tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 006

Three Square Meals Ch. 006


Alyssa sat in the Co-pilots chair, plotting the course to Olympus shipyard. She was reflecting to herself on the remarkable recent turn of events. Of course, there was all that business with her body changing so dramatically, her new boobs being a constant source of delight. However, there was something else that she had been finding far more surreal. She had begun to hear voices.

It had started off innocuously enough, a week or so after she had been forced to escape from Karron and John had found her on board his ship. He had asked her to become a First Class Navigator in a roundabout sort of a way, so she had thrown herself into his request with gusto. She had been studying in her free time and then meeting up for "mealtimes" with the handsome Captain.

She loved kneeling in front of him, servicing his massive cock and encouraging him to unload his sweet tasting cum into her eagerly awaiting stomach. She had grown to adore his "quad" and the way he filled her to the brim after every orgasm. She hadn't felt hungry once since they had made their agreement and for someone who had lived on the borderline of starvation for most of her life, that was a big deal. She did wonder if she should vary her nutrition a bit, but she felt charged with energy and her body seemed to be thriving on the high protein diet.

As well as the contentedly full feeling in her stomach, she almost seemed to sense his pleasure when he exploded in her mouth. At first she had dismissed it, but she had then become so in tune with the man, that his orgasms would trigger her own. Eventually she had started to pick up other emotions as well, not just when she was pleasuring him. When she had shown him her newly acquired Navigators ID, the bewildering onslaught of emotions she had sensed from him had been almost overwhelming.

Just after they had rescued Calara she had begun to hear the voices. Well more specifically, one voice. It was like hearing little snippets of conversation at random times. At the start, she had wondered if she were going mad, but the voice was calm and kind which put her at ease. Most of the time the disembodied voice was saying lovely things about her and that was when she first noticed that she only heard it when John was exploring her body with his eyes. She had put two and two together and with some bewilderment, realised it was his inner voice she was tuning in to.

She sighed happily. It felt amazing to be so lusted after by the handsome man. She had entered their agreement hesitantly to start, but he was just so kind and gentle with her, that she had begun to develop strong feelings for him. When he told her he was proud of her, it felt like her heart would burst she had been so overjoyed. She found herself doing little things to please him any chance she had and his earnest gratitude was tremendously rewarding.

Alyssa had spent the last week trying to spend as much time with him as possible, surreptitiously listening in to his inner monologue whenever she could. It was difficult not to react to some of the things he thought, but she was developing quite the poker face. She figured it was prudent to keep this little secret to herself. Besides, what woman wouldn't want to be able read her man's thoughts without him knowing it!

Sitting in the cockpit when they arrived at Alpha Centauri, she had quickly plotted their course to Olympus station. She then pretended to be focused on the console as she tuned in to John's thoughts, her head tilted slightly to the side.

*She's so beautiful* John thought happily. *It's not just that she's totally gorgeous, I love that she's so intelligent and fun to be with...* he mused.

Alyssa had to fight hard not to grin like an idiot to be held in such high regard.

*I'm in love with her!* John suddenly realised to himself.

Alyssa's heart sang and she wanted to leap into his arms and declare how much she returned his feelings.

Unfortunately his thoughts suddenly took a dark turn.

*I'm old enough to be her father for god's sake!* John berated himself.

Old enough to be her father? Alyssa wondered. He only looked to be around 30 or so, which got Alyssa curious to know exactly how old he was.

*She's a genius with a First Class Navigator's license. She's got a bright future ahead, you can't ruin that by trying to get her to stay* John thought to himself, getting increasingly depressed.

Now he was thinking about getting her to leave his ship for her own good?! Didn't he understand she had only been half joking when she said that he owned her? Any thought of being away from him felt gut wrenchingly miserable and her mind shied away from it instinctively. No, she needed to nip this in the bud right now!

John turned towards Alyssa, his face set in a grim expression, his eyes welling with tears. He opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off abruptly.

"Well our journey is nearly at an end, perhaps we should have a chat about our arrangement?" Alyssa said, smiling warmly at him.

"Of course" John replied, his face a mask of barely concealed pain. "You'll have your choice of ships you could sign up with."

Her musical laughter filled the cockpit "Other ships? Why would I want to leave? I've never been happier!" Her full lips formed an outrageous pout "Unless you don't want me here any more?"

"No, of course I do, you're amazing!" John reacted instinctively before remembering he was trying to be noble. "You have your whole life ahead of you though, why would you want to saddle yourself with an older guy like me?"

Alyssa slowly rose and walked gracefully towards him before sitting in his lap. She cupped his face in her hands and looked deep into his eyes "I feel safe, valued and cared for and that's all thanks to you" She paused to watch the hope spreading across his face. "I love you and I can't imagine us being apart!"

John encased the earnest teenager in a fierce hug. "I love you too!" he declared, all thoughts of being noble abandoned.

The couple kissed passionately, losing track of time. Revealing the extent of their feelings for each other was such a relief and they revelled in their new found sense of contentment. They eventually separated to stare at each other, drinking in each other's happiness, huge grins on their faces.

"I would like a promotion though..." Alyssa grinned mischievously.

"Oh really?" John smiled back, intrigued.

"I think I've outgrown the cumbucket role, I'd like something that will stretch me more" She informed him archly.

John laughed at her lewd comments. "I do enjoy stretching you" he agreed wholeheartedly. "So what did you have in mind?"

I was thinking "Executive Officer" Alyssa replied, beaming happily. "The XO is second-in-command and helps lighten the Commanders load, so he can focus on the important things" she explained helpfully.

John doubled over with laughter. "You're hired!" He gasped out between chuckles.

"You won't regret it" Alyssa purred seductively, moving smoothly to her knees between his legs.

John gasped as the beautiful teenager began to show him just how seriously she took her new role. He looked down at the poised and elegant young woman as she tilted forward, inch after inch of his throbbing cock disappeared into her mouth, until she finally touched her nose to his stomach. Her movements were fluid and graceful as she stroked him back and forth using the muscular grip of her tight throat. Her full lips seemed to be kissing him as they sucked at the base of his shaft, her mouth spread obscenely wide by his girth. He marvelled at the incredible control she had over her body.

This was his life from now on, John suddenly realised. This stunningly gorgeous young woman was his to use whenever he wanted. He really was the luckiest son of a bitch in the galaxy! Alyssa looked up at him lovingly as she used every trick she possessed to heighten his pleasure. Her velvety soft tongue seemed to dance along the base of his cock, licking and caressing, coaxing him closer to climax.

Eventually she closed her eyes and just bobbed her head in his lap, keeping up a relentless sucking rhythm. John held her blonde head in his hands as his hips made tiny thrusting movements as though trying to fit more of his length down her throat. He was already fully sheathed however, so he was just thrusting away at her soft pliant lips.

"Unh, unh, unh!" He moaned as he fucked her beautiful face. The warm suckling sensation surrounding his cock was relentless and irresistible and eventually he could only succumb to her talents.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he gasped with relief as the titanic climax washed over him. His balls seem to clench then flex powerfully as the cum blasted out of his cock to reward the girl for her efforts.

Alyssa's eyes flew open when her tongue felt the first long spurt of cum rocketing down his shaft, his length jerking in her throat. She could feel her stomach rapidly filling up, blowing outwards as she provided a warm home for his eager legion of sperm. She could feel John's senses being overwhelmed by his orgasm, triggering a wave of ecstasy to flood over her.

"Mmmpphhhh!" She squealed as her own body responded automatically, her cries muffled by the mighty cock throbbing in her throat. Her pussy flexed and her thighs trembled uncontrollably as she experienced an explosive climax.

John sank back in his chair, all tension having left his body. His balls felt satisfyingly numb and his satiated cock slid out of Alyssa's mouth, receiving a farewell kiss as it left her lips.

"Ahh, I love blowjobs" They both thought at the same time, as they shared the same sigh of contentment. Alyssa had to use every ounce of willpower not to giggle uncontrollably.

John offered her a hand and the ravishing young blonde rose effortlessly to her feet, before snuggling into his lap. He watched her proud firm breasts rising and falling as she took in deep breaths, the movement hypnotising. He took in the acres of tanned unblemished skin on her spunk swollen stomach, marvelling that her malleable body could handle such a prodigious load. Her gravid form made him think to the future and he suddenly knew instinctively that this gorgeous young woman would be carrying his baby in her belly someday. He stroked her tummy possessively, his strong hand caressing her gently. Alyssa's delicate hand moved up to rest lightly on his.

He sighed happily as he looked at the beautiful teenager's face, her expression doe-eyed as she met his gaze. They cuddled together comfortably, watching the glittering stars in the endless blackness spread out before them.

The blissfully happy couple relaxed together for a few hours, enjoying the peaceful tranquillity as the Fool's Gold made its inexorable progress to Olympus Shipyard. Eventually the insistent buzz of the intercom broke their reverie. John pushed a button on the console to receive the communication.

"Incoming freighter, please identify yourself and your business at Olympus" a military communications officer requested politely.

"John Blake on the Fool's Gold to see Captain Harris" he replied confidently.

There followed a drawn out pause before the officer replied. "Please approach docking bay 47 Commander, Vice Admiral Harris will meet you there."

"Well okay then!" John grinned at Alyssa.

She smiled back at him, delighting in his buoyant and happy mood. The two retired to their cabin to shower and get dressed.

Alyssa zipped herself into the body suit that John had loaned her as he got dressed in his standard combat trousers and T-shirt. He took in her beautiful curves, the bodysuit not leaving much to the imagination. He reached over into his wardrobe and threw her his flight jacket. She caught it deftly and raised an eyebrow.

"I don't want to have to fight off the station's compliment of randy marines!" he joked.

Alyssa laughed and posed for him, the jacket doing little to hide her lovely toned legs and pert rounded ass.

"I think a shopping trip might be in order" John laughed.

Alyssa clapped excitedly and bounded up to him. "Really? We can go shopping on the station?"

"Well not so much at the station, but the planet below has loads of retail zones" He clarified.

Alyssa practically skipped at his side as they went back to the cockpit, John smiling at her boundless enthusiasm. They sat waiting patiently as they began the final approach to Olympus station and their designated docking bay. They passed massive Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts on the way into the port, their freighter appearing tiny and insignificant next to these titans of interstellar space.

Alyssa sat in awe. She had never dreamed that anything man-made could be so vast. The gun barrels on some of those cannons were bigger than their ship!

"Impressive, aren't they?" John pointed towards the pride of the Terran Federation fleet.

Alyssa could only nod her agreement.

"It doesn't feel quite the same when you're fighting something that size though..." He paused, suddenly overcome with memories from what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Fear, pain, loss... emotions spiralled over their empathic link and Alyssa quickly moved to John's side, leaning down to kiss him. Her distracting presence broke his introspection and his mood lifted immediately. He kissed her back before he noticed that the ship had entered the docking bay and was about to touch down.

"Oops, we better go! Don't want to leave our welcoming committee waiting!" he smiled at his young shipmate.

They walked quickly to the cargo bay, feeling a tremor through the ship as it landed at the shipyard. John pressed a button on the wall mounted console and the airlock spiralled open, the servos in the door whirring in eagerness to perform their task. The couple stepped out of the freighter into the huge cargo bay, the extensive floor lighting illuminating their surroundings in a warm glow.

A young naval officer approached them quickly.

"Commander Blake, the Vice Admiral sends his apologies, he's in a meeting at the moment. If you would like to follow me, I'll lead you to his office."

John nodded his assent and they followed the navy officer as he led them through a series of corridors before ushering them into a reception room. He walked briskly to a desk, pushing a button on the intercom. "Vice Admiral, the Commander is here to see you."

There was no reply and then a door on the other side of the room opened. A uniformed figure strolled over to meet them and Alyssa studied him as he approached. He was a man in his mid to late 50's she guessed, his stern face sporting a bushy grey moustache.

"Vice Admiral" John saluted the man, his face showing a wry grin.

The man laughed and returned the salute "Commander Blake! It's good to see you, how long has it been?" The man's stern face relaxed into a warm smile.

"Retired 11 years now" John replied as he shook his old friends hand vigorously.

"Sorry I couldn't come to meet you personally, damnable meeting overran" The Vice Admiral apologised. .".. and who is this lovely young lady?" The older man enquired, his hawk like eyes locking on Alyssa.

"This is Alyssa Marant, my Executive Officer" John grinned happily.

He turned to his beautiful companion. "This is Vice Admiral Charles Harris, we served together a long time ago."

"Call me Charles, please" John's old colleague shook Alyssa's hand, smiling at her cordially.

"Nice to meet you Charles" the slightly intimidated teenager replied.

"Civilian life seems to be treating you well John" The perceptive older man looked at his friend speculatively.

"Come join me in my office and let's catch up" Charles offered, leading the way. They followed him into his office and sat down in comfortable leather seats surrounding a coffee table. The seats were placed in a semi-circle facing a huge window that overlooked the incoming and outgoing traffic of the starport.

"That's one hell of a view Charles" John said, watching a massive Terran Federation Carrier as it slowly made its way to the Nav beacon.

"Isn't it just" Charles replied. "Now tell me John, what brings you to see me after all this time? I can't imagine you came all this way just to relive old war stories" He smiled good naturedly.

John turned to look back at his old friend. "Tyrenium... 10 tons of it."

Charles looked startled before he whistled appreciatively. "Civilian life really has been good to you John."

John glanced at Alyssa, before nodding emphatically.

Charles tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I'll take the whole cargo if you're willing, just name your price."

"250 million credits" John replied without pause.

"Holy fuck!" Alyssa squeaked.

Charles ignored the teenagers outburst and studied John shrewdly "Done. You know very well this conflict with the Kintark has the T-Fed over a barrel, don't you?"

John smiled and shrugged his shoulders, his hands spread, palms outward. "A man's got to make a living."

Charles laughed, shaking his head. The two men shook hands to seal the deal. "Congratulations John, you can retire for real now" Charles said, genuinely pleased to see an old war buddy do so well for himself. John grinned back at his old friend.

Meanwhile Alyssa sat wide eyed, stunned at the insane sums of money these two men were discussing so casually. She thought back to her previous life of abject poverty, the years of scraping around for the odd couple of credits here or there. The sometimes horrible things she had had to do just to get by. Now here she was, listening to a deal for a few tons of rock that was worth more than the whole hollowed out asteroid she had grown up in. For this kind of money, you could buy the entire place and still have enough pocket change to feed its inhabitants for a lifetime.

John and Charles chatted amiably for a while, leaving Alyssa lost in her thoughts.

"How do you want the money John?" Charles asked. "Credit transfer ok I presume?"

John nodded agreeably as he finished the glass of whiskey his old commanding officer had poured for him. The two men stood to shake hands once more, making promises to stay in touch.

John placed his hand on Alyssa's shoulder, gently rousing her from her thoughts. "Time to go" he said quietly. Alyssa stood to join him and the pair turned to leave the office.

"Before you go John" Charles voice called out from behind him "I thought you might be interested. The Invictus has been decommissioned, I'll be putting her up for auction soon."

John stood frozen, half turned towards his old friend.

"She'd make one hell of a fine ship for a wealthy young trader" Charles smiled. "It would be nice to see the old girl staying in the family so to speak."

"What's the Invictus?" Alyssa asked her handsome friend, puzzled that it should stir up such strong emotions in the man.

John was lost in his thoughts, his mind turning over the possibilities.

Seeing that John was distracted, Charles answered for him. "It's our old ship, Alyssa. I was transferred to the bridge crew back in oh... 2748. John joined the Ship's Marine company 9 years later. I eventually made Captain and John retired after 10 years service on her."

Alyssa nodded her thanks for his explanation.

"Why is she being decommissioned?" John asked.

"T-Fed Navy has changed its doctrines since you served John. It's all about dropships on Carriers now." Charles replied, rolling his eyes. "There's no place for Assault Cruisers in the new Fleet"

John was shaking his head. "She's too big, what am I going to do with all that space? Besides, there's only the two of us, how could we crew her?"

Charles waved his friend over to his desk as he pushed a couple of buttons on his console. The lights in the office dimmed slightly and a large holographic display of a spacecraft sprung into being in the centre of the room.

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