tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 009

Three Square Meals Ch. 009


The trio lay cuddled up together comfortably in bed. John and Alyssa were both greatly relieved that Calara had taken their surprising revelation so well.

"There is one thing though..." Calara said tentatively after a few moments.

"What is it Calara?" John asked, his voice tinged with concern.

"I still haven't seen the bridge yet! I'm not going to be much good as a Tactical Officer if you don't let me out of the bedroom" she said, grinning impishly.

Alyssa's musical laughter was joined by John's baritone chuckles. "Ok honey, we can go now if you want?" he offered obligingly.

Calara could barely contain her excitement as they got dressed. John waited patiently for the girls to leave the room, before following after them and turning off the lights as he left. The lovely teenagers headed down the corridor to the elevator, chatting animatedly and he admired the enticing sway of their hips as they walked. They stood together in the lift and the girl's chatter fell quiet as Calara's anticipation grew palpable.

The door to the elevator whirred quietly open and they walked out on to the bridge together for the first time.

"Wow!!" Calara gasped, her big brown eyes like saucers as she took in the large oval shaped bridge.

Alyssa darted nimbly up the illuminated steps to the command podium and sat in the Executive Officers chair. She pressed a couple of buttons on her console and the Tactical station, down and to the left of her, burst in to life. Two long curving consoles began to fill with a welcoming glow, as one control panel after another lit up.

John walked up to the awestruck Latina's side and rested his hand reassuringly on her shoulder.

"Take your post Lieutenant" he said to her quietly.

Calara turned to face him as she came out of her reverie. "At once Commander!" she said, her sharp salute and the intense look in her eyes silently conveying her deep respect for him.

Alyssa watched the two and rolled her eyes. She smiled, but stayed quiet, letting them have their moment.

John climbed the steps of the podium and sat in the Commander's chair, watching with a smile on his face as Calara eagerly strode towards her new station. She sat in the elaborate Tactical chair and pressed a sequence of buttons on the armrest, powering up her seat. Holographic targeting arrays sprang into being in front of her, as two illuminated controls slowly rose from the armrests.

Alyssa had brought the Holo-reader with her and she walked down to the Tactical station to offer it to Calara, just in case she needed it to learn how to use the controls. The brunette politely declined and so Alyssa just stood and watched intrigued as the brunette gripped the arm rest controls confidently with each hand.

"This is just like the simulator back at the Academy!", the brunette said excitedly.

She pressed a couple of buttons and large holographic images sprang to life in the middle of the bridge, displaying tactical information for her crewmates to see. An image of the Invictus rotated slowly before them, looking sleek and menacing. Calara flipped a safety switch and then pushed a foreboding looking red button on the top of her right controller.

Armoured panels on the hull of the Invictus began to slide away, revealing the hidden arsenal beneath.

"Weapons armed, Commander." Calara stated, following standard Terran Federation protocol.

"Laser defence net" Calara explained helpfully, as dozens of stubby Gatling lasers spun up, the Image of the Invictus showing their many overlapping fields of fire. "To take out missiles and fighters" she added for Alyssa's benefit, John already being familiar with the assault cruisers capabilities.

"Pulse lasers" Calara said, as the overhead image displayed the broad fire arcs of the turreted laser cannons. "Medium range and designed to take out lightly armoured targets" she clarified for the blonde teenager.

"Beam lasers" Calara stated, as she cycled through the massive firepower at her fingertips. "Long range and powerful enough to punch through heavy shielding". The rotating image in the centre of the bridge showed the six forward facing Beam lasers, each barrel over 30 metres in length.

"Finally the Invictus' main guns" She said, with a gleam in her eye. She cycled through to the last setting, and two pairs of 200 metre long cannons were highlighted on the glowing holograph. It was obvious that the ship had been built around these enormous weapons, with power converters and ordnance feeding rooms built adjacent to them.

"Mass drivers, for when you really want to fuck something up!" Calara exclaimed, her youthful exuberance momentarily getting the better of her military professionalism.

"Want to perform a fire test Lieutenant?" John asked, the young brunette's enthusiasm proving contagious. Calara nodded eagerly.

"XO, any asteroid belts near here?" he asked the beautiful blonde.

Alyssa strode purposefully back up to her console and began searching through the systems closest to their current location.

"There's an uninhabited asteroid field in this system Commander" she replied, getting caught up in their excitement.

"Lay in a course please, Alyssa" John ordered.

A short while later, the Invictus dropped out of hyper warp, the exposed barrels looking like teeth bared in a snarl as it prowled closer to its unwitting victims. The unsuspecting asteroids drifted and rotated slowly, as though performing an intricate dance with one another.

Calara focused intently on the targeting grids in front of her. "Firing beams!" she said excitedly as her finger caressed the trigger on the right control. Six lances of coruscating energy blasted outwards and sliced an enormous tumbling asteroid in half. The chunks separated cleanly, each half glowing from the heat of the incision.

"Main guns!" She cried out, as she cycled through the weapons and unloaded the Mass drivers. The Invictus trembled with the recoil, as the 200 metre long magnetic coils accelerated the shells to Hyper warp velocity. Two sets of massive impacts punched into each of the split asteroid chunks causing spectacular craters, before the shells detonated a second later. The two halves of the asteroid detonated into a thousand pieces, devastated by the colossal explosions.

"Pulse lasers!" Calara gasped, as the turreted laser cannons began to track and vaporise the larger asteroid fragments in a cascade of bright energy blasts.

"Point defence!" Calara panted, as ribbons of laser fire erupted around the Invictus, the Gatling lasers opening up on the pitiful remnants of the once majestic asteroid.

Alyssa watched in awe as the destructive power of the Cruiser was finally unleashed. She had never before witnessed firepower of this magnitude and it scared her more than a little. She was lost in her thoughts as she looked out over the hazy field of gravel, all that remained of the once huge tumbling asteroid.

Calara's eyes shone with excitement as she grinned up at John, looking for his approval. He loved how vibrant and full of life she looked, as she thrilled at the chance to be in control of such a powerful ship. "Lieutenant, to my ready room" he ordered brusquely.

"Yes Commander" she gasped excitedly, as she practically ran to meet him when he stepped down from the command podium and they entered the adjoining room together.

Alyssa's quiet contemplation was broken by the sound of excited feminine gasps and the rhythmic slap of flesh upon flesh. Coming back to full awareness, she laughed to herself as she brought up the Navigation display and set the ship off again on their previous course. She sat the Holo-reader on her console and followed its instructions, powering down the weapons and resealing the armoured hull of the Invictus. Once she was satisfied that everything was in order, she got up and followed the lusty noises coming from the Commander's ready room, unzipping the top of her form fitting jumpsuit as she went.

She found Calara kneeling on one of the sofas, grasping the back tightly in her hands. Her mouth hung open as she panted lustily, her head pulled back by John's strong left handed grip of her long dark hair. The beautiful Latina was nude and her skin glistened with sweat as John pounded in and out of her yielding body.

John's other hand was resting on the taut, coffee coloured skin of Calara's right ass cheek. He had thrust his entire length into her, right up to the Quad and then pulled back before driving forward again powerfully. The panting brunette moaned loudly as the broad crown of his weighty cock pushed deep into her body, stretching her pussy wide open to accommodate him. She let out a grunt as the invading monster forced its way deep into her belly, until its throbbing head was cradled snugly in her uterus.

Alyssa stepped over the hastily discarded piles of clothes and walked up to their side, running her hand under the panting brunette's body. Her delicate touch felt the warm bulge in the Latina's otherwise toned, flat stomach.

"I can feel you deep in her womb John" She purred, massaging his jerking head gently as he held himself still, deep in Calara's body.

"Does it feel good breaking in another tight teenager?" She asked him provocatively.

"Uh-huh, She's gripping me like a fist!" he grunted, as he pulled back and drove forward again.

Calara cried out with pleasure, the innermost places of her body yielding to her man willingly.

"How about you honey?" Alyssa asked the lovely brunette. "Does it feel good?"

Calara tried to nod, but was unable to, what with her head pulled back and her body held so tightly in place. "His cock is so big... never had anything so deep in me before..." she groaned helplessly.

Alyssa got down on her knees and then ducked under John's swaying balls between his widely parted legs. He had the brunette's thighs spread wide open as he thrust away, so it meant that Alyssa had plenty of room to manoeuvre. She slid under Calara's body facing upwards, and arched her back so she could support John's throbbing balls on her big firm tits. She was at the perfect angle to see where his mighty girthed shaft had spread the Latina much wider than she ever had been before. The beautiful blonde lapped away at the tightly stretched skin, making it easier for her friend to take the pounding.

"Oooohhhhhh!" Calara moaned when feeling the soft, wet delicate touch on her overheated pussy.

The friction from where her body was gripping John's cock so snugly had been heating her up and the blondes tongue felt cool and soothing on her taut skin. She could only screw her eyes tightly shut and wail out her orgasm, when her beautiful blonde friend began to lap gently at her clit, the sensitive little organ throbbing uncontrollably.

John pushed inside the lovely brunette, enjoying the feel of her rippling pussy as it flexed along his length. He held still as far inside her as he could go and stopped to relish the rhythmic grip of her tight young body.

Alyssa backed off for a moment and as soon as Calara came down from one orgasm, the blonde's rapidly moving tongue was back and licking her clit again. The Latina could only scream with pleasure as her sensitive body reacted to Alyssa's unrelenting mouth and she writhed helplessly as she came hard a second time.

John held the spasming brunette tightly in place and enjoyed the sucking motions of her tight little pussy, as Alyssa made her come over and over again. As Calara sobbed through her fourth continuous climax, he felt Alyssa's tongue lick and caress his balls, as though encouraging them in their efforts. The stimulation from both the provocative teenagers was too much for him to resist and he felt his quad tense up as they prepared to unload.

"Aaaahhhh!" He groaned in time with Calara's yelping release, as he began to pump the athletic teenager full of his cum.

Alyssa had the perfect view to watch the massive cock throbbing purposefully as it delivered its precious cargo directly into the Latina's womb. She cradled the brunette's rapidly expanding stomach, as it provided a warm home for his hefty load of spunk. Eventually John's balls stopped twitching where they lay cradled on Alyssa's chest and she gently moved out from under them.

John helped Calara flop down on the sofa, her breath ragged as she recovered from the relentless chain of orgasms. He collapsed on to the sofa at her side, resting his hand possessively on the taut skin of her olive toned stomach.

"Massage her tummy for me please John?" Alyssa said as she gracefully slid between the brunette's limp legs and gently hooked them over her shoulders. She tentatively licked the exhausted teenager's swollen labia, while John's hand moved in firm but gentle circles over the girl's rounded young belly. Calara's body relaxed enough to gradually release his load and Alyssa sucked away at the brunette's pussy, enjoying the heady taste of his sweet spunk as she filled her stomach with his delicious seed.

Eventually Calara's laden tummy had deflated and Alyssa rose from between the Latina's thighs, her cheeks bulging. She moved forward on to the sofa so she was kneeling astride the blissed out brunette and cupped her face in her hands, as she leaned in for a kiss. John could see Calara's throat move as she greedily swallowed the mouthful of cum Alyssa had just passed to her.

"Was the Commander ready for that?" Alyssa asked him with a lazy, well satisfied smile on her face.

John laughed good naturedly. "No honey, you're full of surprises!" he grinned.

They eventually regrouped in the shower, with Alyssa and John helping the exhausted Calara get squeaky clean. They took her back to their bedroom and the trio settled in for the night.

The next few days established a routine for the crew of the Invictus. Alyssa wanted to work on her marksmanship, so she spent most of her time training at the firing range. Calara was keen to spend more time getting familiar with her tactical station, so she spent a lot of her day on the bridge. John had used a lot of his time aboard the Fool's Gold performing cleaning and maintenance, but the Invictus had a suite of Cleaning Robots who scrubbed the floors meticulously clean. Even for someone with his exceptionally low tolerance for dirt onboard his ship, he had to admit they did a phenomenal job.

This meant John had a lot of free time to spend at the pool, which he was enjoying immensely. He had kept himself in pretty good shape by being so active on his freighter, but muscles he hadn't really used in years soon reminded him that he could do a better job with his fitness.

The highlight of his day was meeting up with the girl's for meal times. They would chat and get to know each other better as they relaxed in the Officer's lounge. John enjoyed being able to have long, interesting conversations with Alyssa, as she didn't have her mouth full for a change. That honour belonged to Calara and Alyssa would stroke the girl's thick dark brown hair lovingly, as the beautiful Latina knelt between John's legs and bobbed her head in his lap. Calara was getting three massive meals a day and she loved running her hands over her cum packed belly after he topped her up. She marvelled at how her malleable body was able to expand to hold such a gut-busting feast and how her stomach reverted to its prior toned self a few hours later.

A week raced by and one morning Alyssa and John had a surprise for Calara. As soon as she was awake, they called her in to their walk-in-wardrobe and ushered her over to stand nude in the middle of the room. From here, the cunningly designed mirrors allowed the person in their focus to view themselves from all angles.

"They're all gone!" Alyssa clapped excitedly, causing Calara to twist around to look at her body in the reflections.

The swelling on her nose had already cleared up completely a week before, as had the bruising around her ribs, but her flayed back had taken a good while to heal. She looked at the reflection of her back, amazed to see only beautiful, unblemished young skin. The girl's eyes filled up when she saw how thoroughly her friends had helped restore her body.

"Thank you so much, I feel so happy!" She said, on the verge of tears. The erasing of her scars felt like the horrible events from her past had been erased too.

Alyssa stepped lithely up to the Latina and enfolded her in a warm hug, her own eyes filling with tears at the heart warming moment. John was only a step behind in moving to embrace his grateful young lover, when he stopped suddenly. He stepped back instead so that he could view both the nude teenagers clearly. Was he just letching you might ask? Well yes, but only because he had noticed some other significant changes in the young girl.

"Take another look at your body, Calara" he prompted gently. "Compare yourself with Alyssa".

The brunette looked a bit embarrassed, knowing she was nowhere near as hot as the ravishingly beautiful blonde. She reluctantly took another look in the mirrors as she stood at Alyssa's side, ready for the hopelessly unfair comparison.

"Oh my goodness!" She gasped in shock.

Alyssa was very slightly taller at 5'9" compared to the Latina's new 5'8" height. Other than their distinctive, beautiful faces and their strikingly different skin tone, their youthful bodies were almost identical.

They each had a set of large, firm 32D breasts, a slim waist and flared hips that resulted in a breathtaking hourglass figure. Their bottoms were round and pert, perfect globes that sat at the top of long, finely muscled, elegant legs. Their skin was perfectly smooth and free of all blemishes of any kind.

John walked around them both, whistling appreciatively as Calara modelled her gorgeous dusky hued figure in the mirrors.

"You both look stunningly beautiful" he said admiringly to the two teens, delivering his final verdict.

Alyssa smiled at him lovingly and moved gracefully to stand on his right side, matched in her movements by Calara who moved to his left. They stood on tip toe and each kissed one of his cheeks tenderly. He looked at his reflection, at the man smiling in wonder at the ravishing young women leaning in to kiss his face softly. He managed to tear his eyes away to watch the girls, as they walked back to the bedroom hand in hand, looking over their shoulders at him coyly.

He recognised that look and so did his cock. It rose to full hardness, eager to be pushed into the warm and welcoming embrace of the female flesh presented before him.

He lost sight of them for a moment as they glided into the bedroom, so he strode after them to follow. He found the luscious girls standing by the side of the bed, waiting for him. He walked up to them, his heart beginning to beat faster as his body prepared for the activity to come. The beautiful teenagers were taller now than when he first met either of them, but at 6'2" he still towered over them both.

He leaned down and gently kissed the exquisitely beautiful blonde, before switching to the gorgeously exotic brunette. His eager hands moved to caress each of their pert buttocks, their taut, wonderfully firm young flesh yielding to the strong and insistent grip of his massaging fingers. Both their hips began to writhe as they responded to their man's touch, their youthful bodies instinctively knowing that they were about to be used.

John broke away from Calara's lovely soft lips and both girl's looked up at him adoringly as they waited to see what he wanted to do next. He used his firm hold on the bottoms to gently push the two teenagers together, until their toned tummies were touching each other. From his vantage point above them, he could see four big tits below him. When they were pushed together, their nipples disappeared from view as the proud breasts swelled against each other. It was a breathtaking sight that made his cock throb excitedly.

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