tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 011

Three Square Meals Ch. 011


"Come on" Alyssa said to Sparks, "Let's go see John and tell him we're headed to Olympus Shipyard".

The beautiful young blonde offered her hand to Sparks and she led her into the Commander's ready room.

"Course laid in and we're on our way Commander!" Alyssa told John, with a mock salute thrown in cheekily.

"Very good XO" John grinned at the playful teenager.

"Why don't we get you settled in to a room" John suggested to Sparks. "This must all seem pretty daunting at the moment".

"You got that right" the culture shocked red-head sighed.

"Ok let's get going" John said, getting up and leading the two girls back out to the bridge "we need to go to our room and change anyway".

"We're going to pack away our combat gear" John said to Calara as he walked towards the elevator. "Are you ok holding the bridge for the moment?"

Calara nodded "I wanted to do some long range scans for pirates anyway" she explained.

"Ok let's meet up for dinner in a couple of hours" John suggested.

"See you in the Officer's lounge!" Calara said, smiling happily as she waved them goodbye.

John, Alyssa and Sparks took the elevator down to the lower deck. The elevator chimed happily and the doors swished opened smoothly.

"That's the Officers lounge through there" Alyssa said to her friend, pointing at the double doors at the end of the corridor on their right.

"Our rooms are all up this way" The beautiful blonde girl said, pointing in the other direction.

The group walked past the playroom and the other empty officers quarters before coming to a halt at the door next to Calara's room.

"You can have this one" Alyssa said. "Decorate it however you like, but please keep it tidy" she requested politely.

Sparks poked her head around the door and looked around the officer's quarters quite amazed. "Wow, this room is huge!" she said, used to a tiny cot bed back at her workshop. She walked in and ran her hand over the covers on the king size bed. "This feels amazing, the covers are so soft!" she marvelled.

"Let us know if you need anything" John said "We want you to be happy and comfortable".

Sparks nodded absent-mindedly, as she walked around the room taking everything in. She couldn't believe how luxurious her new quarters seemed. She felt like she might need to pinch herself to wake up as she walked back to join her new crewmates who were waiting in the corridor.

"Calara sleeps in there" Alyssa explained, pointing at the adjacent room "Well some of the time!" she grinned mischievously.

John looked a bit embarrassed and Sparks stared at him probingly.

"You're really sleeping with both of them?" She asked him with an accusatory tone to her voice, feeling protective of her blonde friend.

John opened his mouth to reply, before Alyssa cut him off. "Yes and if you're lucky he'll be sleeping with you too! Isn't it wonderful?" She grinned, with a cheeky look on her face.

That put a quick end to John's interrogation by Sparks and she blushed bright red with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry Sparks" Alyssa said "I didn't mean to make you feel bad, It's just better if we're all open with each other" she explained. "I promise you, my life has been absolutely amazing since I met up with John and I want that for you too" she said earnestly.

The statuesque young woman enfolded her smaller friend in a comforting embrace. They hugged for a while, with Alyssa just providing reassurance and comfort for her overwhelmed friend. John had a quick thought and Alyssa looked at him and nodded her approval with a warm smile. He disappeared into their bedroom.

Eventually Sparks pulled back from the hug and looked up at the beautiful blonde.

"It's weird, you remind me of my old friend, but you just look and sound so totally different" she said, struggling to explain.

"I'm still me" Alyssa smiled back at her friend fondly.

"Yeah but it's like you've turned into Alyssa Plus. You used to be a bit shy and introverted and only really opened up when it was just the two of us. The way you were on the bridge was amazing!" The redhead went on.

Alyssa tilted her head to the side considering her friend's observation. "Do you like the new me?" She asked quietly.

"You're a bit intimidating, but yeah, I like the new you a lot!" Sparks said honestly.

"Well that's all that matters then" Alyssa said with a grin. "Come on, I need to get out of this armour!" She led her smaller friend into her huge bedroom and then through to the walk in wardrobe.

The redhead marvelled at the opulent luxury of their room and the impressively huge four poster bed. When she followed her friend through the first of the two doors to her right, Sparks eyes were so wide, it looked like they were about to fall out of her head.

"This is just your closet?" She asked stunned.

"Uh-huh" Alyssa said as she stood in the middle of the room, unzipping her combat armour and piling up the ceramic plated sections on the floor. She noticed John's gear was neatly stowed away in the corner, so she placed hers next to his in its usual spot.

She felt stiff from wearing the armour for several hours, so she stretched her arms over her head to get the kinks out of her muscles. She heard a startled gasp behind her and she turned around to look at Sparks.

"You're naked!" Sparks gasped, reddening up in embarrassment again.

Alyssa looked down at her gloriously nude body in mock amazement "Why yes I am!" she exclaimed. "Do you like?" She asked, posing provocatively.

Sparks made a concerted effort to get over her prudishness and gulped loudly. Alyssa looked at her with a raised eyebrow as if asking the question again and Sparks nodded tentatively.

"Would you like to look like this?" Alyssa asked pointedly.

"You know I could never look like that" Sparks mumbled embarrassed .

"Well we'll just have to wait and see, won't we" Alyssa replied archly. "Ok now strip off those clothes, let's go have a shower." she said happily "I really want to wash Karron off me!"

Sparks gulped again, steeling herself and then shyly began to remove her clothes. Alyssa waited patiently and then threw her a towel "Let's go!" the ravishing blonde said cheerfully.

Alyssa led Sparks into the adjoining bathroom and sashayed over to John, who was sitting in the huge bath and kissed him tenderly. Sparks squeaked and tried to cover herself with the towel, her earlier bravado in the briefing room long forgotten.

"Come on you, let's get that shower" Alyssa said, walking back to Sparks and leading her to the shower. John closed his eyes and sank a bit lower into the bath to save the girl further embarrassment.

Alyssa activated the shower and pulled the smaller girl in with her. With a no-nonsense attitude she soaped up her hands and then began to clean up her friend, who had built up layers of grime after countless hours spent labouring away in the grubby workshop. Sparks stood there tense and stiff to start with, mortified at her friend running her hands all over her body. However Alyssa had a gentle but firm touch and the way she massaged her muscles as she cleaned felt amazing. The luscious blonde started with Sparks spiky hair and carefully washed out all the gel holding up the spikes. The young girl was left with a shock of short, red hair as Alyssa then began to work down her body.

Eventually Sparks relaxed completely, just luxuriating in the sensations and didn't even react when her friend ran her soapy hands over her breasts and between her legs. It didn't feel sexual, it just felt caring, as Alyssa laboured to get her completely clean. Her skin tingled when Alyssa rinsed all the soap off her and Sparks could honestly say she had never been cleaner before in her life.

"Now time for a bath!" Alyssa said excitedly "I swear, you haven't lived until you've had a long soak in a bubble bath!"

Caught up with her friends infectious enthusiasm, the redhead followed after her and carefully stepped into the glistening pile of soapy bubbles stacked up at the end of the bath. She was so distracted that she forgot John was there at the other end, lying right down in the water as he was. Alyssa pushed gently on her back to get her to move forward and then the lithesome beauty slipped gracefully into the water behind her.

Sparks wasn't used to such close physical proximity and her nerves felt on edge as she sat stiff and awkward in the water. Alyssa's gloriously smooth arms enfolded the smaller girl in a hug and pulled her back to rest on her curvy athletic body.

"I've never..." Sparks murmured, before Alyssa cut her off.

"It's ok, I know. Shhh now, just relax" the beautiful teenager whispered in Sparks right ear and the petite redhead found herself lulled into a boneless state by the warmth of the bubbles. She sank lower and rested her head on Alyssa's wonderfully soft and pliant cleavage. Sparks felt drowsy, warm and safe as she rested in her friend's soothing embrace.

After dozing in the huge bathtub for nearly an hour, Sparks gently awoke. She was initially surprised to be nuzzled up so intimately with her friend, but she felt so relaxed, her discomfort passed in moments. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see John at the other end of the tub. She had been so distracted by the warm water, the soapy bubbles and Alyssa's silky soft skin, that she had forgotten her friend's lover was in the bath with them.

Alyssa snuggled in closer behind her. "What did I tell you? Bubble baths are the best thing ever!" she said, sighing deeply. Sparks nodded cautiously, watching John a bit warily.

"He's not going to bite" Alyssa teased her playfully. "He's a gentle and loving guy. Do you really think girls like Calara and me would stay with him if he wasn't amazing?" she asked mildly.

Sparks thought for a moment. The blonde girl's logic was true, Alyssa clearly adored John and with Calara it bordered on hero worship. The two girls were so astonishingly beautiful that they could have their pick of any man in the galaxy. That was another thing that was irking Sparks a bit. Their old relationship had worked with her being the clever one and Alyssa being the pretty one. Now Alyssa was stunningly gorgeous and seemed to be just as smart if not smarter than herself! Just what was going on?

"You're right" Sparks apologised. "I'm sorry John, you saved my life and you obviously love Alyssa and I've been a bit of a jerk towards you".

John shrugged easily "Don't worry, I wasn't offended. You've had a lot of changes to adapt to in the last few hours".

They rested together for a while longer in comfortable silence until Alyssa stretched. "Come on, it's time for dinner!" she said, prompting the others with a glint in her eye. She climbed elegantly out of the tub and strolled confidently to the heated towel rail. She didn't bother to dry herself, she just held the towel open for Sparks invitingly.

The redhead took a deep breath and stood up, with John standing a moment later. He offered her his hand and she tried not to look at his nakedness as she stepped daintily out of the tub and into Alyssa's welcoming arms. The heated towel felt delicious and she let her tall friend dry her body in the towels snug embrace. Alyssa and John dried themselves off too and then the lovely blonde teen led her equally young friend into the bedroom. When they sat on the bed a certain amount of nervous tension suddenly filled the air.

"John, Sparks has never done anything like this before, so I want you to be very gentle with her" Alyssa said to her lover.

"Alyssa!!" Sparks hissed, mortified at her friends words.

"Shhh don't worry, this will all work out for the best" Alyssa said "You trust me don't you?" she asked, looking deeply into her friends eyes. Those big piercing cerulean orbs seemed to look into Sparks' soul and the young girl admitted honestly, "Yes, more than anyone".

Alyssa nodded, pleased. She beckoned John over "Stand here please John and lose the towel".

John moved to follow her instructions and stood naked in front of the girls. He wasn't aroused yet, more worried about upsetting Sparks than feeling any desire. Alyssa leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked on him lovingly. The warm wetness of her velvety soft mouth and tongue soon had the desired effect and his burgeoning cock began to wake from its slumbers.

"Holy fuck, he's massive!" Sparks gasped, shocked by the size of John's appendage.

Alyssa let his swollen red crown ease out from her lips. "Mmm, we're lucky girls aren't we?" she said, grinning happily at her friend

Sparks stared at the gently throbbing cock, the first time she had ever been this close to one and felt more than a little scared.

"It's ok, just kiss the end" Alyssa said encouragingly.

Sparks leaned forward and tentatively kissed her lips to the end of John's cock, feeling the insistent heat under her lips.

"Very good, now just lick the slit gently" Alyssa suggested.

Sparks followed her instructions and began to carefully lap away at the underside of John's broad mushroom head. As if sensing a new girl to fill up, John's balls began to prepare fresh pre-cum for the teen and Sparks began to taste a delicious sweetness on her tongue as John's throbbing cock squeezed out an appetiser for her. The potent pheromones began their work and the red-heads eyes began to get drowsy as she sucked on his cock, swallowing down his potent pre-cum.

"Are you sure about this?" John asked Alyssa one last time.

"Yes, absolutely!" Alyssa nodded vehemently. "Sparks transformed my old life for the better and I want to do the same for her". She smiled up at him "With your help of course, handsome".

John pulled back and then went to sit in the middle of the bed, resting his back against the bed's headboard. Alyssa guided Sparks and soon the pale skinned girl was kneeling in front of John with his swollen head in her hot and wet little mouth.

Alyssa moved to snuggle up at his side and gently stroked her friends hair as she bobbed her mouth up and down smoothly on the head of John's cock. She tried to go deeper, but her throat couldn't accommodate him. Sparks just rested for a moment, swallowing down pre-cum and her body visibly relaxed, the tension flowing out of her. She began to try to take him deeper again and this time she was relaxed enough to let him in her throat, she swallowed reflexively and John groaned as his broad shaft pushed into new ground.

"Thank you for doing this John" Alyssa said to him sincerely. He nodded agreeably in reply, relishing the sensations of a new teenager servicing him and strongly fighting the urge to push deeper.

Sparks gently eased forward, rocking back and forth, taking a little more of him each time. John was careful not to let his cock flex or make sudden movements as he didn't want the inexperienced girl to gag.

Alyssa read his thoughts and felt his emotions. "Oh, I had no idea the amount of self control you have!" she marvelled. "Your body just wants to ram it's way in and you have to maintain total control to let her get used to it".

John nodded, too focused to talk at the moment. "You were like this with me too, weren't you?" Alyssa asked, touched.

"It was harder with you... you're so pretty... just wanted to bury myself in you... fill you up" he gasped as Sparks finally inched her way down to his base. The tight constricting sleeve of her throat was wrapped around his length.

Alyssa groaned lustily in response. Seeing her friend deep throat her man was tremendously exciting and the beautiful blonde was thrilled at the opportunity to share John with another deserving girl. She could sense his pleasure at being inside a new girl and despite John's love for her and Calara, nothing could beat the simple masculine drive of getting some strange.

"Does that feel good John?" She whispered to him seductively. "Is it exciting being able to fill a fresh girl's stomach for the first time?"

John nodded, his eyes hooded with lust as Sparks pulled all the way off him, took a deep breath and then sank right down to his balls again.

"Just think, this is the first time you're going to feed her your cum, but you're going to be able to fill her belly thousands of times after that" Alyssa said, turning herself on with her own talk "Just like you can take Calara and me whenever you need, you can fill my friend's slim little tummy too".

The beautiful blonde slipped her fingers into her pussy, getting them slick with her juices before running her slippery fingers over her clit. She gasped excitedly and then began to pant as she stroked herself in time with Sparks bobbing head motions in Johns lap.

"She's so eager for it!" Alyssa hissed, "look, she desperately wants your hot load inside her stomach!"

John groaned as he looked down, the redhead was gliding her undulating throat up and down his length in smooth strokes and his balls were getting eager to reward her for her efforts.

Alyssa groaned and came hard, her eyes rolling up in her head as she revelled in the sensations she was experiencing from her man.

John heard Alyssa moaning her way through her orgasm and the sexy feminine cries were too hot to resist. His balls flexed hard and his quad began to shoot his spunk deep into the red-heads tiny little stomach for the first time. The petite girl's slim tummy was overwhelmed almost immediately and began to rapidly expand to home all his seed. Her waistline stretched out wildly, the skin on her belly becoming taut as it struggled to house his legion of sperm, each one looking to make the young girl pregnant.

"Aaahhhh!" he groaned loudly, emptying his big load into the girl's overloaded stomach. It was always a big relief to be drained completely dry and breaking in a new woman always seemed to make him cum longer and harder.

John slumped back against the headboard as his deflating cock began to slide from Sparks' throat. He felt relaxed and calm, just like he always did when he had pumped out his cum. Alyssa moved to kiss him heatedly and he returned her kiss passionately, thanking her for her generous gift to him. They eventually parted lips and saw that a comatose Sparks was kneeling in a cum-induced stupor, stroking her massively swollen abdomen with a drowsy contented smile on her face. They helped her lie down and get more comfortable in the middle of the bed.

John took the opportunity to really scrutinise the girl for the first time. She was about 5'3" tall, very slim and ghostly pale, with short bright red hair. She had light blue eyes and would be considered pretty apart from the hideously disfiguring burn scars that covered the left side of her face, went down her neck and covered most of the left side of her chest and arm.

"What happened to her?" John asked Alyssa simply.

"She very rarely talks about it, but she got very drunk once and opened up to me" his blonde lover replied.

"Sparks was good with machines from a very early age and one day she spotted that one of the community generators had developed a nasty fault. She knew what to do to fix it, but she didn't know how unstable they could be. The generator exploded as she went to have a closer look at it and burning oil from the generator did that to her" Alyssa explained sadly.

"It happened to her before we met, when she was eight I think" The beautiful blonde said, gently brushing her hand over the horrifically scarred skin.

"You're hoping I can heals these scars as well, aren't you?" John asked astutely.

Alyssa looked at him with hope burning brightly in her eyes "Yes, I've never wanted anything more!" she said, longing in her voice. "Sparks has felt ugly and deformed almost her whole life, I want to change that for her".

John leaned over to kiss Alyssa, touched by her kind and caring nature.

"Sparks should be out for a good while" he noted.

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