tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 018

Three Square Meals Ch. 018


The impenetrable blackness of John's sleep began to brighten, as his unconscious mind realised with some trepidation that he was experiencing another dream. The swirling ethereal eddies of the dream world began to coalesce into a distinctive form and then abruptly they snapped into sharp focus.

John was bestride a world, vast numbers of subjugated women kneeling at his feet in worship. Scattered around him were the husks of minions he had used up and cast aside, casually discarded when they were no longer useful for his schemes.

A sinister lurking presence gloated in the ether, applauding John as he seized his birthright. The stygian abomination suddenly paused, its smug demeanour dissipating as it stared at him, unseen eyes boring into his consciousness and causing John to writhe in terror.

The malignant presence seemed to scrutinise the scene around him closely and John could sense it's revulsion. He looked down and saw that instead of the vast legions of women, there were four. Rather than eviscerated husks, the women were simply sleeping, serene contentment on their faces.

Dark tendrils formed out of the unending darkness, coiling and undulating with sickening and twisted purpose. John stared through fearful eyes and saw a multitude of barbed hooks topping each writhing cord of blackness as they approached him.

John thought all hope lost when suddenly a faint nimbus of light began to pool at his feet, slowly enveloping him in it's comforting effervescence.

The abyssal tendrils struck and John flinched against their terrible intent, the gleaming ebony hooks slashing at him with a hungry desire to feast upon his flesh. They were suddenly brought up short, clawing in vain against the soft glow that swathed him. The shadowy presence roared with impotent rage and then in an instant John was snapped back into wakefulness.

"Ahhh! Fuck me!" He blurted, his heart racing and his breathing laboured as he sat bolt upright.

Desperate to regain a sense of order against the chaos of the dream, he rushed to adopt a meditative pose and took a long deep breath into his hammering chest. He gradually released it slowly, gathering his focus and centring himself. Repeating this twice more and he felt he was back in control, the terrors of the dream world now seeming insubstantial and no longer a concern.

John opened his eyes and looked about him, seeing the four girls snuggled up on the bed. He smiled contentedly when he recalled the events of the previous evening, proud that he had been able to satisfy each of the lovely young women. He looked over at Jade, her dark green skin rippling with rings of soft verdant light, as they spread out over her body. Jade had adopted an almost identical body shape to Alyssa, youthful, lithe and athletic. Jade was beautiful in her own way; her dainty features seemed both cute and innocent, rather than elegant and seductive. Although she was certainly well over three centuries old, John couldn't help but think of her as a young woman, like the other teenagers surrounding him.

He settled back on the bed and tucked his arms under the girls, his warm presence causing them to burrow in closer to him with blissful sighs. Feeling at peace and no longer worried about the otherworldly interruption to his night's rest, he drifted off to sleep once again.

The next morning everyone began to gradually awaken, until all five of them were happily snuggled up together under the covers. John looked down to see four beautiful sets of eyes looking up at him and once again he felt lucky to be alive.

"Good morning ladies!" he said cheerfully, to a chorus of good mornings in return.

"Calara and I had a really interesting discussion yesterday and now I have you all here, with no interruptions for once, I thought it would be a good chance to discuss things." he said reasonably.

The girls all looked intrigued, throwing off the covers so they could sit up in a semicircle in front of him.

"How are you feeling this morning Jade?" He asked, with concern.

He looked at the dark green girl and saw her skin catching the light in places, sparkling with a dull lustre. He saw that her stomach had returned to its previous svelte form and except for the viridian swirls that highlighted her luscious curves, the strange pulsing circles had disappeared.

"This one feels wonderful master!" She said cheerfully.

"Do you remember what happened with your stomach yesterday?" he asked curiously.

"Yes master, Jade remembers swallowing your delicious seed." she said enthusiastically.

"How about anything else, the rippling circles on your body maybe?" John asked her.

"No master, this one would have remembered something like that." Jade said with certainty.

"Would you mind swallowing my cum again this morning please?" he asked her politely. "I'd like to try a little experiment." he said mysteriously.

"Of course master!" She said, clapping her hands together excitedly.

Jade's eyes sparkled with delight and she moved to kneel in front of him. She curled one of her hands under his length and then brought his growing erection to her lips, kissing his head lovingly before she sank down, enveloping him in her mouth.

"That's the most roundabout way of asking for a blowjob I've ever heard!" Alyssa said with a laugh.

The other girls joined her good spiritedly laughter and then leaned forward to stroke Jade's exotic body, causing her to purr in delight, the sound muffled by John's cock sinking into her throat. John relaxed, enjoying the wonderful sensations rippling up and down his length.

"So what's this experiment John?" Sparks asked curiously.

John ran his hand's through Jade's hair, feeling the silky softness and letting the black strands slip through his fingers, the light picking up the hint of green in her lustrous locks. He smiled contentedly and then looked at Sparks.

"Sorry honey, I got a bit distracted." he said, sighing happily as Jade bobbed worshipfully in his lap. "Do you remember how you used to drift into a daze the first few times you went down on me?" He asked her.

"Yeah I remember." Sparks replied. "On the third time I think it was, I shrugged off this feeling of sleepiness and then found your monster cock shoved down my throat!" She said, laughing.

John looked towards Calara.

"It was about the third or fourth one, I can't really recall." she said, her head tilted to the side as she tried to remember. "I spent a lot of time on my knees for a couple of weeks!" she said with a grin on her lovely olive skinned face.

"It was during my fourth time" Alyssa said, smiling at him fondly.

"Oh I see!" Sparks said, suddenly understanding. "This will be third time you've filled up Jade and you're hoping she will snap out of it the same way?" The redhead asked him.

"Well she seems to have been a bit more resilient to the effects. She didn't go into a daze for one thing, but we'll see." he replied.

John looked down at the beautiful green hued Alien, who was lovingly stroking his cock in and out of her mouth and throat, her tongue doing extraordinary things as it danced along his length.

"Sorry Jade for talking above you like this." John said apologetically, as he moved her curtain of hair to the side so that he could look into her sparkling emerald eyes.

Jade's eyes twinkled up at him happily, the corners of her widely stretched mouth turning up into a smile and John instinctively knew he was forgiven. The look in her eyes turned hungry and she stared up at him unblinking, as she increased the pace with the tight grip of her throat. John stared right back, his hips moving gently as he felt the urge to come rising in his balls. Finally he couldn't hold back any longer and his quad clenched as they began to shoot their load into Jade's waiting stomach. Jade's eyes still remained unblinking, but the vertical irises in her cat-like eyes flared as she felt him pumping his cum into her and her eyelids lowered, growing heavy with lust. John finished riding the rush of his protracted climax and felt light headed after such extreme sensations, before Jade relented the suction and let him slip from her mouth.

"Master is so good to Jade." She sighed contentedly.

"Oh!" she gasped cutely as she sat up and noticed the concentric rings of light pulsing outwards from her hugely swollen belly.

"This has never happened to Jade before master!" she exclaimed with shocked surprise.

She seemed fascinated by the ethereal viridian lines that glowed mysteriously as they travelled over her body. She held out her arm and watched one of the ripples of light travel down the full length and up to her fingertips, shivering as it completed its journey.

"Are you ok Jade?" John asked with concern.

"This one knew master was potent, but this is beyond Jade's wildest dreams!" she said excitedly.

"Do you know what's happening to you?" Calara asked, moving in close and stroking the green skinned girl's stomach comfortingly.

"This one feels master's power... Jade feels... stronger." The Nymph said, struggling to for words as a shiver ran down her spine.

Jade ran her tongue over her lips sensually, tasting the cum that John had brushed on them as he had pulled back from her body.

"Oh!" the green skinned girl gasped as she remembered what she had discovered the previous night.

"Master!" She blurted out. "Jade has wonderful news!" she said excitedly.

"Go ahead Jade, what's up?" John said, intrigued.

"Master and Jade are genetically compatible! Master may breed with this one if he desires!" She said ecstatically.

"But I thought..." John mumbled, before shaking his head. "I thought Nymphs weren't compatible with humans?"

"Master is definitely not human." Jade said with absolute conviction.

"Do you know what I am then?" John asked, hope suddenly burning brightly in his chest that the green skinned girl might somehow hold the answers to his decades long question.

"No, but Master feels... familiar." Jade replied haltingly.

The other three girls remained spellbound by this entire interaction between John and the strange alien girl. Alyssa suddenly thought of something.

"Jade, are there many species that Nymphs are able to breed with?" she asked tentatively.

"No Alyssa, there are none." She said with finality.

A puzzled look crossed the beautiful blonde's face. "You're entire species is female though right? How do Nymphs breed normally?" she asked curiously.

"Nymphs do not." Jade replied solemnly.

"Wait, what?" Sparks cut in. "If your species can't breed, how did all the Nymphs appear on..." she stopped, struggling to remember the name.

"Lenarra." Calara supplied helpfully.

"That's it, thanks!" The redhead said appreciatively to Calara. "How did all the Nymphs appear on Lenarra if you can't even breed with each other?" Sparks asked the dark hued girl, confused.

"This one is sorry Sparks, it happened too long ago for Jade to remember." The nymph replied, spreading her hands helplessly.

"Do you know how old you are exactly?" Calara asked gently.

"This one does not know." Jade replied apologetically.

She turned back to face John and looked at him with deep longing in her eyes. "Would master wish to breed with this one?" she asked, her voice trembling and filled with hope.

John looked startled at the blunt question. His eyes darted to Calara and Alyssa who were both gazing at him with doe eyed looks on their faces and he recalled the promise he had made to them weeks before. He glanced at Sparks and was shocked to see the same expression on her face too.

He turned his focus back to Jade who waited patiently for his answer. He instinctively knew that if he refused, it would crush the guileless young alien woman, but he had only met her yesterday!

Reading the conundrum burning in his mind, Alyssa decided to intercede.

"John's already said that he'd like to have a baby with Calara and I, but we have to wait until he's ready. Perhaps when that time comes, you could ask him again?" she suggested gently.

"Please accept this one's apologies Alyssa. Jade was so excited at the news, this one forgot that he already had beautiful mates." She said with a bowed head.

"There's nothing to apologise for Jade." Alyssa said with a friendly smile and moved to wrap the girl in a tender embrace.

Calara moved forward to hug the green skinned girl too and Jade relaxed when she saw the Latina's reassuring smile.

"Wait a minute!" Sparks blurted. "John agreed to knock both of you up?! When did that happen?" She asked, bewildered.

John flashed Alyssa an annoyed look and she shrugged at him helplessly. He suddenly realised that Alyssa had done the best thing she could to help him out of a tight spot. He did really like Jade, but he barely knew her!

*Sorry honey, you handled that well* he apologised.

"It happened before you came on board Sparks." Calara said to the redhead.

"I was going to speak to you about it, but John asked me not to." Alyssa said. "He was worried that you had enough to deal with at the time." she said, smiling fondly at her man.

Sparks looked them in turn, realising that they were only acting with her best interests at heart and she smiled at them all warmly.

"Let's discuss this later." John said, throwing a pointed glace in Jade's direction.

The girls all nodded their agreement.

"Ok now all that's out the way, let me get back to what I wanted to talk to you all about in the first place!" John said, smiling at just how much they had been sidetracked.

"Calara and I had a long chat yesterday and we realised something interesting. Do you want to explain honey?" He asked the Latina.

Calara nodded eagerly and then turned to face Alyssa and Sparks. Jade had curled up on her side, stroking her belly full of John's cum and looking up at him adoringly, as glowing bands of light pulsed around her body.

"Firstly, I just want to say thank you so much for putting your lives in danger against the pirates, just to give me a sense of closure!" The brunette said, still reeling from how much her lovers had been willing to sacrifice for her emotional wellbeing.

Alyssa and Sparks moved to embrace the overwhelmed Latina.

"We'd do anything for you." Alyssa said lovingly.

"Sisters do that." Sparks said vehemently, hugging her tightly.

Calara gulped down the lump in her throat, her eyes welling with emotion, as the three teenagers hugged each other fiercely.

Sensing that the lovely brunette was lost for words for the moment, John waited for them to pull apart from their hug and then continued the discussion for her.

"Calara and I were talking and she noticed something that we've all pretty much missed. We've been so focused on all the wonderful physical changes you've been going through, we'd missed that you've been going through mental changes too" he said, raising the subject tentatively.

"What do you mean?" Sparks asked curiously.

"Well Calara noticed that she's become much brighter and more perceptive than ever before. You also can't have failed to notice her uncannily accurate shooting against the pirates and the Kirrix?" John asked, wondering just how much the other girls had picked up on.

"Yeah, she's a hell of a good shot." Alyssa conceded. "I think I only saw her miss a handful of times in hours of combat!"

"No-one's that good." Calara stated firmly.

"So what are you saying exactly? You've been turned into some kind of super accurate, tactical genius?" Sparks said, her eyebrows furrowed at how ludicrous it sounded.

"Well I wouldn't go that far, but I've never heard of anyone maintaining this kind of hit percentage." Calara explained. "At the very least, my spatial awareness and reflexes have been greatly enhanced. Also, the way I was able to track down the pirate base would take a team of analysts weeks to discover."

"And you did it on your own in about a week." Sparks said, nodding her understanding.

"Oh! Oh! What about Alyssa and turning into a ship's Navigator practically overnight!" the redhead blurted excitedly.

"Or how about the way you hacked your way through military grade encryption like it was nothing?" John said to Sparks gently.

The redhead looked at him and her eyes suddenly widened with shock.

"You're right!" she gasped excitedly. "I was mainly interested in mechanical engineering back on Karron, but I played around with hacking for a while. I started looking into it again the last few days, what with all the computer systems I'm dealing with now." Sparks admitted freely.

"Now that you mention it, I've felt clearer, less distracted." She had a look of wonder on her beautiful face as she recalled just how much she had studied and absorbed since she'd arrived on the Invictus.

"There's one more thing" John said, looking at Calara and Sparks intently.

"Honey, do you want to tell them?" he asked Alyssa.

The beautiful blonde nodded her head in agreement.

"You know how much I love you both right?" Alyssa said to the two girls earnestly.

They both looked at her and nodded, smiling at her warmly.

"Well I can feel how much you love me back." Alyssa explained to them both carefully.

"Ah Alyssa, you're so sweet!" Sparks said and gave her old friend a hug.

"No I really mean it!" Alyssa insisted. "I can sense your emotions." she admitted.

Calara looked amazed, but considering her own mental enhancements she had discussed with John, this wasn't too big a jump for her to take.

"You're kidding right?" Sparks scoffed, falling at the first hurdle.

"It's not that crazy Sparks, there's a few alien species with Psychic abilities." Calara said helpfully.

"And she can read my mind like a book." John interjected with a wry smile.

"Why don't you test me?" Alyssa said, smiling at her friend indulgently.

"Ok then, I will!" Sparks said, accepting the challenge. "Go in the bathroom and shut the door. I'll tell John a series of numbers and then just come back in and repeat them."

"You're the boss!" Alyssa said, leaning in to give the redhead a kiss before getting up to go into the bathroom.

Calara got up and went with her, the pair of them gliding gracefully into the bathroom. "I'll check there's no peeking!" she said to Sparks, smiling reassuringly.

As soon as Alyssa had shut the door, Sparks moved up to John's side and began to whisper a series of numbers into his ear. As soon as she was done, Calara opened the door without being prompted.

"She told me you were done." Calara said, looking at Alyssa warily, her previous composure shaken slightly when confronted with the reality of psychic powers.

The beautiful blonde swept back into the room, her long athletic legs leading the way.

"17, 93, 84, 127, 16, 300..." She said, reeling off the numbers unfalteringly.

"And... 1,265,389!" She said, frowning at the redhead chastisingly.

"Wow!!" Sparks gasped in amazement. "That's fucking awesome!" She said, grinning at Alyssa.

Alyssa grinned back and breathed a sigh of relief, overjoyed that her friend was now accepting her new gift so readily.

"Do you think we'll become Psychic too?" Sparks asked excitedly, fascinated to know what it would be liked to read John's mind.

Alyssa threw a glance towards John, who recalled their earlier conversation. He shrugged having no new answers.

"I don't know Sparks, but I suspect not." Alyssa said gently.

"Oh, that's a shame." The redhead said in disappointment.

"What makes you so sure?" Calara asked curiously.

"Everything that's happened to all of us so far hasn't happened at random. It's as though there's a hidden set of rules that are guiding everything that happens to us." Alyssa explained her reasoning.

John let the exquisite young woman continue, but her words echoed in his mind, resonating with what felt like an undeniable truth.

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