, "Hide that evil bulge, or you'll find yourself under a mound of stones." I moved my left hand under my burqa to fold up my cock and hide the unsightly tent that was showing. My sisters giggled and elbowed me on either side.

I was ushered into a hospital complex. We were stuck in a waiting room for some time. My cock was still hard because I had to hold it and it was rubbing against the fabric of my burqa. My sisters were all smiles and giggles. Finally, we were summoned down a hall and into a small room. The doctor was a tall woman with large breasts.

The doctor asked, "Is this the eldest son?"

"Yes, this is Dinar, who had the vasectomy a few months ago," my mother replied.

"Good," the doctor said. "Today is the final test to see if he can serve you and your family in the traditional way, without unwanted pregnancies. If his familial obligations are ever concluded, he can get a reversal and possibly still get married, if someone wants him at that time."

"Remove the burqa," the doctor ordered. I stood still in fright, because I had nothing on underneath except a small shirt. My sisters lifted the burqa, pulling my arms and my entangled shirt over my head. I stood there in only my sandals with my hard cock bouncing and swinging back and forth. The doctor handed my mother a small plastic cup. "Namaa, I need a semen sample in this," the doctor said.

"You will be punished for this indiscriminate behavior," my mother smacked my bare ass and scolded me. She reached down and grabbed my cock. She roughly started pumping it. I stood frightened and naked in front of four dressed women. "Do not get ideas. You will not be married. As eldest son, you will take care of me in into my old age as is the rightful custom and you will take care of the rest of your family as long as they live in my house."

"Yes mother," I said as she pumped my cock.

After a while mother said, "Rasiyah make him cum." Mother sat the cup on the examining table.

I was still standing with my cock sticking straight out. Rasiyah pulled up a chair and sat down on it facing me. She grabbed my cock in both hands and started pumping it. I was so embarrassed with everyone watching me being jacked off.

The doctor spoke up, "Because of the tahara, it could take a long time to get him to cum that way. There is no foreskin to rub his glans. This is a good preventative for the sin of masturbation, and since ¾ of his sensitivity is removed, you can enjoy sex with him for a much longer time. But for now, you should take him in your mouth and spit the semen into the cup. We don't want this to take too long."

Rasiyah stood up with a smirk on her face and said, "Your turn Narina."

Narina looked aghast and turned her head to look at our mother. Mother merely nodded. Narina walked to the chair and sat down. She leaned forward with her elbows on her knees and slowly took my cock head into her mouth. She held it in her warm mouth, her tongue sliding right and left under my cock.

"No, no" the doctor said. "Let me show you." Narina sat up in the chair and the doctor knelt in front of me. The doctor said, "Watch my hands as well as my mouth."

She grabbed the base of my cock with her right hand and took the first three or four inches of my cock in her mouth. She tightened her lips around my cock and started bobbing her head. Her left hand grabbed my balls. Her right hand gripped and slid over the few inches not covered by her mouth. After a minute or so, the doctor said, "Try again dear."

Narina got up, pushed the chair away and knelt next to the doctor. Narina grabbed me with her hands and took me in her mouth. Her small, warm mouth felt so good, even if she wasn't as skilled as the doctor. After a few minutes of this I gasped and unloaded into her mouth. Narina waved her arms and squealed as she kept her mouth around my cock, cheeks bulging. I tried hard to keep standing as the doctor put the plastic cup in Narina's hand. Narina let go of my cock and spit a large glob into the cup.

The doctor gave Narina a paper towel, took the cup and said, "I'll check this and get the results back to you in a few minutes. Stay here." She looked at me. "You can get dressed, if you have any clothes."

When the doctor left the room, mother slapped my ass and asked, "Where are your shorts nasty Dinar?"

"They took them off in the van," I said meekly pointing at my siblings.

"That was smart thinking girls," mother told my sisters.

I was handed back my burqa, and it took me a minute to untangle my shirt. I had just finished getting dressed when the doctor came back in the room. "He's free of sperm," she said as she closed the door. "No one will be impregnated from him. Is there anything else you need? Do you want him trained in how to pleasure a woman?"

"No," my mother said. "I can instruct him in his duties."

I didn't protest as my sisters' hands again roamed under my burqa in the back of the van, although their dry hands on my glans felt scratchy and uncomfortable during the ride home.

When we got back to the house, my sisters removed my burqa and immediately started pulling on my cock. Our mother said, "Now girls, he is mine for the next couple of hours. You will both have plenty of time with him later." She took me to the master bedroom and had me kneel facing the bed. "Take off your shirt and sandals," she ordered. While I did so, she took off her clothes and sat on the edge of the bed, facing me.

"You are going to service my cunt," she said spreading her legs wide. "It has been a long time since your father disappeared. So it doesn't happen to you, don't leave the house without a female relative. It isn't safe for you outside by yourself. Al-Baseer knows, I have been in need so long I cannot stand it. Get closer." I crawled forward until my face was only inches from her shaved vulva. "Lick up and down here," she said pointing at her labia. I did it slowly at first, then picked up speed. "No, this isn't a race. Keep it slow. Now rub your tongue over my clit right here." She pointed at the top of her slit.

She had a large clitoris without the surrounding prepuce. I rubbed her there with my tongue and felt the nub poking out. "That's the spot," she said. I concentrated there with tiny movements for a while then she shuttered and squeezed my head between her legs.

"Stand up," she told me. My cock was hard, and she guided it to her pussy. She pulled it to her entrance and pushed me in with her heals on my ass. The soft warm caress on my cock was the nicest thing I had ever felt, better than the doctor's mouth. She coaxed me to go in and out faster and faster. "Rub my clit with your hand," she said. I tried, but it was an awkward position for either hand. I ended up using the thumb of my left hand rubbing up and down her clit while my cock moved in and out. "Now don't cum unless I do. It doesn't matter if you get to cum or not, just as long as I get to. Remember that."

I didn't think I could control my evil discharge, but I hoped the activities at the doctor's office would prevent me from cumming too soon.

After a while my mother was moaning, "That's it, keep going. Faster, I'm almost there." I felt pride that I could perform my duties and slammed harder and faster into the hole from which I was born. She spasmed under me and let out a deep throaty cry. I was still pumping in and out in deep concentration when she pushed me off.

"You need to make dinner for the four of us and enough desert for eight people. We will be having three or four guests for your coming of age party."

"Yes Mother," I replied. I scooped up my shirt and sandals and slowly opened the door. I hid my hard cock behind my bunched-up shirt. I spied my shorts on the couch and walked towards them.

As I was reaching my hand to scoop them up, I was tackled from behind. I was thrown on my back on the carpet. Rasiyah had knocked away my clothes and was sitting on my chest. My hard cock was sticking straight up, and she roughly grabbed it. "I'm getting some of this," she said.

Narina stood beside us and said, "You sit on his cock. I'll sit on his face."

"But I've got to cook," I complained.

Rasiyah explained, "You have to take care of our needs too. All of our needs. I've gotten tired of just having my boyfriend fuck me in the ass. I want a cock in my pussy that won't knock me up."

Narina added, "I want you to make me cum, over and over. I haven't found a boyfriend that's good at cunt licking, but I'll make you do it how I want it, as much as I want it." Narnia slid her panties out from under her skirt and squatted over my face. My arms were pinned under her shins. I began to lick her fragrant labia the way I had earlier been instructed. I didn't see her clitoris but found it with my tongue under folds of prepuce flesh. My vision was confined to the inside of Narina's skirt. It was a small piece of paradise where I had never imagined I'd be.

Once I was pinned by Narina, Rasiyah lifted off for a moment. I felt her bare feet repositioned on either side of my hips. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. I was being used and degraded by my sisters, but it felt so good.

Rasiyah lowered herself all the way down, enveloping my cock and grinding hard on my hips. Both of my sisters were moaning. Narina angled herself to give me better access to her clit. I concentrated on Narina's nub, but Rasiyah's sudden bouncing distracted me. Every time Rasiyah slammed down on me, I froze for a fraction of a second. It took a lot of concentration to maintain a steady movement of my tongue.

I felt Rasiyah stop bouncing and slowly rocked forward and back. She said, "Narina, switch places with me." Narina stood up and Rasiyah slid up my body, rubbing her wet mound up my chest. I saw that Rasiyah was naked below the waist, wearing just her short sleeve cream colored blouse and bra underneath. When Rasiyah's knees were by my ears, her musky scent gave me chills. She ground her sex on my face and I did my best to keep up with my tongue. She was very demanding.

While I was thus occupied, I felt Narina's bare feet around my waist, then her hand guided my cock along her slit and into her vagina. She was tight, yet silky smooth around my cock. I heard her grunting and felt her skirt touch me as she sank all the way down, resting on my hips. Rasiyah grabbed the sides of my head to keep me focused where she wanted my tongue. I did my best to ignore Narina's delightful thrusts. My hands were free to grab Rasiyah's ass. I squeezed the firm butt cheeks and drove my tongue into her slit then up to her clit. The bouncing on my cock grew faster and harder.

Rasiyah achieved a powerful orgasm on my face. Shortly, I cried out as I exploded into Narina's vagina. Narina kept pounding on me as I moaned and thrashed under two of my sisters holding me down. Finally, Narina cried out and shuddered on my cock. They lay on top of me for a while then slowly got up. I was sluggish after the greatest orgasm of my life.

I found my shirt and shorts, and shakily put them on. I didn't have much time, so I hurried to the kitchen. I made lamb kebab, rice and spinach qormah. I also baked a large jelly filled cake. I barely had time to cook some nan in the tandoor, when my mother said it was time to eat before my sister's friends arrived for the party. I didn't think of it as my party, as I had no friends joining me. Not that I had any friends. Boys are rarely allowed to go to school. My principle learning was in the kitchen by my father's side.

My sisters looked relaxed and pretty in their skirts and blouses from before. I was sweaty and dirty from working in the kitchen. My family was happy with the meal. I made something they all enjoyed so they might treat me well tonight. After we finished eating, my mother said, "Your as filthy as a pig. Clean up the dishes then take a shower and put on some clean clothes."

I put away the dishes and set the cake on the table along with clean plates and silverware, then went to take a shower. I stopped by my room and gathered up clean clothes: long sleeved shirt, trousers and a hijab to cover my head, but leave my face open. I stepped into the shower and relaxed as the warm water loosened my muscles and relieved my tension.

I heard someone enter the bathroom. I wasn't surprised. My sisters were never concerned for my privacy. I heard them leave again and finished rinsing off. As I dried off, I noticed my carefully chosen clothes were gone. In their place was my blue chador. It covered me head to ankle but left my face open. I didn't mind but I had nothing to wear underneath.

When I came out of the bathroom, my mother whisked me into the living room to greet all of the guests. The girls were all wearing pretty blouses that accentuated their breasts and short skirts, even my sisters. My mother was in a dress that reached below her knees but showed off plenty of her ample cleavage.

Rasiyah's friends were Tufan and Rahqah. They were both tall, big breasted, and intimidating, like Rasiyah herself.

Narina's friends were Ruhaimah and Waznah. Ruhaimah had a kind and pretty face. Waznah was as short as Narina, thin with a knowing smile.

"This is Dinar," my mother was saying. "Wait a minute. Dinar, why are you wearing that? We are not going outside."

"But, my clothes ..."

"Never mind. Take it off."

"But Mother ..."

"Just do it. Rasiyah, Narina, help him."

I then realized, this was what my sisters wanted. I resigned to let my chador be removed. As I raised my arms over my head, Rasiyah and Narina pulled my chador up and over my head. While I was confined and blinded, I felt a hard smack on my left ass cheek. I was completely naked in front of 7 dressed women.

I heard a loud "Woo" from the crowd followed by giggling.

My mother was saying, "Did you not get enough at the doctor's office? Do you expect a blow job every time you flash yourself? No, it is you that will have to relieve the arousal you have brought upon our guests. You can start with me."

She grabbed my flaccid dick and lead me to one of the couches. She had me kneel in front of it, then she reached under her dress and removed her panties. She pulled up the dress to her waist and sat down on the couch in front of me. "Service me," she ordered, pulling my head to her crotch.

I was naked, on all fours, and women were crowding around me. I started to lick my mother's labia. Many hands touched my back and my ass. Hands squeezed my dick and pulled on my scrotum. I shuttered but concentrated on doing a good job with my tongue.

Mother said, "Rasiyah, do one of your friends want to be next?" I licked her protruding clit. I knew she hadn't cum yet.

Tufan spoke up, "I'd like to try that."

"Good, sit next to me and remove your panties." "Faster on my clit," Mother said to me. She grabbed my face and ground it into her crotch. She spasmed and let out a loud grunt, then pushed me off. "Give Tufan the same treatment," she ordered.

I scooted into position and the women around be shifted to stay near me. Tufan's legs were spread and I could see her neatly trimmed pussy surrounded by her short blue skirt. She was already aroused and wet when my tongue tasted her labia. She had a slippery feel and a warm fresh aroma. Tufan was so sexy, my manhood was becoming aroused. I felt happy to please this goddess in front of me. I locked up to see her nipples straining against the thin fabric of her bra and white blouse. I angled up towards her clit, sucking and probing with my tongue.

I heard someone say, "Look how excited he's getting."

"Oh, see how big he is," someone else said. As I licked, I felt someone's head squeeze between my legs and my cock engulfed in a warm mouth.

I wanted to bring Tufan to orgasm, and I was excited to see what would come next. My finger easily slid into her warm depths and I used hard and fast licks to her clit. I soon had her screaming in ecstasy. Tufan's vagina squeezed my finger and a flood of pussy juice flowed over my hand.

After a brief rest, Tufan scooted to the side and Rahqah slid down from the back of the couch to land in front of me, legs splayed wide. I felt so happy to have this beautiful young woman open for me like a flower. Rahqah smelled as sweet as honey and I tasted her warm nectar. If this was to be my lot in life, I was going to enjoy it as long as it lasted.

The mouth on my cock was tentatively sucking and rubbing the underside of my shaft. I had the urge to sink myself deeper into it, but I thought that would not be appreciated. The mouth moved away, my cock slid along her face and hair. I had to remind myself to keep licking the gorgeous honey pot in front of me.

I slid a finger in Rahqah, moved it around, then slid in another. She moaned and tilted her crotch closer to me. I looked up and smiled at her while my tongue was still extended to touch her large and pronounced clitoris. I sucked her clit hard and rubbed it with my tongue. She melted under my touch, gasped and spasmed. I tasted her sweet juice gushing out. She chanted, "ok, ok, ok, that's enough, enough, please stop." I finally understood and withdrew my mouth.

I was pushed on the carpet and rolled on my back. Waznah was climbing on top of me. She only had on a purple T-shirt with no bra underneath, her small perky tits poking the fabric. Anything else she may have worn was gone. She squatted, guiding my cock into her. She sank slowly, her vagina gripping me tightly. I didn't get to see much of her deep knee bends on my lap before Ruhaimah crouched over my face.

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