tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 007

Three Square Meals Ch. 007


John wondered what could be the problem. The After Action Report he had submitted to Federation Command last week, had made it pretty clear what had happened aboard the Corvette. He was unsure what kind of trouble the young Latina could be in, as there was certainly nothing in the AAR that implicated her being responsible in any way.

"What kind of trouble?" he asked Alyssa.

"Calara said she was being accused of 'dereliction of duty'. She mentioned something about a possible court martial!" The young woman replied, looking concerned.

John snorted in disbelief. A court martial? That was absurd.

"Is she still on the Vid-feed?" He asked Alyssa.

"Yes. She doesn't know what to do, so I said I'd ask you for your advice" the young girl replied.

John stood and strode out of the room, grabbing a towel to wrap around his waist on the way out. He could see Calara's face on the Vid screen. The black eyes had mostly healed up, but the bridge of her nose was still swollen from where it had been broken, marring her otherwise pretty face. The heavy bags under her eyes told a tale of troubled sleep.

"Don't worry Calara, we'll get this straightened out" He said reassuringly.

Calara looked back at him with frightened eyes "I can't be Court Martialed John! It would destroy my family!" She sobbed.

"It won't come to that. We'll be at Heracles as fast as we can. Call us if there's any more developments" he stated firmly. Calara nodded dejectedly and closed the call.

He turned to look at Alyssa who had watched the brief conversation over his shoulder. "Ok let's get moving, it looks like we haven't finished rescuing her yet!" he smiled.

Alyssa moved in to hug him fiercely "Thank you John, you're a good man" she said sincerely.

John hugged her back before they broke apart to gather up all their belongings. In a matter of hours they had checked out of the hotel, taken a hover-taxi to the planet's star port and boarded the Fool's Gold. They set a course for Olympus and 2 hours later were approaching the bustling shipyard, Terran Federation craft drifting by civilian traffic as they went about their business. The intercom began an insistent buzzing, the flashing light on the console indicating an incoming communication. John pushed a button to answer the call.

"Incoming freighter, please identify yourself and your business at Olympus" a military communications officer requested politely.

"He sounds exactly like the last one!" Alyssa whispered, causing John to chuckle.

"Commander John Blake, requesting clearance to land at the docking bay housing the Invictus" he answered the communications officer formally.

"One moment please Commander" The disembodied voice replied.

After a short pause, the voice came back. "Please proceed to Docking bay 13" it stated, before the communication officer closed the channel.

"Unlucky for some" Alyssa said ominously.

John laughed "You don't believe in those old superstitions do you?" he asked the young girl.

"You can never be too careful!" She replied archly.

Docking bay 13 was part of the dry-dock and was used for retrofitting spacecraft to new designs. This meant they had to circle the huge shipyard to be able to dock from the other side. Their freighter made steady progress and soon they began their final approach to the station. This side of the shipyard saw much less traffic and the damaged spacecraft awaiting repairs looked lonely and forlorn somehow.

"What did that?" Alyssa asked in awe, pointing to the devastated foredeck of a Terran Federation Destroyer as they slowly passed it by. They could see numerous battle scars measuring dozens of metres in length as the hull loomed overhead.

"That's Plasma damage" John explained sadly looking at the charred wreckage."That ship has been fighting the Kintark. They are the only race that use Plasma Cannons".

They left the damaged ship behind and moved on to begin landing manoeuvres at docking bay 13. Alyssa's breath caught when she saw their new vessel and she glanced at John and saw he was similarly spellbound.

The Cruiser was docked in the centre of the gigantic bay. Massive maintenance gantries were slowly backing away from the flanks of the vessel, as though wary of the lethal looking warship. The sleek lines and bristling gun ports clearly identified the ship as a ferocious predator, one that was not to be trifled with. The craft was painted a dark military grey, with soft blue lighting illuminating the name "Invictus" in 20 foot high lettering along the hull.

The Fool's Gold touched down and the tremors shaking through the ship awakened the pair from their reverie. John flashed a wide grin at Alyssa as he stood quickly and offered her his hand to follow. They walked briskly down to the cargo bay of the freighter and John's foot tapped impatiently as he waited for the airlock door to spiral open.

They walked outside before stopping to stand in awe, looking up at the magnificent vessel as it towered above them. At just over 500 metres in length it dwarfed the couple and their comparatively tiny freighter.

"Welcome to your new home" A friendly voice said from behind them. They turned to see Charles Harris had come to greet them at the dock. He walked up and shook John's hand firmly, before turning to smile warmly at Alyssa and shaking her hand too.

He handed John a Holo-reader that displayed the ships schematics in a soothing green hue. The maintenance teams had worked furiously to complete the retrofitting to the tight schedule set by Vice Admiral Harris and from the data on the reader, it looked like everything had been finished on time.

"She's a hell of a ship" Charles sighed, looking behind them at the Cruiser he once captained. "You never forget your first command" he said, smiling wistfully as he turned back to the couple.

"I wish I could come with you on your shakedown voyage, but do get in touch if you run into any problems" he offered helpfully. "What do you want to do with your freighter?" he asked John.

John smiled as he looked back at the ship that had been his home for the last 11 years. "You know, I haven't really thought about it to be honest. Would it be ok to moor her here for a few weeks until I decide?" He asked his old friend.

"Having trouble letting her go?" Charles laughed good naturedly, "I know the feeling!" he grinned. "I'll have her secured nice and safely for you" he offered kindly. He waved them goodbye as he left them to settle in to their new ship.

John and Alyssa worked quickly to transfer their belongings from the Fool's Gold to an anti-grav sled that the maintenance teams had left for their use. John wasn't a hoarder so his belongings mostly consisted of clothing, armour and the contents of his weapon locker. From the information on the Holo-reader, the Invictus had been fully stocked with supplies, so there was no need to transfer the foodstuffs from his meagre kitchen and storage room.

John let Alyssa control the grav sled and she had fun steering the humming platform to the new ship. John turned around to look at the freighter one last time and after glancing over his shoulder to make sure Alyssa wasn't watching, he threw the Fool's Gold a nostalgic salute.

"Thanks for looking after me all those years old girl" he said quietly, before turning to follow his enthusiastic young shipmate.

The door to the docking bay of the Invictus was huge and it yawned open in front of them impressively. It was large enough to comfortably home a decent sized dropship, so the grav sled looked tiny and a bit pathetic parked by itself in the bay. John pushed the button on a wall mounted panel and the external door in the hull began to shut, a force field springing into place to internally seal the huge portal.

The couple walked hand in hand through a sturdy set of doors into an adjacent corridor. They found the waiting elevator, so they entered and John pushed the button to take them up to the command deck. The hum of the elevator filled the room as they rose upwards.

"Has it changed much since you were last here?" Alyssa asked quietly.

"Well there's a lot less people around for one thing" John joked. "This ship used to house 300 rowdy marines and a navy crew of 40. Now there's just the two of us!"

Their conversation was interrupted as the elevator door opened with a smooth whir, ending in a soft click. They walked out of the elevator to look over the Command deck for the first time. John was overcome with memories, staring out across the bridge as he relived events from his past. Meanwhile Alyssa carefully peeled the Holo-reader from his distracted grasp and then went off to explore.

The bridge was shaped in an oval, with the Commander's chair placed centrally on a podium, surrounded by glowing consoles. To the right of the Commander's seat and set slightly lower down, was a similar configuration set up for the Executive Officer. Numerous other stations were placed at regular intervals around the room, but they were all left dark, automation replacing the crewmen who would have operated them.

Alyssa followed the brightly lit steps that led up to the command podium and settled herself in the XO chair. It felt wonderfully soft and the chair's ergonomics seemed to hug her lovely curves perfectly. She spun the chair happily in a circle, noting that being up here provided an excellent view of the rest of the room. She spotted two doors on opposite sides of the bridge that she hadn't noticed from the elevator and made a mental note to explore them later. Stopping the spin so that she faced the curving consoles in front of her, she placed the Holo-reader on one of the consoles and began to learn how to operate the ship.

John was roused from his memories by an ominous thrum of power as the brand new engines on the Invictus were fired up for the first time. He looked up to see that Alyssa had settled herself in to the XO's position and had begun charting their course to Port Heracles. She pushed a button and their route was displayed in a large holographic display that spun slowly in the centre of the bridge. he climbed the illuminated steps up to the Command chair for a better view.

"Just under 4 days to reach Port Heracles John" Alyssa smiled at him. "This beast is a whole lot faster than your freighter!" she said happily.

John turned to slowly sink into the Commander's chair, feeling its luxurious fabric moulding itself around him comfortably. He had served on this vessel for 10 years and it was proving surprisingly difficult, adjusting to having the right to sit here now. He spun the chair slowly to look back down the steps. He remembered standing down there over 20 years ago and saluting the Ship's Commander for the first time. He had been green and naive then, but full of the eagerness of youth.

Speaking of which, he turned to face Alyssa, watching her as she learned how to operate the ship. She was enthusiastically checking the Holo-reader then pressing buttons on her console, letting out excited squeals when the corresponding systems activated with a hum. Holographic Tactical grids and Galaxy maps sprung into life around them, bathing the bridge in a soothing blue glow.

"Course laid in and all systems look good to go. Just say the word Commander!" Alyssa said, as she saluted him respectfully.

He smiled at her fondly. "Take us out of here XO".

Alyssa grinned at him gleefully and the Invictus lifted smoothly from the floor of the Docking bay. The Cruiser pulled away from the shipyard, overshadowing the damaged destroyer as they passed it by.

"What's behind those doors John?" Alyssa asked curiously.

"That one leads to a briefing room", he said pointing to the door on the right of the elevator.

"That one leads to the Commander's ready room" he said, spinning his chair so he could point at the door on the other side of the room, to the left of the elevator.

"Mmm, sounds intriguing" Alyssa replied. "Is the Commander ready?" she asked teasingly, as she got up and walked towards the door looking coyly over her shoulder.

John laughed heartily. "Your casual disrespect for naval traditions is going to take a bit of getting used to" he said as he followed after her, watching the alluring sway of the beautiful young woman's hips.

She waited for him at the door, letting him lead the way into his ready room for the first time. The room had a big window running the full length of one wall, offering a spectacular view of the shipyard as they departed. At the far end of the room was a big desk and a comfortable looking chair. On their side of the room was a seating area, with several sofa's arranged in a square, a coffee table placed centrally between them.

John took in the Commander's ready room feeling a little overawed. This was his now, but he still found it hard to believe. Alyssa gracefully moved to his side, her hand moving up to caress the back of his neck.

"Don't feel intimidated John" She whispered in his ear. "You just need to stamp your authority on the place. It will feel like home in no time".

He nodded in response, marvelling at how perceptive the lovely young girl was. It felt like she knew exactly what he was thinking. He felt lucky to have met such a wonderful woman who could read him so well and always seemed to say just the right thing.

"So Command-her" Alyssa purred seductively, deliberately mispronouncing his rank."I think it's time we christened this room." She posed for him, arching her back, thrusting out her chest. "How do you want me?" she asked, smiling beguilingly.

John grinned and decided to play along. "As the new Commander, I think the first thing to do is make sure my XO knows her place on board my vessel". He walked over to sit in the chair behind the desk.

Alyssa watched her handsome man take charge. It was intoxicating.

"She's my second in command, but it's important for her to remember that as the person in charge, anything I need comes first" he went on.

"Oh definitely sir, you always get to cum first, whenever you need" Alyssa breathed excitedly as she walked slowly towards him.

"That's very good XO. I think we will have a great working relationship" John nodded agreeably.

Alyssa unzipped her figure hugging jumpsuit and left it crumpled on the floor next to her calf length boots. She sank to her knees in front of him, and licked her lips, her mouth watering.

"If it's ok with the Command-her, I'd like to lighten his load. Help relieve any kind of pressures that might have built up. It must be hard to concentrate on running the ship if you are all backed up" Alyssa purred seductively.

John's eyes flashed with lust. "I'm impressed with your initiative XO. I'm going to enjoy spending many hours stretching you to the limit of your abilities. I think there are lots of ways we can make you grow in this role" John said, as he unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers and boots.

Alyssa could barely contain heself. She loved this kind of playful banter with him and she could tell John was really getting into it. She could feel his excitement level rising to match her own and she was determined to make this one to remember. She leaned forward opening her mouth to take in the broad helm of his shaft, delighting in how her lips had to stretch wide to engulf him completely. A natural instinct wanted to take over and have her suck down his entire length immediately, but she resisted. Instead, she took a deep breath, relaxed and then gradually took his length down her throat, using her lips to pull him inside a few millimetres at a time.

"Ahhhh" John sighed contentedly as the beautiful teenager slowly wrapped her throat around him.

The talented fellatrix massaged his throbbing shaft with her tongue, the velvety wetness dancing over him and allowing him to penetrate her throat more readily. She began to swallow repeatedly, the muscles in her slim neck gripping him tightly and massaging him. It felt like there were half a dozen eager young women jerking him off, all using their hands on him at the same time.

His thoughts drifted back to that moment back on Gravitus when he had been surrounded by the pretty shop girls. One of them had been "checking his neck size", leaning into his back and brushing against him with her soft breasts, as she stroked his neck. Two more were "checking his arm length", feeling his biceps and whispering naughty things in each of his ears. The last three had been kneeling on the ground in front of him, "helping him with the fit of his trousers", their soft hands gliding up and down his legs suggestively as three sets of eyes looked up at him invitingly.

"Oh those naughty bitches" Alyssa thought to herself, only now realising just what they'd been up to. Thinking about all those pretty women all lusting after her man got her extremely turned on and she squeaked in surprise as her thighs clenched together and she came hard.

"Mmmmppphhhaaa" Alyssa moaned around his cock, the vibrations feeling incredible along his length.

John looked down at the young girl deep throating him, as her eyes screwed up tight and she moaned around his shaft. "God, she's just so sexy" he thought, as he remembered seeing Alyssa sharing a lustful look with Rachel, the lovely brunette in the store. The dark haired girl had been on her knees, stroking Alyssa's legs and the sight of those two looking so intimate together had nearly made him cum right there in the boutique!

"Oh fuck! He'd seen that?" Alyssa thought. She could feel his arousal at the thought of her with another woman and she could only suck on him mindlessly as her body reacted with another earth shattering orgasm.

The beautiful blonde teen felt him hold her head in his lap, his gentle but insistent grip moving her mouth up and down his cock. "I'm his little fuck toy" she thought to herself proudly, revelling in the overwhelming feeling of submission as she knelt there, being used for his pleasure. She opened her eyes to look up at him, loving seeing the determined look on his face as he stroked his shaft in and out of the clutching grasp of her throat, bringing himself closer and closer to orgasm.

She could feel him enjoying being so dominant with her, as he moaned loudly with each thrust. Suddenly he pulled back, sliding his engorged, throbbing tool from the tight confines of her body. His plan flashed into her mind and she rolled backwards, supporting her weight with her hands and arching her back for him, her big breasts presenting a perfect target.

John stood, looming over her as he panted heavily and fisted his massive shaft in his right hand. "Do it" she hissed at him, "cover me in your cum!" she urged lustily.

"Aaahhhhhhh!!" John bellowed as his quad lurched and a fountain of cum blasted out over the prostrate teen's heaving breasts. He stroked out long heavy spurts, covering her quivering chest in his spunk, before moving on to unload all over her gorgeous young face. Alyssa opened her mouth wide to present him with another place to aim and she swallowed down big gulps of his delicious seed as he filled her mouth. Her body writhed with ecstasy and she joined him in orgasm.

Finally spent, John collapsed back in his chair and struggled to regain his breath after his exertions. He looked at the teenager through lidded eyes, admiring his handiwork. The girl was lying on her back, liberally glazed in a thick layer of cum. She used one of hands to massage it into her breasts, while she greedily sucked the spunk off the fingers of her other hand.

The two shared a lustful look, grinning slyly at each other.

John recovered and got to his feet. He offered Alyssa his hand, and she rose gracefully to stand in front of him. "Maybe time for a shower?" Alyssa said, smiling up at him as rivulets of cum dripped off her beautiful face and on to her pert breasts.

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