tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 024

Three Square Meals Ch. 024


John stood aside to let Jade enter the room first and she smiled at him in appreciation of his gentlemanly manners, as she sashayed into the room. John followed in her wake, enjoying the view of her spectacular dark green body as her hips swayed in front of him. He smiled to himself when he saw the hand print on the perfect round curve of her bottom, the evidence of their shared lust where she had encouraged him to spank her beautiful asscheek.

He stopped leering after the Nymph to look up at the huge four poster bed and saw that Alyssa, Dana and Calara were all now wide awake. They watched him enter the room with neutral expressions, waiting to see what he had to say as he cleared his throat nervously.

"Firstly I just want to apologise for dashing off from the hot-tub earlier. It was a terrible way to react and I'm really sorry." he said sincerely.

He approached the bed and then sat on the end cautiously.

"Jade and I just had a long chat." he said, as he watched the alien girl climb on to the bed and sit between his other lovers, her enormously swollen breasts leading the way.

"She made me see that at least for her, all the changes that have been made to her body and mind have been positive and the very least I can do is talk to you three about it openly." he said in a reasonable tone of voice.

The girls smiled at him hopefully and let him continue.

"I know that you all say you love the physical way you've changed," he started out. "And I admit I find you all irresistibly beautiful." he said honestly, which earned him affectionate smiles from the three teenagers.

"However I worry that by swallowing my cum, I've brainwashed you into being with me and taken away your free will!" he said passionately.

Calara got up and came over to sit next to him, looking up at him with her expressive brown eyes.

"I fell in love with you the moment you saved me from those pirates." she said, her guileless expression showing him the truth of her words.

"That was before anything had happened between us sexually and then you saved me once again at Port Heracles!" she said passionately.

"I don't feel like my personality has changed much at all, except that I feel much more confident. I don't know if that's because of all the amazing opportunities I've been given on board the ship, or because I'm surrounded by people I love, or even simply because of all your cum I've swallowed, but the end result would be the same in any case. I've changed because of the influence you've had on my life and I'll always be eternally grateful for that!" Calara said heatedly.

John held out his arms for the gorgeous brunette and she hugged him fiercely.

"I love you Calara." John said, holding her tightly in his arms.

"I love you too John." she said, smiling at him with tears in her eyes.

He turned to the other girls and his eyes fell on Dana. "You were the one who discovered these changes to your personalities." he said cautiously. "How do you feel?" he asked the beautiful auburn haired girl.

Dana got up and ran around the bed to fling herself in his arms. "I'm so sorry I even brought it up!" she said tearfully. "Everyone was so sad and in so much pain, I thought I was going to die!" she sobbed.

John held her comfortingly in his arms.

"I only told everyone because I found it intellectually interesting. I never dreamt that we would end up falling out over it!" Dana murmured into his chest apologetically.

"It's ok Dana, I'm glad you found out and told us about it. It's important that we all know." he said comfortingly. "But be honest, do you resent me for changing your personality?" he asked her worriedly.

Dana looked up at him with tear filled eyes. "No! Not for one moment!" she said passionately.

"The girl I was back on Karron was shy, introverted and oh so very lonely! I only really had one friend; Alyssa and if it wasn't for you, I would have lost her for good!" she said appreciatively.

"I've grown smarter which is incredibly exciting and I love being able to build equipment for you and the girls. You healed all those horrible scars and transformed me into the beautiful girl I am today. I've got a family now which I've never experienced before and I love it so much! My life feels like it's perfect now and I have you to thank for all of it!" she said looking at him adoringly.

"Ok those are all wonderful things." John agreed. "But what about the other stuff, like being submissive, compliant and appreciative?" he asked her with concern.

"Are you kidding? I love all that!" Dana said, her eyes flashing with excitement.

"Do you really, or has your personality changed to make you love it?" John asked her shrewdly, his eyes narrowing.

"Does it matter?" Dana said honestly. "I can tell you right now that I find those things very exciting!"

"It could be so much worse though. I think you haven't really thought of how bad it could really be. Imagine for a moment if I hated being submissive and you were forcing me to behave that way anyway!" she said pointedly.

"Or even worse, what if you liked your women as mute passive morons? Or vindictive catfighting harpies?" Dana said with revulsion.

"If you've tweaked me a little bit to find other girls very attractive, well done you!" she said with a grin. "Imagine trying to run this little harem if we all hated each other and loathed the very thought of being near another girl!" she said with a smile.

John shuddered, imagining what a living hell his life would have been like in that kind of scenario.

"So we're all good?" John asked, staring into her sky blue eyes with the golden ring flaring around her pupils.

"Absolutely!" Dana beamed back at him.

John held her in his arms in a tight hug and rested his head on hers as she embraced him fiercely. He looked down and noticed the jagged scar on the side of her head for the first time.

"Holy fuck!" he blurted out. "What happened to you Dana?" he asked with growing alarm.

"Ah yeah. We got into a little scrape with more Drakkar and a second dropship." Dana said bashfully. "I'm ok now thanks to Jade, but I'll tell you all about it later, there's someone else you need to talk too first." the redhead said as she pulled out of his arms and looked pointedly at the last of the three teenagers.

Alyssa smiled at him lovingly, her broad grin lighting up her beautiful face and showing her sparkling white teeth. She slid out of bed gracefully, to glide over to him and push him gently on to his back. With catlike agility she climbed over him and lay down on his chest. Her breasts felt warm as they pressed against him and her long blonde hair fanned out around his face, the feathery softness caressing his cheeks.

"You were so mad at me!" John exclaimed with surprise, as he looked up at her.

"Only because you were being so ridiculous!" she said with a grin. "You were starting to feel bad about us following your orders in a combat situation for heaven's sake!" she smiled at him affectionately.

"But aren't you worried I might have made changes to your personality?" John asked with concern.

"No! Of course not!" Alyssa snorted with derision. "I love my life here with you. If you've somehow changed me so that I'm ecstatically happy all the time, then thanks!" she grinned.

"The only thing in my old life that wasn't shitty and horrible was Sparks and you even let me bring her on board with us!" she said emphatically.

"I do understand your concerns." Alyssa continued, staring into his eyes. "If you'd turned us into unthinking puppets just to dance to your tune, that would have been a horrible thing to do. That's not what happened though!" She insisted.

"I feel empowered!" Alyssa said sitting up, her eyes flashing with excitement. "I have a position of responsibility here on this ship and I love being able to use my new skills and abilities to help you, the girls and all those people we saved!" she said passionately.

"The old me, the scared little waif that stole aboard your ship, was totally unequipped to deal with the kind of things I take in my stride now. I'm smarter, faster, stronger and tougher which is all thanks to you!"

"You asked if I was worried you might have made changes to my personality. I'm not worried at all, because I know you did. You enhanced every single part of me and I love you all the more for it!" she exclaimed, her piercing cerulean eyes staring into his soul.

"I've said it before, but I'm yours forever. I would fight to the death with anyone who tried to separate us." Alyssa said, her cerulean eyes glinting dangerously.

John stared back at her, unable to help wondering about the terrible dreams that had suddenly begun to haunt his sleep. The recent events were too coincidental and he was sure the dreams had to mean something. He was terribly afraid that some kind of hidden darkness within him would hurt these wonderful young women, maybe even using them up like the desiccated husks he had seen in his nightmares. He shuddered, the thought too horrible to contemplate.

The beautiful blonde girl leaned back, studying him appraisingly as she read his every thought. She looked at the other three girls who were sitting around them, listening enraptured as she spoke.

"We've all become so much more since we first met you. I know I'm speaking for all of us, because I can feel the emotions you've triggered in Calara, Dana and Jade as you've cared for them and help them develop into amazing young women!"

"I've witnessed your actions over the last few months and just by those alone I would know that you're a good man. I don't have to rely on those alone though, because I can listen to your every thought. I know you better than I know myself." Alyssa admitted honestly.

"And I love that person so very much!" she said softly, her heartfelt words full of emotion.

"I feel exactly the same way." John said, moved by her eloquent speech. "I love you honey." he said opening his arms invitingly.

Alyssa sighing happily, leaning back down to rest on his chest as he held her in a warm hug. "Ouch!" she exclaimed suddenly as his arms brushed her back.

"What is it?!" John asked, his eyes going wide with worry.

"I kind of got shot in the back." Alyssa admitted guiltily.

She rolled off John and lay on her front, knowing that he wanted to see how severely she had been hit.

"This is a burn from a heavy laser!" John said with alarm, as his fingers gently traced the reddened skin around the wide circumference of the glaring wound. "When did this happen?"

"You really don't remember any of it?" Alyssa asked, looking up at him curiously.

John's brows furrowed as he tried to recall what had happened.

"I remember fighting the Drakkar boarding party and then getting charged by that huge monster with the swords." he said wincing, when he remembered the hit he'd taken that had dislocated his shoulder.

He rolled the shoulder in its joint experimentally and was surprised that he didn't feel any pain at all. In fact he felt in perfect shape.

"Then I remember telling you to get to the gunship, so you could use the Gatling lasers." John said as he struggled to remember the events of the morning.

"After that, it's all a big blur. I vaguely remember you going down on me enthusiastically in the hangar bay later though." he said to Alyssa with a grin.

"Actually that was me." Jade confessed guiltily.

"No, that's not right, I remember holding a blonde head in my hands." John said, shaking his head.

"I was unconscious at the time." Alyssa said with a smirk. "Go ahead Jade, show him, he seems to have forgotten." she said with an amused laugh.

Jade sighed happily and then her body shimmered as she eased her form into a perfect replica of Alyssa, except for her titanic sized breasts.

"Wow!" Dana said in amazement. "You look exactly like her!" she said to Jade in surprise. "Except for the massive rack of course." the redhead said with a grin.

Alyssa knee walked across the bed to cuddle up behind the Nymph and then looked over Jade's shoulder at John. "What do you think? Have you ever fantasised about fucking a pair of hot twins?" she asked him in a seductive purr.

John stared at the two identically beautiful blondes as they smiled at him lovingly, his mouth open in amazement.

Real-Alyssa grinned and then moved back to her previous spot. "It's ok, you don't need to answer. We'll see what we can arrange." she said impishly, the tantalising promise left hanging in the air.

"As long as you'd like that too of course Jade?" she asked with a wry smile.

"Oh more than anything!" Jade gasped with excitement, barely able to contain her glee.

"Can you change to look like a twin of me as well?" Calara asked intrigued.

"I'm afraid not Calara." Jade apologised, shimmering as she returned to her Nymph form.

"Copying another person is extremely difficult for me. I'm only able to exactly replicate Alyssa, because her image is what John considers female perfection. A Nymph reads her master's mind to find that out, so she can best please him." she explained helpfully.

"How were you able to change into that tiger though?" Calara asked with confusion. "That was one hell of an impressive form to take!" the brunette said in wonder.

"You turned into a tiger?!" John exclaimed, looking at Jade with surprise.

The Nymph looked at him, her emerald eyes sparkling with delight and she nodded excitedly.

"I think we're getting a little side tracked." Alyssa said with a grin.

"Dana. Please could you bring up the internal security cam footage of the fights? It's going to be a lot easier to just show each other what happened and then talk through it." The beautiful blonde requested politely.

Dana nodded eagerly and then went over to the remote at the side of the bed to tap into the database storing the Invictus' cam-feed footage.

"Let's start with the engineering bay." Alyssa suggested to the redhead.

Dana looked up at the big vid-screen at the end of their bedroom and then pushed a button, starting the feed. It showed the three girls bursting into the engineering bay and then stopping to hear an explosion. There were four crystal clear cam images taken from the room, showing events unfolding from 4 different angles.

"We picked up the second dropship landing on the hull near deck 7." Calara explained. "Dana found out where they were landing, so we ran down to fight them off. They cut through the hull with breaching charges."

"Yeah we heard them go off." John said, nodding. "You three had to fight off a whole dropship on your own?" he said in amazement.

"It was a team effort." Calara said, grinning at the other girls affectionately.

The figures on the cam-feed rushed to put Calara in the Phalanx armour and then the armoured girl headed over to the door. It swung open and Calara unloaded her whole clip into the flailing Drakkar raider almost cutting it in half.

"I got a bit excited." Calara said, blushing with embarrassment.

"It's probably lucky you did, those Drakkar are incredibly tough." John said reassuringly.

The cam-feed footage continued and two more Drakkar burst into the room, one disarming Calara, the other shooting and wounding Dana. Everyone in the room gasped, seeing their friend go down in a fountain of red blood.

"I don't know if I can watch this!" John said, looking on in horror. "That looked like a fatal wound. How did you survive?!" he asked Dana in amazement.

"Wait and see." Dana said with a grateful smile at Jade.

One of the Drakkar advanced on Calara to fight her in melee combat.

"You did amazingly well to fight him off as long as you did." John told the brunette proudly as he watched her dodge and deflect the incoming attacks.

"Thanks John." Calara said with a smile. "Sparring with you was great practice!"

Then the image showed the Latina being knocked on her back and the alien moving in to devour her.

"Fuck, this is horrible!" John groaned, unable to tear his eyes from the riveting footage, his heart in his mouth.

"It's ok, just watch." Calara said comfortingly.

Centred in the view of another camera, they could see Jade watching in horror as Calara was overwhelmed by the ravenous alien. The Nymph dropped into a crouch and then seemed to grow and fill out before their eyes, shapeshifting into the three metre long, 900lb Tiger.

"Pause it Dana!" John called out, standing up and walking up to the image of the fully transformed dark green tiger, with its lighter viridian bands striped across its powerful body.

"Wow!" he said, awestruck. "You look incredible!" he said in wonder as he examined the tiger in close detail.

He turned to look at Jade. "How did you change into something so huge?" he asked in amazement.

"I don't know John." Jade admitted honestly. "I knew that growing claws like I did against that street gang wouldn't be enough, so I was just working on pure instinct."

"I had an owner decades ago who had a collection of all sorts of exotic predators. I loved his Siberian Tiger; It looked so ferocious and majestic! I just copied that form and subconsciously enhanced it a bit." she said with a shy smile.

Dana pressed play and the Jade Tiger let out a thunderous roar, paralysing the Drakkar which looked up at her in fear. A few seconds later the enormous feline pounced, freeing Calara and then Jade proceeded to savagely rip the alien to pieces with her massive claws.

"Thank you again Jade." Calara said, hugging the Nymph gratefully. "I was so scared and then you just appeared out of nowhere and saved me!" she said affectionately.

Jade hugged the brunette back, smiling at her fondly.

They watched the Jade Tiger tear apart the second Drakkar and then stalk into the corridor, hunting for more prey. The footage then showed Calara get up and run over to the fallen redhead, who was feebly reaching to try and press the button on the engineering console.

"What did that button do exactly?" Calara asked curiously, as she watched herself slap the glowing blue button on the cam-feed.

Dana laughed mischievously. "I reversed a maintenance routine for the swimming pool and instead of sucking in the water to the reserve tanks, I got the tanks to flood the room. I disabled the artificial gravity to speed up the process." she grinned evilly.

The redhead pressed a couple of buttons on the remote, switching to the cameras inside the gym. A dozen four limbed Drakkar floated lifelessly, suspended in the water, their drowned alien faces still showing their shock.

"Very impressive honey." John said appreciatively. "It looks like the Alpha team were on deck seven this morning!" he said proudly.

"Hmm, I'm not so sure." Alyssa said with a slight catch to her voice.

"What do you mean?" John asked, not picking up any sense of rivalry in her comment.

"You'll see in a few minutes. Let's just watch the end of the footage in engineering." She said soothingly.

Dana fast forwarded through several minutes of Calara desperately performing first aid on her, as she lay dying on the floor. She glanced at the brunette, her eyes communicating her feelings wordlessly. Calara smiled back at her and they moved together to hug each other affectionately.

Finally the cam-feed footage showed Jade walking back in to the engineering bay carrying Alyssa and then placing her gently on the floor next to Dana. Calara spoke to Jade and then sprinted out of the room, leaving the Nymph cradling the redhead in her arms. The green skinned girl hefted one of her huge tits and placed her erect nipple in-between Dana's lips, squeezing her engorged breast and squirting white liquid into the redhead's mouth. Almost immediately Dana responded, latching on and then sucking greedily.

"That's oddly arousing." John said with a smile. "How did you know how to do that?" he asked Jade.

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