tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 002

Three Square Meals Ch. 002


John reclined in the comfortable embrace of the Pilot's chair in the cockpit to the Fool's Gold. He had purchased this chair specifically for its well designed ergonomics. Knowing how many hours he spent here in the cockpit, he figured that paying top dollar for this marvel of form fitting handiwork was worth every penny. Considering the fortune in doctor's bills some of his freighter pilot friends had to shell out in fixing bad backs, it was a wise investment!

He glanced occasionally at the oval display for the long range scanners, but there was nothing unusual showing. This far out in deep space it was rare to encounter other ships, but in John's experience, those encounters could turn nasty very quickly. Deep space was a lawless and dangerous place, light years away from the commonly travelled space lanes and the accompanying Federation patrols.

John was reading the Holonet to keep up to date with Galactic events. Tensions were high between the Terran Federation and the neighbouring Kintark Empire, with reports of numerous border incursions from both sides. The Terran media all favoured the Federation line; that they were responding to unwarranted aggression from the Kintark, but John had enough independent contacts with neutral alien trading partners to know that there were two sides to this story. Besides, he had traded with the Kintark about 5 years earlier and he found them to be reliable trading partners. The reptilian race could be unsettling with their emotionless, sibilant speech, but if you could overcome humanities instinctive fear of the unknown, they were a straightforward species to deal with.

John's mind drifted though and he struggled to concentrate on the Holonet story. His thoughts kept returning to his guest and he wondered how she was doing. Alyssa had been asleep for just over 14 hours since their session in the recreation room and the last time he had checked in on her, the girl was slumbering soundly. Just as he had made up his mind to check on her again he heard a rustling from the passenger cabin.

John spun the pilot's chair to face the corridor as Alyssa stepped through the cabin door. She had wrapped herself in the bedsheet in an impromptu toga and was making her way into the cockpit.

"Please could I have some water, I'm feeling really thirsty." Alyssa requested politely as she moved to sit in the co-pilots seat.

John got up from his chair and went to the water dispenser in the cockpit. He moved to the side so that she could clearly see how he was operating the machine and pressed a couple of buttons. A glass slid out and the dispenser gurgled happily as it filled it up with sparkling clear water. Condensation immediately began to form on the delightfully chilled drink and John handed the glass to his guest before he sat down again. The two sat in silence, studying each other as Alyssa took small sips, soothing her parched throat.

"How are you feeling?" John asked pleasantly, breaking the silence. "Did you sleep ok?"

Alyssa paused a moment, looking thoughtful before answering. "I don't remember the last time I slept that well. How long was I asleep for?"

"You were out for 14 hours." John explained. "I checked on you a couple of times and you seemed ok."

"14 hours!" Alyssa exclaimed. "I normally only sleep for a couple of hours at a time. On the colony you had to sleep with one eye open."

The girl put down her glass on the console and then stretched languidly. "I feel amazing!" She sighed happily. "If only I'd known I'd feel like this after getting a good night sleep!"

As she straightened her back and stretched her arms out overhead, her makeshift outfit suffered a wardrobe malfunctioned. The sheet tied around her chest slipped loose and dropped into a pool in her lap, revealing her slim upper body. Alyssa flinched and hurried to restore her modesty before stopping suddenly, catching John's gaze and leaving the sheet where it was. Her stomach seemed to have reverted back to its normal trim size, her body absorbing the huge meal he had so enjoyed filling up her belly with yesterday. The girl also seemed to have lost some of the painful skinniness that defined her ribs so clearly when they first met.

"What happened last night?" Alyssa asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"I remember us going to the rec-room and you introducing me to your equipment." she said, blushing prettily. "I especially remember the 'Quad'." she added with helpful air quotes. "After that it's all a blur."

"Well... do you want the romanticised, obfuscated version or the brutally honest version?" John asked playfully.

"Give me the brutally honest version please, I'd like to know what I'm dealing with." Alyssa smiled back. "Besides, I have no idea what obfuscated means!"

"Well you sucked my cock like a pro, then I filled that lovely little belly of yours with several pints of cum." John explained. "Then I tucked you up in bed to sleep off your meal."

Alyssa blushed deeper, looking embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed honey, you did a great job." John reassured her comfortingly. "I couldn't be happier you decided to stow away on my ship!"

The cute teenager absorbed John's words and seemed to visibly grow in confidence. John saw a teasing smile form on her pretty face, as her eyes dropped to his groin, then back up to look at him.

"I'm feeling hungry John, what have you got for breakfast?" she asked coyly.

John grinned back and unbuckled his trousers. Alyssa stood, leaving the sheet behind on the co-pilots chair and walked towards him as he dropped his trousers to the floor. His huge cock stood up past his belly button and throbbed expectantly. The petite teen stood between his spread thighs and dropped to her knees.

Alyssa reached out and grasped two of his balls, one in each hand. She cupped them gently, feeling the orange sized orbs in each sack. John watched the girl as she explored his body. She moved from the front set of balls to the set behind, cupping each in turn and feeling their heavy weight.

"They are just so big!" She exclaimed in wonder. " How do you even walk with all these between your legs?"

John laughed out loud. He had never been asked that before. "It does get a bit tricky when I'm full up and turned on." he admitted with a smile.

"Well its good I'm here to help you out then!" Alyssa grinned back at him.

The perky teen leaned forward and swabbed the top of his manhood with her tongue. She moved one of her hands from his balls to caress his turgid shaft, before wrapping her slim fingers around his girth. John watched intently as her ghostly pale hand slid up and down his cock in a smooth rhythm, looking tiny against his massive shaft.

Alyssa leaned forward and her soft lips spread invitingly over the engorged head of his pulsing cock. She maintained eye contact with him as her tongue danced over him, warm, wet and silky smooth. The petite girl had managed to take the entire head in her mouth, her lips spreading obscenely wide to welcome him into her. He looked deeply into her brilliant blue eyes as she sucked on him, finding it impossible to break that piercing cerulean gaze.

"Oh my god, that's so good!" he groaned, as he watched her enraptured.

The corner of Alyssa's mouth seemed to twitch, wanting to smile. There was just no way to do so with his massive tool spreading her lips so wide.

John's balls seemed to rumble contentedly, as if they knew there was a receptive female happy to provide a new home for their contents. Alyssa was sucking strongly on the head of his cock and John began feeding her pre-cum as his excitement levels rose.

The pretty teen's eyelids began to get heavy and that sharp, perceptive gaze began to lose focus. Alyssa closed her eyes and then began to take more of his meat into her mouth. Her head began to move in a smooth bobbing motion, matching the same rhythm of her hand. The teen was on a mission now, to take his whole cock into her throat.

"Shluck, shluck, shluck!" her saliva filled mouth made debauched sounds as she blew him.

Looking down, John watched as the blonde haired girl took more and more of him into her mouth. Alyssa paused with his swollen cock head at the entrance to her throat. She took a deep breath and then slid forward, enveloping him in the tight warm confines of her body. Staring intently, he cradled her head and guided her forward as her throat relaxed and accepted his whole massive length in one long, smooth motion.

"Uggghh!" John moaned incoherently, unable to form words at the incredible sensations he felt along his shaft.

Alyssa's tongue glided along the underside of his cock as she withdrew and then plunged forward again, easing his passage in and out of her body and heightening his pleasure. John was only able to groan in appreciation when the girl took in his whole length and then that dancing tongue snaked out to lap at the top of his balls. He marvelled that she was able to take him so deep in such easy, fluid motions.

The couple maintained this lustful rhythm, Alyssa kneeling submissively and stroking his cock with her talented mouth. She swallowed occasionally, clearing the saliva from her mouth and massaging his cock with the strong muscles in her throat. John could only moan appreciatively as the talented girl deep throated him time after time.

"Uhn, Uhn, Uhn!" he groaned in time to her bobbing head.

This blowjob was amazing, even better than last night. The girl seemed quite determined to milk his balls. John recalled a vision of Alyssa stroking her swollen belly yesterday and struggled not to come instantly.

Alyssa seemed to be reading his body perfectly and sensed the rising ecstasy growing in the man she was servicing so amazingly. Her throat gripped him comfortingly as he throbbed in her mouth, her lips soft, yet insistent as they travelled down to his root time and time again. Subconsciously sensing that he was ready, the girl drew back, clearing her windpipe and allowing her to take a deep lungful of air. Her body rejuvenated, she slid right back down his length again, her body promising him relief.

The change in sensation was too much for John and he gripped the armrests of his chair in a fierce grip as he threw his head back and exploded.

"Oh fuck me! I'm coming!!" He bellowed, as his quad prepared for action.

Massive spurt after spurt of gloriously rich spunk blasted up his shaft and into the welcoming pit of Alyssa's stomach. John's hips thrust forward in rapid reflexive motions, as he desperately unloaded his cum into the willing girl prostrate before him. Alyssa's soft full lips cushioned his thrusts as she leaned forward, eagerly sucking on him and taking his huge load.

The pretty teen's slim belly soon began to round out, as John filled her with heavy spunk. Alyssa's throat throbbed in sync with his cock as his jism race up his huge shaft and pulsed into her body. Her mouth and throat fitted his length like a hot, tight, pussy and John's body did its best to inseminate her. The young woman's body trembled as she joined him in mindless orgasm, her body revelling in being used so completely.

Eventually John's mind blowing orgasm abated. Alyssa pulled back, letting his cock slip from the tight confines of her throat until only his head remained in her mouth. He could only shudder as she sucked powerfully on him one last time and his spent balls desperately tried to feed her more cum.

"She looks like the cat that got the cream." John thought to himself, as he sighed with relief.

Alyssa let him go and leaned back, a self satisfied smile on her face. Speaking of which, his cream had filled out her tummy nicely. The petite waif was stroking another bellyful of the rich, semen laden cum that had settled warmly in the welcoming new home of her stomach. The massive load had given her another swollen belly, just as large as that of the previous night. On her slim body it looked obscene.

Alyssa's eyes were heavy lidded and still glazed over, so John got up, scooped the slim girl up in his arms and carried her back to the passenger cabin. She sighed contentedly into his chest as he walked back to her room. He marvelled at her light weight, despite the extra load he had just added to her rounded midrift and was able to carry her effortlessly. He gently laid her out on the bed, returning a moment later to cover her slim form up with the sheet.

John busied himself with routine maintenance in the ship. After relieving his baser urges, he was now able to concentrate again and he hummed happily to himself as went about his chores. Some power cabling resealed here, an overhead light fixed there, time seemed to disappear as he worked on the ship. Several hours passed and John had just finished cleaning the recreation room when a noise behind him brought him back to full awareness.

"Ahem!" Alyssa cleared her throat, announcing her presence. "What did you do to my tummy?" she demanded, as he turned to face her.

Alyssa was stood, hands on hips, in the entrance to the rec-room. As she strode towards him, he saw that the object of her indignation had reduced in size somewhat from when he had initially filled her up. Unfortunately her body had not had enough time to absorb the heavy, protein rich spunk and the petite girl still looked several months pregnant.

"You look amazing Alyssa." John reassured the girl as he moved towards her, momentarily regretting his pledge not to knock her up.

He gathered her smoothly in his arms, leaning down to kiss the surprised teen full on the lips. She sighed a breathy moan as her soft, pouting lips parted to let him push in his tongue. They kissed passionately for several moments, her own tongue moving to duel his in her mouth. John moved to the sofa, gathering the girl in his lap as he sat down, maintaining their kiss and fierce embrace.

The couple paused for breath and leaned back, studying each other. John moved his big masculine hand to the teens stuffed belly and stroked her gently. Her stomach felt firm and full where his heavy spunk had blown out her waistline, forcing her slim tummy to accommodate his load. He thought about the millions of sperm swimming around inside her, desperate in their futile task to impregnate the slim teenager and he felt a stirring in his loins.

"I explained that I fed you several pints of cum last night. This is what it looks like." John caressed Alyssa's engorged belly pointedly.

"I thought you were exaggerating." Alyssa mumbled, embarrassed.

"Don't worry, your body will absorb it all and you will be back to normal in no time." John reassured the worried girl.

"How do you know? Have you done this before?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes, I've been with a woman before." John laughed.

"What about the memory loss then, the blackouts?" Alyssa insisted.

"Yes, that's normally what happens." John confirmed reassuringly. "I cum, the girl gets a huge belly and is comatose for a while. She wakes up after a good long sleep, none-the-wiser and feeling great, then we happily part ways."

Alyssa looked thoughtful for a moment. "No long term relationships then? That sounds lonely." she said sympathetically.

John was taken aback by the abrupt shift in conversation topic. "Well, yes, I guess." he stammered, unprepared for this line of questioning. "Considering I'm not exactly normal, I figured it was probably for the best".

Alyssa now wore a caring, understanding look on her face. She looked up at him intently and reached up to stroke the side of his face in a gentle caress. She pulled his head down and kissed him passionately, her soft lips feeling amazing against his own. They kissed and made out like teenagers, which was not all that surprising, considering one of them was actually only 18.

The kissing grew more passionate and John ran his hands over Alyssa's nubile form. His hand slid over her swollen stomach, slipping down between the girl's thighs. Her teenage skin felt so soft and smooth under his fevered touch and Alyssa spread her legs invitingly as his hand moved further between them. John could feel how turned on the girl was when his hand moved higher and his finger slipped between the lips of her pussy. She was slick and inviting as he cupped her pussy and slid his finger deeper inside.

"Oohhh!" Alyssa gasped, as his questing finger burrowed in.

John finger fucked the moaning girl for a few moments, enjoying the exquisite warmth and tightness. He could only imagine what it would feel like to penetrate her young body with his massive cock. He maintained the forceful thrusting of his finger inside her, delighting as she moaned responsively.

"Oh fuck, that feels good!" Alyssa gasped.

John undid his trousers with his free hand as he probed the teen with the other. He lifted her easily and placed her down in his lap, so that each cheek of her pert little ass rested on either side of his reawakened cock. Alyssa's wonderfully firm round ass felt amazing pressed to his groin and the slippery fluids she was providing from her excited little twat was adding plenty of lubrication to his cock. He rocked her up and down on his shaft, enjoying the tight firmness of her cheeks, whilst maintaining his finger's insistent stroking in and out of her snug young pussy.

Moving the other hand down, John began to stroke the girl's swollen clit as he added a second finger to her deliciously tight pussy. Alyssa squealed as the second finger slid in against the first, widening her young hole and increasing the intensity of her sensations. John curled his fingers up, looking for her G-Spot and then began to rub the sensitive little area in sync with the stroking he was giving her clit with the other hand.

"Ohhh my god!!" Alyssa wailed, as her body arched and thighs spasmed.

The trembling teen came long and hard, her pussy rewarding his fingers with a delightful massaging sensation. John revelled in the sound of the teenagers breathy cries and gasps and just as she was calming down, he massaged her body hard and fast, forcing another toe curling orgasm from the primed girl.

"Good, she's multi-orgasmic." he thought to himself and her body convulsed hard from the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

Finally having mercy, he pulled his soaked fingers from Alyssa's pussy and held her in a warm embrace as she calmed down and relaxed against him.

"Thank you John, that was amazing!" Alyssa said, as she turned to look up at him. "I've never come twice like that before! I didn't know it was possible!" she exclaimed breathily.

John just nodded agreeably as he held the teenagers hips in his hands. He was rocking her gently on his pussy slicked cock, and her firm little ass felt incredible straddling his length. Her tight little pussy was warm, wet and only inches away. John was fighting an internal struggle not to lift the petite teen up and then slide her snug little body onto his eagerly awaiting rod.

As if sensing she was only moments away from potential motherhood, Alyssa slipped out of John's grasp and slid to her knees in front of the sofa.

"Let me take care of that for you." she purred seductively as she opened wide and covered the swollen mushroom head of his cock.

This time John felt no resistance at all as the petite girl smoothly swallowed his engorged girth into her throat, and then engulfed his entire length in one ball trembling move. It was like her mouth and throat were custom designed to fit him perfectly. A warm, wet, massaging tunnel that was designed purely to empty his balls whenever he needed.

"Uuunnnhhhhh!" John groaned in wordless happiness as the teenager knelt in front of him, taking his full length time and time again.

He had never experienced pleasure like this before, and he lost track of time as Alyssa worked him closer towards his climax. John was suddenly overcome by the unstoppable urge to unload and he grasped Alyssa's blonde head as he exploded down her throat. Her tongue massaged the underside of his cock, coaxing out each blast of spunk, welcoming it into her body. His hips thrust forward mechanically, trying to force himself deeper, but Alyssa's full lips were already tightly encircled around the root of his shaft, her nose rubbing his stomach. Surge after surge of heavy cum was added to the previous load she had swallowed and her tummy gurgled contentedly as it expanded to house his essence. The teenagers distended belly touched the floor as the girl leaned over, eagerly sucking down every last spurt of cum.

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